You THINK not enough time is the problem, but it’s not.

The number one complaint I hear, especially from women,

the number one reason they can’t get their dreams off the ground,

the number one obstacle they just don’t seem to get over so they can focus on themselves,

is time.

There’s never enough hours in the day.

At night they look back, exhausted, frustrated, slightly resentful,

and see a myriad of busyness,

everyone else being taken care of,

their desires still sitting at the bottom of the pile.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Maybe tomorrow nobody will phone unexpectedly or drop in without invitation.

Maybe tomorrow they’ll finally figure out how to keep everyone else in tip top shape and carve out 30 minutes for themselves.

Except, we both know it’s never going to happen.

Because time is not the problem.

It never is.

The real hurdle is understanding that you’re not a motherloving slave girl.

You’re not here to take care of everybody else whilst running on empty.

I’m not sure who put you at the end of the line, begging ‘Please sir, can I have more?’

But I can tell you this with certainty,

it’s YOU keeping yourself there.

The stories you have running on repeat in your subconscious mind.

The labels you so desperately cling to – “I am a people-pleaser, I can’t help myself.”


Until you get to the point of valuing yourself above all,

until you decide that you are the most important person in YOUR life,

until you give yourself permission to thrive,

you will always settle for crumbs.

Each sex has their own social conditioning to deal with during this time of change.

For men, it’s that life is not about paying bills at the neglect of relationships.

For women, it’s that they’re not responsible for everyone else at the cost of their own happiness.




Choosing thrive.

THIS is at the core of your time dilemma.

That’s right Sunshine

It’s time for a revolution of selfishness!

By becoming selfish we draw a line in the sand and declare to the Universe that nothing is more important than our happiness.

Happiness, which comes from deep connection with our higher selves.

Happiness, which comes from excellent health and vitality.

Happiness, which comes from doing the work that lights us up like a Christmas tree.

Happiness, which comes from expressing our art in our unique way.

Happiness, which comes from fulfilling relationships, no codependency, but a meeting of equal souls having fun.

That means YOU come first.

Every single day.

YOUR spiritual and mindset practice.

YOUR physical training.

YOUR art.




And then, from this space of fulfilment and joy, you share yourself with those who choose to be on the same vibration.

Including your kids.

Why are so many kids struggling with anxiety, depression, rogue behaviour?

Because the adults are running around like headless chickens, miserable, drugged, zoned out, desperately trying to escape real life.

You seriously think your shit isn’t impacting your kids?

Stop trying to fix your kids and start taking care of yourself!

This is challenging at a time when majority of humanity still haven’t received the memo.

That you’re not responsible for their happiness.

That they need to wipe their own asses.

That you’re not their therapist, their nurse maid, their secretary, their postman, their cleaner, their cook, their punching bag.

Which means, when you finally look in the mirror and say “YOU are the most important person in my world

people will be shocked to the core.

They will lash out.


Who do you think you are to not be there for them?

When fury no longer works they will start pleading – pulling on your heart-string.


I can’t do this without you.

Don’t abandon me.

The pendulum will keep swinging…

Back to anger.


The entire time, you will sit there, having to choose

again and again



Sacrifice of self.

It’s been my experience that sacrificing myself not only led to a horrible existence,

where death seemed more pleasant than breathing,

but actually,

nobody who said they loved me truly gave a shit about me.

In all fairness, how can anyone be capable of love if they don’t love themselves?

They merely used me as a scapegoat for their unwillingness to take care of themselves.




Their lives kept going on the path they chose UNCONSCIOUSLY, and my sacrifice didn’t make a drop of difference.

For transformation to occur you will have to take full responsibility for the fact that you’ve trained people how to treat you.

A big motherfucking pill to swallow!

Decades of showing up in a certain way now needs to be changed.

And it’s tough.

Because your will is still in the beginning stages of this process, which means it hasn’t matured to full strength yet.

The temptation to give in,

to relent,

to just go back to the way things were,

will be powerful.

You have to choose daily.

Keeping your eyes on the prize.

The prize which is





Nothing is more beautiful, more radiant, more inspiring, than a man or woman who have found the courage to fall in love with themselves.

Those who honour their purpose and ensure they are perfectly supported to live in their zone of genius.

Those who create from a space of connection to Source.

Those who love from a place of overflow.

These are the modern day warriors willing to fight for change.

As I sat journaling this morning I connected to purpose.

I connected to a previously hidden truth.

The words that flowed from my pen

“The goal was never to be liked.  What I actually really want and DO want most of all is to make an impact in people’s lives.  To empower them to transform through conscious choice and a belief in self.”

That’s right my friend,

after decades of doing personal development work

I’ve still been holding back due to a desire to be liked.

I still get triggered when YouTube user pokenpo comments that ‘tattoos are ugly unless they are very small tattoos’

And I could go into hiding,

I could cover up my gorgeous tattoos,

I could kiss ass,

I could once again put their opinion before my art, my work, my personal taste,

but I won’t.

At some point I decided to care so much about the message that I would stop giving a fuck about the haters.

I put myself first.

Every single day.

Filling up my cup.

With love.

Letting it spill over.

From this space it’s not up to me who is open to receive,

and who is closed off.

Most people from years before have chosen to leave my side – finding my insistence on self love unacceptable.

Not understanding my unwillingness to drop everything each time they felt their agenda, their life, their demands, should take priority over mine.

Not liking the fact that I let them stand on their own two feet from a place of believing we are equal in strength.

I completely respect their choice and wish them nothing but happiness.

I’m simply no longer willing to sacrifice my joy for anyone else.

I finally understand that nothing you do or say can make others happy.

Happiness comes from within.

Which means the only person you CAN make happy, is yourself.

By choosing to be happy and doing more of the things that make you happy.

That means, I now cook when I’m already feeling happy at the end of the day having taken care of myself, my desires, my art, and then I infuse the meal with love and joy and share this with my family.

And not every night either.

I want to share in the joy and happiness of my boys and so they have their turn in cooking for the family.

THIS is a wondrous coming together of love.

It all starts with YOU.

Take back your life.

Take back your happiness.

Question the stereotypical behaviours you were raised with.

Question the labels you’ve so readily pinned on yourself.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,

or maybe you don’t,





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The only thing you’re truly fearing, is fear itself…


A word so many of my clients have been going into battle with lately.

Programmed by their mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers to cower before the word itself.

Thinking that if they’re feeling afraid,

it means there’s something wrong with them.

Because surely a brilliant, smart, confident woman should be fearless?



Fear is one of the fundamental emotions all humans feel.

Unless of course their high on drugs or bat-shit crazy.

I want you to know that you’re never ever ever going to be fearless.

I also want you to know that the fear is not the enemy.

The real enemy are all those ignorant idiots telling you that you have to run away from fear.

As if you could hide from fear.

As if putting your head in the sand makes it go away.

OMG that is absurd!

When your head is in the sand all you see is darkness.

Most people are scared of the dark.

Plus you have your entire ass hung out to dry for god knows whatever you don’t want to face, waiting for the inevitable pain as you feel fangs sinking into your flesh, ripping you to pieces.

Are you kidding me?

Seriously Darling, think for yourself!

What is fear?

Fear is a message.

Sometimes she’s telling you there’s some real physical danger about.

Whether that is the fact that you will explode like a water-filled balloon if you jump off the cliff,

or that the person with whom you’re sharing space is killing you softly with their words and actions.

You feel her desperately trying to shake you awake by the quiver in your body, the adrenaline to flee, the thickening of your throat.


She is your bestie and if you start trusting her you will go way further, way easier.

Mostly she is showing you the way to FUCKING SPECTACULAR!

She is lighting the path to your personal growth.

Showing you where you will have the most fun if you find the courage to accept her challenge.


your fear has a wicked sense of humour.

Think of yours truly, shaking ass, teasing and taunting you, and that’s your fear.

She loves waving that red flag in front of your eyes and tempt you with whatever delicious reward lies just behind her.

You know what I’m talking about –

Those moments when you catch a glimpse of something you really really really want.

There’s a shiver up your spine.

Your face smiles.

Your body lights up with heat

sweat instantly forming in your armpits.


that moment when excitement turns to terror.


What if I fail?

What if I don’t have what it takes?

What if I look like a complete idiot and everyone shuns me?

You start piling that heap of ‘reasons’ as to why this was a stupid idea to begin with

feeding your fear with gas

when all she wanted to do was lead you to greatness.

Instead you’ve once again turned her into the monster.

You blame her for your lack of courage and adventure.

You blame her for the illness in your body.

You blame her for all the shit in your life because if only you weren’t so afraid you would make the changes.

If only you weren’t so terrified you would leave the toxic relationship.

If only you weren’t so petrified you would take the action that will transform your entire life.


It’s time for some reprogramming around Fear.

I’m tired of her getting such a raw deal from humanity when she is not the problem.

Sit your ass down.

Take out your journal.

And write down what you are afraid of.

What is that thing that you fear?

Really fear?

And then ask Fear,

what is the message she’s so desperately trying to get through to you?

Are you in physical danger?

This is the only danger you should take seriously.

Anything else, is just bloated ego.

Is there an area of your life where you’re playing small?

Is it time to grow a pair?

Is adventure lurking around the corner, waiting for you to come find her?

Fear will always tell you.

You simply need to start trusting her.

If you want to take this further, ask yourself – what is the worst thing that could happen if you actually go for it?

When I entered my first IronMan I knew the worst thing that could happen is I could drown.

I could die.

So fucking what?

I’m going to die anyway Gorgeous.

There’s no escaping death.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to become dust or fish food eventually anyway,

I’m going to have one helluva ride on the way to my coffin.

You can choose the same.

Or you can choose to keep cowering in the corner.

You can choose to keep surrounding yourself with the people who hold up the shadows, elongating them on the walls.

You can choose to stay stuck and miserable.

Never feeling the exhilaration of walking courageously on wonky legs to the finish line of achievement.

Fear is not the enemy.

She’s not what will lead to your death.

She’s not what’s causing your average existence.

You are.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


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It’s a life of existence.

You can always choose to let another year float away in a sea of wasted opportunities.

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Tick tock Gorgeous.

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The badass in me chooses to see the badass in you.

Would you believe me if I told you that you are so powerful

so formidable


you choose what you see?

That you have a filter inside of your mind

that bends the rays of light penetrating your eyes

interpreting the stimulations from outside to suite your story on the inside.

The story that you tell yourself from the moment you wake up.

Of how you experience life.

Of how you experience people.

Of how you experience yourself.

What this means is that if you choose to experience life is hard, as effort, as unfair,

you zoom in on every minuscule stone and turn it into a mountain.

You block out every path of opportunity by rolling huge boulders of obstacles in front of the entrance

stopping yourself from venturing into a new direction.

If you choose to experience people as sick, weak, asinine, out to get you,

that is the behaviour you will find evidenced everywhere.

You will see the diseased, you will see the insane, you will see the anger of the bullies which in fact simply masks their fear.

If you choose to experience yourself as scared, stuck, not knowing the answers, disempowered, trapped, down and out,


you know what you will see in the mirror.

And you will go out and find the people who will not only buy into your story,

they will affirm it for you.

They will further deepen the illusion by giving you a gazillion labels – making you feel ‘normal’ because thank god there’s actually a name for what’s wrong with you! – pills, potions and therapies.

It’s all good.

It is after all your life.

If you choose to live it at the mercy of others, feeling comfortable in the pain, if the need to belong is more important to you than the desire to be free, I respect that.

Personally I reached a point where I simply had enough of waking up every day filled with dread.

I’d had enough of suffering.

Of the self-doubt

tippy-toeing through life.

I hit rock bottom and decided that if I was going to bother rising

it would be on my own terms.

And rise I do, Darling.

Every day.

With excitement.

With joy.

With a knowing that today is just that – today!

It is whatever the fuck I choose to make of it.

On my terms.

As the creator of my own reality, I choose to see magic.

That means that I choose to see the power, the beauty, the love, the potency, the passion, the joy in life.

I choose to look in the mirror and see a woman on a mission to thrive.

I choose to look at my children and see the magicians they are.

I choose to look at my environment and see just how bright colours are and how they pop!

I choose to look at my clients and see the truly badass AF entrepreneurs they are, here to build empires of impact.

I choose to see solutions.

I choose to see opportunities.

Shit, I even choose to see angels.

I know that what I choose to see, what I choose to look for, what I choose to focus on, grows in strength.

The more attention I give it, the more solid the manifestation in physical form.

I commit to this choice every single day.

However, whatever I choose to see in you, will not be acted upon by you unless you choose to see the same.

Because ultimately I can choose to see the best in you,

but if you choose to hang on to your story of weakness and broken bullshit for dear life,

not daring to even consider the possibility of your innate vigour,

then you will choose the behaviours that reinforces your stories.

Chances are our interaction will be fleeting


with all my love,

I simply don’t have time to kiss ass and coddle those who have no desire to thrive.

I spent most my life thinking that if I just kept showing people the beauty and unlimited creative forces I see in them, it would inspire them to look for the evidence.

I was wrong.

You can’t inspire others.

You can’t convince others.

You can’t even help others – if that’s a word you find yourself using often, stop it!

People can choose to be inspired and they can choose to help themselves – but it has nothing to do with you.

The only person you are responsible for is yourself Darling.

That means you are responsible for choosing your thrive.

You are responsible to do the mindset work every day that breaks down the painful illusions and connects you to your innate power.

You are responsible to fuel your body and move her in delicious ways that has you strutting like a goddess.

You are responsible to identify those energy vampires and give them their marching orders to fuck off.

You are responsible to remember what makes you happy and to do more of that.

You are responsible to watch your language and rip out all those horrible words of self-doubt, of not knowing, of feeling less than.

You are responsible to surround yourself with high vibrational, solution focused, badasses who have chosen a similar path as you.

You are responsible for you and only you.

The rest of the humans

get to choose for themselves.

Today I invite you to take your faithful journal and pen and ask yourself

What are your stories?

How do you see life?

How do you see others?

Most importantly, how do you see yourself?

And does it feel good?

If not, how do you choose moving forward?

Do you choose to hold on to those stories even though they make you feel like shit?  If so, that’s okay.  It would be worth your while to investigate why it feels safer to feel like dog pooh every day rather than feeling like a god.

Or do you choose to start changing your story?

To what?

And will you commit to choosing this story every day?

In my humble opinion only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With all my badass love,


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If you’ve been sitting there topping it over, thinking to yourself that 90 minutes COULD make all the difference, letting doubt slow you down,

now is the time to shift gears and take action.

Fact of the matter is that if you’ve allowed the past 6 months to continue with the same lack-lustre energy as all the previous years,

if you’re feeling tired and uninspired,

telling yourself that you just need a good night’s sleep to get your groove back,


You can literally take how you’re feeling right now, in this moment, and draw a straight line – this is where you’re going to end up in December.

That’s keeping it real.

If right now, in this moment, you’re not feeling like you’re rocking it out you get to choose.

You can choose to resign yourself to this…


another disappointing year…


you can choose to get on that call with me and have some dynamite up your sexy derriere.

Recalibrate and Accelerate.




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It’s time to break free from the suffering caused by lies


I see you.

I know

your fear.

Of not wanting to look in the mirror.

Waiting for the shower to fog up the cursed piece of unforgiving glass.

Refusing to meet your eyes,

Petrified of finding your soul.

Unwilling to hear the truth as spoken by your physical self.


telling yourself the lies

of what you want to hear

what they want to hear

just so you can keep up the pretence

that everything is okay

that you don’t need more than this

that you’re doing fine

that daily existence isn’t bleeding you dry

of your creativity

of your shine

of your essence.

Whilst inside


in anguish


all the time

of falling apart.

Of not saying the right thing at the right time

smashing the illusion that you have it all figured out.

Don’t you get it yet?





Most of the time you’re not even on their minds.

Whilst you sit there

trying to remember the last lie you told them

told yourself

of how you’re okay

of how you’re feeling confident and badass AF

Worrying that if you tell the wrong lie this time around you’ll get caught in your own carefully spun web.


the horror

of entanglement

trapped by your own cleverness.

All the time


to the ticking clock

seconds slipping through your grasp





the drain.


creeping up.

Tantalising whispers of release.




One day all of this will be over

and finally

you can rest.

Because you’re so tired.

Drained by the effort of trying to impress them.

Washed out of all flavour thinking your vanilla will make them happy.

Except nothing you do is ever good enough.

No matter how much you sacrifice.

No matter how much you cut yourself off from your truth

Your desires

No matter how much you hide your power so they won’t feel bad for choosing to stay disconnected from their own.

They always put it back on you

Their unhappiness

Their struggle

Is your failure.

It hurts

so fucking much.

I know.

I know how you wake up during the night,


lying still so your movement,

your breath,

your silent sobs,

won’t disturb the rest of another.

The darkness hiding the soft drip of your tears onto your pillow.

I know.

I’ve lived in your skin.

They talk about hell

not understanding

that the only true hell that will ever exist

is the abandonment of self.

For too long I bought into the lies.

That my life is for the entertainment of others.

That the fact I have a pussy between my legs means that I am less than

In service of

A servant.

For too long I swallowed my truth

bitter bile pushing up my throat

choking me.

Because my feelings upset those around me.

For too long I hid the pain of the system ripping my soul to pieces.

Social indoctrination and fear driven law enforcement keeping me huddled in the corner

peeing my pants


not to be seen

and then

cleverly putting up meaningless images with well-painted smiles

to keep up the illusion

of a thriving life

the way we’re told it has to be for us to be successful.


we’ve failed

we’re worthless

an embarrassment for others

and the shame will drive them to shun us.

It’s time to stop the insanity.

It’s time to start speaking out.

Each and every one of us.

Our truth.

I know that my truth is not your truth

It shouldn’t be

Each voice can be a beautiful contradiction

It doesn’t matter

The only thing that matters

is the end of self-hate

of self-loathing.

A return to innocence

for it was in our innocence that we knew the truth.

That we are all perfect

That we are all beautiful

That we are all super-heros

That we are all worthy

That we are all special

That we are all love.

I no longer care about anything else

Except for taking full responsibility for myself.

For my happiness.

For my art.

For my best self.

Holding up the mirror for those who choose to see themselves in me.

And for those who don’t.

Knowing it’s all perfect.

For what is the true price of keeping up the illusion?

That average is good enough?

That sacrifice is honourable?

That kneeling down so others can step on you is all you were born for?

It’s all bullshit.

And the moment you own that for yourself,

the moment you stop looking outside,

the moment you stop thinking you’re here to rescue others,

is the moment of your liberation.

When you get to choose thrive instead of existence.

When you get to choose joy instead of suffering.

When you get to choose life instead of hell.

Only death is inevitable Darling,

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


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Okay so you have the awareness, now what?

I’ve had the most fascinating morning.

I was still busy journaling, asking my higher self to connect me with more people.

Okay I didn’t just say people.

I’m too picky for that.

They had to be interesting people.

People waking up from the drugged existence of ‘modern-day life’ and questioning everything we’re taught in childhood.

Spiritual people who can hold a conversation on fairies, energy and aliens.

Ing did not disappoint!

In fact,

whilst writing, out of the blue, I received a message from an old friend,

instantly bursting out in laughter at her direct question regarding my sex life.

Shortly afterwards, another message from someone whom I’ve never officially met.  This morphed into an almost hour long conversation covering everything from aliens to business building to bladder infections.

I couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried.

From here I jumped into the shower and hooked up with two ladies for coffee – one I’ve had one FB message with before today – and again we dove into everything from schools to coaching to shadow self to dogs.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

This is the power of manifestation through journaling.

Have you tried this yet?

An interesting theme that evolved over the morning was the fact that millions of people are awakening from mindless obedience.

Exciting times my friend!

Individuals finding awareness of things that are no longer working.

Relationships no longer serving them.

Beliefs keeping them stuck.

And then


Their actions remain the same.


they attend the workshops, listening to the motivational talks on YouTube

feeling all hyped up




No action.

They simply want to learn more.

Convincing themselves that once they’ve heard enough things they will find the courage to act.

Well I’m sorry to pop your bubble Love but

unless you change your actions, your results will remain the same


unless you take action, you won’t have any results!

No amount of affirmations and motivational mantras and studying will transform your life.

I feel people are taking way too few actions.

I understand that you’re busy,

everyone is busy,

everyone has other things to attend,


isn’t your dreams

your life

the most important thing in your world.

And in order for you to live your dream life

you have to take the actions which facilitates that life.

There’s never anything to do and always action to take.

Do you get that?

Stop thinking you ‘Have To’ or ‘Should’ do specific things in order for you to have your desired end result.

You’re a creative for heaven’s sakes


It’s when we think there’s a specific formula that has to be followed that we tend to go into overwhelm, boredom, frustration.

We stop thinking for ourself.

We put shit tons of ‘things’ between ourselves and our goal

Instead of taking action as if the outcome is guaranteed.

That means you can’t get it wrong.

You simply continue to take the action

observe the outcome


and take more action




Whatever your dream, your goals, your ambitions,

whether big or small

requires action!

Just because it’s weekend doesn’t mean you stop taking action.

In fact

for some of us

weekends is the perfect time to take even more action towards our dreams.

It’s the time you get extra time to journal, truly immersing yourself in your successful self, and from this energy, identify the aligned action.


Action is the only way to move forward,

even when at times it feels like you’re standing still.

It’s impossible to stand still when you’re taking aligned action.

Simply change your place of focus and you’ll see what I mean.

After all,

only death inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave, which requires action.

With love,


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The fact that you get to identify the actions to take


you get held accountable after the workshop to take said action.

I’m not going to just leave you hanging because ultimately, I want you to get results.

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This workshop has truly been a pivotal moment in my life. Its time to stop dancing around my power! I cant say too much but… Epic things are being created!!!
Thank you so much Anel” – Sophie Maguire
“Anel’s workshop is freaking amazing! I got so much value out of it. Way more than I expected. Anel pushes you to break through your own limiting beliefs and create a vision for your life that is truely amazing. The workshop expanded my thinking and I have been taking action daily since I attended. This is not one of those workshops that you attend learn some new stuff and never put it into practice. Before I attended the workshop I wasn’t clear on what I wanted my life to look like. Now I have a crystal clear vision and goals and I am taking steps everyday to become the person that I want to be. Since the workshop (and during) I realised how small my thinking and expectations for my life was. Anel empowered me to expand my thinking and to think and dream big. I now think and dream big everyday. This has manifested some awesome stuff in my life already. Ask and you shall receive. Not only was the workshop amazing but the support received from Anel afterwards has been incredible as has the interaction with the other girls who attended the workshop. This stuff should be taught in schools. I highly recommend everyone attend this workshop. It will change your life.” -Ruth Dent
You can keep thinking about it, nothing will change.
Or you can take action.
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Whether you call them miracles or manifestation or coincidences – I believe in the power of desire!

Honestly, I’m feeling so fucking giddy right now, I’m not sure how to translate this into something useful for you.

Yet I know that maybe you need a ray of hope today.

Or maybe just confirmation that you’re going to be okay even if you’re going through some challenges right now.

Maybe you just need a little reminder that your desires matter and that they’re worth a little fight.

Or maybe even just a moment to share my joy.

Why not?

After all, you share in all my passionate rants.

When I told my husband on the 30th of June 2015 that we’re moving to New Zealand, he thought me a little mad.

Why New Zealand?

Because I saw a picture on Instagram of a mountain bike on a breathtakingly beautiful single track and the description said it was in New Zealand, so of course we’re moving to New Zealand.

Plus I had asked my higher self where I’m meant  to serve at this time, which is how I came across the photo in the first place.

Being the fast-action girl I am (aka extremely impatient) I wanted it to happen before Christmas.

He laughed, but being the humorous man he is, he sent his CV through to a recruitment agent.

25 days later he received his job offer and the rest is history.

I arrived home long before Christmas.

The moment my feet touched the ground, I knew this is where I’m meant to be.

I felt safe for the first time in my life.

I felt that I belonged for the first time in my life – not from a people perspective necessarily, but from an earth energy.

Life has been incredible and I continue to be filled with wonder and appreciation every single day as I walk around the lake witnessing the grace of the black swans, ride my bike through the winding forest tracks, walk along the deepest blue ocean.

Fast track to the beginning of 2018 and I was presented with a potential disruption of my life in paradise.

Our visa’s were expiring and the red tape had us wound so tight, I couldn’t scratch my own ass.

Back to my journal.

Back to my desires.

I decided that I honestly don’t have the time to go through this process again and again.  I have lives to impact, asses to kick.

I didn’t just want another work visa, I wanted my permanent residency.

And I wanted it now.

The events that followed was nothing short of hair-raising – think roller-coaster with loops, screams and tears.

I suspect my husband was secretly starting to pack his bags, but I refused to believe that it was even a possibility to go back from where we came.

Instead, I stubbornly blocked out the voices of reason,

I kept affirming my residency in my faithful journal,

I took out my iPhone and listened to the Haka whilst out on my walks.

Every time we received another hoop, I would jump (who ever said white girls can’t jump?).

And once again –

I received my desire!

I am officially a permanent resident of the most gorgeous country, New Zealand.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to understand that you can have ANYTHING you truly desire.

Regardless of what other people tell you is and is not possible even when they quote ‘the system’.

I want you to know that for you to truly live a life of conscious creation, you have to stay connected to your desires.

If you don’t know what you want, then all you do is drift on a sea of other people’s whims.

I want you to know that shit always happens and you have to be willing to hold on to those babies like a pit-bull.

When others try and rip it out of your mouth, telling you to be reasonable and let go, you clamp down those jaws and you hold on for dear life!

There was a time when I would have given up.

Years ago.

When I was a weak-minded average lass who didn’t truly believe that I deserved the things I secretly wanted.

I thought that it was my responsibility to only want that which would make others happy.

That my silly girly desires were not as important.

I would have looked at all the backwards and forwards and effort it took to get documents from South Africa once again, affidavits, the levels of stress due to uncertainty and I would have walked away.

Thinking it would be easier to just go back.


I’m no longer that girl.

I know who I am.

I know what I want.

I know how I get to be taken care of by my higher self.

And I won’t settle for anything less.

What do you truly DESIRE my friend?

What is that thing, that dream, that has shivers run down your spine when you just think about it?

What is the vision that when you hold it, even for a second, has your face light up with a smile?

I want you to start claiming it for yourself with pride and determination.

I want you to start immersing yourself in the energy of the person who already has that in their lives.

I want you to start taking action, regardless of how small, to show the Universe you mean business and then the Universe will meet you where you’re at with the most incredible opportunities and resources that will blow your mind.

You have to find the courage to say YES to that which is presented to you, and it normally feels uncomfortable because you haven’t done it before.

Yet every time you say YES to what is presented to you, quantum leaps happen!

Oh I can’t even begin to tell you the rewards for living in a state of desire.

By saying yes to my desire for residency, I have already opened myself up to my next level of desires.

I’ve already started claiming them, immersing myself, taking action.

Knowing that there will always be more.

More desires.

More delight.

More magic.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  Take a moment and imagine:

  • Spending four uninterrupted hours remembering your true dreams, feminine desires and BIG vision in an intimate setting
  • Connecting with high-vibe women you can deeply relate to and be your true self with
  • Working with a masterful coach who lovingly breaks open your little cup so you can soak in the ocean of abundance that your soul truly desires
  • Feeling inspiration & passion come flooding back as you own your brilliance and reconnect with the magic that is inside of you
  • Knowing your top three goals and taking immediate action to make 2018 your best year ever

Sound good?

You’re invited to the Audacious Vision Creation Workshop

Sunday the 24th of June 07:00 – 11:00 Online (Max 10 women)


Monday the 25th of June 10:00 – 14:00 In Canterbury (Max 6 women)

You deserve to live a life filled with desire and continuous expansion!

PS:  Give yourself permission to create your dream life.  It’s not selfish, it’s the most loving thing you can possibly do.



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How ALIVE are you feeling right now, in this moment! Dammit, it’s all you’ve got.


Oh Lordy lord lord

life is simply


Okay maybe not by your definition.

If you think that life has to fit in a little socially approved box of success for it to be awesome, chances are you’re shaking your head.

Suspecting I’m full of hot air.

Let me ask you this:

is that photoshopped box of success bringing you joy?

Are you lit up?

On fire?




Because if you’re not

I’m going to lovingly invite you to burn the box!

For the longest time I had it all screwed up.

I thought that if I had

the honours degrees

the top management jobs

the red sporty car

the handsome husband

the two kids

the right amount of pets

the right clothes

the six figure bank account

that I would have made it and I would thrive!

I was so wrong!

In fact

DEAD wrong.

To the point where I felt like this washed out, worn out, wretched old hag.

Yes, I fooled them all.

Let me tell you Darling, there’s not much that well-applied make-up can’t hide.


well into my forties,

I have nothing to hide

nothing to prove.

I finally reached a point where quite frankly I’ve stopped giving a rat’s ass

of approval

of praise

of belonging to groups that fill me with so much boredom I can hardly keep my eyes open past lunch-time.

I made a decision that if this is MY life

and I get to choose how I live it

I’m going to live it feeling fully ALIVE!

There’s more than enough time for my body to feel dead when I’m



Knowing that yes, my soul continuous,

but I’m not just a soul at this time.

I am a body too!

And this baby is built to have some adventures noteworthy of celebration!

Best of all,

now that I’ve stopped caring what others think

I get to try new things without the dreaded shame of

“What will they think?”

“What if I look like a fool?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

That’s right,

I’ve grown way down!

Look at a little kid – well, I’m not so sure anymore as most of the poor things are stuck in front of televisions when they start crawling – when they are left to their own devices they’re willing to try ANYTHING!

In fact, put them on a playground and moms are all like

“Tommy get off from there!!!”

“Jane, you can’t do that!”

“Sarah stop that!”

Yet Tommy, Jane and even little Sarah are willing to go for it!

They’re willing to taste something (even dog shit) and then either swallow if they like it or immediately pull that little face of disgust and spit it out if it offends!

Then they grow up and they lose their sense of adventure because they’re told they can’t spit out the shit!

All of a sudden a plate is viewed with suspicion and often pushed away with no willingness to smell or even taste.

And if they do put it in their mouths and it’s vile, they will swallow it so others won’t disapprove.

No wonder we stop being open to new.

These days, if I don’t like the taste,

I spit it out.

Yes I get some gasps and raised eyebrows

so what?

And we both know I’m not just talking about food here.

I’m talking about everything in life.

Maybe if we stop putting ourselves through painful experiences for the approval of others, we would be more willing to experience new again.

If we stop pushing on, keep going like little troopers, regardless of how much current circumstances are destroying us, because ‘what will the neighbours say’, we would be more open to receive the good stuff.

Is the mundane job sucking the life out of you?

Change it!

You’re a smart cookie.

Go learn something new and bring that into your life experience and build the next level with it.

Is that codependent relationship feeling like a prison sentence?


I promise you that if you’re unhappy, so is the other person!

The two of you continuously trying to ‘save’ each other and ‘be there’ for each other and try to ‘make each other happy’, is causing both of you to be joyless.

Are you generally bored and listless and feeling like there’s nothing more for you?

Change you circle of friends!

Chances are that they are dull.

That they have fallen into a monotonous routine of same old same old, and they’re stirring you with the same spoon as the rest of their pot of life.

There are some seriously fabulous people out there.

And don’t tell me you can’t find them!

They are everywhere.

You simply have to put yourself in the game.

Oh, and just a little heads up, if you want to hang with interesting people, best you start doing some interesting things Darling.

I know what you’re saying “It’s not that easy, Anel.  My circumstances are different.  It’s more challenging for me.”

I hear you

and I know that your story is feeling like absolute truth to you.

I told myself the same stories for decades and at the time I refused to change my point of view.

We’re really stubborn in holding on to our prisons.

But let me ask you my friend,

is that story making you feel fully ALIVE?

Do you feel like a powerful creator?

Like a magician?

Like an adventurer?

Like an innovator of spectacular solutions?

I know you’re scared and it feels impossible,

but you’ve seen it before,

the word impossible spells

I’m Possible!

Yes you are.

You simply have to believe it.

Look, you’re going to die anyway.

Question is,

will you choose to thrive until then?

I love you,


PS:  I’ve come to the insight that the reason most people are so unhappy and stuck, is because they have no idea where to even start.

Everyone’s heard of setting goals.

They’ve heard of creating a vision.

But these skills are not taught at school and trying to create your vision from a YouTube video only has you creating on the same vibration as you’ve been for eons.

I’m hosting two special Vision Creation Workshops in the next week – one local in Canterbury, one online.

During our four hours together I’m not only going to take you THROUGH the process, I’m going to blow up your perceived limitations and personally coach you past your fear so you can finally reconnect with your true authentic desires.

Small intimate groups ensure you get my full attention, feel safe, AND you’re surrounded by ambitious, audacious souls who like you are ready to up level AF.

From your vision you will set your top three goals for 2018 and identify your immediate actions.

Ladies have launched websites, had break-throughs in their relationships and more within 24 hours of doing this work.

Spaces are filling and yes, you can say you’ll get to it tomorrow.

You can keep procrastinating.

Or you can choose to grow down and just act right now.

Canterbury Workshop – Monday 25 June 10 am – 2 pm (NZT).

Online Workshop – Sunday 24 June 7 am – 11 am (NZT).





choice, success, goals, empowerment

Only YOU get to decide – EVERYTHING!

Resistance is real.

It’s a constant in the lives of the driven,

the creatives,

the artists,

those who desire to leave behind a legacy.

Nobody is immune to waking up some mornings, thinking they just couldn’t be fucked.

To get up at 4 am

To go out to ride when it’s cold and wet and dark

To sit down in front of their laptops and create their art

To put themselves out in the world for all to see and judge and criticise.

Nobody is immune Darling.

This is the wonder of a life filled with contradictions and opportunities of choice.

Everybody gets to decide.

Which they give in to today –

the fear


the drive.

The one that wins today, is simply the one you feed.

You’re either feeding your negativity with your thoughts, your stories, your beliefs,

understanding that by feeding your bullshit

you’re starving your vision.

Or visa versa.

The one that wins tomorrow, is the one you feed consistently.

And stop thinking that you’re alone in the fight against resistance.

Stop thinking that those who are ahead of you in the journey has it easier.

Stop saying to yourself that you simply don’t have what it takes.

What it takes is training.

Do you remember what training looks like?

It is showing up every single day.

It’s about repetition.

Again and again until you achieve a certain level of mastery and then keeping it up.

Knowing that when you stop training, muscle atrophy sets in again.

Everybody is born with the same spark of magnificence.

Some simply choose to develop and grow the spark.

Millions don’t.

Millions are lazy little fuckers.

They keep themselves exhausted with their endless to-do lists.

They keep themselves drained with their ‘responsibilities’ and codependent relationships.

They keep themselves disconnected from their desires, their passion, instead choosing to be martyrs.

They’re bored.

They want instant gratification.

The next high.


Because most people couldn’t be bothered to develop their minds.

From the moment we open our eyes we are conditioned to conform.

To take the words of others as truth.

We are rewarded for parrot work.

Praised for kissing ass and fitting in and being obedient little boys and girls.

Yes, you can use the system as your excuse for not showing up for yourself.

But we both know that no system can ever be more powerful than YOU.

Question is –

do YOU believe that you are more powerful than a system?

Because if you don’t

you will always be a slave

to the system

to existence

to the addiction of failure.

I respect your choice Darling.

I simply want you to start making it consciously.

I want you to stop thinking you’re a motherloving victim of circumstances.


Which means that you have within you the power, the resourcefulness, the magic, to create the opposite.

I want you to stop thinking that doing everything for everyone else is praiseworthy.

It’s fucking ridiculous and selfish!

You walking around like a clown-painted zombie is not honourable.

It’s not admirable.

It’s a waste of who YOU came here to be.

I want you to stop thinking that success has to be easy and doesn’t require any work.

When those further ahead tells you it’s easy it’s because they have forgotten the work they’ve put in.

It’s like me getting on my bike going out for a hundred kilometre ride when I’ve been training seven days a week.

Do you think I even feel the first two kilometres?

The first ten?

The first twenty?



the first time I went out on my bike I did an entire 2.3 kilometres and I was SMASHED!!!

It took months and months of dedicated training working with a professional coach to reach a level of racing 100 plus kilometres.

I want you to stop thinking you don’t have a choice.

Everything in life is a choice.

You get to choose if you’re going to make your life a warning or an encouragement.

You get to choose if you’re going to use your kids as your excuse or your inspiration.

You get to choose if you feed your fear of your dream.

You get to choose if you hang out with assholes or empowering, solution-focused, badass rebels.

You get to choose if you treat your body with respect or as a garbage disposal unit.

You get to choose if you stay on the hamster wheel or if you jump off, risking it all for your happiness.

You get to choose how you feel – every single moment of the day.

The only time you think you don’t have a choice is when you’re making them unconsciously.

Deciding you don’t have a choice is in and of itself a choice Sweetheart.

Time to make smarter choices.

Conscious choices.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  You can continue at the same speed you’ve been going for the past 6 months,

or you can choose to Recalibrate and Accelerate the results you deserve to have in 2018!



You deserve to have exceptional levels of energy and vitality.

You deserve to have ecstatic relationships.

You deserve to have copious amounts of money.

You deserve to rock your life.

All of this is your birthright.

BUT none of this happens unless you DECIDE to claim it for yourself.

In 90 minutes we will take your top 3 goals for 2018 and infuse them with so much passion that your ass will be on FIRE to take action.

We will align your goals with your values so you will stop sabotaging yourself due to the internal conflict.

We will create the avatar of your successful self and align you with her energy.

What this means to you is a life where everything flows.

A life where your energy is fed and spiralling up each day.

A life where you release the distractions and toxins that’s made daily existence feel like you’re paddling through molasses.

A life of clarity and focus and conscious creation.

A life where you actually wake up feeling happy, inspired, rested and energised.

Or you can choose to keep struggling.

You can choose to keep feeling stuck and frustrated and lonely.

I’m here.

I’ve made the offer.

It’s up to you whether or not you choose to rise to the occasion and accept.

Recalibrate and Accelerate – limited spaces left.



Who would you be without the fear?

‘Who would you be without the fear?’

Such a popular question often asked in coaching.

In fact, I’m sure I would have asked this very same question hundreds of times.

The idea behind the question is to open you up to new possibilities.

To show you what else is available to you if you weren’t feeling so scared every time something spectacular came your way.

But quite frankly Darling,

these days when I hear this question

I can’t help but think to myself

who gives a shit?

Fact of the matter is that fear is a part of the spectrum of human emotions

and no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re fearless

we both know that’s bullshit.

Plus in my humble opinion. if you’re at the point where you’ve eradicated one of the core emotions, you’re pretty screwed.

You’re either high as a kite on drugs

or worse

you’ve dehumanised yourself.

So you get asked the question ‘Who would you be without the fear?  What would you be doing?’

and for a moment you go and play in that sphere of imagination.

It feels amazing!

You’re riding a stallion bare-back,

you’re building that multi-gazillion dollar empire

you’re standing on that stage in front of millions of cheering fans.

Endorphines and adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Yeah baby – invincible.

And then,

you open your eyes and you now have to take action.


Fear comes flooding back,  amplified by this humongous vision

and you freeze.


Your mind goes into overdrive.

The voice

that terrible voice

of shame.

“What the hell is wrong with me?

Why am I such a little bitch?

Where did I go wrong?

What blocks do I have?

Why can’t I do this?

Why can’t I be fearless like the successful people?



You throw your arms up in defeat and leave the room feeling worse than ever before.

Been there.

Done that.

Ripped that motherloving t-shirt to pieces.

Here’s what I found to be more useful:

Remember my core belief that everything happens for me?

That the Universe is on my side?


So that means that everything that I’ve been gifted with in this realm is here FOR my highest and best good.

That means that fear can’t possibly be my enemy.

She’s my ally.

Yes, she’s a bit of a bitch at times.

I don’t always enjoy her company and I definitely tend to cuddle more with happiness.

She taunts me with her darkness.

Then again I do have a weird thing for the dark.

Yet I know for a fact that just behind that red cape she’s swinging in front of me is my next step to fucking awesome!

I’m not talking about the life-threatening type of fear so please take responsibility for your intelligence here.

I’m talking about all those fears that stand between me and the adventures I desire.

I’ve found a more helpful question to ask myself is

‘Who is the best version of me in the presence of fear?’

Just feel how THAT opens you up!

THIS is when I get to choose!

I get to choose which actions I take to cement the identity I CLAIM for myself.









I set myself up for success as I’m not expecting to take these actions without fear.

Instead I get to feel into my fear, I get to swallow her and use her presence in my belly to ignite my passion

Furnace burning

Fire creates energy

Energy gets transformed into action.

Action gets results.


And which do you think feels better for those of us who choose to rise?

  • Easy results that keeps you the same as you were before taking the action?
  • Or the results that had you step up into your best next level through the shear courage it took?

Look, I love unicorns as much as the next person.

But let’s ride those babies in the other dimension shall we?

Time to get real.

Time to HTFU.

Time to be the magnificence in human form you came here to be.

Time to feel the fear and then decide what you want.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  You have six months left of 2018.

Does that excite you?

Or terrify you?

Does the thought of all you can still accomplish light you up, feeling the exhilaration of all the discomfort lying ahead of you as you continue to grow?

Or do you wish for the end to come just so you can break the insanity of your dull and listless routine?

If you’re done living in an illusion (delusion?) where you think you’re escaping the unpleasant circumstances of your current situation, and you’re ready to be courageous and face reality so that you can consciously create your future,

I’ve created Recalibrate and Accelerate just for you.

90 minus of crystal clarity.

Anchoring down your goals with a massive purpose.

Aligning your values to support your success.

Shifting your energy into the vibration of your best next self.

And then

accelerating your results.

You have two weeks left to claim this session and then it’s off the table.

Booking times available into July so feel the fear and then decide what action you will take in the presence thereof.





You are in fact never alone.

I had the privilege of attending an inaugural event last night – a coming together of some dynamic ladies in the area.

In the spirit of learning and connecting.

The first thing that really caught my eye was how each and every woman took care in her appearance.

It was amazing to see!

Yes, dressing up is back in fashion ladies and it’s about bloody time.

Out with ‘comfort’ and in with ‘style’.

Even though the weather had turned frosty, dresses and heels were complimented with divine coats and a particular fire-engine red jacket kept drawing my eye.

Just divine!

There was an air of excitement right from the start,

and also,


As I started chatting to more and more women, the same theme came out –

OMG I was so nervous to come here tonight.

I haven’t been out much lately.

I’ve really lost my confidence.’

These were echos of my exact same sentiments.

I too had become a hermit.

Confession – this ballsy, take no prisoners old gal has lost some of her ‘in-the-flesh’ confidence!

It’s really easy when you live in a teeny tiny gorgeous little town that smacks of space for activities in isolation.

Okay, so the ‘Park Run’ has grown tremendously over the past year.

But I still prefer to train solo.

Here I can ride my bikes, run, paddle, swim, you name it, I can do it safely on my own.

Then there’s the fact that 99% of my business is done online.

Let’s face it, without modern technology the two of us probably wouldn’t have this connection right now.

I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of the fact that I can now reach thousands more and hopefully make a small difference in the way you think and live.

But it also made me lazy to meet people in person – using travelling time as my go-to excuse.

As if…

Lastly, I REALLY don’t like the cold.

Which means during the winter months (which feels like 10 out of the 12 here) I stay huddled up in my home.

Did I just give you a whole bunch of excuses?


Fact of the matter is, the more time we spend online, the less time we are physically engaged with other people.

And socialising is a muscle like everything else.

You don’t use it, and atrophy starts setting in.

Without connection to other live (and lively) human beings, we become bored and lonely.

A complaint I often hear from people online.

Except, are we not the creators of our isolation and is it not just another illusion?

Think about it.

The more lonely you feel, the more groups you join online in a desperate search of your ‘tribe’, the more you cut yourself off from the human beings around you, the more you feel lonely.

Online connections, although absolutely amazing and I have made some life-long friends whom I treasure, simply doesn’t have the same depth as meeting for coffee, embracing the other person with a warm hug, and looking into their eyes with every word.

In true transparency, I don’t often get lonely.

I love my own company.

I have so many passions with which to fill my days.

But there are times when I think to myself “There must be some really interesting people I’m missing out on”.

Well, I know there is.

So why am I not getting my sexy ass out there more?

Without all my bullshit excuses?

Fear of being seen.

I’m an introvert to start with so being seen, really seen, is scary AF.

Regardless of how many layers I have on, I feel raw and naked out in public.

It could have something to do with the fact that as an empath, I feel behind other peoples walls and always think they can do exactly the same.

Fear of being judged.

It took me 45 years to love myself, how can they possibly like me in 45 minutes??

Pile onto this some delicious tangy experiences where I’ve been publicly put on trial and found to be ‘bad’ and you can possibly understand my hesitation.

Fear of being rejected.

Yip, I get rejected A LOT.

I’m not exactly everyones’ shot of espresso.

In Joburg it took me years but I had finally found the places where I belonged.

Places which drew like-minded people with the same drive, the same ambitions as I have.

People who loved to challenge and be challenged.

When you move to a new country, it takes time to find your places and spaces.

I’m still experimenting to find mine in Canterbury.

However, hiding at home is not going to make that happen any faster now is it?

Why am I writing this today?

I’m not sure.

I think because I’ve come to the realisation that society is a little bit in crises at the moment.

Technology with all it’s amazing benefits and blessings, can also become our greatest enemy if we don’t start paying attention.

I think it’s very easy for us to become slaves to tech – always hooked in, plugged in, available to ‘others’ 24/7.

It’s time that we remember that technology is here to serve us.

To make our lives easier, not more distracted, not more busy.

In order for us to stay human, we have to be human and that includes human in-the-flesh (OMG) connection.

Accountability rocks, so here goes…

I’m making myself accountable to you.

I commit to getting my sweet ass out to a function at least once a month (Hey, don’t push it!  One is a step in the right direction!) and I will report back to you.

I am also hosting my first in-person Vision Creation workshop this morning and commit to hosting more live events (sweat pouring now).

What about you Sunshine?

What are you committing to do to practice your socialisation muscle?

If you’re already out and about for business all the time, I dare you to do more personal connections with people you don’t discuss business with.

Or maybe it’s about connecting more with the people in your very home.

Whatever it is, connection is crucial for your experience of life.

So let’s make it a good one.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  My coaching style is outcome focused.

It’s a journey whereby you get to set the goals that’s truly important to you.

It’s a process whereby you get to eliminate distraction, question your beliefs and values, take massive aligned action that feels uncomfortable until it doesn’t.

I work with those who believe in the possibility within impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for themselves and their results.

I work with those who choose to thrive.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if this would be a fun partnership.