You can’t create iconic levels of success with a lopsided vision

Just to be clear – I’m not talking to the average people.

The ‘same shit different day’ people.

Those who are satisfied sleeping late, paying bills and having sex twice a month.

I’m talking to those of you who create phenomenal lives of impact and adventure.

The folks who appreciate where they’re at whilst having an insatiable hunger for more.

I really want you to get today’s piece as this is the number one reason I see so many people setting epic goals and either not achieving them or achieving them and be miserable.

First off, you have to understand that you’re a holistic being.

Your life consists of a spiritual aspect, a physical aspect, a relationship aspect, a business aspect, a wealth aspect, a lifestyle aspect, a legacy aspect.

Write these down in your journal and refer to them every single day.

This means that each time you set a goal in one of these areas, you have to understand the vision of the person who achieves said goal, in ALL of these areas.

Now knowing you, there are one or two of these areas that you prefer setting goals in.

If you’re in my space, and you give yourself permission to break the rules of what society expects of you to be a ‘good girl’, business is always at the top of the list.

Let’s be honest here, as high achievers this is the area which is the easiest for us to shine in.

Plus, if like me, your business IS your chosen vehicle to live your life purpose, you kinda consider this to be the most important aspect of your life.  You might even be slightly ‘obsessed’ with your business.

Another very popular area I see for goals, is the physical aspect.  Who doesn’t want to have a rocking body so you can shine on stage with your hot little red number and stiletto heels?

I get it – I’m exactly the same.

And for many years I got really good results in these areas!

I was collecting social noddy badges left right and centre.

But behind closed doors, life wasn’t so great for me.

I was depressed, feeling like a fraud.

I had a rocking body but she was so diseased that she started falling apart from the inside – literally!

Not that I missed a beat.

I would simply remove the inconvenient body part and be back training two weeks later.

I have to say though – I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m built to hit rock bottom and find my way back to the top.

I insist on getting professional support when I need it and I’m not ashamed to ask for it.

I’ve witnessed too many lives destroyed due to pride and made a promise to myself that no matter how proud I am, it will never be my downfall.

Which finally (after many rock bottoms) led me to understand that whenever I set a goal, I had to really focus on how I wanted my life transformed in its entirety!

If I was going to take the time to set goals in business, to create my life consciously, to become captain of my ship, why on earth would I cut corners and leave my underbelly up to chance?

Yet this is what I see so many people do.

They go into great detail as to the business they desire to build, the financial goals they want to hit by the end of the year, but take no time to figure out who this person is with regards to physical health, with regards to their relationships, with regards to their lifestyle and legacy.

So they get to the end of the year and at the annual staff party celebrating their best financial year ever they have a heart attack and get rushed to the hospital without anyone notifying their spouse because their relationship has gone to hell.


Because they were putting all of their attention into one aspect and let the rest deteriorate.

You see Darling, everything in your life is like a muscle.

If you’re not actively working it, actively growing it, atrophy sets in.

That means death.

It dies.

If you’re not actively growing your physical health muscle, it dies.

If you’re not actively growing your spiritual muscle, it dies.

If you’re not actively growing your relationship muscle, it dies.

I’m yet to meet a person who creates a vision that states “By the end of this year I have grown my business to multi six figures.  I have completely neglected and destroyed my relationships and in fact I’m lonely AF because nobody likes me anymore.  My gut is hanging over my pants and my things are rubbing together so much that I have a rash at the end of each day.  OH YES THIS VISION COMPLETELY LIGHTS ME UP!”

But if all you do is focus on the multi six figures, this is exactly what you create!

Let’s stop setting goals like a pre-schooler shall we?

Today I want you to have a really good look at the goals that you’ve set for 2018 and I want you to go into detail of THE PERSON who has achieved this goal.  I want you to take the standard that you’ve used for the goals and apply that to EVERY ASPECT of your life.  If you want to take your business next level, I want you to take your physical health next level.  I want you to take your spiritual life next level.  I want you to take your relationships next level.  I want you to take your lifestyle next level.  I want you to take your legacy next level.

NOW you have a proper vision that will support you in achieving your original goals without leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Next you really want to figure out WHO that woman is.

What time does she wake up?  What does she do during her morning power hour?  What does she eat?  What does she drink?  Who does she surround herself with?  What does she wear?  What are the conversations she has?  What does she believe?  What does she think about during the day?  How does she make love to her man?  What undies does she wear?

All of it.

Then show up as that woman TODAY!

It’s always about the BE-ing not the DO-ing and you can’t possibly BE this woman in one area of your life and BE the old version woman in all other areas and expect to create new woman’s results.

Plus this is the fastest way to identify where you’re out of whack on a day to day basis so you can course correct asap and stop the self-sabotage before you’re halfway through the year!

Make sense?


Now go implement Darling because just nodding your pretty head and not taking action is definitely NOT going to get you the results.

Hit me a reply and let me know your biggest insight from today.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


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This is where we take you and your business NEXT level.

I have found that women create most powerfully when they are in love.  Call it hormones.  Call it sacral chakra.  Call it whatever you want.

As an Empress you embody the energy of the queen, the warrior AND the lover.

Which means if you want to build an empire you have to love your creation.

If you’re ready to fall in love with your business to the point where you will do whatever it takes to see her thrive, then this is the call to action for you.

Two complete workbooks prior to our 90 minute deep dive call will see you connect with your true purpose, your true desire, your true vision from which to thrive.

Check out the details here and if this speaks to you, let’s play.




Are you ready to see the truth?

You, my Darling, are so perfect.

The moment you chose to inhabit this body at this time, you already had everything inside of you.

Everything that would unlock your unbelievable potential.

Everything that would find you on a path of delicious adventure.

Everything that would guide you back to truth.

The truth that love is the only truth.

Everything else, is a motherfucking lie.

The truth that you are enough.

The truth that you are worthy.

The truth that you are magnificence in human form.

Yet you also chose to live during a time when the lies are thick as fog and in order for you to continue striding forward takes no small amount of courage.

So often even when we shine the light we can only see confusion.

Even when we have a voice to guide us we’re unable to even see the next step and it takes so much faith to transfer your weight into the abyss, trusting that the next step will simply appear under your foot.

I’m finding this journey is one of bringing forth the lies from the deep darkness of my subconscious mind, through scrutiny and questioning, and once I put it under the microscope of love I can assess the validity for myself.

A challenge.

Considering I too was raised with the words “Because I Say So”

I too was brought up in a culture of submission.

Of knowing that in the familial pack, where I was the smallest in stature, the ‘weakest’ in sex, the youngest in physical age, I was right at the bottom.

Apparently born to be an amusing toy for all those bored in their average existence and in the pissing contest at the top, I’m the one it rained down on.

And this familial conditioning is what I continued to attract when I left my parental home.

But today I want to thank every single person who ever stepped on me.

Every single person who laid their hands on me in violence.

Every single person who insulted me.

Who told me I’m a worthless piece of shit.

That I’m not smart enough.

That I’m not pretty enough.

That their misery was my fault because I just couldn’t be a normal woman who kissed ass, who bowed down to be kicked for their pleasure.  I couldn’t just lie down and do my duty.

Thank you thank you thank you.

OMG the love you felt for me is miraculous and healing all of my wounds leaving behind scars which fills me with pride.

The love of a soul whose only desire to be in service to others.

To have agreed to come down to this plane and rain pain down on me so that I could have the opportunities of growth that my soul hungered for.

The desire my soul feels to be in service to others in turn.

How wonderful!

This Universe of love where all is for our highest and greatest good.

I now know that my choice was to come at a time where the system of oppression needed to be questioned as our inherent power, our magic, has been cut from our wombs and it is time to reclaim.

It is time for us to heal Darling.

It is time for us to eradicate the shame that shrouds the pain of our lives in shadow, thereby having us shrink under the drenched blanket dripping with destruction.

It’s in this time that I choose to no longer believe the lies.

I choose to no longer believe the fear.

I choose to no longer cower in front of their rage.

I will stand proud in the face of all they throw at me and I will take it into my heart, into my soul, and transform it back into love.

For I choose to create from this place from this point forward.

Today is the 2nd of February 2018.


The day that I am claiming my FUCKING FREEDOM!

And this freedom is indestructible.

Because it is from inside of me.

Where it matters most.

It is from love.

It is my truth.

Are you ready Gorgeous?

Are you ready to do the work and to break down the walls of shame, of lies, of fear, of suppressed anger and resentment?

Are you ready to claim freedom from the lies caused by fear?

Are you ready to see the truth?

All of it?

Because it’s not easy my friend.

It means you have to get stark fucking naked in front of the mirror and you have to own your part in this story.

You have to own your part in toxic relationships.

You have to own your part in heartbreak.

You have to own your part in mediocrity.

You have to own your part in shitty results.

You have to own it all.

And then you have to stop believing the ancient lie that you have to put yourself last,  and you have to start falling in love with yourself.

All of you.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

All of it.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

I’m only on the first step of my liberation.

But I trust.

I believe in myself.

I believe in love.

And nobody and nothing will ever take this away from me.

I was brought back down to my knees again last month and as I lay on the floor crying I heard that familiar voice – “It’s time to choose Anel.  Die or thrive?”

This time I understood that the death was not physical.

I’m past that.

Physical death does not scare me.


It was spiritual death.

It was death of my truth.

Death of my purpose.







Death of my body might be inevitable.

But I choose to fucking thrive!

How about you Darling?

How about you?

With love eternal,







If you’re not in it for the long run, get out now!

I get smashed every time I say this, but entrepreneurship is not for sissies.

It’s not about making shit tons of money overnight.

It’s not about finally becoming popular and having adoring fans.

Entrepreneurship is about a soul calling.

It’s about creating your art – in whatever form it takes.

It’s about connecting with your very reason for existing and driven by relentless passion that simply does not allow you to sit on your lazy ass.

Not for one fucking moment.

Because the fire has you restless.

Burning up inside.

Always needing to be in greater service because your soul clients’ pain is tangible and you swallow it every day.

You swallow it and it intermingles with the pain that is deep down inside of you.

In your fibres.

It’s a connection that once made cannot be broken.

We chose to live in a time when passion is often born from personal pain.

We came here at a time when humanity is ready for change.

But change is scary and so few have the balls to lead the revolution.

Instead you see the masses going fucking nuts.

They drink themselves into a stupor.

Abusing their loved ones.

Wrecking cars and lives.

Yet alcohol is legal.


You see them clogging up their arteries with fats and chemicals, eating so much to fill the void inside that they have to turn sideways to get in the door.

Yet we’re told to love our fat.


You see them staring at a screen for mind-dead entertainment, desperately trying to escape the chaos they are creating in their physical lives to the point where they no longer discriminate between their bullshit lies with their bullshit friends in Lala-Land and their lies to their families, their bosses, themselves.

These are the days of our lives.

And we all go through this in some degree.

Whether we personally go nuts and drink too much (guilty), eat too much (guilty), take drugs (guilty) and trying to escape (guilty) – holy shit, I’m pretty fucked up.

Or whether we’re just witness to the tragedy.

Personally I wouldn’t trade my pain for a single moment of spectatorships, as each one of my ‘weaknesses’ brought me to a point where I had to make choices.

It all finally came to a head when I wanted to die.


Had the pills ready to swallow.

But my soul wasn’t quite done with me.

She raged through my veins with such ferocity that I had to pay attention.

And my choice to live, to thrive, was my commitment to my soul work FOR THE REST OF MY GODDAMNED LIFE!

Not for five years.

Not until I made shit tons of money.

Not when the economy was good.

Not when there was no ‘competition’.

Fuck that shit.

When I dedicated my life to being an entrepreneur I knew it was for the long run.

All the way to the casket Baby.

It is this same passion, this same dedication, this same resolution, that I see in every successful entrepreneur.

As for the wannabes, it’s about the easy life, it’s about the money.

You see them running from one thing to the next.

A few months here.

A few months there.

You ask them what their purpose is, and they don’t have a clue.

Maybe they have a lucky break and things go good for a while.

But then, when the shit hits the fan, which it inevitably does, they jump ship.

The really sad part is that I believe your soul knows your purpose and she guides you to do the work that has real meaning.

But it’s up to you to connect the dots.

To go deep.

To understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

And sometimes it seems completely insane!

I remember coaching a client who sold ice-cream.

When I first took her into purpose work, she thought I had lost the plot.  Yet when we dug deep into her childhood and what ice-cream truly meant to her emotionally, the joy it would bring her, the feeling of absolute abundance, something clicked inside and she understood as a kid from the slums, this was what saved her.

And how many millions of kids do you think is out there who can be lifted out of their everyday sadness by ice-cream?

She became unstoppable!

THIS is what I’m talking about my friend.

I’m not saying that you should jump ship just because you don’t know right now why you’re in business.

What I do absolutely insist on is that you consciously make the decision that if you’re going to be in business for yourself, you’re committed to do it for the long run.

That means that you take the time to connect to your true why.

That means that you leave your ego at the door and you do whatever the fuck it takes to succeed!  

Regardless of how long it takes to succeed.

Knowing that just as failure comes and goes, so does success.

That means that you set yourself up for success by valuing yourself, stop running a soup kitchen (unless of course you’re actually running a soup kitchen) and that you charge decently for your services.

This whole thing that you should be poor just because you’re spiritual is complete bullshit!

Spirituality is about abundance – for all.  Starting with you.

That means that you surround yourself with high vibrational people and stop staying behind for those who are not doing your level of work.

It means that you become a selfish, focussed, unsocial bitch who don’t buy into the culture of distraction.

And if you’re not in it for the long run, do us all favour and get out.

Before you go through years of anguish, losing money, screwing up your relationships, spewing your negativity into the entrepreneurial community.

Yes, you will always find sympathisers who Molly-coddle you but I want you to understand that you are being poison to them.  You are sucking their energy.  You are taking their focus away from their dreams because you have a boo-boo and want someone to kiss it better.

And if you’re one of the soul-driven, focussed badasses serious about building an empire, I want you to stop fart-assing around because we all need you to shine.

We need you to become super visible and share your journey, your gifts, your story.

This is your time now.

But you have to make that choice.

For real this time.

The world has had enough of women weaving their fairy tales.

This is the time for the Empress to rise.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving in business is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  February is the month of love and I want YOU to fall in love with your business again!

Because if you’re not madly in love with your business, neither one of you will ever thrive.

And that simply won’t do a moment longer.

Not on my shift.

Grab it.


Certainty without action is no certainty at all…

I know you’re a badass.

I know you’re on fire.

I know that you’re a high achiever who have always taken shit tons of action and now you’re being challenged to do it differently.

I know everyone is telling you that it should be easy and if it’s not, girl there’s something wrong with you.

So you choose to let go of your control freak tendencies and instead to believe.

To trust.

To have faith that all of your desires are met and exceeded by the almighty Universe.

I see you setting the big goals, doing the journaling, the affirmations, the visualisation, the meditation.

Letting go of the cursed hows and handing it over to unfold in divine timing.

And then when I ask you for a status update you tell me “Nothing yet but I know it’s going to happen.  It’s already done.”

I ask you what actions are you taking and you say “I don’t need to do anything.  It’s all taken care of.”

Ummmmm, no.

First of all, you didn’t come here to sit on your ass doing nothing except pray and meditate all day every day, playing on the beach with your kiddos and energetically creating success.

If you’re in my space you came here to be a leader.

To bring change.

To disrupt the status quo.

You also came here as a CO-CREATOR of your experience.

And unless you’re Yoda, that means taking action.

Yes, we can have absolute certainty that we will achieve our goals and take action FROM THAT PLACE!

Powerful action.

Confident action.

And we can be humble enough to look at our results and see they’re still falling short, adjust our approach and do some more.

I am yet to meet a person who decided to become an IronMan, knew with certainty that they were born to be an IronMan, it’s their destiny, and then sit on a fucking yoga mat visualising themselves crossing the finish line without ever doing a drop of training.

It doesn’t work that way.

You decide you’re going to become an IronMan.

You do your research.

You understand the enormity of the event so you sign up with a coach.  One who specialises in triathlons and endurance events.

You get the dietician, invest in the supplements, clean up your eating.

You look at your calendar, the overfull days, and you get rid of all the distractions.  All the busyness.  You schedule in your training times, your recovery times, your mindset times.

You training your fucking ass off.

Every single day.

With purpose.

With intelligence.

Using the guidance and expertise of your coach to increase intensity over time ensuring periodisation is built in so you don’t crash and burn along the way.

And every time you get on your bike and your fanny hurts and your back feels like it’s breaking, you visualise yourself crossing the finish line, you know for certain it’s your destiny, and you start peddling.

You don’t skip sessions because it’s ‘already done’.

Sometimes your coach pushes you too hard too soon and you have to check in with your body and give honest feedback, without ego, so the program can be adjusted to meet you where you’re at.

Sometimes shit happens and you pick up injuries so you have to go for the therapy and rehabilitation, adjusting the program to meet you where you’re at.

At no time do you stop taking action.

Because you KNOW that the moment you stop training, stop checking in, stop course correcting, it’s game over.

I don’t care how much talent you have.

I don’t care how badly you want it.

I don’t care how much you believe it will happen.

What I do know for sure is that when you start saying you don’t have to take action because it’s already done, before you’ve crossed the finish line, you’re scared and sabotaging yourself.

Sit with this for a minute.

I know you’re pissed right now.

You want to tell me to fuck off.

That I don’t understand.

That I’m a non-believer.

That I’m addicted to hard work.

I probably am.

Because I choose to do work that is FUN for my soul so what would I want to do instead?

I only do that which brings me joy.

That which is aligned with my goals, my dreams, my vision.

I’ve pretty much let go of all the other bullshit.

And I absolutely know in my heart of heart that all my desires are happening which inspires me to take the action to collapse the timeline of manifestation.

I invite you today to look at your goals.

To look at the actions you are taking.

To be honest with yourself of where you’ve stopped taking action because, you know, ‘it’s already done.’

I invite you to ask yourself if it’s possible that you’re in fact just pushing success away from yourself?

If there is a hint of fear that you’re covering with faith?

Have you taken the time to journal on your fear of success?  Because this shit is real.  For all our goals.

Success brings change.

And that is scary.

Unless you take the time to figure out the flavour of your fear, it will control you.

Instead, just embrace that part of you.

Acknowledge it.

Then take massive amounts of inspired action and be the powerful manifestor I know you were born to be.

No more excuses.

No more self-sabotage.

No more bullshit.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice and yes, it does take action.

With love always


PS:  Today is the last day of January!

That means whatever goals you set on the first, you only have eleven (or less) months left to achieve them.

If those goals are average, you know, the ones that you’re actually wasting your time with because you can achieve them on your own, you already have the entire thing planned out, then I’m probably not speaking to you.

Unless of course you look at them with a new sense of horror at what a disservice you’re doing to yourself and how disgusting that you could be playing so small.

If your goals are massive,  Scary as hell,  You have no idea how you’re going to achieve them at this stage,  And you’re serious about crossing the finish line, then I absolutely INSIST that you get the support you deserve to ensure success.

Now I’m not for everyone.

I only offer long-term support to those who light my fire with their passion and unshakable purpose.

Doesn’t mean I can’t bring massive clarity and motivation with a single call as this happens to be one of my gifts.

If you’re ready to shift gears then I invite you to claim your free Get Focused Now session.  I have reopened these calls as I’m delighted to see so many people take the opportunity to bring massive shifts to their lives.  But they are limited and I’m taking them off the table in the next couple of weeks.

Stop hesitating.

Fucking leap!




Which voice will create your results today?

I’m sure that by now we’ve all heard the story of the two wolves which resides in all of us – the good and the bad which we get to choose to feed.

Well Hun, I’ve discovered there’s also two voices in your head which is in constant debate as to what you should or should not do.

Let’s call them ChickenShit and RockStar for ease of reference.

ChickenShit is the frightened little girl or boy inside of you.  The one who is always on the lookout for danger.  The one who has received one too many beatings and so run at the first hint of perceived danger.  Except the poor thing is so terrified that even her shadow scares her.  Let’s give her a moment of empathy.

RockStar is the badass who has seen the potential of your dreams and she is relentless in her pursuit of personal growth.  She drinks shit tons of red bull and thinks you can fly so has no qualm in pushing you off the cliff.  She is the one who sings to your heart melodies of greatness, leadership, impact, success, thrive.

ChickenShit loves company.  She loves to find others who agree with her that you should stop doing stupid shit without thinking it through so she puts out her tentacles and surrounds herself with naysayers, those who have had the painful experiences which validate her stance.  She is a fucking whiner!  Never tiring of her own voice and even when RockStar wins the battle she doesn’t shut up.  Instead she just whimpers her pathetic little melody of victimhood.

She wears at you all day long.

Sapping your willpower.

Convincing you that OF COURSE you’re going to eventually take the action, just not now.

You can do it later.

You can do it tomorrow.

You can start it on Monday, next week, next month, next year.

She tells you that you’re too busy.  Too tired.  Too fat.  Too thin.  Too stupid.  Too ugly.  Too insecure.

Fix yourself first, and then, when you’re perfect, you will be ready to take action.

The little vamp is just playing you my friend.

And every little allowance you make for her takes you away from achieving your goals.

RockStar is a lone wolf.  This could be a weakness in her armour as she rarely surrounds herself with fellow warriors.  Her self-belief is immense to a fault and so she believes she can do it all on her own.

In truth she has what it takes.

Yet the amount of energy it takes leaves you vulnerable, exposed, easy prey for ChickenShit.

I happen to like RockStar.  The two of us have had some fabulous adventures and I’m slowly but surely teaching her how to be part of a tribe of rockstars so we can grow even stronger.  Taking on the next mountain and having a ball pushing, falling, rolling, cursing, sweating – you know, all the things I consider fun!

This time around though I’m choosing to be her companion instead of her servant.  I’m choosing to get support and fellow travellers on the path.  I’m choosing to do it next level.

Yet as much as I adore RockStar, ChickenShit has a special place inside my heart as well.

She ain’t going anywhere.

After all, if I am a perfect creation, and she is part of who I am, eradicating her would be destroying a part of myself.

So I hug the little sweetheart and I listen to what she has to say to me, and then I bring RockStar in for council.

Once I’ve assessed both sides of the story I get to make a conscious choice.

Do I choose to side with ChickenShit and take it a little slower, a little easier, a little more cautious or, do I wink at RockStar and say “Let’s do this!”

And I have to catch myself continuously during the day.

That moment of hesitation when my words and my actions are not in complete alignment.

That split second that I consider not taking the action, of carrying it over to tomorrow.

The breath of bullshit where I see dinosaurs in my inbox.

I’ve learned to bring ChickenShit and RockStar into my ‘staff meeting’ first thing in the morning when I do my daily planning.

First, I connect with my desired outcomes.  My goals,  My non-negotiable.

Next, I connect with the empowered beliefs that will support my already manifested state.

Then, I give ChickenShit and RockStar the opportunity to state their opinions for the day ahead.  I heed both sides and make an empowered decision of inspired action.

Once it is written down, that’s it.  Commitment done!

Which means that every time I catch myself RESISTING the action I know that ChickenShit has put some sleeping pills into RockStar’s espresso.

Sneaky little witch.

But I am NOT the voices in my head.

They are in service to me, I am not their bitch.

It’s time for you to pay attention to what is going on inside of you my Darling.

It’s time for you to start becoming aware of the voices that continuously push and pull at you.

For if you fool yourself in thinking they’re not there, they will ultimately dictate your results.

You will be their slave.

Your ChickenShit will run the roost.

And that would just be fucking sad.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to set yourself up for epic success in 2018?

Are you ready to do the deep work that creates enormous self-awareness thereby empowering you to make conscious decisions?

Are you ready to get the accountability and the support that will keep you on track and mirror for you the moment you fall asleep in your destructive patterns of self-sabotage?

I don’t work with super-humans.  I work with ordinary people who are here on a mission to create change through their life purpose.  I work with those who are prepared to go into the shadows to bring to light the little creepers that have created glass ceilings to their happiness.

I work with the those for whom success is non-negotiable.

Success in all areas of life.

If you’re ready to thrive then claim your consult right now and let’s play.






The walk to freedom might be a tad longer than I anticipated…

My word for 2018 is FREEDOM!

Every time I say it out loud or feel the whisper in my head I see Mel Gibson riding that horse exclaiming “They will never take our freedom!”


Small wonder that this word is reverberating everywhere in my very life.

After generations of oppression through social institutions, religious rules, governmental laws, men and women are starving for freedom.

Freedom from corrupt political systems.

Freedom from the insane rat-race that keeps them exhausted and listless.

Freedom from the mounting debts they incurred to keep up with the Jones’s only to be told now that the stuff doesn’t matter.

Freedom from unhealthy relationships.

Freedom from codependency.

Freedom from mediocrity and existence.

Freedom from being told what to do, what to think, what to say.

Freedom from all the motherfucking bullshit that has individuals committing suicide rather than thrive.

Something is BROKEN and the only solution is freedom!

I sat with my trusted journal this morning and started investigating why, if this is my sole desire for 2018, have I not achieved the level of freedom I truly want, in my 46 year existence.

And then it hit me.

Because as much as I desire freedom, it scares the crap out of me.

What was brought to me was the image of someone brought up in captivity.

It is all they know.

There’s so much certainty in prison.

Even the torment is certain.

The abuse.

The humiliation.

It becomes the known.

And human beings all have a desire for certainty.

It is only when the desire for uncertainty, for adventure, for freedom, becomes GREATER THAN our desire for safety that we will finally find the courage to break free.

You know this is true.

You simply have to take an honest look at your own life, the parts that are not spectacular, the parts that could be so much better, but you settle because better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, to know that what I say is real.

If you’re in a place where life is perfect – I salute you!  I would love to connect with you to learn from you.

I doubt if perfection is on the agenda for my life.

I’m enjoying the journey of dirty pants way too much.

But wait, I get sidetracked.

My point is that I have spent my entire life in the parameters of my upbringing and freedom is me saying to hell with it all and giving myself zero fucking construct to cling to.

And that is SCARY AF!

Which had me delving even deeper.

What would it take for me to desire freedom more than the safety of imprisonment?

I looked at my boys and that was it.



I refuse to hand it over to the next generation to figure out.  To change the system.  To stop the sickening cycles of separation, self-hatred, judgement, criticism, failure to love.


So I am putting on those black lace panties and I’m doing the work to connect to my true power – love.

The only power that is stronger than fear.

And it is with this love that I will break the silk-clad bars that have held me captive for so long.

Let’s just be real here – I am not anticipating a smooth ride.

You won’t see me standing on top of the mountain breaking into song – “The hills are live…”

In fact I’m pretty sure that I will be showing up for you with some blood-shot eyes and bruises in the coming months.

Yet I don’t mind bleeding if my blood means freedom for my boys and their children and their children.

I don’t mind crying if my tears means that you find the courage to question your own life, your choices, your feelings, your upbringing and to find a way to live that brings you joy.

And please know, that my way of walking this path to freedom is not the only path available.

Shit, when will people get that there is no ONE way of doing life that ensures your success and your happiness?!

We are all different.

My pleasure is your pain.

But I do insist that there is A way of doing life that will bring you success and happiness and it’s up to you to try out as many flavours as possible until you find the one that has your face melt into a blissful smile.

Maybe freedom is not your thing.

Maybe you think the whole idea of breaking out of your current comfort zone has you so terrified that you want to pull the trigger.

Don’t pull the fucking trigger!

Go figure out your own word instead.

Whatever your word is, I want you to lovingly take a look at why you have historically NOT achieved this state.

Without the self-judgement.

Without all the self-criticism.

Just get curious and compassionate so that you may uncover the truth for yourself.

And when you do, as I did this morning, you can sit back and sigh “Well I’ll be damned!  Never saw that one coming.”

This is when you can choose, what is truly important to you.

You can make the conscious choice of where to go from here.

Without all the hidden obstacles in the closet.

For only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  2018 is turning into one helluva year!

A year of remarkable change.

Of busting through layers and layers of darkness, bringing up all those little devils of self-limiting beliefs so we can choose consciously.

And I have to confess that I am beyond grateful that I’m not taking this journey on my own.

One of the greatest blessings I have received is my community of phenomenal women in Wild Woman Rebels.

Women who dare to question.

Women who dare to support and celebrate each other without the sympathy but pure adoration and belief in each other.

Women who are doing the real work because they are leaders ready to bring about change.

Right now we’re working our way through May Cause Miracles and it is just spectacular to witness the transformation.

If you’re a woman ready for a whole new experience of sisterhood, of courage and of love, join us today.



Fear of Failure is a fucking LIE!

Confession time.

Holy shit I must love you more than you’ll ever know for me to share all my ‘secrets’ with you.

But it’s what wants to come through today so here goes.

Last night I sat with my pink journal – the one I’ve dedicated to the deep healing that I’m determined to undergo.

The one where I sit in silence after meditation and mindset work, forgiveness work, miracle work, and let my soul speak the truth that my ego has hidden from me my entire life thus far.

It’s one of those that previously I would have torn the pages out at the end of the day and burned it to ashes out of fear that someone might read it because the shit that appears from the ink in my pen is shocking me to my core.

Generations of shame.

Lifetimes of fear.

All being ripped out of the darkness and onto the white pages.

So it was that last night I took my top three fears and put them down in black and white with the intention of being grateful of my fears.

My first instinct was “You’re fucking kidding me right?  Why on earth would I be grateful of my fears?  What can they possibly have for me that’s a gift”

But you have to trust the process.

So I wrote it down

“I am so deeply grateful and appreciative of my fear of failure”

my pen kept going

“as it is this fear that brings me the truth that failure is an illusion”.

No ways!

Failure can’t be an illusion!

It is real.

You simply have to look at my life to know the truth in this.

How often I’ve been told that I’m a failure.

That I’m not good enough to succeed.

That I screw up again and again.

And the feedback is always from those who ‘love’ me and who has my best interest at heart and who wants me to succeed.


What I discovered last night is that I’ve never failed at a single thing.


My past so-called ‘failures’ were all based on systems, institutions and values that I don’t believe in.

Not only do I not believe in them but I believe and treasure the exact opposite of them.

I value freedom.

I value freedom of thought and expression.

I value independence.

I value diversity.

I value connectivity.

I value honour.

I value creative energy.

I value limitless potential.

I value empowerment.

I value a world without a box.

Where your identity is not determined by your sex or your class or your race or your country of birth or the dominant culture.

And looking back every time I ‘failed’ it was because I gave in and tried desperately to please others by ticking their boxes and fitting into their definition of success.

Everything I ‘failed’ at was out of alignment with my truth.

Which means that every ‘failure’ was in fact a huge motherfucking success and win and deserves a helluva celebration!  Wanna party?

Because every time that I chose to ‘fail’ I chose to honour myself and my desires instead.

And I could go into the whole shame thing of “How the fuck could I have been this stupid for this long to not realise?”

But I’m done with that shit as well.

I’m done with shaming and blaming myself.

It just got old and it’s not fun and right now I’m choosing to do what feels magical, expansive, easy, fun, freeing and loving in my life.

Even when that sometimes looks like failure to others.

And the good news is I’m planning to ‘fail’ a shit ton in the coming years.

Hell yes Baby.

I’m breaking all their rules.

I’m thinking for myself.

And nobody else has to get my choices.

It’s none of their business.

I’m so done living my life in the confinements of judgement when the only person whose judgement really matters is my own.

So conformity can kiss my ass.

What an absolute gift!

And I really want to gift it to you!

I invite you to sit down today and to dig up your past ‘failures’ and ask yourself, what was the gift for me?

Where was I out of alignment with my true values?

Where was I a little lost on the path towards my true desires?

Who told me that this was a failure in the first place?

And if it’s simply not possible for me to fail, which it’s not by the way, then what do I have to celebrate in my past ‘failures’?

From this place of assured success, what do I choose to do?

What inspired action do I choose to take?

Which rules do I choose to start breaking?

Where do I choose to reclaim my freedom?  Reclaim my power?

Failure is a lie my Darling which you can choose to eliminate from your life.

You can choose to embrace the abundance of your choices which opens up when you see through the lie.

You can choose to experience the miraculous energy pulsating through your body when you claim your power to succeed.

You can choose to do the deep inner work that will smash the illusionary prisons which held you captive all this time.

Without judgement.

Without blame.

Without shame.

True liberation is simply celebrating the awakening.

And it feels soooooo good.

It has me writing my shadows down for strangers to read because it’s not about me, it’s about what I’m here to do.

I want you to feel the sense of excitement and freedom that I feel today.

Oh I know I’m in for some challenging times ahead as the changes required takes place, but you know what, it will be worth it.

Because every time I go next level, I get to serve you next level.

Even if I never meet you, you’re worth it.

I appreciate you.

I believe in you.

You are a part of me.

Thank you.

Thank you for giving me the courage to do this work.

Thank you for giving me the inspiration to go deeper, to question, to illuminate, to reintegrate my shards.

It’s because of you that I chose to stop existing.

It’s because of you that I chose to thrive.

How do you choose today my friend?

With love eternal,


PS:  Right now in Wild Woman Rebels we are working through May Cause Miracles.

This is a safe space where truly powerful women are choosing to break down the walls of shame and share their most vulnerable truth in the name of collective healing and empowerment.

Today I want to invite all women who are ready to embrace this new way of being to join us.


Exhaustion is nothing more than self-sabotage

I remember a time when I was the poster-child for the modern Wonder Woman.

I was the dutiful wife who ensured her man was well fed, clothed and supported in whatever way he needed to shine to the world.

I was the good mommy who made my kids food from scratch, paper-mache’s, playing in the garden, cleaning up their vomit and shit with cuddles and tickles.

I was the housemaid cooking, cleaning and clearing non-stop.

I was also the student completing my honours degree.

When that was done I replaced it with building a business.

Then I piled on top of that training like a maniac.

Competing with the big boys and girls.

Not enough?

Let’s become a spinning instructor doing up to six hours of classes a day.

All at the same time.

I thought I was doing fabulous!

And I had moments of immense joy.

Especially when I was on my bike – whether on the spin bike in the front of the class or Artemis riding hundreds of kilometres in the Cradle.

Truthfully my bike was the only place where I stopped pretending to be anything other than what I truly am – FREE!

Everywhere else I was just playing a role which my upbringing said was my duty and responsibility.

Doing it all with a smile and doing a pretty good job of it if I say so myself.

But inside I was dying.

That’s because I was born to be so much more than a robotic good little woman.

I am a wild child.

A rebel.

A cheeky bitch here to challenge the system.

To give voice to all that is keeping us smaller than our possibilities.

But at that stage, I was too fucking tired to question anything.

I was exhausted.




To the point where I couldn’t even sleep anymore.

My brain was so fried that it wouldn’t shut off and I would lie in bed crying because I was so tired!  Sleep taunting me with the snoring of my husband next to me.

Oblivious of the personal hell I was imprisoning myself in.

And yes, looking back I had the key in my fucking hand all the time.

But I was too tired to think of putting it in the hole and turning it.

THIS is the power of exhaustion.

It makes you think you don’t have any choices available to you anymore.

It makes you accept whatever they tell you because you don’t have the strength to think of an argument.

It makes you abandon your sense of self and taking on the roles they hand you with a pink balloon at birth.

Hell, you don’t have the capacity to think for yourself at all.

Which is exactly how this insane society is controlling the masses.

Without them ever understanding what is happening.

Our lives have become so jam packed with activities and expectations and illusions of perfection that no person can possibly win.

But the system has gone too far and turned into our saving grace.

Because people are breaking.


They are burning out, bummed out, drugged out, hitting rock bottom and with that they have the opportunity to start questioning.

They are getting really fucking sick, handed death sentences with an expiration date only months away and with that they have the opportunity to start questioning.

And with this questioning, choices are starting to change.

People are slowly but surely starting to choose quality of life over long to-do lists.

They are starting to choose mindfulness and introspection over  mindless chasing of things.

They are starting to choose slowing down to speed up rather than the senseless rat-race which so many are still caught in.

I want you to know that you don’t have to hit rock bottom or be given a death sentence for you to start choosing differently Darling.

You can simply choose differently today.

You can choose to sit down and take a real honest look at your life.

You can choose to identify what in your life is filling you with joy and what is simply a desperate attempt to drown out the deeper pain in your soul.

You can choose to create a vision that completely lights you up and then give yourself permission to go for it fully.

You can choose to become the selfish bitch on the block with really strong boundaries willing to eliminate all distractions from her path.

You can choose to be the most loving you possible by empowering others to do shit for themselves instead of continuously rescuing everyone but yourself.

You can choose to stop looking for the answers from every book in the library and start allowing yourself to access your inner wisdom.

You can choose to stop being so fucking terrified of the pain inside of you and start investigating the messages she has for you.

Trusting that pain is simply an emotion.

An emotion that is IN SERVICE to you.

Not a monster that will kill you.

You can choose to stop thinking that there is more to do for you to be truly happy and instead you can choose to be happy right now.  Or at least give yourself the willingness to open up to the possibility of happiness.

But none of this is going to be possible as long as you keep yourself exhausted.

I really want you to understand today that exhaustion is sabotaging your true brilliance.

Exhaustion is what separates you from the power that I know you’re craving.

Longing for.

Exhaustion never serves you.

Now let’s also keep this in context – I’m not saying that if you’re a competitive athlete that you must only train in your comfort zone.  Go sweat.

I’m referring to exhaustion in life.

I see so many people trapped in existence.  Complaining all the time of how tired they are but never putting two and two together to see that they have to start doing things differently, to get more energy, to think differently, to act differently, to get different results, to live a life of thrive.

And I’m not here to rescue anyone.

I believe people must make their own choices.

I’m simply here to share my story with you.

To share my journey with you.

What you do with that is none of my business.

You can choose to find similar learnings as me and use my journey to short-cut your road to success.

Or you can choose to use my story as a way to judge me, to label me as weak, and carry on with our treadmill.

Your choice.

Truly, the only thing you don’t have a choice in is death.

Thriving is always an option.

With love always,


PS:  The times they are changing my friend.

And you get to choose if you want to fight it or embrace it.

What does fight look like?

Holding on for dear life to your to-do lists even though they have you going to bed feeling like an exhausted failure because you couldn’t even get through half of the items.  The labels passed down to you by generations long turned to dust.  The system that feels like a giant machine, wiping out your will to thrive with every turn of the cog.

Embracing the change on the other hand looks like waking the fuck up and starting to question the stories in your subconscious mind.  It looks like you actually saying HELL YES to your real desires, your real purpose, your real power.  It looks like you saying fuck mediocrity and starting to live a life of thrive.


Not once anything has happened.

If you’re ready to thrive and you desire the support that quite frankly you’re worth receiving, the support to take care of the shit that’s been so hard to figure out, the support that brings clarity and rids you of overwhelm, the support that keeps you on track, then let’s chat.




Why this whole ’empowered feminine’ thing can feel so fucking hard!

Sometimes I can’t help but feel that it’s all a cruel joke.

One designed to bring those of us who have been holding back down to a new level of humble.

Those of us who grew up in a patriarchal society and who diligently put on our big girl panties, our shoulder-padded jackets, our power suites to climb the ladder to social success.

Those of us who devoured books for information, always having the facts at our fingertips in the boardroom so we could hold our own.

Those of us who bravely followed in our mothers footsteps – a generation determined to prove that women can do it all.  Be the perfect mother baking cookies for the school fete.  Be the perfect wife who has dinner on the table in time when her man arrived home, pouring his beer and giving him quick sex to help with his stress and then get up to go do the dishes, the washing and pack everyones lunch for tomorrow.  Be the corporate ball crusher who would arrive at the office first and often be the last to leave.  Doing everything to perfection.  Not asking for help as that would be a sign of weakness.  Never breaking down in public as that would make you an easy target for those eagerly waiting to step on you.

And they did!

The moment you faltered.

Sadly also, mostly those who stepped on you in your attempt at recognition and approval , were your so called sisters.

They were the first to kick you out of the tribe.

To gossip in the corner giving you insulting glares.

Honestly, you couldn’t win.

But you fought the fight Sister, and for just a moment in time, you were flying high!

Finally receiving the recognition you felt you deserved.

Even though you were desperately unhappy inside.

Even though you always felt that you had to do more, no matter how exhausted you were, because if you can just do a little bit more you will finally earn their love and respect.

And you would use the busyness to keep you from feeling because that would feel like shit.

Oh those were the days my friend.

When we wore misery like medals of honour.

And then, the fucking rules changed!

All of a sudden women started wearing dresses, heels and have long locks.

They were singing and swaying their hips with abandon.

They were leaving the men who treated them like slave-girls and started demanding kings by their side.

We started hearing about the queen mentality.

That delegation was not only an art, but our birthright.

That we didn’t have to DO anything more, because we are enough.

We had to stop looking for the answers in books and had to get quiet to find the wisdom within.

We had to release and trust and co-create.

In all honesty, when I first started coming across this phenomenon I spiralled down so fast I was puking from the dizzying momentum.

I raged in horror as I had no idea how to BE!

I felt like a complete and utter fucking failure because I couldn’t understand how to trust myself when I had clearly screwed up so often in the past.

It was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to this born tomboy who competed against men for the fun of it.

I hit rock bottom.


To make it even worse, other women seemed to do it so effortlessly.

And gracefully.

As if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

They didn’t even have one drop of perspiration and they looked completely relaxed and energised and as if, dare I say it, they were happy!!


At which point I had to make my next choice.

I could be really stubborn and prove them all wrong.

Because I’m a goddamned IronMan.  I can do anything I set my mind to.

Or I could get really curious and open to explore this new breed of women who insisted on being.

My very first lesson was that this was not something that I could learn from reading books.

It’s not a course I could take but I journey I had to walk.

A journey which requires strong mentors who can bring to life that which has always been inside of me.

Mentors who had so much compassionate understanding for the fact that I had generations of programming to undo before I could ever trust myself enough to breathe into my power.

It is a slow journey – very slow.

And it’s one I will be on for the rest of my life.

Because you can’t rush the blossoming of a rose.

And if you force it, you will break it.

But darling, it’s just so delicious.

The slow awakening whereby I now go to my source for guidance.

Where my weapons of choice are my journal and pen.

Where I move my body with so much joy and freedom, awakening the blood flow, the soul flow, the creative flow.

Where I know that I am truly responsible for all that I create and this creation comes from within, not from outside of me.

All of this is available for you too.

Even when it feels frustrating and depleting and every fibre in your being is kicking and screaming in defiance.

You know it is.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

And whether you are male or female, you know that things are changing rapidly, and if you’re determined to thrive, you have to start thinking differently, being differently.

So here’s my top three tips if you are ready to surf the wave of change:

1. Work with a mentor and coach.  I’m serious Darling – you can’t learn this shit.  You have to experience it.  The right mentor and coach will hold that space for you to explore.  To curse and rant and then go deeper.  They will guide you in the most powerful techniques to connect with your wisdom.

2.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who are on a similar journey.  Personal thrive can be a lonely journey if you stick with the same people you’ve been with for the past four decades.  You will be changing and this will either inspire others or highlight their inflexibility making them lash out at you.  You truly want to surround yourself with your brothers and sisters who gets you.  Who also fumble along the way.  Those who will support you with empathy rather than sympathy.  Those who will truly celebrate your success.  Those who will never shun you or shame you.

3.  Start celebrating more in your life!  Celebration brings about so much joy in your body and when your vibration goes up, so does everything else.  I know we’re constantly told to focus on gratitude and this is indeed part of my daily routine, however celebration lights me up to the next level.  And once you start celebrating on a daily basis, you open yourself up to understand just how abundant you are and how much you have available to you right now.  Plus, who doesn’t like putting on their favourite song and just dancing with wild abandon??

You’ve been hard on yourself for long enough my friend.

It’s time for you to stop fighting the tide, to release yourself and take the leap.

The leap to your power.

The leap to your happiness.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love,


PS:  It is such a privilege for me to walk this journey with some of the most inspirational people in the world.

Those who know they were born to lead.  Those who were born to bring change.  Those who were born to heal and create.

It’s not always the easiest of journeys.

I challenge you to your very core.

I break down your barriers.

I smash your glass ceilings.

Because I believe you’re worth it.

If you’re ready to experience this level of challenge, this level of accountability, this level of empowerment, claim your consultation today and test the waters.



Are you brave enough to uncover your fears?

Fear is such a sneaky little bitch.

For one thing, we identify with fear as that emotion that has a strong reaction in our bodies.

Where there is a tightening up.

A tensing in the chest.

That queasy feeling in your tummy.

Hunching up of your shoulders.

A slight strangling of the throat.

We’ve been told that this is what fear looks and feels like so we tend to be on the lookout for these symptoms to identify our fears and rise above them!

But fear has many faces.

Sometimes she shows up as hesitation.

We call it uncertainty.

Or we say that we just don’t know.

Sometimes she shows up as procrastination.

When we keep ourselves so busy with other things that we never have to do the things that truly matter at the end of the day.

Sometimes she shows up as resistance.

When we hear a truth that hits a chord within but instead of taking action accordingly, we block it out.

All of these are fear my Darling.

Underneath all of these behaviours, these words, these sensations, is a crafty ego keeping you apart from your true power.

This is becoming so blatantly obvious as I take the ladies in my Facebook group on the 42 day path of May Cause Miracles.  A journey where we are invited to explore our fearful thoughts, our fearful beliefs, our fearful behaviours, and replace the fear with love.

Which of course is the true measurement of fear.  For if there is love, there is an absence of fear.  In the same breath, if there is fear, there is an absence of love.

The two simply cannot coexist.

This is the third time I’m working through this brilliant book (May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein).  If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favour and get it right now.  But only if you’re truly open to miracles.

I knew from past experiences that I was in for a treat as each time we do any form of personal development work, we get to peel back another layer and delve a little deeper into that which we’ve hidden from ourselves.

On day one I recognised a very deep seated fear which is one of those damned if I don’t and damned if I do scenarios.

You know – if you take the action you want to take you’re screwed because your deepest fear will be realised.  Yet upon deeper introspection if you DON’T take the action you know it’s time to take you’re still screwed because that same deepest fear is already realised!

Talk about a bitch!

But this is also exactly the moment that you have an opportunity for that miracle to occur.

Because when I took my fear and I placed love in there, I immediately understood that the fear is not only a lie, but when I take action from a place of love, all works out perfectly which also means that INACTION is no longer a choice.

So easy.

So powerful.

I also have to say though, that you really do have to come at this work with a willingness to go deep and to change.  And I’m just going to reiterate for you that change is uncomfortable AF.

It’s hard in the beginning, really messy in the middle, and glorious at the end.

Sadly 99% of people will never even begin because they don’t want to do the hard part.  For them comfort is more important than change even if that comfort is literally killing them.

Of the 1% left, only 1% will push through the messy part in the middle.

I’ve noticed that this 1% within the 1% are the ones who understand that support is non-negotiable.  These are the people who value the change to the point that they are willing to invest in it by working with a coach or a mentor.  That’s because we need someone standing on the outside who can keep us on course when it’s so muddy that we simply can’t see the way.  That trusted person who tells you to take the next step forward even when you can’t see the floor and you do so knowing that they’ve got your back.

The other 99% within the 1% are the ones who are determined to do it on their own.  Who think that as long as they read the self-help books or watch enough YouTube videos they will get the results.  And they will get some level of results.  But nowhere near their potential as they spend all their time and energy researching new and different ways in the mess rather than using that energy to apply what someone else has already dedicated their lives to mastering.  Inevitably sliding backwards to end up where they started.

Which is why only 1% in the 1% in the 1% will do it all again.  Because it’s tough and it’s challenging and it’s never ending.  Each time you get to the finish line your soul already hungers for the next level and in the same breath your ego has already placed the next fears in your way to cause you to pause and fumble.

I’ve learned that this journey is not for sissies.

Fear is not to be taken lightly and she’s not to be underestimated.

The impact she has on your life is astronomical – if you allow her to.

But she can also be your greatest power.

Always showing you the way to your next level self.

To where else you need to bring healing, awareness, growth for you to become your best version self and do the remarkable work you came here to do.

It’s all about a belief in yourself.

Either you choose to believe you can face your fears repeatedly and continue going up.

Or you choose to believe that your fears are greater than your soul, your passion, your mission.

I do hope you choose to rise because I stayed at the bottom way longer than was necessary and I don’t wish that pain on anyone.  I also respect that ultimately nobody can make that choice for you and you have to want it more than anything for you to overcome your personal resistance and bullshit excuses.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is a choice you can make right now.

With love always,


PS:  Are you feeling that this is the time for you to go deeper into that which is holding you apart from your true desires?

Your desire for freedom.

Your desire for impact.

Your desire for thrive.

Your desire for ultimate success and abundance in all it’s forms.

Then I invite you to connect with me to see if we’re the right fit for a spectacular journey of coaching.

During our hour together we will uncover what you truly want to achieve, what has possibly been holding you back and what are the subtle shifts you can start taking right away to change your results.

At the end of the call I will offer to partner with you if there is a powerful connection and a deep knowing that I have what you need at this time, and if not, you will still have more clarity and tools than ever before.

Claim your spot here.