Stop changing your position, instead outgrow it!

Whether you’re in business for yourself or in the employ of someone else, there comes a time of dissatisfaction.

This is normal and it’s good.

Because as human beings we are hardwired for growth and change and expansion.

Unfortunately most people have become lazy bastards who misread the feeling that indicates time for growth, as there’s something wrong.

They start bitching and moaning about their current position and circumstances.

They start finding  fault with everything and everyone.

And let me tell you Sunshine, we ALWAYS find evidence for our beliefs.

Instead of focusing on where they’re feeling the desire to expand, they start thinking that their business is a complete and utter disaster and maybe it’s time to close the doors, or for those receiving a salary, it’s time to fly the coop and find greener pastures.

They put out their CV’s and find the next ‘golden ticket’ opportunity which they absolutely adore!

For a while.

But since they haven’t really grown much by the change, the excitement is fleeting.

And lo and behold, a few months later, the same shit starts happening all over again.

Their manager is an asshole.

Their colleagues are sabotaging them.

Their bored.

If you’re open to a new way of living,  then today I want to suggest a different approach to your career.

How about, instead of changing from one job to the other, you start OUTGROWING your current position.

Again and again.

How about you decide where you ultimately want to be at the end of your days and you make that vision so fucking grand and spectacular and inspired that you have noooooo idea how you will EVER be THAT successful!

And you don’t have to know the ‘how’.

You decide what your absolute BEST version self will look like if you pulled your lazy finger out your ass and you studied and expanded your mind instead of watching endless seasons of god knows what.

Your absolute BEST version self if you honed your physique to be healthy and strong and flexible thereby allowing new ways of thinking and doing into your life.

Your absolute BEST version self if you connected to your values in such a way that you never again abandoned yourself for the whims of others thereby living an honourable life.

Your absolute BEST version self if you invested in your most precious relationships including your relationship with self so that you surround yourself with the highest quality people who give and receive love, support and joyous adventures.

How about you sit down every day for just 30 minutes and you connect with the vision of THAT version of yourself.  You connect to what that version thinks about.  What that version believes is possible.  What that version eats.  How that version trains.  Who that version hangs out with.  How that version plans.  Where that version goes for inspiration.  What types of books that version reads.  What are the conversations around that version’s table is.  How that version makes love.  What that version no longer tolerates.  How that version prays.  Everything.

And then, what if you started showing up as THAT version TODAY!

I’ll tell you what will happen my friend.

First off, you’ll stop being a miserable grumpy fuck and you will show up in the world as an appreciative, happy, positive, solution finding rock star!

You will stop focusing on all the shit and baggage from the past and you will be focused on living every day as your best version self thereby constantly moving forward!

You will transform the results you are achieving in your current business, your current position, and you will energetically outgrow it at such a rapid pace that your physical environment will have no choice but to change accordingly to facilitate the new version of you.

Whether that change is the growth of your company.

A promotion.

Or you being approached by the competitors because word got out in the industry that there’s a new A-player in town and you have just become HOT HOT HOT!

Of course most people are too lazy to even consider this alternative!

It takes a strong mind.

It takes consistency and it takes grit.

But we don’t care about most people Darling, we only care about YOU!

My question is, are YOU ready to stop finding fault and to start chasing growth?

Are YOU ready to stop being part of the system that breaks down and instead start being part of the 1% within the 1% that brings expansion and prosperity wherever they go?

Are YOU ready to commit to showing up as your BEST version self every single day knowing that shit happens and we all get thrown off track so it demands a daily recommitment?

Are you?

Hit me a reply and let me know when you’re sitting down to connect to your core values?  When you’re committed to creating the time and space and environment to connect to your best version self so that you will have the blueprint to reconnect to every single day?

My recommendation is that you gift yourself a minimum of two hours for this.

And if you honestly can’t find two hours to create your life vision, what the fuck are you living for?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a powerful choice which few will ever make.

With love eternal,






I will teach you the mind-set, but only you can bring the heart-set Darling

I believe in possibility.

I believe that whenever a person connects to their burning desire, they become unstoppable.

Relentless in their pursuit.

Regardless of how many obstacles they might face.

Regardless of how many times they fail.

That fire, the one that burns a tattoo in their brain, will simply not be put out.

It’s because burning desire happens from the heart.

The place of soul.

Of wisdom.

It has nothing to do with reason or science.

It knows no rules, only emotion.

Which I believe is our greatest super power as human beings.

Sadly, somewhere in the past, emotions have been given a bad rap – especially for women.

We’re told that we should stop thinking with our hearts and be realistic.

To tone it down.

Stop being so unpredictable.

Stop over reacting.

Stop crying.

Stop cursing.

Stop being so unreasonably passionate.

I’m even shushed in the cinemas when I laugh too loud.

But let me tell you Darling, you will NEVER achieve the IMPOSSIBLE dreams without heart.

So often I meet with people who say they have ambitious dreams and they simply need me to keep them on track.  To kick their asses into gear.  To give it to them straight.

They say they want it real bad.

Yet when I ask them why, they grow big puppy eyes, pull up their shoulders and say “I don’t know” or “Just because”.

I don’t work with “I don’t know” people.

Not to be an even bigger bitch, but I know they won’t do the deep work, the hard work, they won’t push through when the pain stings and exhaustion drags at their shoulders like a ten ton truck.  I know they might get some level of results, but nowhere close to their potential.

I work with the creatives driven by purpose.

They have a deep belief that their lives are in service to humanity.

Every inch of it.

The shine and the dirt.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, be it to publish a book or build an empire or run a marathon, they understand that it will inspire more people to get off their asses, think for themselves and live consciously.

I work with the born leaders who arrive at my door as they’re flying high and ready to go even higher.

I work with the warriors who often arrive with scars and plasters.

Still bleeding.

Still raw.

And to most of the outside world they look defeated.

But they’re not.

What all these groups have in common, is heart-set.

It’s a determination in their eyes that will not be wiped out.

It’s a rise in their tone when they start describing their purpose that will not be hushed.

I work with those who believe their soul before they will buy into the BS of their ego because they know that when the chips fall down, when all hell breaks loose around them, when nobody else will believe in them, I will strengthen their minds to align with their hearts and THEY WILL SOAR!

I’ve seen it thousands of times before.

I will see it millions more.

And I want you to know that within you lies your phoenix, your burning desire.

Maybe you’ve just doused it for so long that it only simmers.  Maybe there’s only a trail of smoke left.

But she’s still there.

The soul is a thing of beauty my friend.

Regardless of what happens or how low you go, the instant you say YES to her, she explodes from the ashes and she’s ready to do whatever you ask of her for you to thrive.

All you need to do is to give yourself permission.

Permission to say yes to your dreams.

Permission to say yes to your desire.

Permission to say hell yes to yourself.

It’s that simple.

And in that moment, you will feel the storm of liberation blow through you and you will find an inner strength that cannot be matched by the most powerful of hurricanes.

Heart-set, mind-set, soul-set = unstoppable.

I want you to really think about this and then hit me a reply and let me know, what are YOU ready to say yes to today?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,






Smashed into a million pieces – I choose how I break.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human psychology.

By the complexity of our psyches.

By the immense power of the human will.

By the fragility which seems to, at times, unravel at a whisper.

I devour books which explains why we are the way we are.

Why we are successful because our parents were well rounded adults who had their shit together and gave us all the security, attention and nourishment a well-balanced individual requires.

Or why we’re successful because our parents were completely fucked up and neglected us, disapproved of us and made us feel like worthless pieces of flesh and so we pulled out all the stops to prove them wrong.

Or, more often it appears, how we’ve screwed up our lives, our relationships, our bodies because of our relationships with our parents.

Every theory so well researched.

Every theory making perfect sense.

I have to say though, I’ve never read any psychological theory that left me feeling like an absolute rock star!

Like I’m nothing short of magnificence in human form.

That I can choose to be whoever I want to regardless of my past or my current circumstances.

Which is probably why I keep reading these books with great interest and curiosity and then taking my journal and delving for my own truth.

My truth which, like so many others of my generation, is that I come from a pretty screwed up little family of origin – bless each and every one of them for the lessons they’ve gifted me.

And yes, for the longest of times, I blamed my father for my fucked up relationships with men.  I blamed him for the fact that I nearly killed myself in an attempt to feel important to someone, anyone.  I blamed him for my burn out when I kept pushing harder to live the lives of five so that I could feel a sense of accomplishment.  I blamed him for my scarcity mindset.  For my codependency.

I blamed a lot of people for a lot of things.

And every time I looked at myself in the mirror all I saw was a shell of a woman, cracked, broken, chipped, out of alignment, despicable.

Until I decided to stop buying into all the theories.

I decided that instead of having all these faceless people chip away at my soul, I would go even deeper inside and question what this is really all about.

To release the shame and the blame and the guilt and the resentment and to uncover my truth.

My personal truth.

It may be yours.

It may not.

I invite you to try it on for size and feel how it fits.

Deep down inside of me, I found a tiny seed of hope.

A seed that said I’m good enough.

Just as I am.

Always have been.

Always will be.

A minuscule seed that said I chose all that happened in my life.

Every relationship.

Every punch.

Every horrendous word that ripped me apart.

Every humiliating instance.

Every disease.

Every hug.

Every term of endearment.

Every smile.

Every hand up.

All of it.


Because it’s time for us to heal – and it’s the responsibility of each person to do so.

For us to remember who we are.

For us to do more, be more and have more.  To become prosperous.

Prosperous in love.

So it was with great deliberation that I picked up the sledge hammer in 2017 and I smashed myself into a million pieces.

I made the decision that if I was going to be broken, I would choose how I break.

Of course, being the little over-achiever I am, I did a pretty good job of it even if I have to say so myself.

I’m only now starting to move the pieces around and laying out a new pattern.

For the most part, pieces are still scattered all over the floor around me.

I’m not crying.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I’m simply redefining how I want to put myself back together.

Without their theories.

Without their rules.

Just me.

And to do it in such a way that I find beauty in my creation.

This, my Darling, is what freedom feels like.

Oh, make no mistake, it will be a thing of wonder.  Because this time around it’s just between myself and Creator how we arrange the pieces and glue them together with purpose and impact and passion and love and wonder.

This time around I’m doing it for the people who truly matter – I’m doing it for me, I’m doing it for you.

I’ve learned that as leaders we have a responsibility to find the courage to break the mould.

We have a responsibility to do the deep work of forgiveness so that we may be liberated from shame and blame.

We have a responsibility to return to our truth so that we may share our message with generations to come.

Darling, I want you to know that nobody has the power to break you, but you.

Nobody has the power to put you back together except for you.

You’re THAT powerful.

THAT perfect.

THAT fucking spectacular.

Oh, I know it doesn’t always feel like it.

God knows there’s days when I look at the pieces and wonder WTF was I thinking?

Like those times when you decide you’re finally going to reorganise your cupboards and you toss everything out on your bed only to find the enthusiasm evaporating like water in a hot pan!

But those moments are becoming less and less.

And they pass faster than ever before.

Because I’ve decided that if I could find the courage to smash it all to pieces, I sure as hell can find the courage to create my masterpiece!

Once again, 20 seconds of insane courage has changed my life forever.

What are you ready to change today?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving, truly, is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  To my Mom, Daddy, Adele, Keri, Susie, Lilly, Clinton, Tom, Charlotte, Christiane, Gavin, Kaylene, Alexandra, Wendy and the rest of my soul family – thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for not judging the cracks.

Thank you for loving even the broken shards on the floor.

Every person alive deserves to be loved by someone as spectacular as you.

Here’s to the rest our journey.


Ego will never win the race – not bike nor business

As the familiar burn spread through my lungs I couldn’t help but pause for a moment.

Do I keep pushing?

Do I slow down and recover?

Do I connect with something stronger than myself?

What would be the purpose of letting the burn consume me?

So many questions…

In that moment I remembered who I am and why I am where I am today.

For the past year I have let go of competitive racing to let my body recover from the injuries I have collected along the journey of IronMan and Sky Run to name but a few.

I’ve reached a space where I desired to get out of my extreme masculine energy (which I do adore being in, kicking ass) and to reconnect with my empowered feminine energy.

Yet the learning is still with me – I’ve just forgotten for a moment.

Long ago I was graced with the vision of connecting the dots.

To understand that how I raced, how I trained, how I won, was exactly how I would win in business.

It’s a simple matter of understanding the process of success and then applying it to all areas in your life.

When I first started racing, I was just as ego driven as all the amateurs around me.

I had something to prove to myself.

I desired others to admire me.

To give me a noddy badge and tell me that I’m ‘special’.

The race was all about crossing the line before as many other riders as I could possibly beat.


Stupid because not only was there no strategy to my training or my racing, but when we race from a space of ego we completely miss the opportunity for personal growth to improve our lives – not just the size of our calves.

The gun would go off, and it was a mad dash to the front to see who could get in the lead.

And then, who could stay in the lead.

Let me tell you right now Darling, that the person who starts in the front NEVER comes in first.

That’s because they raced on ego.

And ego never wins.

In fact, racing is an art.

A humbling art.

The moment I decided to leave behind the week-end warriors, the game changed completely.

I signed up with a professional coach and was amazed at the amount of detail that went into racing like a pro.

Racing with the big girls meant thinking on my peddles, all the time.

It’s about getting to the start line with a plan, sizing up the field, taking into consideration the weather conditions, checking in physical with how you’re feeling on the day, and then  strategising as to the desired outcome FOR THIS RACE.

It’s sitting down at the beginning of the year and planning it all out – letting go of the cursed hows because you know by now that shit happens.

You pick up injuries.

You get sick.

You have a family that don’t always live their lives around your dreams (imagine that!)

You have a company to build and sometimes an opportunity arises that takes precedence to your bike (unimaginable I know).

It’s picking your A races for the season where you will lay it all on the line to get your PB result.

It’s picking your B and your C races where you have to sit up at times and take the loss so that you can gain the lessons.

So that you can identify where you’re moving forward and what is holding you back.

And if you go into your C race and let your ego win, you will lose in your A race.

This is exactly why I believe every single person in business should be involved in some form of sport.

Other than the fact that you simply cannot produce at a level of excellence every single day when your body is bloated and heavy and pulling you down, there is simply nothing else that will give you the discipline and mindset that physical activity will.

Oh and I’m not talking about walking around the block.

Racing will teach you how to set your A goals in business and then break it down into B and C goals which you don’t walk away from defeated if you miss the mark, but has you sitting back down, taking an honest look at which adjustments are required before you get to the A goal.

It’s about learning who to surround yourself with.  If you’re serious about building and empire, you cannot afford to hang out with hobbyists.

It’s about building in recovery time so you can rock it out all the way to the end of your season.

It’s about working with the professional coaches and mentors who can get you out of your ego, out of your drama, and take action from a place of wisdom, not overwhelm and desperation.

It’s time to get out of ego and into soul.

It’s time to do it better Darling.

I know you can.

I know you secretly hunger for it.

But you have to choose it and you have to show up for it.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to do business like a pro athlete?

Understanding that it takes immense amounts of drive, discipline, dedication and determination to build an empire.

Understanding that just because you get knocked down doesn’t mean you will stay down.

If you’re a natural achiever ready to thrive, and if you feel the call to work with a coach who brings the same methodology to business as racing an IronMan event, let’s connect.

Book your free consult today.

Stop sabotaging your success with the constant egotistical BS lies!

The more I dig into it, the simpler success becomes.

Step One:  You get crystal clear on where you want to be and who you want to be.

I mean CRYSTAL Baby.

How you want to feel.  The sway of your hips as you strut.  Your language.  Your empire.  The amount of zeros in your wealth portfolio.  Who supports you on your success team.  The clients you truly desire to serve.  Your home.  Who you share your home with.  How you interact with your nearest and dearest.  Your adventures.  How you meditate.  The way in which you sweat. The screams of your climax.  The nourishment you put in your body.  The essence of your conversations.  Your dominant thoughts.  Your bff’s.  Who you don’t tolerate in your space because they would suck the life out of you.

ALL of it.

Step Two:  You pull your head out of your ass and you get really honest about where you’re at.

Now most people don’t really enjoy this step too much.

They have this insane idea that she who has the most shame will get to heaven first so pile it on thick!

Can we please just flush shame down the toilet along with all the other bullshit we’ve been fed of what it takes to be a good person.

Shame only leads to lies!

People don’t like admitting that they’ve maybe not paid attention on their path and so the journey ended up in an unexpected spot.  So they white wash it.

They say those extra five kilo’s don’t really look that bad.


They say that not making enough money to live the dream life isn’t necessary – you know, they actually have enough.


They say that waking up next to an asshole every morning is normal because life is about compromise.


And through all these little white lies they completely take themselves out of the game.

Because Step Three:  You take action from where you’re at and if you’re delusional thinking you’re ten steps ahead, you’re taking the wrong fucking action.

And your results will suck!

But that’s okay – nothing that another drink can’t fix right?

So you have another bottle of wine so you can plaster on the illusion of happiness except the cracks are showing in your soul and quite frankly your miserable AF.

You’re spiralling down – fast, as…

Step Four:  You have to check in every week and course correct.

Think of it as flying a plane.

Flying doesn’t happen in a straight line Darling.

The pilot has a destination and course corrects with the momentum of the plane until they land.

Would you fly a plane whilst pickled as a gherkin?


Why not?

Because you will crash and burn!

Which is why you see so many people crash and burn in life.

And quite frankly I’m a bit over people trying to rescue everyone by handing them the last parachute and then going down in flames themselves.

How about instead you start looking after yourself, stay sober, stay focused, stay real, and then those who are on board can come for the ride of their lives.

It’s that easy.

Stop overcomplicating.

Stop lying to yourself.

You know better.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  Have you taken the time to slide your sexy ass behind the controls of your plane so that you can get to your dream destination?

Or are you just sitting in the back, holding on for dear life, involuntarily screaming in terror every time you hit a bump?

OMG, enough already Darling.

I want YOU to feel in control of your life.

I want YOU to wake up on fire with excitement and taking action from a space of confidence and certainty.

That simply doesn’t happen if you’re continuously reacting to whatever is going on around you.

I’ve created this super simple free ebook that guides you in uncovering the eight life areas that will rid you of the fear and regret.

Grab it today, clear two hours for yourself on the weekend, and get to it.




You are NEVER powerless – NEVER!

I know that instinctively you want to disagree with me.

You want to shout in my face that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

That I don’t know YOUR circumstances.

That I don’t know YOU.

Maybe not.

Maybe we’ve never met in person.

Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to tell me your story.

I’ve listened to thousands of stories (including my own) and what I do know without a shadow of a doubt is ‘powerless’ is an emotion.

A powerful one I’ll give you.

But still – it’s just an emotion.

What matters is what you do with your emotions.

Most people choose to be a slave to their emotions.

Either that or shut them down completely thinking that as long as they don’t have to feel, they’ll be okay.


Those emotions aren’t dead.

They’re festering inside of you.

Turning your body into a cesspool of disease.

I will acknowledge that by the time you get to powerless chances are you’ve had a motherfucker of a journey.

One with so many challenges and obstacles that you’ve given up the attempt to stop the bleeding.

Chances are that you’ve met some people who succeeded in making you feel inferior to them.

That your ego feasted on your courage leaving a heap of fesces as the only evidence of former self.

And it stinks Darling.

All of it.

I get that.

It’s not so long ago that I found myself sitting in the corner.

Feeling broken.

Feeling defeated.

Feeling – dare I say it – powerless.

The cloak of shame pressing down so hard that sobbing felt like too much effort.

I simply could not see any way in which I could rise again.

I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to anymore.

What’s the use when everything is stacked against little old me?

And what would it matter if I gave up?  If I just stopped writing.  If I stopped showing up as my annoying self in your inbox.

What would it matter if I never got on to another coaching call?

Really, there’s hundreds of thousands of others who do the same work I do.

Who has the same story as I have.

Except when it comes down to the naked truth, I fucking care!

I fucking matter!

To me.

So I go inside to that place few dare tread.

I go to the dark.

Because I know that nobody is going to come and rescue me.

Because I know that nobody even knows what boils at the bottom of my soul.

Because I know in my heart that ‘powerless’ has a message for me.

Plus I’m a stubborn little bitch.

I refuse to be be kept down indefinitely by the challenges of life.

Instead I take out my trusted journal and I ask “What’s the message?  What’s the message of my failure?  What’s the message of my shame?  What’s the message of my defeat?  Why the fuck am I feeling so goddamned powerless????”

And it simply flows out.

Pages and pages of illumination.


Like it’s been waiting for a single opportunity to show me all that I needed to know so that I may not only rise, but do so stronger than ever before.

I’m focusing on the wrong shit.

I’m focusing on the obstacles instead of the destination.

I’m focusing on all that can possibly hinder me instead of focusing on my strengths.

All of them.

My tenacity.

My creativity.

My relationships.

My soul work.

My love for you.

And then I bring out the big guns.

You see Sunshine, I have a secret weapon.

It’s called RAGE!

I go into my core, I must up every ounce of anger pulsating through my body, and I stumble back onto my feet.

Yes I look like shit.

I’m bleeding and dirty.

But there’s a time when looks don’t matter.

There’s a time when you look in the mirror and all you see is your eyes.

That’s the only part of you that matters.

What’s your eyes saying?

Are they still drooping with defeat?

Get madder!

Or do you see a chord of steel under the exhaustion?

That’s what you want to connect to Gorgeous.

THAT’s the real you.

Everything else is just part of your training.

In fact, everything up to now has just been preparation for you to do the work you came here to do.

And your work requires a badass warrior!  A leader for those who, like you, are ready to question and grow and join the revolution to reconnect human to humanity.

Your work requires you to know how to fall down, how to shrug off the cloak of shame, how to lick off the blood, and how to lead from the front.

Bruised and battered.

Hell, maybe you even have some broken parts.

Maybe you’ve lost a limb or an organ in the battle.

But you lead.

And they will follow.

Because you’ve replaced your shame with love.

Do you still want to tell me you’re powerless?

I call bullshit.

Regardless of where you’re feeling out of alignment with your power, whether in business, in your relationships, in our physical health.

Take a step back.

Take a bird’s eye view.

Go to the dark side.

Get the message.

Get up off your ass.

And strut Darling.

Strut like nothing in the world will ever break your spirit again.

You’ve been to hell.

Welcome to heaven.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice!

With love always,



It’s time for us to stop hiding behind the ‘nice-girl’ persona

I’m just going to come right out and own it – I’m a bitch!

And proud of it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve looked at the idea of being a ‘nice girl’ and feeling bile rise up my throat.

Because according to my cultural definition of being a ‘nice girl’ I had to shut the fuck up and do what I’m told – without question.

I had to look pretty but not expose too much skin because that would make me a slut.

I had to decorate myself with lace but not tattoos because that would make me evil.

I had to speak in a demure manner and never curse because that would make me disrespectful and mean.

And I would NEVER EVER speak my truth without a million filters in case I possibly caused a painful reaction in the person who listened to my words.

In other words – I had to be an ornament, not an instrument of change.

And that my Darling, is not what I signed up for in this lifetime.

I signed up to experience a system of conformity and oppression so I could choose freedom.

I signed up to experience a culture where others could mutilate our bodies, our minds, rip out our hearts and we just had to take it silently and then paint on a pretty smile with Chanel lipstick and make them shine so I could find the beauty in my scars, my bruises, my blood and wear it with pride.

I signed up to disrupt the status quo by demanding people think for themselves and live through conscious choice.

And yes, sometimes, ripping off the band-aid hurts like hell!

Sometimes speaking my truth so raw and unfiltered that it penetrates the ego is not a pretty thing to witness.

I don’t get an ounce of joy in the pain of others.

But personally I would rather bleed profusely for a moment and release the poison from my veins than to die a slow death of existence.

At this stage of my life, my love for others simply overrides any need for me to be liked.

Now, some women get to do all of this and more through sweet caresses and soft whispers, and I’m thrilled that we get to each bring our unique flavour to the world as our people respond differently to different stimuli.

Me, I don’t have patience to wipe ass.

I don’t have the voice of a canary that sings hypnotic melodies.

Instead, I roar my pain into the darkness understanding that my warriors heed my call and take up their swords to join the fight.


I am a warrior!

I am a fighter!

I am a bitch!

And I’m proud of it.


For too long have we been silenced because we sound different to the good girls.

For too long have we played by the rules carved out by those who would not have their authority questioned as it would highlight how selfish and fucked up most of their decisions are.

For too long have the bitches put on granny panties and blush lipstick, thinking their words to death, watering down their passion.

I’m taking a stand for YOU today to burn those offending cotton ‘ouma’ nappies, to put on the ‘Slut Red’ lipstick and to say it the way you see it.

Will you piss some people off?

Only if you’re doing it whole-heartedly.

Will you have the fakes running for the hills?

Faster than you can say ‘peanut-butter-jelly-time’.

Will you feel authentic?

For the first time in your life, yes!

But it comes down to what YOUR truth, YOUR purpose, YOUR mission is.

What I do take a stand for is you being authentically you.

Warts and all.

So today I ask you – who would you be if you didn’t give a shit about what others think or say about you?

What would your message be?

What would your voice sound like?

What would you wear?

What would you eat?

Who would you surround yourself with?

How big an impact would you be making?

You get to do you on your own terms.

If you have the brass ovaries.

For only death is inevitable

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I believe that within each of us there lives a lover and a bitch.

Both of these are powerful.

Both of these are necessary.

Especially if you’re building an empire of impact.

Yet how often do you meet a woman who has her bitch under lock and key, struggling to succeed because charming them with honey doesn’t always get the desired results.

I believe as an empress there’s a time to be the queen, there’s a time to be the lover, and there’s a time to be the warrior.

It is when we masterfully blend these that business and life flows.

If you’re curious about how this will look in your life, what the mindset of an empress will do for your success, what difference a little bit of discipline and accountability will make for you, then book your free consult today and let’s get you seeing your possibility to thrive!


How aware are you of your creations?


Just for a moment I want you to drop into your body.

Feel into it.

Feel into your gut area and ask yourself, how is it feeling in there?

Is it feeling strong?



Is it maybe even feeling a little queasy?

How is your posture feeling right now?

Are you slightly slumped over?

Maybe your tummy muscles are feeling the weight of your shoulders hunched over your heart.

Closed off.


Or maybe your sitting upright, shoulders back, heart open to the world, chin slightly lifted and your throat exposed to speak your truth confidently.

Now take your attention to your feet.

Are you feeling the connection with earth?

Or have you somehow floated away?

Are your feet maybe aching, feeling squashed, feeling trapped?

Ask yourself, how grounded are you feeling in your life right now?  How connected are you feeling to your loved ones, to your purpose, to your lifestyle?

Look at your surroundings.

What are you seeing?

More importantly, what’s the feeling your environment evokes?

Are your surroundings leaving you feeling uplifted, creative, expansive, filled with new ideas, hope and love?

Or do you look around and feeling even more chaotic?  Unkept?  Trapped in a box existence that has you tirelessly cleaning without ever feeling like you can breathe a little deeper?

All of this matters!

It matters because YOU have created it all.

And if you’re not feeling amazeballs, you’re not creating very consciously right now.

It needs to change!

Your body is not just an object to be decorated with pretty labels and gold chains.

She is your barometer of how aligned your life is to your true values and desires.

It’s time for you to start paying attention and connecting these dots Darling because the longer you ignore the sensations in your body, the longer you will suffer.

I see it all the time.

People with bad posture not even aware of the messages they are screaming out to all who witness their appearance, attracting more vampires, repulsing the high vibers.

People living in chaotic environments wondering why they’re not creating abundance and luxury in their lives regardless of the amount of action they’re taking.  Except there’s zero space to allow in the new, instead the old keep moving around in a senseless pattern of insanity.

People making shit tons of money yet going to bed at night feeling sick to their stomachs because they’re lives are so out of whack that they’ve forgotten the reason they started making money in the first place!  The impact they desired to make.  The legacy they desired to leave behind.  The relationships they desired to empower by showing up as their best version selves.

Today I want you to set your alarm to go off every hour and each time it does, I want you to do a quick scan.

How does your body feel?

Is there pain and stress in your back?

Are you feeling bloated?

Are you feeling rock solid ready to rock out the next hour?

I want you to look up and take in everything in your environment.

Does every little thing in your surroundings lifting your spirits or bringing you down?

No judgement.

No criticism.

Just awareness.

Ask yourself, considering the vibration of your being right now, what is it that you’re creating?

If your vibration is low, drained, stifled, frustrated, suppressed, I want you to own the fact that you’re actively creating more of that shit in your life right now.  Stop whatever you’re doing and go do something fun for the love of God!

If your vibration is high AF, feeling passionate, expansive, exuberant, creative, keep doing what you’re doing Sunshine.  You’re rocking it out!

I want you to understand just how powerful you really are!

I want you to get in your bones that you truly ARE creating everything you see around you.

And how you feel from moment to moment, matters!

If you stay disconnected to your body, your emotions, you’ll always be creating unconsciously.  And I’m yet to meet the person who creates epic magic unconsciously.

If on the other hand you start training that beautiful mind of yours to be mindful, you will be gobsmacked by just how quickly you can start living your dream life.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Did you see my training on the three foundational pieces crucial for women to build successful businesses?

In it I explain why these elements are non-negotiable, the impact it has not having them, and some tools to ensure that you start implementing right away.

If you missed it, watch it here now and let me know what you loved about it, what you didn’t like about it, and more importantly what’s your biggest take-away and the action you’re going to take immediately to ensure that your foundation is rock solid.

There can be no excellence without discipline.

Holy moly we’ve become a society of lazy turds!

When did being lazy even become such a virtue?

When did being undisciplined become a sign of freedom?

Of success?


I’m yet to meet a truly successful person – I’m talking successful in health, in relationships, in business – who is not disciplined to the extreme.

Disciplined in thought, emotions and action.

I implore you to wake up to the fact that the current social construct is set up to make your brain lazy.  To make life ‘easy’ for you.

You’re brought up in a schooling system which defies free thinking.

You’re socialised in a family structure of unquestioned loyalty and adherence to what the elders tell you to do.  Now in the olden days I could see the wisdom in this, when the elders were well integrated humans who spent time connecting with Nature and Creator, understanding the intricate relationships between life forms and passing this wisdom on.

With all respect to the current elders, most of you fried your brains with acid, alcohol and 20 Camels a day, working like mindless drones until you either fell down dead at your little cubicle desks or waiting for retirement and a slow death of boredom.

Most current elders are filled with suppressed anger, resentment, jealousy and I get it – you have reason to feel all of this.

The gift you brought us is how fucked up the system is so that we can make different choices for ourselves.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative of this!

Yet my concern is for my generation and the ones following who are not waking up fast enough.

Those letting the pendulum swing the other way – from overworked to sitting like mindless sloths!

Sunshine, it’s time for you to get your ass off the couch, for you to get outside and breath in some fresh air, to activate those beautiful little brain cells, to think, to create and to thrive!

Nothing in your life is ever going to turn up roses until you become disciplined!

Until you take control of your thoughts, your words, your emotions and your actions.

Parents need to start installing discipline in their households once more – not from a space of “Because I said so” but from a space of “Because I do so”!

It is in our routines that we create our reality.

Mastered routines come from repetition.

There is nothing quite like “boredom” that will strengthen your resolve, your muscle memory, your power.  Ask me – running up and down a swimming pool lane for 3 hours will kill you if you’re not strong enough to take hold of your mind and keeping it on track.  Having the discipline to finish that last lap so that you don’t give up at 2 hours 57 minutes.

Which is the first hurdle I see most people fail at.

So overstimulated by electronics and gadgets and shiny objects, they demand to have new and bright all the time.

But what is it really costing you my friend?

What is your lack of discipline in your eating costing you long term when you have all that shit sitting in your arteries slowing down the blood flow, the life flow?

What is your lack of discipline in your relationships costing you when you simply couldn’t be bothered to romance your partner anymore?

What is your lack of discipline in your exercise costing you when your hips tighten up so that you ultimately can’t walk pain-free anymore?

What is your lack of discipline in your chosen career costing you when you never reach a place of mastery and always dabble as a Jill of all Trades?

What is your lack of discipline in your spirituality costing you when you stop tapping into your soul and the wisdom that resides within you?

The moment you sit down and get real about the price you’re going to pay in years to come you can start making better choices.

You will start seeing the wisdom in slowing down to speed up.

You will start seeing the benefit in being supported by structures and routines that frees up your creativity.

You will start seeing the joy in living at peak performance Baby.

Sadly, most will never take the time.

They might read all the way to the end of this blog and then carry on to the next one.

Seeking something more fun and stimulating.

But they are not my concern – only YOU are.

What will you do with this awareness today?

Will you sit down and work out the cost?

Will you take the time to see where in your life you have become lazy and the ripple effect it’s having?

More importantly, will you commit to a new lifestyle where discipline forms the cornerstone of your divine success?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is truly a choice which you have to be disciplined in making every single day.

With love always,


PS:  I believe in four pillars for an indestructible mind-set:  Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination.

Not negotiable.

Not all agree with my methodology and I respect that.

For my clients, those who resonate with my values, these pillars transform lives.

It’s how they go from struggling, exhausted and hardly making ends meet to having their toes painted gold whilst feeling fully supported in their thriving businesses before picking up their kids for play-time.

It’s how they effortlessly slim down having fun in the process and feeling more energised to build their empires.

It’s how they have a full day making a difference in the world and then showing up as a goddess in bed.

It’s tough as nails in the beginning Darling – all change is.

But if mediocrity is simply no longer acceptable to you, if you’re ready to push through the discomfort to relish the reward, let’s connect today.




What is the real commitment about?

Once again there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not goal setting is indeed effective and powerful.

There’s a rumour that we’re too hard on ourselves when we set the goals and don’t always hit them first time around.

That there’s too much shaming in the process.

It’s not the most loving way to live.

Well okay, I get that if you’re going to approach this process like a first grader you’ll feel this way.

And we all had to start in kindergarten Darling – even I used to set goals in isolation, made it all about the ‘prize’ and then pinned my identity on whether or not I achieved it.  If by chance I got to the finish line I was a badass rock star who could fly to the moon.  If I didn’t I was a complete failure, a pussy who just doesn’t have what it takes and hung my head in shame because what would they all say about me now?

Maybe you too had the unfortunate experience of setting a goal that was challenging and maybe, heaven forbid, you didn’t hit the target.

So you felt bad.

You made it personal.

You decided that it feels shit and you stopped setting goals.

Or maybe you’ve fallen into a pattern of setting goals and then not understanding why you keep sabotaging yourself and so you create the belief that it’s just not worth going through the process again and again if you’re not getting ahead.

I respect your choice, your journey.  There is another way for you.

For my people, goals rock their world!

It took me decades to understand that setting goals is not about achieving goals.

Setting goals is simply giving you the direction for growth, keeps you focused, opens you up to a new way of showing up.

It’s about who you have to become in the process in order for you to achieve said goal.

This can only happen if you set the specific goal and then expand the view to see the totality of life of the person who achieves at this level.  When you set the business goal you need to understand what this person’s fitness looks like, what their relationships look like, what their routines look like, what their diet looks like, what their team looks like, what they think about, what they believe, what brand of toilet paper they use.

Change will be required in ALL areas of life to facilitate success of the singular goal.

And this is where most get tripped up.

Where they don’t take the time to understand what commitment it’s really going to take and then when they start taking action it feels like too much.

You have to not only be committed to the desired outcome, you have to be committed to the CHANGE.

If there’s no growth demanded from you, no change in the way you think, the way you take action, the way you show up, it’s not a goal!

It’s bullshit.

It’s a waste of time.

And change means that there’s going to be a ripple effect in your life that your subconscious mind has already figured out!

If you don’t get ahead of this effect your ego gets activated full blast.

That means your FEAR button gets stuck at the bottom and OF COURSE the bitch is going to sabotage you at every opportunity UNLESS you make the change a NON-FUCKING-NEGOTIABLE in your life and you are prepared to SACRIFICE whatever it takes for you to win!

Sacrificing bad habits.

Sacrificing small thinking.

Sacrificing comfort.

Sacrificing addictions.

Sacrificing codependency.

Sacrificing fitting in with the old crowd.

Sacrificing toxic relationships.

Sadly most people are more committed to the current state of relationships, health, misery and comfort than what they are to the change!

They are committed not to upset the boat too much because the rats feasting on their souls might not be able to swim and since they feel responsible for everyone else they’re prepared to sacrifice their personal purpose, their personal joy, their personal thrive.

They say that they’re fine for now.

They can wait another twenty years until the kids are out of the house.

They’re dreams are just dreams after all.

The goals don’t need to be set because they don’t have the time, the money, the energy, the freedom right now to do what it takes to achieve them.

Or the economy isn’t quite right.

Or the market is saturated right now.

Or they’re just too overweight.

Or just too tired.


Goals demand commitment!  True commitment.  

Commitment to your purpose.

Commitment to your thrive.

Commitment to your personal growth.

Commitment to things changing drastically.

Commitment to the only person you’re truly responsible for – YOU!

Which kinda goes against everything we’ve been brought up to believe.

You call me selfish.

You call me hard.

You call me insensitive.

You call me a bitch.

And I guess I am.

Because quite frankly I love too deeply for me to tolerate suffering.

I love too deeply to sit back and watch people existing in mediocrity when they’re here to lead.

Here to create.

Here to disrupt the status quo.

When I can see that inside of them is the wisdom, the ability, the drive, the hunger – but they’ve shut it down because others are not prepared to do the work.

You will never live your true desires until you are prepared to commit to loving yourself.

You won’t do whatever it takes.

It’s that simple.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving takes commitment.

With love always,


PS:  I want YOU to succeed.

I want YOU to understand that true success comes from change in every area of your life.

Which means you really do have to start by creating the big vision in every area and then bring it back to be honest of where you’re at and what actions you can start taking to bridge the gap.

I invite you to grab your free ebook “Get from where you are to where you want to be – FAST” and to start your journey to change.

But only if you’re courageous enough to commit.