Nothing changes until you change your stories, your choices, your voices.


The crown jewel.

The utopia we all desire.

We set the goals we think will make us happy.

The amount of money that will tip the scales.

The deal that will be the cherry on the top.

The car.

The house.

The designer jeans.

The race.

The promotion.

The client.

The big love of our lives that we want to be with until death do us part.

We manipulate those around us so they can act in a way that will make us happy.

If they don’t conform to our demands, we scream, we sulk, we fire them.

And if we’re not happy, we sniff out blame like hound dogs on the scent of a fox.

The absent lover.  The insensitive friend.  The unrealistic boss.  The uncooperative client.  The vindictive colleague.  The crashing economy.  The debt collectors.  The corporations.

Except all of this is removing us from happiness.

All of these stories we tell ourselves simply has us on a freight train to a station called Disappointment followed by Dissatisfaction.

Stop in your tracks right now!

I know you’re ready for the truth.

I know that you’re ready to stop the madness, the senseless chase, the lies.

I know that you’re ready to shut out the noise and to sit down and reconnect with your truth.

So here’s mine:

I am the centre of my universe.

A soul in human body having an epic experience.

I’m playing a game with no rules, no predictions, no limitations.

Every morning I wake up and I start telling myself stories.

I choose which stories I put on replay.

Sometimes my ego wakes two seconds before me and the little bitch adores drama.

She relishes fear.

So she tells me stories of everything that is not right.

Everything that has gone awry.

Everything that feels wonky, makes me insecure, has me nervously turn around in bed.

And immediately I get to choose if I feed her sweet chocolate, buying into her temptuous voice of bullshit.  Tippy-toeing through my day.  Apologising for my intrusion on others.  Swallowing down my truth in case I offend.  Hiding my desires on a piece of paper at the bottom of my drawer under layers of shame.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many decades I lived like this!


There’s another choice I can make each morning.

I can recognise her voice, her tone, and I can giggle.  I can state my truth out loud over and over again in the form of affirmations ensuring that my voice is louder than hers.

I drown that bitch out with what I know on a soul level.

Who I truly am.

What I am capable of.

What I’m here to do.

Who I am here to serve.

And the fact that I am phenomenally fucking happy!

Others look at me and they don’t understand.

They think it can’t be possible.

They try and tell me why in fact I am crying on the inside even though I’m smiling from ear to ear.  Because I’m not ticking their boxes of what they believe is required to be happy.

And I have so much compassionate understanding for them.

For I used to think that my life had to change for me to be happy.

I used to believe that when I made more money, won more races, drove a newer car, that things would change.

That the happiness fairy would sprinkle some dust on my ass and viola!

But that’s all bullshit Darling.

The only thing that needs to change for you to be happy, is YOUR THOUGHTS AROUND BEING HAPPY!

You simply have to wake up one morning and choose to be happy.  It’s that fucking easy.

And if you don’t remember what happy feels like, go do something that had you laughing as a child.

For me I can go from miserable AF to laughing in delight in two minutes flat on a bike.

Put me on Artemis or The Cookie Monster and I’m there.

It’s a learned trigger – I have outsmarted my ego!

Think of Pavlov.

I’m the dog.

My bikes are my biscuits.

And I have trained myself to salivate with delight when I put on my cleats.

Why did I do this if I know happiness is a choice?

Because I’m still human and things happens that knocks me off kilter and I simply decided I don’t always have the patience and the time to sit and work through all my shit in therapy or journaling or tapping or whatever else.  I’m not always (hardly ever) in the mood to work through all the fucking drama and cry the tears and then work my way back up to happy.

I just want to flick from pissed off, defeated, sad, traumatised to happy.

So I’ve trained myself to get on a bike and flip the switch.


And yes you can too!

Don’t listen to everyone telling you it’s harder than this.

Don’t believe them when they tell you it will take years of therapy and medication for you to just feel a glimmer of hope again.  That you have to work through all the trauma caused by your parents, the murders in previous lifetimes, to hopefully get healed and then maybe you’re still alive to be happy.

The Universe gave you the most powerful tool of all – YOUR BODY!

You’ve just forgotten how to use her effectively.

Train your body to train your mind to train your body even harder.

Find the movement that truly thrills you.

Not everyone loves biking (WTF is wrong with you people??? LOL)

Yet everyone has that one thing that instantly brings them joy.

Do MORE of that!

Wake up in the mornings and take note of the voice in your head.  If he is filling you with doom and gloom start laughing, knowing that it’s just your petrified little ego trying to screw you over.

Write powerful affirmations on your bedroom window, on your bathroom mirror, damn girl,  write it on your toilet paper if you have to.  Start drowning out the voice of doom and gloom and take control of your mind.

Know that you’ve got this.

Always and forever.

Know that you can choose to be happy even as you read this piece.

You can shout out loud “I choose to embody happiness right now!  I choose to be happy!  I am phenomenally fucking happy!”

Come on, do it, I dare you.

Feel the shift.

Feel the heat course through your veins.

Feel the rise inside of you.

I tell you my friend it’s fucking addictive, and if we’re going to be addicted to anything, why not choose to be addicted to happiness?

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  Are you ready to be happy?

Are you ready to take control of your mind and to drown out the voice that is telling you how you’re just a victim of circumstances?

Are you ready to do it for real this time?

Ignite is ninety minutes of us getting rid of the layers of bullshit and find the heart of your true desires.  Setting the goals in alignment with your values and be happy on the way to achieving them.  Writing the belief systems that is your truth.

We get you focussed so you stop distracting yourself with your fears.

Come ready to leave your drama at the door Darling and to show up as your warrior self.  For it’s your time now!  And I know that you’re ready for your next step now!

Stop topping it over.  Stop trying to find a reason to justify why you deserve to invest in yourself.  You’re worthy – end of story.

Let’s play.