Just because you’re not physically bleeding doesn’t mean you’re not dying.

One of the gifts / curses of being an empath, is our ability to feel that which is within others.

Believe me, it’s not as if we walk around asking for it.

We don’t connect with your emotions on purpose.

It simply happens.

Which is probably why you will rarely find me out in busy malls or drunken parties.

People are walking around, thinking they’re doing a great job of suppressing their emotions.

But it’s always there Darling.

The more you suppress it, 

the more you self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, food, entertainment,

the more it festers and rots.

Before I learned how to protect myself and how to detach afterwards, it felt like pure madness.

I wasn’t able to distinguish between my own emotions and that of another.

Thinking I had lost the plot when I simply didn’t understand why there was this suffocating sadness or blind rage when I felt happy just moments before.

I eventually learned how to  own my emotions thereby distinguishing them from anothers’.

I saddens me to see how many people are not owning their feelings.

Are not honest in the experience of their emotions.

Are not courageous in the expression of their true feelings.

Not even when they are feeling absolutely ecstatic!

How often do you see someone walking along radiating pure joy through their smile for no apparent reason?

For me however, the greatest sadness of all, is feeling the enormous amounts of pain people are in.

People who walk around everyday life with a constructed smile plastered on their faces.

False bravado.

Posting daisies and filtered images on social media showing joy and happiness.

But behind closed doors,

where not even their nearest and dearest are allowed entrance,

they are dying.

They are bleeding on the inside.

Feeling lonely, isolated, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, defeated.

Because they can’t physically see it, they choose denial.

Maybe they feel stupid talking about it because they can’t find the words to explain.

They’re terrified that if they do tell someone they will be seen as mentally ill or weak or incompetent.

So they numb the pain in whatever way they think will work.

When I was a young woman I didn’t want to deal.  Instead I used alcohol and starvation to run away from the pain inside.

I turned to toxic relationships.

I thought that if someone else could make me feel worse than I was making myself feel, I would be okay.

Not so much.

I turned to food.

OMG so much food.

I ballooned.

I numbed myself with anti-depressants.

I numbed myself with physical pain.

Or I thought I did.

But it wasn’t real.

When we ‘numb’ the emotions all we’re doing is energetically amplifying them so that we continue to attract more and more of the shit which had us feel bad in the first place, and this energetic contamination eventually turns into disease.

Instead of allowing ourselves to FEEL,



Through it,

We slowly bleed to death.

Our emotions are gifted to us by Creator as an indicator on our journey.

A journey which I now like to approach as an Easter egg hunt.

When we feel good, we’re shown we’re on the right track, doing that which our soul desires.  And yes, our desires are good!

When we feel like shit, we’re either being encouraged to learn a powerful lesson which will ultimately be a part of our story, our message to humanity, or we’re being shown that we’re fucking off in the wrong direction.

So we can choose whether we want to stay on our current course or make an adjustment.

Which means Darling, your emotions are an ASSET.

Probably one of your most powerful assets, which humanity for some reason has turned into a shame-filled liability.

We’re told to stop over-reacting.

To stop being so emotional.

To pull ourselves together.

No time is wasted on mourning our losses.

No time is afforded to healing our emotional bodies.

If you’re not physically bleeding, you’re expected to just get on with it.

Small wonder then that so few people are truly thriving at this time.

What we are seeing instead, is a lot of people dying.

Oh we blame physical disease such as obesity, heart attacks and cancer,

yet every single disease can be traced back to suppressed emotions.

This is what ultimately poisons your energetic body, and the energetic body manifests in the physical body.

Which means that for you to be truly healthy, you have to start with your emotional health!

You have to give your feelings their rightful place of high importance in your life.

It has to become a priority!

Would you seriously walk around on the street with a broken arm hanging limply by your side, unattended.  A bullet wound to the stomach, bleeding out?


Then why do you think it’s okay to walk around bleeding emotionally?  Dying emotionally?

You say you don’t have time.

Would you make the time if someone shot you?

You say you don’t have the money.

Would you find the money if someone crashed into you with their car?

You say you don’t have the mental capacity.

Would you find the will if someone stuck a knife into your leg?

Here’s what I also want you to know today –

Feeling your emotions when you’ve denied them for such a long time can be scary AF.

You might think you won’t be able to cope with them.

You might think they’ll be the death of you.

They won’t!

You simply have to start believing in yourself my friend – because you’re perfect and your natural state is joy and thrive.

Which means if you will allow yourself to go on the journey, you will return to joy.

You’ll just first have to go through the pain, fear, anger,

but as long as you approach this from a space of love and compassion and set the intention to return to joy,


I also want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be the horrible process we’ve been brought to believe it will be.

Emotions can be worked through in punching a pillow, dancing wildly, allowing yourself to climax without holding your breath, running free through the forest or on the beach, shouting, slinging mud.

So many ways to work through your emotions!

Speak to a trusted friend after agreeing to create a circle of safety where everything that is said within the circle stays inside the circle.  Agreeing beforehand that no answers or solutions will be given by the other person, their sole responsibility is to listen.  So often all we need is to be HEARD!

Your thrive consists of your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body.

No one aspect is more important than the other.

Neglect in any one of the three WILL have detrimental consequences in all three.

It’s time for us to regain our perspective and to stop disowning our true power which comes from our emotions.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a courageous, and loving, choice.



PS:  I’ve heard from so many women that they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Yet they’re cups are so empty they can’t find the strength, the courage, to have the conversations inevitably required for private coaching.

I have your back Darling.

The Wild Woman Rebels Membership site is packed full of mind-set training, yoga, meditation, book discussions, a little bit of magic, with new content added weekly.

That’s right – physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, all in one place.

I’ve made this membership an insanely low investment so that no woman gets left behind.

But you still have to choose thrive.

You still have to do the work.

You still have to make yourself a priority.

You still have to choose you.





How much fun could you possibly cope with?

Hold on to your seat Darling, because yes, I’m actually going there…

As I lay in the throes of ecstasy, allowing the buzz to penetrate every cell in my body,

allowing myself to receive the full expression of orgasm,

allowing myself to receive the healing of pleasure,

I laughed

and laughed

and laughed.

The pure joy of receiving was flushing away all that which no longer served me.

I put my hand on my heart and just breathed into it.

Feeling so alive with love.

My thoughts started drifting into gratitude,

for my amazing life.

I never get tired of looking up and witnessing the beauty of what I now get to call home.

I never get tired of waking up and feeling safe in my core.

I never get tired of standing in my back garden and drinking in the fiery sunrise over the ocean.

I never get tired of riding my bike and howling the pure exhilaration of that which now is.

I never get tired of moving my body in the most delicious ways feeling the strength I have gained from flexibility.

I never get tired of anticipating good things to flow to me every single day.

And then I wondered,

what if it was all supposed to be this much fun?

This pleasurable?

What if our relationships were never meant to be hard work, the way I was brought up to believe, but instead, they were supposed to be tremendously fun?  Two highly compatible individuals coming together for a period of time and exploring together, stimulating each other, laughing together, loving together, and then, if they grew in opposite directions, they simply parted without all the useless anger and resentment and feelings of betrayal.  A pure continuation of love even though the dynamics of the relationship has changed.

What if our work was never supposed to be draining and taxing and hard, but instead, a fun expression of the gifts we have to share with the world?  A delightful approach where each day has the potential to learn something new, try out something new to see the effect and then to keep doing it if we love the outcome or to do something different if we’re not satisfied with the results.  Each day simply the platform to connect with someone on a meaningful level and touching their heart in a way that leaves them feeling slightly changed.

What if work was just play every day?

What if our spiritual practice was never supposed to be fear-based, grovelling, toeing the line, but instead, a liberated expression of appreciation?  A simple connection with all of creation and Creator herself where we allowed ourselves to use our bodies, our words, our thoughts to connect to her magic and to use said energy to create something pretty in her honour.  Just to say thank you for this platform of experience.

What if our kids were never meant to drive us to insanity, what if they weren’t here to test our patience, but instead, they were our daily reminders to grow down, to be present, to live for pleasure?  Imagine if we stopped putting so much pressure on our children and ourselves to reach their developmental milestones at the dictated time, if we didn’t worry about having them school-ready at a younger and younger age, if we didn’t think the sky was going to fall down if they didn’t conform to the current system and ‘successfully’ come out at the other end of the machine.  Imagine if raising kids were a new exploration of possibilities and fun!

What if all of it was meant to be this much fun?

Could you even handle it?

To have a seriously fun-filled life?

One where you wake up every morning and simply played the game of life?

Approaching it with giddy excitement and curiosity.

If you took the lessons in good stride and then moved on without dragging the shit with you day in and day out.

You know what I’m talking about.

The shame.

The heartache.

The embarrassment.

The disappointment.

The anger and resentment.

The jealousy.

The depression.

What if instead we remained more child-like?

They get hurt too.

They fall off the jungle gym, blood, tears, snot everywhere.

They don’t hold back or hold in, they howl and scream and go next level drama in the expression of their emotions.

And then, when it’s done, it’s done.

By tomorrow they’re back at it.

Even though YOU’RE sitting there on edge, waiting for the inevitable, tense, living in the past, worried every second that the same accident is going to happen at any moment,

that little squirrel seems to have pressed some reset button during the night erasing all memories of the pain.

Which is probably why they seem so fearless.

They’re just having way too much fun to sit and think about the pain of yesterday all the time.

Or worry about the possible pain that could be in their tomorrow.

We can learn a lot from little kids.

So what are your thoughts Darling?

Is your mind just boggling right now?

Is the voice in your head screaming this idea is insane, ridiculous, unrealistic?

That life couldn’t possibly be THAT much fun?

That I should grow up?

Granted, the pharmaceutical companies would hate us having fun each day.

All those happy hormones rushing through our bodies.

Keeping us on a high vibration.



They would go bankrupt.

So fun and happiness definitely would not be good for the drug companies.

The mental health profession would probably not like us having fun each day.

All that laughter would keep the couches empty.

They would find it hard to stick a label on your ass whilst you’re skipping through the fields of daisies.

The government would not like us having too much fun each day.

We would be energised and clear minded enough to think for ourselves.

To not be scared shitless every day buying the lies that we need them for protection.

We would have creative ideas and find alternative solutions, no longer having to support the old-boys club mentality of upholding the ‘hard work’ patriarchal way of existing.

Yeah, a lot of people would be really unhappy if we were happy and having fun each day.

I’m not saying that we don’t want the experience of pain, heart-break, sadness, sorrow, anger,

I believe in all of them.

It’s what makes our experience of life so divinely rich and diverse.

I’m just asking if there could possibly be another way of approaching life?

And I can’t help but wonder if this is an alternate reality.

One where kids are raised with the belief that Goddess is pure love, and love and fear are not bedmates.

A reality where kids are raised in play.

Where fun and pleasure and joy is the norm.

Where individuals are praised and appreciated for their uniqueness and encouraged to do things differently, in a way that feels good to them.

Where each person takes responsibility for their happiness, their thrive.

I believe this is our truth.




A belief that I’m finding more evidence for in my life each and every day.

The more I play, the more fun I have, the more soulmate playmates I meet, the more I get to play.

The more I love, the more I find to love, the more I get to love.

The more I receive, the more I open myself up to receive, the more I get to receive.

It’s pretty amazing my friend.

You should give it a try.

But only if you want to be happy.

Only if you want to feel ah-ma-zing.

Only if you want to let the pleasure of orgasm penetrate every cell of your body.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving always remains an individual choice.

Love ya,


PS:  Are you curious about the stories that might be capping your capacity for joy?

Are you starting to think that maybe all that you’ve been told to believe could be holding you back from living your full potential?

Are you interested to see what could change in your life if instead of being imprisoned by stereotypical labels of who and what and how you’re supposed to exist, you give yourself free reign to believe in yourself, trust yourself, love yourself?

Liberation could be the next step in your journey.

It’s not for everyone.

It takes courage to liberate yourself.

It takes a decision that you will not back down from fear.

It takes a willingness to be vulnerable, opening yourself up to receive unconditional support and acceptance of you.

It takes you taking action.

If this is that moment of decision for you, and if you know that I’m the guide on your next step, send me a mail to find out more about Liberation.



Are you ready to slide that sexy ass behind the steering wheel?

Have you ever been to South Africa?

If you have, chances are you would have encountered the infamous taxis.

Little mini-vans crammed over capacity with passengers who put their lives in the hands of mostly unqualified, ruthless, angry drivers.

A gross exaggeration I know, but indulge me for a moment as I’m simply using it to make a point for you today.

I’ve never really understood why people get into those little coffins on wheels.

And as someone who’s been knocked by taxis whilst out riding and running I can tell you that it’s not just the passengers whose lives hang on a thread.

Why a country has allowed this insanity to become the acceptable mode of transport for the masses is beyond me.

Yes, the passengers will say this is their only choice.

Personally, I would rather walk a hundred kilometres than play Russian roulette for the sake of getting from point A to point B.

Then again, I love myself and I value my life.

In truth, this particular flavour of crazy wouldn’t exist if people didn’t accept so docilely.

But it’s a perfect illustration of modern day life.

Every day I connect with people who find themselves in a state of hopelessness.

They are frustrated.

They are tired.

They feel defeated.

Being presented with situations which they feel incapable to deal with.

Situations where they feel completely out of control.


Like sheep being led to the butchers table, they’ve simply accepted their lot of existence and they’re so stuck in the bullshit rules and laws and expectations and social roles and indoctrinations, that they don’t have the thought capacity to look around and see there’s no fucking fence that keeps them in line.

At any given moment they can simply take a step to the left and they’ll be out.

Free to wander into the great big wilderness that is all around them.

To run free.

Have fun and adventure.


You’ve been told that your life has to follow a certain path for you to be a valued and valuable member of society.

That without the external validation you’re obsolete, not enough in and of yourself, and if you’re not going to contribute, you’ll be cast out.

Except if you start paying attention you will see that the ‘humanity’ in society has been replaced by a massive machine that’s gobbling people’s energy up to keep fuelling itself.

And you’re just sitting in that little mini-van waiting for it to either deliver you to the next drop-off and pick-up point to continue existing in service to BULLSHIT, or to die in a horrible crash!

How often do you feel that you have no choice or that you’re not qualified and so you leave your fate up to those whom you perceive to be better or stronger or smarter?

How often do you leave your life-changing decisions up to others because you think that they deserve a say in your future even if that future together is never guaranteed?

YOU are the only person who is guaranteed to be at your death-bed.

Yet you seem so willing to be a passenger in your life.

Left reeling on the side of the road when things don’t go the way you had expected them to and all of a sudden you wake up realising that those ‘experts’ were just as insecure and unsure as you were.

Get the fuck out of the back seat.

Walk if you have to.

It will at least clear your head.

It will give you time to think for yourself again.

And then you will have the capacity to decide for yourself,

Do you even want to drive?

If so, you get to steer your own car.

Or do you want to fly?

Do you want to swim?

Do you want to ride your bike every day?

Do you want to run?

Do you want to paddle?

So many choices available to you.

But until you wake up,

until you stop being a terrified passenger,

ain’t jack shit gonna change.

And I want you to start seeing the lie of selfishness.


and I mean nobody

who is soul-aligned,


will ever drain humanity.

The more people who start loving themselves again, allowing themselves to receive abundance, giving themselves permission to have pleasure and fun as part of their daily lives,

the more all of humanity benefits.

Because when you live in love, you overflow love to everyone around you.

That is where we start healing our world Darling.

Not through self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

It takes courage.

Simply because you’ve been socialised to live in constant fear and self-doubt and shame.

It’s how they control you.

And you are more comfortable with the fear of the known,

being miserable AF,

then the fear of the unknown.

Which you can reframe into excitement by the way.

Your body is already firing on all cylinders, you simply have to change the word you use to get a different outcome.

If you feel the adrenaline pumping, the heat rising, the hairs prickling on your arms, and you choose to say you’re afraid, chances are you will be frozen.  Stuck.  Not taking any action.


If you feel that change in your state and you choose to say you’re excited, on fire, woooohoooooooo motherfuckers, then you’re going to run.  You’re going to take massive aligned action.  And you WILL get a different outcome.

Yes, sometimes we feel excited and we pick up speed and we fall flat on our faces.

So what?

You don’t see a baby learn to walk, fall down, and then say ‘Screw it, I’m not getting back up.  I’m not ever going to walk.’

Why not?

Because the baby doesn’t give a shit of what others think of her.

She has no ego.

The only reason people fall and stay down is because they don’t want to look like a fool in front of others, to be judged by others.

Do you have ANY idea how many people never live their dreams, never give it their all, because they don’t want to be ridiculed?

And I get it,

we’ve all been laughed at.

Some of us more than others.

I used to go blood red when I failed or fell and people laughed at me.

Then one day,

it was on my bike,

I lay there on the ground and I started laughing with them.

I saw how ridiculous I looked, all tangled up sideways, and I kept laughing until I finally got back up, got back on the seat, and kept riding.

I’ve been laughing at myself ever since.

Which is exactly how I choose to live my life.

In all aspects.

Including my business.

Yes, I screw up constantly and I learn and I look like an ass to those who choose to view me through their lenses of judgement.

I was showing a client my first YouTube video yesterday (have a look for a good giggle) and thought “OMG I look like an idiot!”

But I keep that baby up there as a reminder to myself of how I had the ovaries to get started and keep going.  And no, I’m never going to be a Marie Forleo, that’s not my talent or my passion.

Instead, I do me.

The way I am.

This is how I choose to ride through life Darling.

Okay so you’ve been listening to me rant and preach, now what are you going to do with it?

Are you going to choose to be triggered and delete me?

Are you going to choose to nod your head in agreement but then keeping the same old same old way you’ve always done?

Or are you going to choose to wake up, shake up, slide that sexy ass of yours behind the wheel of your dream mode of transportation, and ride to freedom?

Choosing instead to live a life where liberation, fun, adventure, pleasure, deep connection and contribution is the norm?

Only death is inevitable Sweetheart.

Thriving truly is a choice of the brave.




Are you ready Sunshine?

Truly Ready?

Ready to own your brilliance?
Ready to come out of the closet of mediocrity?

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be from the effort it takes to keep so miniscule.  Squatting in the shadows of ego-driven assholes who never let you shine too bright, cramping your true style because they told you to stop thinking that you’re special.

And I get it!

I know that you came into this world all high vibe and bright and so excited to tell everyone that you could see a new way of living.  A new way of being.  That you had a special gift that you’re happy to share with everyone.

I know that it hurt like a motherfucker when those whom you trusted said you were full of yourself and that magic is only for fairy tales.

So you shut up.   You shut down.  And you tried to fit in as best you could.
Numbing the pain of self-abandonment with addiction.

Today, I’m taking a stand for you and declaring ENOUGH AND NO MORE!


What does liberation look like?

It looks like you doing what you truly desire to do, when you feel the call of soul to do it, with your soulmate clients, friends, lovers.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me THIS is the true definition of success.

It’s when you stop fucking around with the rules of simpletons and you actually do what you came here to do.


You stop doing business or having sex or raising kids and you start living in flow understanding that you’re ONE being and your life is an effortless blend of moments, one dimension beautifully enhancing the next in a magnificent kaleidoscope of brilliance.

See here for more details.

Magic, manifestation, works in accordance to the laws of nature…

Watching the unfurling of life, truly is a thing of beauty.

As I continue on my path of remembrance and reawakening to the magic that has always been inside of me, I took a moment this morning to reflect on my biggest insight this month past.

It’s been faith.

Without faith, there can be no magic in my life.

Faith tempered by patience.

Which, as we both know, has been one of my greatest areas of development.

I’ve always been a yesterday girl,

and in many ways I still get shit done before most others have found the motivation to even get started.

Yet when it comes to the manifestation of my dreams,

I’ve learned to slow down,

breathe deeply,

and enjoy the entire process.


probably for the first time in my life,

that the true joy and pleasure is to be found in the journey,

not crossing the finish line.

Think about it Darling,

the ultimate finish line of your life is death.

And the moment you cross it you’re gonna be like “Yeah”, and “Oh, shit, it’s over?  What now?  What next?”

Your experience of you todays are determining whether that yeah is going to be a shout of elation and a sense of bliss and achievement and jubilation, or a sigh of relief because your days were filled with misery and frustration and anger and resentment.

So why not slow the fuck down and actually enjoy your todays?

I used to think that with all the new technology and platforms and gurus we have available telling us that we can have everything NOW, and we should be having everything NOW or we’re blocked in some way, it meant two things:

  1.  Manifestation should happen instantly or else I’m either asking for the wrong thing or I’m doing it wrong and,

  2. I’m clearly flawed as fuck.  Because nothing I ever desired happened overnight.

For a high achiever, you can imagine how devastating this was.

After all, my emotional set point according to the Enneagram is SHAME, which meant I was pretty screwed up most of the time.

It took me decades to remember that Magic, Manifestation, does not work according to the laws as dictated by the advertising agencies.  Magic and Manifestation will always be governed by the laws of nature.

So let’s take it out into nature for a deeper look shall we?

In nature, as with your dreams, every single mighty tree starts with a seed – the seed will be our representation of your dream and desire.

Now, before you even plant the seed you would go out and find the perfect spot of where you want the seed to grow taking into account the amount of space she would be taking up once fully grown, including her root system, and if you’re anything like me, you would want to plant her where she would be of greatest benefit to the entire eco-system.

You would clear the space, pulling out all the weeds and the old dead roots that might be in the ground of decades long past.  There might even be some big stones which need to be extracted with no small amount of effort – think old belief systems, toxic relationships, social conditioning, all the shit that’s sitting in your subconscious mind.

You would fertilise the soil to give her the best nourishment available.  This means doing the mindset work.  Signing up with my coach.  Surrounding myself with purpose-driven soulmate peeps.  Taking care of my diet, my exercise, my soul work, my pleasure.

Then you would consciously and being fully present, plant your little seed.  You will cover her up with soil and you will get out the watering can and gently water her with just the right amount.  You never try and figure out HOW the seed is going to become a tree, well I don’t anyway.  That was the Universe’s great devise, and I have faith, I believe, that when I plant the seed and I nurture the seed, it will grow!  How much time are you spending looking at the seeds in your hand and never planting them because you are so caught up in trying to figure out the HOW?  How many dreams are swirling around in your heart, your mind, that you never take action on because you simply can’t see how it would be possible to do?

Now, for me, this first part is what takes the most faith.

Showing up consistently, watering what appears to just be a pile of dirt, continuously removing intruding weeds that could stump the growth of our little plant, not overwatering or drowning the seed because of some faulty belief that the more water I give it, the faster it will grow.


Too much water will rot my seed, exhaust and frustrate me, and leave me with no results.

And sitting there staring at the ground ain’t gonna speed up the process either Darling.

So I could sit there, impatiently, or I can go and enjoy my life, coming back every day, removing the weeds, watering as and when needed.  Leaving it up to the Universe – what we call taking aligned action.

Then, one day, VIOLA!

She’s broken through the ground and there in front of your eyes is the most beautiful little green sapling with a single leaf!!


This is where I used to fuck it all up again.

I would either think it’s a done deal and stop tending my garden, letting those weeds grow back until one day my little sapling was strangled and depleted as weeds always take all the nourishment for themselves – yes I’m talking about not doing the mindset work and letting old beliefs back into my mind or staying with the wrong people who eventually drain my energy and my focus and has me walking away from my dreams.

Alternatively, I would ask for a torrent of rain which would be too much for my little tree to handle and she would break in the storm.  From this I learned one of my favourite sayings – slow down to speed up.

As I grow in faith and patience, as my actions continue to become more consistent, as I keep my garden clean, as I receive in gratitude and appreciation simultaneously delighting in my entire LIFE instead of being obsessed with one tree, my oak continues to grow!

And the more she grows,

the bigger she gets,

the more she contributes to the entire eco-system in which she has been planted,

the more she inspires other gardeners to plant their seeds.

This for me, is ultimately what it is about.

This for me, is true joy.

This for me, is purpose.

This for me, is magic.

Today I invite you to take a breath, and to think of your seeds.

  • Which seeds have you not planted because you’re playing god in trying to figure out the how?
  • Which seeds are you planting in uncleared, washed out soil?  With no space to truly grow?
  • Which seeds are you drowning with water because you’re impatient to see results?
  • Which seeds are you neglecting thereby having them overgrown with weeds?
  • Which seeds are you so obsessed about that you’re forgetting to live your life?
  • Which seeds are you digging up because they’re not showing instant results instead of keeping the faith?

It’s time to grow a forest Darling.

Starting with one seed at a time.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving will always remain a choice.



PS:  Ready to plant some seeds?

Ready to clear the ground of the bullshit, the struggle, the old beliefs and programming that’s keeping you frustrated with a lack of harvest?

Ready to slow down and manifest your dreams WHILST simultaneously thriving?

Then let’s get started Darling.

Liberation is three months of you and me working up close and personal to live your best version life.

If you’re ready to find out more, send me a mail and tell me why now?

Just YOU – nothing else required.

It’s just the most incredible feeling.

That moment when you drop into truth.

That moment of silence.

When you press pause on the world,

knowing that the world is going to be just fine without your attention for a few minutes.

It’s not going to stop turning.

People aren’t going to float off into space.

They’re safe.

You’re safe.

And so you can take the time and just breathe.

You can calm your mind from all the turmoil and the worries and the panic that you’re continuously feeling because

your bills exceed your income

your partner has stopped acknowledging your existence and you feel invisible

your kids are always angry and they blame you for every area of their lives they’re feeling outdone by

your clients are having a shit fit because you’re not available when it suites them

you don’t know how to launch the next idea

your last launch failed to take off the way you wanted it to

your tummy refuses to release that stubborn tire of fat

your thighs rub when you walk

whatever takes up space in your thoughts.

Instead you come back to this moment

right now

and you know

that this moment

this instance

is all there truly is.

It’s the only moment that truly exists –

The past has already passed

The future has not yet arrived

There is only now.

And YOU exist in the now.

Knowing that everything in creation has a purpose

Every event

Every person

Every thing

And since YOU exist right now

That means that YOU have purpose.

What a wonderful knowing.

That there’s a reason YOU are breathing right now.

You are not invisible,

you are not an afterthought,

you are not nothing.

There’s a reason why you are here.

As you breathe in this truth, you drop into a new level of presence.

A level of presence where there is peace,

where you feel substantial,





In this moment of breath,

everything is perfect.

You realise that everything you were so incredibly worried about,

all those problems that you’re continuously overwhelmed by,

they don’t exist in THIS moment.

All those chaotic monsters threatening to crush you

either live in the past

or in the future.

THIS moment

right NOW

is completely calm

and safe.

YOU are enough.

In this moment.

There’s nothing that you need to do to be worthy.

There’s nothing you need to show you have to be worthy.

There’s nothing that you need to say just right to be worthy.

It’s just you

and silence

and your essence.

This my friend, is a state of bliss.

A state of truth.

Have you ever had this experience?

These moments of clarity of who you are and what you are?

A spark of Creator.

Therefor you are Creator.

And you’re perfect.

The beauty of this is that these moments are not found by some fancy gadget or a new app.

They’re not found by following a process or by doing the exact steps in the exact right way.

They’re not found on social media.

They’re not found in the eyes of your lover.

They’re not found by the words of another.

They can only be found in moments of complete stillness.

Just you,

nothing added.

Just breathing,

not doing anything.

Just sitting,

not performing for anyone else.

I believe that the more chaos reigns around us,

and make no mistake, we live in chaotic times,

the more we are called to ancient wisdom and ways of being.


NOT doing.

We find confusion by constantly looking outwards for answers.

We feel flawed and falling short of social standards by constantly comparing ourselves to others we don’t even know personally.

We become desperate and flailing by constantly shaming ourselves for our journey.

Instead I invite you to open up to a new old way of living.

One filled with more and more moments of silence,

pressing pause on the world,

and reconnecting with yourself.

With your breath.

With the knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

And that only THIS MOMENT truly matters.

For only THIS MOMENT truly exists.

And then you also realise that you truly are in control of your life.

For nobody else can think your thoughts for you.

Nobody else can feel your emotions for you.

Nobody else can take your actions for you.

And when you OWN this

and you OWN the fact that


The level of your thoughts

the quality of your feelings

the standards of your actions


you get to take back all your power you have so willingly given away.

And you become


When last have you had the courage to create a moment of silence for yourself?

For only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving, always remains a choice.



PS:  “I can honestly say that all areas of my life have improved and I am so filled with Joy.

I knew that on some level I was not reaching the Highs I felt I could achieve, and not all areas of my life qualified as ‘Joyful’. I knew that there was something I had to work through, that I would not fully breakthrough without the assistance of someone incredibly dedicated, compassionate and focused in what she was doing. That person was Anel.

I have received far more than anticipated, had major breakthroughs, tweaked my business, my relationships have improved.  I would highly recommend her work to anyone or everyone looking to make some major changes in their lives. Your life will never be the same again.”

  • Gillian Higginson

I believe that we are all in pursuit of happiness.

True happiness.

Which doesn’t come from things or people, but from a more complete connection with ourselves, our truth, our desires.

I believe that every answer you require to live that life of joy is already inside of you, and I simply provide the space and the questions that empowers you to strip back the lies, the conditioning, the bullshit, that is preventing you from receiving all you truly desire.

If you’re ready to commit and do the work to wake up in a state of joy, connect with me and find out more about Liberation.


What are you still not saying YES to in your life?

Fuck, I love life.

Seriously, I don’t think there’s ever been a more exciting time to be alive than right now.

Chaos is reigning down on us.

Our worlds are being rocked like a magnitude 9 earthquake.

People are falling down.

On their asses.

On their knees.

On their faces.

And from down there,

they are being called to choose.

Do they choose to stay down on the ground – giving up on life, choosing simply to continue existing from day to day, numbing the pain with an overdose of sugar, alcohol, whatever new drug has been cooked up in a laboratory?

Do they choose to go insane – to act like wounded animals, hurting, angry, snapping out at everyone and everything because the darkness inside of them is making them lose sight of love and all they know is that they are scared and if they hurt enough people they think they’ll be okay.

But they’re not.

Do they choose to kill themselves – whether choosing a quick out or a slow poisoning of the body with chemicals, toxic relationships, oppressed emotions, not living their purpose, not creating their art, swallowing their truth.

The walking dead until they no longer walk in flesh.

Do they choose to rise – to stop the insanity by questioning all they’ve been told up to this point, remembering all the wisdom that is inside of their bodies, unlocking the power of emotions through sensual movement, creating their art in all it’s perfect imperfection and releasing it into the world so that others may share in their talent and joy, speaking their truth regardless of how it is received, aligning themselves with those who are a vibrational match thereby spiralling up in love.

And I don’t think we only get to choose once.

Personally, I’ve chosen all of these on my journey thus far.

For a long time I chose to stay down.  Depression was my cloak of safety and I held on to her like a little security blanket.  As long as I had depression, a different set of rules applied to me.  Nobody expected me to do the work that would have me sharing my best with the world.  It was kind of like a ‘get out of jail for free’ card – as screwed up as that sounds.  And I’m not insinuating that depression is not a real problem.  It IS!  Personally I think it’s killing more people than we will ever be aware of.  And it sucks because depression doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

For a long time I was stark raving mad.  I was hurting, snapping, snarling, biting.  Feeling like a cornered animal I attracted those who would try and tame me, beating me into submission with their hands and their carefully constructed sentences built to break me down even further.  And because they used the L word, I not only tolerated this bullshit, I sucked up the attention as if it was my last meal.

For a long time I chose to kill myself.  I basically walked around with a cocktail drip consisting of sugar, alcohol, tobacco, pain through excessive exercise, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatories, diet pills to give me a buzz.

You name it,

I had it.

But finally, through the grace of life, through the grace of love, I made a different choice.

I started choosing LOVE.

It is a work in progress.

As I continue saying YES to my desires, to my soul, to my pussy, to my womanly arts,

I continue to say YES to receiving.








You see Darling, I came to a point in my life where I realised that my word had lost its meaning.

It was devoid of energy.

It lacked power.

People acted as if I was always saying yes to them.

Even when I was saying no.

Until eventually, all I was saying, was no.

Problem is – with me only saying no, and me being the only one paying attention to my words, I was the only one hearing no.

And no was all I heard.

To the world I appeared well socialised – always saying YES to everyone else and NO to myself.

Like a good little woman.

But it is this social idea of what a ‘good woman’ looks like that’s tearing society down.

That is brining us into a state of mere existence or worse, a complete imploding of self.

Because a woman who says NO to herself, to her truth, to her desires,

is nothing more than a hologram.

Think of the Stepford Wives.

I remember seeing this movie as a child and for some reason it’s one of the few that’s really stuck with me.  Even back in the seventies I felt physically ILL seeing the insane level of obedience in women.  I remember the immense sense of relief I felt when the plot was revealed that in fact the women had been replaced by robots.

The wild girl in me held on to this glimmer of hope.

But there was also great sadness in me as I looked around me and saw the adults simply writing it off as entertainment.

Looking back I think it was a warning to us.

A warning we didn’t heed for a LOOOOONG time.

Where men would convince themselves and each other that all they needed was an acquiescent little lady who would cook and clean and service them in the bedroom.  That this would make them feel more valued, more needed, more powerful, more manly, more successful.

Only to find that that’s NOT what they truly need.

Only boys need maids.

Men, king of men, need women, queens of women.

And that woman knows who she is and how she gets to be taken care of.

In her home, in her business, in her bed.

That woman has powerful boundaries.

She never hesitates to say NO to others when it is out of alignment with her truth and her values.

She doesn’t have to think twice about saying YES to her desires knowing that all of her desires are given to her from heaven and they are all good.

Not only for her – but for everyone.

For every time a woman says YES to her desires, she expands.  And abundance increases.  More for one creates more for everyone.

We have come a long way since 1955, but we still have much further to go.

I’m not talking about a pendulum swing of power, I am not talking about a matriarchal society, I’m talking about an empowered society.

One where we come together as the empowered masculine and the empowered feminine.

I’m talking about us saying YES to our best version selves without all the codependency, without all the drama, without all the needing approval, without all the seeking validation, without all the self-doubt and self-hatred.

I’m talking about shifting from a norm of saying NO to a norm of saying YES.

A deep YES.

A YES to love and life and pleasure and joy and abundance and radiance.

I want you to know Darling that YOU are the only one who can be that change today.

It has to start with you.

I invite you to sit down today and ask yourself, what are you still saying NO to in your life that you know you truly desire?

Start with the no because we’ve been conditioned to say this word for such a long time, it’s just easier for us to say to ourselves.

And then, when you feel ready, ask yourself,

  • Where are you still not saying YES to yourself?  
  • Where are you still not saying YES to your true desires?  
  • Where are you still not saying YES to your truth?  
  • Where are you settling for less than HELL YES?

Once you have all of this down on the page, you get to choose.

Are you going to continue denying your truth, your desires, your thrive?

Because you absolutely can.

You can choose to continue scraping by day by day.

Feeling like shit when you look in the mirror.

God knows I chose that for many years before I finally found the courage to choose differently.

And even consciously choosing to be miserable is more empowering that living unconsciously.

So well done!

I’m proud of you regardless of your choice.

But I do want to invite you to start saying YES in the smallest of ways.

Even if it is throwing out the unflattering undies and going commando style until you can afford the new ones.

You might just be pleasantly surprised at the change this one little choice could bring to your life.

I want you to really get that ONLY death is inevitable.

Thriving always remains a choice.

With love always,


PS:  What does it mean to be a Wild Woman Rebel?

It means that you say YES to yourself.

You say YES to doing the mindset work and receive the tools and tips to do so in a way that feels good.

You say YES to moving your body whether that is doing crunches or flowing in yoga.

You say YES to learning from other women who share their stories to inspire and teach and co-create.

Welcome to the Wild Woman Rebels Membership site where you will find all of this and more.

I’ve made this the lowest investment out there because I want to liberate every single woman who is courageous enough to say YES to herself.

Welcome to the tribe Darling.



Are you done wasting your todays Darling?

I’m a little confused.

What on earth makes people so complacent about life?

Why is it that young mothers and fathers are dropping like flies around us and still, people meander on?

Seemingly in a trance.

Or is it more like an ostrich, sticking their heads in the sand, thinking that they’re safe as long as they don’t see?

We appear to live in a time when the masses got stuck on Annie’s song

“The sun’ll come out
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow
I love ya tomorrow
You’re always
A day

But what if tomorrow never comes?

What if today is it?

You don’t know.

Unless I’m really that faulty, there’s no tag on the back of my neck with an expiration date.

I’m not saying every day is sunshine, rainbows and bunnies,

there’s days that rock your foundation with the force of a tsunami

there’s days that has you on your knees, not knowing where to find the strength to take one more step, not even to crawl

I get it!

I have those days too.

But I believe that even these days can be treasured

As if they are our very last.

For it is only right now, this breath, that is guaranteed.

You could be reading this, a plane falls out of the sky and you never even get to the end of the piece.

You just don’t know.

So let me ask you this Gorgeous –


Are you completely satisfied that you’ve dedicated your life to your soul purpose and you’ve given it your all to show up as your best version self, inspiring, creating, bringing change, being all of you?

Are you completely satisfied with your intimate, personal relationships?  Are they filled with respect, unconditional love, honour, empowerment?  Do those who truly matter know how you feel about them?  Has everyone left this morning having said it all, and if you never see them again will you be okay with that?  It might be their last day as well…

Are you completely satisfied with the people you have associated yourself with?  Are they your soulmate tribe, your soulmate clients, your soulmate coaches and mentors?  Are they a vibrational match for your soul work leaving behind a legacy?

Are you completely satisfied with your physical state?  Does your body support you in doing the work that you came here to do?  Has she been energised, alive, high vibe, orgasmic, ensuring that you’re thrilled every single day?

Are you completely satisfied with YOU?

I know this may come across as morbid but it’s time we get real!

I remember living for tomorrow.

Always telling myself I can endure a shit today because tomorrow will be better.

Except I wasn’t doing the motherfucking work to ensure that tomorrow lived up to my expectations!

The real work…

The mindset work…

The work that had me thinking differently…

The work that had me take a new perspective on my stories….

The work that put me in the drivers seat of my emotions – no longer fearing fear or anger or sorrow but allowing them to flow through me so that I could harness the energy and the gifts they bring…

The work that had me make better decisions, the tough decisions, the decisions that got me different results…

The work that had me pulling my finger out my ass and start showing the fuck up for my soul work, for you…

It never happened in my tomorrows.

It happened in my todays.

A bomb can drop on me right now and I will die with zero regrets.

My body is my temple and my vehicle to kick ass every day.  She feels truly alive.  I am connected to her sensations.  I relish in her.

My loved ones know how much I treasure and appreciate them.  There are no more secrets.  I don’t hold back my truth.  I ask for my desires.  I empower.

My business is my life-work and every single client is a soulmate client.

I stopped pressing pause on my life because others asked me to just give them time, time to choose differently only to make the same bullshit choices again and again.

I stopped tolerating time-wasters and those energy vampires never prepared to do the work for themselves.

It took me a long time to get here and yet the turnaround happened in an instance.

It happened with a decision.

A decision of ENOUGH AND NO MORE.




I treasure my days.

Every single day.

I no longer take the gift of life for granted.

I no longer put off my dreams, the ideas that come to me, thinking that I first have to plan and strategise and get permission.

Fuck that shit.






What are you sitting on today, that idea, that book, that company, that you’ve been holding on to in secret?

That you’ve not had the courage to birth?

That you’ve been telling people about but kept putting excuses between yourself and it’s manifestation?

Saying you first have to save up money.

You first have to make some time for it.

You first have to learn how to do it right.

You first have to speak to your partner and together you can decide if this is a convenient time.


Are you seriously going to risk going to the grave with your dream inside of you?

Because you can’t connect with the courage to just do it?

Leave your perfectionism at the door.

Stop saying that you will only do it if it’s award-winning.

What about that ONE person that needs to read your book?

That ONE person that needs to work with you?

That ONE person that needs to use your product?

If you’re not prepared to do it for ONE, you’re not deserving to do it for millions.

Sound harsh?


Because consistently saying NO to your mission, saying NO to your creative muse, saying NO to your thrive is fucking selfish.

Do it for the ONE who doesn’t give a shit whether or not it’s perfect.

Do it for the ONE who will not criticise you but receive the gift of your work.

Do it for the ONE who has been waiting for your tomorrow.

Time to shift gears.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a courageous choice made by the 1% in the 1% in the 1%.

With love,


PS:  Yes I know – I’m rude, unfiltered, unsympathetic.

People call me blunt.

I call me honest, passionate and caring.

I don’t have time to tippy-toe around your ego.

I speak to your SOUL.

The warrior in me bows down to the warrior in you with respect and then kicks your ass.

The queen in me reaches out to the queen in you and then empower you to rule.

It’s your choice whether you step up or stay seated.

If you’re done waiting for tomorrow, connect with me today and find out more about what it looks like to work with me.







What is the essence of your desire?

The question I’ve been journaling on for the past few months has been “What do I desire?”

It sounds like such a simple question.

Yet it’s been one of the toughest to answer.

For years I’ve completely disconnected from my desires.

Somewhere, very early on in life, I started hearing ‘no’.


No – you can’t have that because there isn’t any money for it.

No – you shouldn’t ask for that because you’re putting others on the spot and making them feel bad.

No – you can’t do that because it’s not normal.

No – you can’t say that because it’s disrespectful.

No – you can’t read that because it’s not approved by church and government.

No – you can’t think that because it’s unrealistic.

No – you shouldn’t be heard because you’re just a child and you have no right to an opinion.

No – you shouldn’t dream so big because it ain’t never going to happen for you.

No – you should stop wasting your time because you’re simply not smart enough to get anywhere in life.

No – you must never pleasure yourself because it’s a sin.

No – you shouldn’t flirt because it makes you a slut asking for trouble.

No – you can’t just dance and howl anywhere you like because it makes you look like a crazy person and it’s embarrassing.






As a young girl, desire was simple – all I wanted was to dance.

Living in a dysfunctional home, dance was my lifeline.

It was my way of leaving the mundane and entering a world of free expression.

Where the music would infuse my body with sweet release and move my limbs, allowing emotions to wash through me, leaving me open to receive more.

A space of expansion, beauty, freedom, joy.

No matter what was happening in my life, I could always come back to dance.

She was my lover, my protector, my safety.

And then,

I lost dance.

Sitting on the floor, my knees black with clotted blood, the disks moving from side to side in an almost comical fashion, I knew it was over.

The dream.

It was the final NO.

I stopped feeling special.

Imagine a fairy without her wings.

What does that even make her?

A nothing.

Or so it felt.

I stopped believing in magic.

I stopped believing in freedom.

I stopped believing in myself,

my worth,

my right to pleasure and joy and freedom.

And like so many others,

I settled for an ordinary life.

I settled for existence.

I settled.

On the outside I had all the trimmings – success in corporate, red sporty car, handsome husband, degrees, beautiful home, gorgeous kids.

But on the inside,

in the darkness,

I was in so much pain.

I don’t think there is any greater pain than that of self-abandonment.

You see Darling, I gave up on me simply because the playing field changed.

And instead of embracing this, instead of mourning the loss of my ability to dance professionally, instead of being guided to walk through a new door,

I was told to do the responsible thing and be like everyone else.

To just get over it.

To just move on.

Nobody ever acknowledged my loss, my deep sorrow, my anger.

And I was PLENTY fucking angry!

At God and the Universe for taking this away from me when this was all I thought I had.

At the cruelty of fate to bring me so far along the path and then, at the tipping point, rip it out of my hands.

Most of all, I was angry at myself.

That I couldn’t be stronger.

I felt that I had let myself down.

So I started punishing myself.

First I starved myself – six Thinz tablets washed down with a pot of coffee, three tins of Diet Coke and a packet of Benson and Hedges Special Mild would get me through most days.

Then I started drowning myself in alcohol – at the height of my drinking career I drank 36 shots of Tequila to get the party started.

Next came the toxic relationships – you know the ones I’m talking about.  “I love you – but you really should lose more weight.  I love you – but you really should tone it down.  I love you – but you really should know your place.  I love you – but you’re really fucked up.”

I switched to eating copious amounts of anything.  Thinking that if I put enough fat between myself and the world they would all fuck off and leave me alone.

Okay, I could go on and on but you get it right?

My point today is that the moment I stopped saying YES to myself, the only option was NO.

Continuously saying YES to everyone else and NO to ourselves, means death.

YES is opening ourselves up to receiving.

It’s opening ourselves up to growth.

It’s opening ourselves up to joy.

No closes us down to all of this.

I decided that things had to change.

That I was ready to start saying YES to myself again finally understanding that YES to myself is YES to thrive!

Because honestly, living and ordinary life, sucks!

So I started asking myself “What do I desire?

It was a good start, but I was missing a word.

Words are so powerful my friend.

A single word can change everything.

This morning I was gifted with the word.


What is the ESSENCE of my desire?

And it was so obvious.


It always was – after all, the essence of dance for me was LOVE.

Not Hollywood love.

Not codependent love.

The real thing.

Love which is that connection to Source.

Source which is all.

Including myself.

Love that lights up my entire being and sending out particles of self to connect with EVERYTHING.

Love that spills over into absolute pleasure, joy, presence, purpose, connection, romance,

Romancing life itself.

As if every day is your birthday.

Because it is.

Every day is THAT special because every day YOU’RE THAT special!

Why are we not celebrating every day as if to say “Look world!  I’m still here!  I’m magical.  I’m love.  I’m enough!”

Can you feel it Darling?

Are you smiling at the thought?

Of living life as a wonderful gift every single day?

Eating only what you truly desire and savouring every last crumb of deliciousness?

Hugging everyone with laughter and love connecting in the moment, body to body, smile to smile?

Doing all the things that lights your fire, moving your body, doing your soul-work, being with soulmate friends?

Having those deep connecting conversations?

I spent a lifetime trying to find the things that would make me happy.

Instead of choosing happiness.

For myself.

In every moment.

By connecting to the essence of what I truly desire.

And then knowing,

truly knowing,

that I can gift myself love right now.

I don’t need to do anything to feel love.

I don’t need to be anything to feel love.

I don’t need to have anything to feel love.

So my gift to you today, with love, is to ask you:  “What is the essence of your desire?”

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which starts with asking the right questions.

With true love always,


PS:  Liberation is my gift to my clients.

Gifting them with a space to reconnect with their true desires.

Gifting them with the questions to reconnect with their personal wisdom.

Gifting them the unconditional belief in themselves to live a life of thrive.

If you’ve reached that tipping point in your life

where your wings are broken but you know you’re still magic

where you desire to reclaim the essence of your desires, drop me a mail to find out more about what working privately with me looks like.






Are you choosing badass partners that brings out your shine?

Okay, I’m weird.

I’m constantly told I’m not normal.

I’m not your typical girl.

Actually, I’m not a girl at all.

I’m 100% prime woman.

I don’t operate on the rules given to me of how I should feel, how I should act, how I should think.

I have a mind thank you very much – I choose to think for myself.

I own my shit.

I embrace my emotions.

And I know what’s good for me.

I used to judge myself for my drive, my ambition, my fire, my passion, my wild.

Now judgement can kiss my round ass.

I love pushing myself


I love burning the candle at both ends

I love screaming and ranting

I love sobbing and breaking

For most of my life I’ve been told that all of my natural tendencies are wrong for a woman.

That as a female I should be softer, speak in hushed tones, be more sympathetic, be more supportive and enabling of others.


It hit me this morning as I was cursing, panting, sweating next to Jacques that he is the perfect training partner for me at this time.

He is hungry.

He is angry.

He is pushing to outwork me.

Hahaha – come on pup, challenge accepted.

I show him no mercy.

I tell him to TTFU!

He does the same for me.

We completely use each other, play off each other, to constantly push harder!

Historically I’ve preferred to train on my own.

I get in my zone.

I put my head down.

I don’t need anyone to watch over my shoulder to ensure that I don’t give up before the final rep.

I did not make myself that way.

I commit.

I finish the last fucking rep, the last 3 seconds, I OWN MY WORKOUTS.

Yet since I’m no longer competing I have allowed myself to back off a little.

It was called for.

It’s taken just over two years and my body has finally healed.

I no longer wake up in pain.

I no longer walk grimacing.

Which means it’s time to awaken the beast and get strong AF!

And I’m going to confess – I prefer training with the boys.


Because women train to support their sisters.

They tend to back off a little.

They focus on the others in the room – lending them their energy to help them through the hard push.

Always outwardly focussed as we’ve been told we’re here in service of everyone else first, then ourselves.

Men on the other way are selfish bastards when they train.

For them it’s kill or be killed.

They turn inwards.

They show no mercy.

They have no qualm in calling you weak, insulting you, your mother and the guy next door,

They throw down the gauntlet and dare you to keep up or pass out.

Music to my warrior soul.

I don’t take it personally.

My feelings don’t get hurt.

I don’t bitch that you shouldn’t shout at me.

Few women will relate but honestly, this insane behaviour is fuel to my fire.

I remember many a ride where I would get back to the car, secretly puking next to my bike because I refused to give up.

Relentlessly pushing up the hills, holding on for dear life so as not to loose the wheel in front of me.

No man ever helped me.

Nobody pushed me up the hill.

They didn’t even help me fix a flat.

I was treated as an equal.

They respected the fact that I would hit the dark roads at 4 am on my own to get in that power session before anyone else had their first cup of coffee so I could ride with them on the weekends.

They understood the beast in me.

I could have chosen to feel sorry for myself and stop riding with them.

To have my feelings hurt.

Instead I chose my training sessions, my training partners, with the utmost of care.

And it paid off.

IronMan changed my life and believe me when I tell you that sympathetic training partners would not have gotten me that far.

You and I both know what’s good for your physical aspect, is good for all aspects of your life.

Your business partners.

Your love partners.

Your coaching partners.

Your mastermind partners.

All of them.

If I take my rose-coloured glasses off I notice how at times I have not chosen the best partners for myself.

I have chosen partners who were less ambitious, less hard-core, less ruthless, less driven.

I have at times chosen to stay in partnerships which I had outgrown for way too long.

Not respecting the fact that personal growth is a choice and that when we choose to put in the work and stay with those who choose not to, we hold ourselves back.


I’ve turned into a selfish bitch.

Some call me insensitive,


an asshole.

It’s true – I am all these things and more.

Because I’m choosing to be true to my nature.

My nature is to strive for improvement


I choose to look forward and see those ahead of me

To work my ass off to get to their level knowing that there will always be more ahead regardless of how high I go.

It’s a personal choice.

I choose to work with the coaches who empower me, not save me,

those who ask me the questions nobody else has the courage to ask that floors me so that I can reconnect with my power source inside

to find my answers

to find my strength

to stay the course

to honour my purpose.

I choose to work with the clients who are hungry for more

those who are ready to the the work for the results

those who are ready to take a stand for themselves and to own their truth

those who curse and rant and cry and spit and come back for more

Those who don’t use triggers as an excuse to walk away from their path, but who understand that I don’t hold back because I have too much respect for them to Molly-coddle them.

I’ve come to realise just how much we underestimate the impact of those we surround ourselves with has on us.

Their energies mingle with ours and it becomes a blend of the average – which means if you’re vibration is HIGH and their vibration is LOW you both end up feeling bleugh.

Their thoughts mingle with ours and their beliefs take up space in our subconscious minds – which means if you believe in abundance and they believe in scarcity your income potential will be capped and you will be so fucking frustrated not understanding why you’re doing hours of mindset work and still not seeing the results.

In my humble opinion this is why codependency is such an epidemic in our world today.

We’ve been told that our worth is dependent on others and us saving them or alternatively being saved by them.

And at the end of the day it comes down to one thing –


Either people are going to CHOOSE to wake up or they’re going to choose to slumber.

Either people are going to CHOOSE to be inspired by you or they’re going to choose to be triggered and hate you.

Either people are going to CHOOSE to be the change they all say they want in the world or they’re going to choose to remain part of the problem.

The only person I can choose for is MYSELF!

And the only person you can choose for is YOURSELF!

I know this is going to hurt like a motherfucker, but I invite you today to take off those codependent-coloured glasses and take a real honest look at all of your relationships.

Are they truly a vibrational match for your best version self?

Do they have the same values as you?

The same level of ambition, drive, discipline?

Do they continuously push you to be better, challenge you to rise higher, inspire you to wake up a little earlier?

And then, if you’re really courageous, I want you to get real about the impact of your relationships on your life.

Are they keeping you comfortable and safe or on your toes, filled with excitement – and where will you end up on this current trajectory?

I’m not saying you must leave everyone behind.

I simply want you to start living consciously.

To CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE the consequences of your relationships.

And then,

if they are the BEST for your best version self, maybe you will appreciate and treasure them even more.

And if not,

you will have to make peace with the sacrifice of your potential brilliance and NOT blame them in any way for your lack of results.

THIS is called taking responsibility Sunshine.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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When last have you allowed yourself to receive empowering support?

Being held accountable to your levels of excellence?

To have a space in which to do the real introspection, to bring out those skeletons on a completely non-judgemental space so that you may take back your authentic self?

If you’re done playing half-pace and you’re hungry for more, let’s connect.


You were not born a miracle to drop down to average

What will it take for you to understand that we were born different?

You and I.

This is not an ego statement.

It’s fact.

I know – for only those here to bring change ever read my words.

We were born to break the machine.

And for us to do that, we have to stop living by the mediocre standards of the masses.

We have to stop comparing ourselves to the majority if we desire to truly live the life of the minority.

Yes, we all have the potential for greatness.

But few will ever choose to do whatever the fuck it takes!

We came to rebel against the belief in scarcity.

Not to be obedient little toy soldiers.

Falling down.

We were never born to do the 9 to 5 grind.

I don’t work according to their compartmentalised little clock.  Goddess gave me 24 hours a day to THRIVE and I use each of those to build my empire – my empire which is all of me!

Our dreams deserve our full attention.

Our full dedication.

Our obsession.

It is what lights us up.

When we have the audacity to say NO to oppression,

We find the courage to say YES to our desires.

It’s what the world has been waiting for.

For thousands of years.

For us.

We are THAT special.

But just because we were born a miracle, born for greatness, born to leave a legacy, doesn’t mean it will be handed to us on a silver platter.  It doesn’t mean it will be without our effort.

Fuck NO!

We never wanted anything for nothing.

We demanded pain to rip us apart, rip us open, so that we could find our strength from inside.

We demanded growth from suffering.  We demanded to be given the lessons that makes most scurry away so that we could overcome the fear so prevalent in todays world and bring back honour and courage.

We asked for the codependent toxic relationships so we could remember that love and fear DOES NOT co-exist!

If your relationship fills you with fear IT’S NOT LOVE!

And you get to choose –

are you going to keep believing the indoctrination that love hurts?

That family has the right to treat you like a piece of shit and you have to remain loyal?

Or are you going to forgive, appreciate, and lovingly move the fuck on so you can rise to your full potential, share your story and do the work?

I know you think sometimes that you just don’t have what it takes.

I know there’s times when you just want to throw your middle finger up and tell me to piss off.

That you don’t want to hear any more.

That you just want a break.

Just  five goddamned minutes.

I hear you.

At times, I feel that too.

I look at all the changes consistently happening in my life, and the more I say YES to my SOUL, the more change rains down on me.

And even though I am tremendously grateful knowing that all is happening FOR me,

because I said to Goddess that I’m ready

I declared to all of the Universe that I am prepared to do whatever it takes,

Sacrifice all that no longer serves my purpose,

I am prepared to step aside and let the message through even when the message terrifies me,

because it is raw and unfiltered

it goes against everything I was told a good woman says

And it keeps ripping off pieces of scabs from old wounds

puss pouring out from the very depth of my heart

it’s nasty

it stinks

and the healing is sometimes exhausting

and liberating

and horrific

and freeing

and perfect.

Always perfect.

Always divine.

It took me a long time to get to this point.

Thousands of moments of saying yes, I am ready, I feel brave, taking two steps, then pull my tail between my legs, running back as fast as I could to the familiar pain.

There is so much comfort in the familiar.

Regardless of how negative the familiar is.

Thousands of times of asking for direction and support and then being shown that which would accelerate my growth, only to give in to my self-doubt and pulling out all the stops, all the excuses as to why I couldn’t commit now, why I didn’t have the time right now, why I couldn’t afford it at this time.

Until I woke up one morning and realised that I could no longer afford NOT to say YES to my soul’s guidance.

I woke up and I knew in my heart that this was the last opportunity that would get me from where I am to where I truly desire to be.

The last time that I was willing to raise my hand because if I didn’t dig really fucking deep this time around, took a chance on myself, I would not find the courage again.

I would give up.

And die with regret.


Ticking their boxes.

Keeping the peace.

Sacrificing my happiness for those I felt responsible for.

Until the day I looked at them and realised that nothing I did would EVER make them happy.

Because we can’t do the work on behalf of others.

The real work.

The mindset work.

The personal growth work.

Taking responsibility for our feelings, our actions, our results, our lives.

We can’t think that if we work twice as hard that we can do enough for ourselves AND carry their asses to the finish line with them praising us for everything that we sacrificed for them.

Instead, all we’re doing is making them weaker.

It’s part of the lies we’re told to keep us average.

The stronger we become,

the more we carry them,

the less they do for themselves.

The less they do for themselves,

the more atrophy sets in,

and the less they CAN do for themselves.

And then we want to get pissed because we’re soooooo fucking exhausted, doing everything, feeling unappreciated.

Well Darling, we train people how to treat us.

And for a powerful man or woman to stay in a relationship with a partner who is not doing the work, a partner who continuously manipulates you to feel bad for your ambition and strength, is screwing over not only yourself, but all of your soulmate clients, your soulmate lovers, your soulmate friends, humanity.

Because you keep dulling your shine.

No wonder the world is in so much shadow.

Just sit with this for a moment – the knowing that YOU are a miracle.

I know you KNOW it.

I know there is a great sadness inside of you because you look in the mirror and you KNOW you were born for more.

I know that you’re scared and you’re tired and you’re really trying your best to keep your shit together.

But do you want to know what is empowering Darling?

Choosing to thrive.

Choosing to say YES to your soul desires, your soul work.

I’m not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park.

I’m not saying that you won’t ever get tired again.

Quite frankly the stronger you get, the harder you push, the higher you go, the more you give.

Because THAT is what keeps our fire of passion blazing.

I’ve tried easy.

I’ve tried fitting in.

I’ve tried keeping everyone happy.


To the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.


It rages in me.

Around me.


And so are you!

Stop being afraid of fear.

Stop denying your power.

I mean, if you actually want to thrive…

Otherwise don’t.

Free will.

Free choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving will always remain the choice of the minority.

With love always,


PS:  Ready to choose thrive?

Ready to find the courage it will take for you to say YES to your soul?

Ready to commit to the work it will take for you to say NO to exhaustion, misery and regret?

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Carla Kolke Jones – Editor

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