Nice never made me stronger.

Shit storms are flying globally.

People are breaking down.

Relationships falling apart.

Rock bottom seems to have plummeted to a new level.

I can’t help but look at it all and thinking to myself that there must be something BIG coming.

A time in history that will be known as a turning point.

A time when people were forced to choose.

Do they continue poisoning themselves with artificial food, with excessive amounts of alcohol, with sugar and drugs.

Do they continue to desperately numb the pain of existence through hours and hours of online games, online videos, social media.

Do they continue to abandon their values, their dreams, their souls for codependent relationships filled with pain and destruction.

Or do they wake the fuck up and remember who they are.

Who they came here to be.

Do they finally sit up and pay attention.

Train their minds to become indestructible.

Train their bodies to become raging machines.

Open their hearts to forgive and to love once again.



Without restraint.

Because they’re warriors.

Because they’re lovers.

Because they are the kings and queens who came to this lifetime to overthrow a system of suffocation and destruction of potential through mediocrity.

At first it seems like such an easy choice.

A no-brainer.

OF COURSE you’re going to choose to be the queen of your life.

Why the hell wouldn’t you?

Well, I’ll tell you why…

Because you’ve become soft.

You’ve become lazy.

You’ve bought into the bullshit of ‘nice’.

That for things to be in flow it should feel ‘easy’.

That you shouldn’t to work hard.

That you shouldn’t have to sacrifice.

That you should avoid pain and anger at all cost.

Yet if you think about it, without pressure there can be no diamond.

Without fire there can be no steel.

Without resistance there can be no increase in strength.

And so everyone SAYS they want to be the kings and queens but when they start seeing what it takes, they go suck on their bottle of wine like a baby suckling a teat.

When they start feeling the pressure they switch on the TV to escape the hard work.

When the bandaid gets ripped off by a ballsy bitch who gives it to them straight they snarl and lash out at everyone in their way.  Returning to the arms of the sympathisers so they can lick their wounds and lie under the blanket of false security knitted by the nice people.  Docile.  Like a sheep waiting to be led to slaughter.  Death of their greatness.

Ultimately you have to decide, do you want to be comfortably numb your entire life and get to the door of death with a sense of dissatisfaction of a life not thrived, or do you want to rise to your potential and ride that stallion of excitement all the way to the finish line and pass over with a smile on your face?

Because if you want to thrive it’s about bloody time you realise that reward comes from effort.  From sweat.  From speaking your truth in the face of the haters.  Standing your ground.  Believing in yourself even when your efforts seem to be for nought.  You keep showing up.  You keep working at it relentlessly.  Always hungry to do it better.  To go further.  To impact the lives of millions because if you don’t, who the hell will?

YOU are a leader.

YOU live to bring change.

YOU have within you the ability to create the extraordinary.

And all the ‘bad’ things happening to you, is in fact ’empowering’ events happening FOR you.

It’s the training arena that gives you the opportunity to put on your armour and do the work you came here to do.

Who you surround yourself with at this time matters!  You can choose to stay with the nice crowd, the ones who tell you that you’re not to blame, that you’re a victim of circumstances.

Personally, I’ve had too many people kill me with kindness.  Keeping me stuck in self-pity.  Weakening me with their good intentions.  I’ll take the bastards and bitches any day because I know the power of their love.  Power which makes me stronger.

Do you remember the warriors of old?

How they dedicated their lives to the art of war.

How they trained day in and day out, preparing themselves for the battle field.

To protect those they loved above themselves.

To lay it all out there and to fight to their last breath.

Again and again.

Victory was followed by celebration and then they went back to training so they might take the battle field once more.

Do you think that they wanted to only do the ‘nice’ things?

Only practice the easy things?

To only feast?

Do you think they trained with the ‘nice’ people who let them win on the training ground, setting them up for failure on the battle ground?

Do you think they walked away from those who pointed out their weaknesses because it dented their ego?

Or do you think they took it like a woman and went back, adjusting, retraining the move again and again to perfection.

Come on Darling!

Do you really expect me to believe that you’ve been beaten by disappointment and because unexpected shit happened?

Or are you willing to admit that no matter how much you’re hurting right now, that you’re stronger than this.  That your purpose is bigger than the sacrifices you’ve had to make.  That you’re path has been cleared for you to FINALLY start living the way you KNEW you were meant to live when you were fifteen years old.

I know that everyone is telling you right now how much it sucks but I want to say to you that all I see is the Universe very lovingly showing you that it’s time for you to stop screwing around and for you to start paying attention to your minutes because they are dictating the outcome of your LIFE!

It’s the Universe ripping out that drip of morphine which has kept you asleep so that you can get through the hell of detox and finally thrive.

But you have to choose – it’s called free will Baby.

You can choose to put in another needle,

or you can HTFU, surround yourself with warriors who will train you for what is coming and then do your purpose work.

Unleashing your art onto the world.

Rage against the machine.

Be all you came here to potentially be.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

Stop waiting as if you have countless tomorrows.

You never know when you’re time is up.

With love always,


PS:  Are you done?

Are you done feeling like shit every day because your extended pity party is exhausting?

Are you done with all the drama and the boredom of replaying the same old broken record?

Are you ready to pull finger and do the work to turn your life around?

To set the goals that has your ass on fire with passion?

To put your head down, take action, get the learning, and become the best version of yourself?

To look in the mirror and actually love and respect the reflection?

Then, and only then, it’s time for us to connect.

Look Hun, I was born with a serious defect – Creator clearly forgot to give me a bone of sympathy.

It’s not something you’ll ever get from me.

What you will find is empathy.  Someone who actually GETS you, who loves the truth in you and believes in YOU enough to call you out on your bullshit!

Someone who understands that your past does not define your greatness and who will hold you to THAT standard of excellence.

Someone who will kick your ass, make you accountable, and uncover the wisdom that is inside of you.

I’m not ‘nice’.  I’m not ‘sugar’.

If you’re ready for spice, let’s talk.