I will NEVER give up on my dreams – this is how I trained Indestructible.

Yesterday my friend witnessed me doing a 360 of emotions in about 30 seconds flat.

She looked at me and stated “You’re the most resilient fucking woman I know“.

That’s because I’ve trained myself to be a pitbull with my dreams.

I’ve learned how to never give up.

Regardless of the circumstances.

The challenges.

The immense odds stacked against me.

So today I’m going to take you on a race with me.

A long race.

One of those where your legs start giving in and the pain rips through your brain demanding that you throw in the towel.

If you’re an endurance athlete, you’ll relate.

If not, your impression of my insanity will probably go up ten points.

The first thing you have to know is that the race starts way before the gun goes off.

It starts with an eye-catching event.

It never makes sense at the time.

But there’s always something in it that connects with your very soul and you salivate for the experience.

It’s a desire that won’t be quenched by anything else.

No other distance will provide you the satisfaction.

No other course will leave you with the same sense of victory.

You know it’s going to demand everything that you have in your arsenal, and more.

And you fucking commit!

I mean 100% Darling.

All in.

You enter that baby and with your entry fee you make a statement to yourself and the Universe that you’re invested in the process.

Then you dig for purpose.


Why this race?

Why now?

Who will you have to become in order for you to cross the finish line?

What will you possibly have to learn that you don’t yet know?

What impact will this have on your relationships?  Who will criticise you and are you willing to suck it up?  Who will not believe in you and are you willing to let them go?  Who will bitch and moan that you’re always too tired to give them attention and are you willing to stand your ground?  Who will stand by your side and kick your ass when you want to sit down?

You figure out what else this will mean?  How is this in alignment with your ultimate vision, your ultimate purpose, your best version self?

Drive – Tick!

You assess you assets and your weaknesses and you bring on the team of professionals that will guide you and groom you to bring your best ability to the start line.

You make damn sure that they are the believers, the dreamers, the badass motherfuckers who, like you, were born without a bone of sympathy.

The ones who hold you by your word – you said you wanted it real bad, now shut up and show up and do the work!

You clear your daily routine of anything distracting and all time wasters.  You empty out the cupboards of the sugar and the instant shit and you pack it with nutrition.

You work out your schedule around your training and recovery and you say no to all the party invitations.

Dedication – Tick!

You set your timer to go to bed early and rise early.

You stop telling yourself that you need that slab of chocolate.

You hit the pavement regardless of the weather.  In fact you relish the storms because you have decided that the hurricane and the tornado is making you stronger.

You speak only of victory.

You fill your mind with the wisdom found in the great books and you pray for more strength, more endurance, more grit, every day.

Discipline – Tick!

And then you show up.

Every day leading up to the event.

You show up at the start line and you stand there shitting yourself surrounded by athletes who have way more experience than you.  You look at their legs and wonder how the fuck they got that muscle to pop like that!  You swallow your intimidation and you go inside.

To your core.

To that place where you have nurtured your personal power.

Your belief in yourself.

You reconnect to why you started this.

You reconnect to your Creator and you decree and declare to yourself that you WILL reach the finish line no matter what life throws you on the path today.

The gun goes off and so do you.

Filled with passion and excitement and yes, fear.

The fear which pumps adrenaline through your body and makes you feel almost super human.

The start is always bumpy.

People everywhere shoving and pushing to claim their personal space.

A little irritating, but hey, the camaraderie feels great.

A few kilometres down the line the field has thinned out.

If it’s an ultra endurance event chances are very good that you find yourself alone (well if you’re as fucking slow as I am you do).

By now the adrenaline has evaporated and the sensation of pain is starting to filter through to your brain.

The only voices that you hear is your ego and your soul.

Your soul is telling you that you’re doing great!

That you’ve put in all the hours, you’ve done all the training, now all you have to do is enjoy the event and cross the finish line.

But the ego,

oh the ego,

her voice is soft, syrupy sweet, and she poisons your self-confidence.

She’s telling you that you are way out of your league.

That you haven’t trained enough.

That you should have done more.

That you should have listened to all the naysayers and entered the shorter distance.

You try and ignore her and you keep going.

The weather is always shit.

Seriously – even if the weather is brilliant for everyday life, it’s shit.

It’s either blistering hot and you feel like you’re going to fucking melt,

or it’s pissing with rain and you feel like the drops are bullets peeling away your skin,

or the wind is howling and you’re cursing the wall that you have to push to keep going forward.

And you get tired Darling.

OMG you get so tired.

You start fighting back the tears because you’ve lost your mojo and you actually don’t know why you’re here or where you’re going anymore.

Your body is hurting more than you thought would be possible and you tell yourself that if you don’t stop you’re going to break something.  Yet if you stop you’re not going to be able to get going again.  There’s no way in hell you’re going to get back up.

So you dig deeper.

You start convincing yourself to just keep taking one more step.

That’s all you have to focus on – one more step.

And then you get angry.

You get really pissed at everything!

At yourself – what the fuck were you thinking you stupid cow?

At your supporters – why the hell did they not talk you out of this shit?

At your naysayers – those little fuckers are sabotaging you.

At God – why did she have to make the sun so hot, the rain so cold, the wind so strong?

You get mad at everything and everyone and you keep taking one more step.

And all of a sudden something pierces your conscious mind and you feel HOPE.

Because look, you haven’t stopped yet.

You look at your Garmin and you see that you’re almost there.

So you dig deeper.

You remember why you started.

You remember all those hours of training.

You remember all those amazing supporters who believed in you.

You remember who else this will inspire.

You remember the old version of you who started out on this journey and you’re amazed at your transformation.

And you get that steely look of resolve.

Determination – tick tick tick!

Then, you hear the music – the sweetest sound on the face of the earth.

I swear to god the organisers are guided by the angelic forces to play those tunes that call you home.

You start sobbing.

Your body gets flooded with relief and gratitude and you KNOW, you KNOW that victory is yours.

That nothing will stop you so close to the finish line.

There comes to you a strength that is not of you.

You pick up the pace.

Okay sometimes this picking up is an illusion in your mind because your body is all wonky and you can hardly stand, but none of that matters.

By the time you hit the red carpet, you sprint with everything left within you.

You’re fucking victorious!


Now let me tell you Sunshine that when you do enough of these events you train your mind, your body, your soul to go through these stages at lighting speed when it comes to everyday life events.

You have created within you a self-belief that has you setting the goals that WILL break you into tears at times.

It doesn’t matter.

You know that your tears will dry.

You know that you will always finish.

No matter how long it takes.

No matter how many people cross the finish line before you.

When you start doing ultra-endurance, you stop comparing yourself to others.

You start running your own race.

Keeping your head in the game.

It’s that simple.

YOUR life is an ultra-endurance race.

The reason you see so many people crash and burn is because they treat it like a sprint.

Constantly looking around what everyone else is doing and trying to keep up.

Never taking the time to understand their personal desires, strengths, weaknesses.

They never consider their dreams important enough to bring in the professionals to support and train them.

They never train themselves to become indestructible.

Yes, my life is challenging most of the time.

But I know, I’M TOUGHER.

Indestructible Mindset Baby – IN-FUCKING-DESTRUCTIBLE.

I’m going to die anyway.

But I choose to thrive until then.

How about you?

With love always,