Holy Mother Fucking Peanut Butter Chilli Swirl!

Why oh why are we hiding?

When did we become so fucking scared of the little people?

The ordinary people?

The average people?

When did the lion become so fucking terrified of the sheep?

Because somewhere along the line we have.

You and I.

The 1% within the 1% within the fucking 1%.

Somewhere along the line we were beaten into submission.

We put on that sheep onesy and we zipped that bitch up so high under our chins that we could hardly fucking breath.

We tried to fit in.

We swallowed our passion and our truth and we tried to bleat like sheep.

We drowned the pain with pizza and ice-cream and booze and our lean muscle got overwhelmed by sheep fat.

We tried and we tried and we fucking died!

And here’s the real truth – the sheep know we’re not like them.

We smell different and it confuses the hell out of them.

It terrifies them.

Our pitch is off.

We don’t walk right.

They can’t figure it out but they are so uncomfortable that they start crowding in on us.  They start pressing thousands of bodies together, their bleating screams tear through our minds and through the pure weight of their numbers they are suffocating the lions.  Making them gasp for air.  Making them crumble to the floor.

And then they keep walking over the lions and they feed on the grass that grows over their decaying bodies.

When will you get it?


You were born for more.

You were born to be a change catalyst.

You were born to remind your pride that there is another way.

A more powerful way.

A more fulfilling way.


They will never get you.  They will never understand your passion.  Your passion scares the shit out of them.

Yes I get it.

There will always be more sheep than lions.  That’s because their survival depends on pure numbers.  Look at nature and see the truth in this.

That’s okay.

The sheep will never want to be lions.  They will never have our ambition, our creative explosions of passion.

That’s okay.

Let them be.

Sheep are not herded by lions.  They are herded by sheepdogs.

Are you a dog?

Do you feel like a dog?

I think not.

You have so much power coursing through your veins that you wake up in the morning and you feel like you’re going to explode if you don’t have an outlet for the creative art that is pushing up inside of you.

Just because you are different from the masses does not mean you are wrong!


YOU matter.

Your ambitions matter and they are not wrong.

Your passions matter and they are not wrong.

Your dreams matter and they are not wrong.

Yes, the small minded people will never think it’s possible.  So stop sharing your big ideas with people who simply cannot think on that level.  Stop setting them up for failure.  Stop setting yourself up for failure by sharing your dreams with the wrong people and then feeling deflated by their response.




Today is the day where you can take off that ridiculous onesy and you can reveal your true colours.

There will never be a better day than today.

Will it be scary as fuck?

You bet your sweet ass.

Will the sheep be horrified and try to beat you back into the false wool lying in a pool around your feet?

You bet your sweet ass they will.

Will there be blood and will there be pain?

Chances are good there will.

This is where choices need to be made Darling.

Will you continue to swallow the pill of mediocrity and feel bloated with average?  Will you continue to feel like a freak hanging with the masses?   Will you continue to bury your soul with ‘normal’ activities which quite honestly bore the shit out of you?  Will you continue to go to bed at night filled with shame because you know that today you didn’t even live 10% of your true capabilities?

If that’s your choice I understand.

Sometimes we choose the devil we know rather than the devil we don’t.

But at what price?


Do you really want to take your last breath and think “What a fucking waste of a life?  What a fucking waste of potential?  What a fucking waste of my true magnificence?”

I don’t.

Fuck that.

I choose to go to bed at night collapsing in a heap of pure exhaustion knowing that I didn’t leave an inch of myself in yesterday.  

I choose to fill my days with my art and my passion and my message.  

I choose to fuel my body and train my body to drip with sweat so that she can relentlessly move forward to my next big goal, my next big dream, my next level magnificence.

I desire to fucking roar so load that the sheep shit themselves and run for the fucking hills so my soul pride can see me and join me and we can strut across the planes and breathe in the magic and we can thrive!

I matter.

YOU matter.

We matter Darling.

Stop feeling like a fraud.  Stop feeling like a freak of nature.  You’re not.  You’re beautiful.  You’re inspirational. You’re so powerful.

And it’s safe to be YOU.

The real you.

All of you.

But you have to stop pretending to be what you’re not so that your true people can recognise you.  That’s when you will truly feel understood.  You will feel supported.  You will feel like you belong.  You will feel like you can finally breathe!

Don’t you want to breathe again?

It’s a choice.

It’s not an easy choice.

Which is why so few people make it.

Personally I’ve come to the point where I would rather be an outcast and feel proud of the woman in the mirror than to be accepted and not being able to make eye contact with myself.

I’ve had my soul in coffin.  I remember what that feels like.  I remember her clawing and screaming and crying within me.  I remember how many drugs I had to take to numb the pain – the alcohol, the food, the pills.

I remember and I choose never to go back there.

I am Anel – hear me ROAR!

What do you choose?

Because death is coming soon enough – why would you choose to walk around like a zombie when instead you can choose to thrive?

With love and passion,


PS:  I”m here for you.  Always.  If you’re ready to rip that onesy off and own yourself then it’s time to Kick-start your next level thrive.  You know I won’t Molly-coddle you.  You know I won’t treat you like a sheep.  You know I will settle for nothing less than your true, powerful, outrageously magnificent self.  Let’s play.


Trust makes everything work out every time.

Am I the only one with voices in my head?

Or is it my heart?

I’m not always sure.

But I do know that sometimes they come up with some pretty far-out shit that doesn’t make any sense.

Like the voice who told me in February to get my yoga certification.

I pulled up my nose.

Not yoga!


Yoga is soooo slow.

And sooooo boring.

Plus I’m soooo stiff and let’s not forget that I have more injuries than body parts.

The voice persisted.

So I decided to humour her and to see who I could do my certification through.

Nowhere seemed realistically possible.

I started doubting the voice.  Doubting myself.  Maybe I didn’t hear right.

Then I decided to go for an Saturday afternoon snooze and I remember asking God for guidance.  If I’m truly meant to be doing this yoga thing, then where do I go for certification?

Half an hour later I sat bolt upright and knew I had to contact the same institution through who I did my Personal Training Certification.  True as sunshine, they offered the yoga as an international course.

I signed up.

Then I read the fine print.

You need to work with a local mentor and do 200 practical hours.


Did the Universe forget that I live out in the country?

Where was I going to find a mentor?

I started asking around and couldn’t find anyone.

It was time to put the ball back in the angels court.

I was standing in our kitchen making coffee and said “Seriously Angels, where am I going to find a mentor?  This isn’t funny anymore”.

“Go empty out the mailbox” came the voice.


But I swallowed my annoyance and I emptied out the mailbox.

I found a copy of the Essence magazine rolled up inside.

And right there, on the second last page, was a feature of a yoga teacher who just arrived from India and who was giving classes a mere 8 kilometres from me.

Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Today at 7:15 I was signed off with my final practical examination.

It’s all done.

As I was packing up one of the ladies came to me and asked if I was going to host classes locally now?

Nope, I replied.  I still have no idea why I needed to do my certification but I trust all will be revealed to me in time.

That’s the thing about trust.

You have to sometimes listen to those crazy ass voices in your head and just take the next step.

Without questioning.

Without doubting.

Just trusting that everything happens for you and everything works out perfectly every time.

Now just in case you think this comes naturally or easily to me, it doesn’t.

I’m a born rebel.

I question EVERYTHING.

I’m the chick who wants to know why before taking an inch of action.

Except when it comes to the voice in my head.

That’s simply because I’ve learned in my life that every time I trust the voice and I go with the flow, seriously epic shit happens for me.

This is how I became an entrepreneur, a coach, an IronMan, a Sky Runner, moved to New Zealand.  All of it.

Every magnificent thing has come from saying YES to the voice and then trusting.  And when I can’t see the next step I stomp my feet like a sulky two year old, put my fists on my hips, push out the lower lip and chin and defiantly state to the heavens “Fine, then YOU show me”.

And the Universe always does.

It’s fucking crazy if you think about it.

Or magic.

Whatever it is, I love it.

Now I’m also going to share a little secret with you –

Come closer,


the reason why I trust enough to follow the voice of intuition is because I tell myself I trust.

Over and over again.

It’s part of my mindset routine.

In the past my mindset routine consisted mainly of me talking to myself.  Then the wall (think Shirley Valentine).  Then the hamster until the cat ate him.  Then back to talking to myself – it appeared to be the best option.

These days however I do it in the form of writing affirmations.

Every single morning for at least 30 minutes, most days more.

Over and over.

It is safe for me to trust my intuition.

Everything always happens for me.

I am safe and taken care of each day and always.

The Universe always provides exactly what I need in divine timing for me to fully live my life purpose.

The Universe supports me in living my purpose and protects me every day and in every way so that I can become stronger and stronger.

The answers always come to me when I ask the questions.

Everything flows to me and through me.

My life journey is unfolding beautifully in a way that feels joyous, free, safe and supported.

And so on and so on.

I want to invite you today to give it a try.

But first let me say this as well – doing this work is not an instant thing.  It is a very subtle shift that happens over a period of time that with persistence and patience will give you phenomenal results.

Because you start thinking different thoughts which leads to you feeling different emotions.  Empowered, uplifted emotions which leads to you taking aligned action.  Actions which will give you success time and again.

Kinda like this morning when I did the forward fold and my hands just naturally reached the floor and I was placing my palms down flat.  It hit me that in February I couldn’t even touch the floor with my finger tips and how frustrated I was at the time.  I remember how many times I wanted to just say “Fuck this shit” and walk away.

But I didn’t.

Because I trust that this is part of my journey and my purpose.

I still have no fucking clue of how it all fits, but I trust that it will unfold beautifully.

Because it always does.

Where do you need to start listening to the intuitive voice even when it sounds a tad on looney side?

Where do you need to work your trust muscle a little more in order for you to take your life next level and live your purpose?

What mindset techniques are you prepared to start committing to as part of your daily practice to ensure success?

Trust Darling.


Your purpose.

The Universe.

All of it.

For ultimately death is inevitable.  But to thrive is a choice laced with trust.

With love always,


PS:  I would love to hear from you!  What are the dreams that you have pushed aside because they don’t seem realistic?  Where are you maybe feeling really frustrated and stuck and you don’t hear voices saying “Go empty the mailbox”?  Where do you desire to trust a little more?  Send me a PM or send me a mail at anel@anelbester.com or come join me on Facebook either on my page or in my group and let’s vibe together.

Where the mind goes the body can follow the mind can go…

I remember being out on my bike.  It was dark and it was cold.  I’d been out for quite some time and I was tired.  

I rounded the corner and there she was, waiting for me.  

Taunting me.

“Will you have the legs to make it to the top today Anel?”

“Will you give up and let me take the win this time around?”

Christiane De Wet – a bitch of a climb who’ s defeated me time and again. Historically she’s had me climbing off my bike in defeat, pushing to the crest with my tail between my legs.

But not today.

Today I was ready for her.

I looked up at the top and visualised myself, out of the saddle, pushing over the last little hump before tipping over on the other side.

I skipped the easy-going song on my playlist and had the beat pumping of Chris Brown’s I Can Transform Ya.  Even now I feel the chills rise in my body and my legs pumping like pistons.

I switched off my emotions, dropped a gear,  hunkered down lower over my handle bars and I peddled.

“Anything you want, I can get it for ya”.

I didn’t need anyone else to get this for me.  It was MINE for the taking.

I kept going and I never stopped until I finally crested that puppy.  My legs were screaming, my lungs were burning, but it was nothing compared to the burning elation in my soul!

I looked back and had the thought ‘where the mind goes the body can follow’.

That instant, that insight, changed my outlook on life.

No matter what happens in any area of my life I KNOW that whatever I decide I can do, I CAN do!

My mind simply needs to be clear on the outcome and my body will catch up and then live in a manifested reality which all started in my head.

I thought I was really clever.

Except then I started running and OMG the PAIN!  Between my fucked up hip and fucked up lower back it is excruciating.

As always the pain of NOT achieving my goal was greater than any pain my body could dish out.

So I trained into the pain.  Once again I visualised myself running to the next post and my body would follow.

But I hit a point where my mind simply couldn’t go there anymore.

She was drowned out by the thought of “OMG make it stop!”

The run wasn’t done dammit.

I wasn’t done!

So I turned up the volume.  Eminem – Lose Yourself.

“Look – if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you wanted, one moment – would you capture it or would you let it slip?”

Nothing was going to slip.

My legs kept going.

I stopped thinking.

I know they say it’s not possible but I did.

I looked down at my legs as if from an outside perspective and was astounded by the fact that they were still moving in the right direction.  That somehow their strength had overtaken the strength of my mind!


You can train your body to a point where it overtakes your mind and you can use that to your advantage.

You can use your body to figure out the beliefs that will keep you going when your current beliefs are limiting.

It’s like this beautiful endless dance between body and mind orchestrated by your soul.

The secret is you have to use both to train both!

You have to use your mind to train your body to become a powerful machine and then you have to use that machine to train your mind to become indestructible!

So often I see clients who are frustrated by the results of their lives.  That it appears to be mediocre when in fact they desire epic.  Yet they have completely neglected their bodies and thereby really nullified one of their greatest assets in this journey called life.

Your mind will always be the creative power of your dreams.  But for dreams to become reality that automatically implies the body is present.  How can the poor body be present when it’s too tired, too weak, too heavy, too light, to live in the dimension seen by a mind who believes in the power and potential of the body?

Train your body!

Train her to the point where she astounds you and that will open up brand new opportunities for your mind to consider.  It’s a symbiotic relationship which you simply cannot bypass.

And why would you want to?

After all, it’s an amazing experience every time you push past your previous best.

But only if you’re serious about living an epic life.

Because death is inevitable, but thriving is a choice.

With love always


PS:  Tomorrow I’m having a huge celebration and I’m sharing it with you Live on Facebook.  Come on over to see what all the fuss and bubbly is about.  Time to dance!


Are you standing in the way of your next level epic?

Oh Darling, if only you knew.

If only you knew exactly how powerful you truly are.

If only you knew exactly how worthy you truly are.

If only you knew exactly how fan-fucking-tastic you truly are.

I know it’s hard at times to see past all the bullshit, the limitations, the glass ceilings, the childhood programming, the limiting beliefs of others.

Most days it can feel like a real battle.

I know because I bought into all that BS for a really long time.

Okay I’m going to go easy here on myself and say I think I didn’t do too fucking bad considering where I was at and what I had available to me in terms of beliefs.

Let’s start by acknowledging that living in South Africa and especially Johannesburg is not for sissies.

It takes some serious grit and courage – more than South Africans even know.

When you’re living in Joburg survival has become so normal that you don’t even know you’re in survival mode.

You’re simply vigilant and super appreciative of Bushveld holidays just to get away from the crazy pace and normal violence of everyday city life.

I didn’t even know exactly how terrified I was until I moved to New Zealand and I could breathe so much deeper and more freely.

I didn’t even know until I was riding deserted single tracks in the dark through the forest without a single concern for my safety!

I’m not even kidding.  The most dangerous thing in our forest is the bunnies who might not jump out of the way fast enough causing you to fall over the tree roots.

Can you even imagine what this amount of safety does for your soul?

Can you imagine what this amount of security does for your confidence to do what you came here to do?

It took time for me to get out of  my long ingrained mindset of violence and scarcity to open myself up to this truth.

I remember driving in Joburg with my car windows up no matter how hot it got because there was simply no way of stopping at a red light and NOT being accosted by beggars.  Some friendly, some hostile and angry.  No wonder I had serious guilt around receiving and giving because every time you gave money you knew they were going to buy drugs and alcohol thereby making you a part of the problem.

I hardly ever got to fully experience the exhilaration of driving my Mini convertible with the roof down.  It’s much better and safer to drive a non-conspicuous aka boring car.

No wonder I didn’t want to be seen.

Before you get your back up or completely horrified, no it’s not like this everywhere in South Africa.  But it sure is in the areas I frequented in Joburg and there were many I didn’t even dare wander into.  Which is probably why my soul led me to Joburg in the first place.  I had to feel major amounts of discomfort, of pain, for me to finally say enough and no more.

Today I wake up filled with gratitude to live in a country where I feel safe, expansive, abundant, joyful.

Yes I am blessed.

But you know what Sunshine, I had to get out of my own fucking way to get here.

I had to allow myself to say no more, to ask where to go, to receive guidance and support and miracles to get here.  I had to take consistent action every day to get here.  I had to do the mindset work every day so that the voices of the naysayers could not be louder than my own voice of conviction.  I had to step into my next version self to put everything up for sale, get on that plane and come over with my family.

I’ve been living as this next version self for about 18 months when I woke up one day with the knowing that it was time to go next level.   I’ve stagnated.  I’ve become so comfortable that growth was done at an average rate.

I don’t have tolerance for average.

Especially not in myself.

I found my next level coach and started doing the next level work.

I decided that I didn’t want to type my book on my old Acer laptop.

My Amazon Best-seller Author self types out the words on an Apple Mac.

I decided that my next level self doesn’t struggle with headaches because of old glasses that are clearly outdated.

I decided my next level self doesn’t squint whilst driving because her sunglasses were stolen in the move.

I decided it was time to stop being a pussy and step into the boots of my next level self.

Understand this:  our next level self is always scary.

She is the person you haven’t had the balls to be up until now.

She struts not walk.  She commands not beg.  She disrupts not follow.   She creates not consume.

And unless you make that do or die decision to step forward and own her energy, you will fucking sabotage yourself in ways that looking back, will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Ways such as not making the appointment at the optometrist.  Ways such as always spending your money on copious amounts of chocolate and cheap trinkets so that you’ll think you don’t have the money for your true desires.  Ways such as not showing up and doing sales so that you can’t possibly make the money you need at your next level.

And make no mistake, your next level demands more money because he understands that in order for him to live his life purpose fully, he has to take care of his body, mind and soul.  He deserves the best fucking support that money can buy to show up as his best version self.

The moment that I made the decision I tippy toed to the mountains edge, I closed my eyes, I spread my arms, I look up at the all-powerful Universe and I trusted.


I fucking leapt

I trusted.

I soared!

Apple Mac.  Tick.

Some serious bling specs that has me doing my work with zero strain on my eyes.  Tick.

Fucking rock start sunglasses that makes me feel Top Gun.  Tick Tick Tick.

Wanna see me strut down the street?

Because I fucking am.

It’s never about the things.  It’s about the energy.  It’s about knowing that you absolutely can have whatever you desire.  It’s about knowing that you’re absolutely worth the best. It’s about the raise of vibration from where you are to where you will be an even more powerful influencer in the world.

You know that you were born for more.

Way fucking more.

You know that you came here to change the whole world by impacting one life at a time.  Why not start with your own?

You know that you were born to shine.

You know that you were born to be a leader.

You know all of this.

And it scares the pants off you.

So take a baby step Darling.

For today, just identify your next level self.  Just the next level.  Not the ultimate level.

Then have a look at your surroundings – from your clothes, to your shoes, to the tea towels in your kitchen – and write down ten things that need to go now and ten things that need to come in.

They can be teeny weeny little things.  Don’t write down a new car if you can’t afford to go out right now and buy that new car.  And if you can, then fucking go for it.

Don’t make it hard to succeed.

My first step was new tea towels.  The new ones are so pretty nobody is allowed to use them LOL.

Ask yourself what is ten beliefs that your next level self will have.  Write that down every day.  Make it your own.

Ask yourself what is ten thoughts that your next level self will have on a daily basis.  Write that down.  Think it.

Ask yourself what is ten powerful habits that you next level self will have on a daily basis.  Commit that shit to paper, your calendar, and take the action every single day.

Trust your desires.

Trust your purpose.

Above all, trust God.

Then fly Darling – for your sky has no limit.

Death is inevitable.  Thriving is a scary choice.


With love,


PS:  Is it time?  It is time to fly?  Are you feeling ready yet the fear is keeping your feet cemented to the floor?  Let me hold your hand and lead you to the edge.  Feel my hand in the small of your back and feel calm and trust flow into your chest so you can breathe.  Kickstart your life in the next 30 days and never feel alone, overwhelmed or tempted to turn back.  I’m ready Darling.  Get all the details or message me and let’s fly.


Mechanics VS Passion – there’s simply no contest

I have a deep appreciation for magnificence.


An appreciation for people who follow their passion, their purpose, their soul.

I have such an appreciation for the guy coming in last, sweating, crying, vomiting, collapsing.  But he keeps on going until he’s over the finish line.

I have an appreciation for the one who defied the odds and did it anyway.

I have an appreciation for those who are prepared to lose themselves in their work, even when by doing so they risk the very real possibility of exclusion and isolation.

I have a deep appreciation for those who simply don’t learn the mechanics but who venture beyond perceived boundaries because that’s where their passion insists they go.

For those who don’t share their bleeding toes and torn muscles because they want to enthral the audience with the magic of the show.

They are the ones who wake up when the average still slumber.  The ones who do the work relentlessly because their soul knows only complete and utter commitment to the creation of their art.

Beautiful.  Magnificent.  Breathtaking….

Ever wonder what’s the difference between a ballerina and a prima ballerina.  Or a superbly talented performer and a Bono.

I did.

I wonder about these things all the time and am continuously reading the autobiographies of inspirational icons to see what sets them apart from the masses.

Because what I’m seeing is thousands of people investing heavily in learning the mechanics, and some of them perform the mechanics ‘perfectly’.

But they don’t catch my eye.

They don’t move me to tears when they create their art – whatever that art is.  Yesterday I was moved to tears by a waitress.

The mechanical prodigies don’t inspire me to work harder.  To go deeper.  To live thriver.


Because I’ve found that those who dedicate their lives to mastering the mechanics are missing the most important ingredient.  The ingredient that tips the scales from great to masterful.  The element that has all eyes on you watching in breathless anticipation for your moment of climax because they know that it will trigger within them so much emotion that they will change instantly – they simply don’t have a choice.

That element my Darling is PASSION!

Real passion.

Passion that shines through your every word and movement.

Passion that has you obsessed with your art because nothing else is as important.

Passion that defies pain and obstacles and normal day-to-day existence.

I’ve almost forgotten this.

I’ve been so caught up in learning the mechanics of yoga that I’ve lost sight of my passion.

I’ve lost sight of how much I love using my body to unlock my deepest levels of energy and unleash that onto others.

I’ve lost sight of my desire to bring healing to those who have so much stored trauma in their cells that they can hardly stand up in the mornings.

I’ve lost sight of my desire to uplift and inspire all around me whether I’m standing in Dancer Pose or drinking coffee and laughing from the joy inside of me.

Luckily I can always rely on my soul to pull me up.

She has blessed with me inflammation in my knee which means I need to back the fuck off and slow down to speed up.

I have to slow down and regroup.

I have to slow down and reconnect.

I have to slow down and relight the passion in my heart.

Because I don’t ever want to be a yogi who just does the mechanics and don’t inspire.  I choose not to be the teacher who has people leaving a session feeling hurt, deflated, miserable.

Fuck that shit.

If I wanted to do that to people I would simply sing.

Now before you point out my singing in my spinning classes, I would just like to remind you that you were sweating so much that my cacophony was a blissful distraction from the power you were generating in your legs.  LOL.

Okay but seriously.

I don’t believe in going through the motions.

That’s what almost killed me the last time round.

I choose to live.

I choose to thrive.

I choose passion.

I choose to be the sun who not only rises over the ocean to my right – he is rising with so much passion that my fingers still on the keyboard and I simply have to sigh.  He’s not just going through the motions.  And God knows, the sun has risen trillions of times.  Yet he still moves millions of people every day with he’s astounding passion in rising and breathless stillness in setting.

That’s how I choose to live my life.

Pure passion.

Pure inspiration.

Pure Anel.

I know it’s so easy to get caught up in the mechanics especially since somebody invented the word ‘perfection’ and then decided to make this something to strive for.  Perfection is an illusion!  There’s never perfection.  There is perfection in those who choose to see perfection.  But trying to do it ‘perfectly’ will always disconnect you from your passion.  They simply don’t co-exist.

Instead I invite you today to take a good look at the things you do on a daily or weekly basis and ask yourself, how passionate are you about this?  Are you still on fire every time the calendar says it’s time to ride, write, clean, coach, update the spreadsheet?  Or have you disconnected with your passion?

Do you need to start doing things slightly differently in a way that will bring you joy once more.  Or do you have to throw some mechanics out and do something brand new – filled with passion and zero perfection.

Is it time to acknowledge that you’re not the same person you were ten years ago and it’s time to start learning something new because the habit has overtaken the presence in your actions?

I don’t want to hear you’re too old to start something new or learn something new.  That’s what you’re here for!  To learn, to experience new things until the day you die!  So if you’re telling me you’re too old what you’re really saying to me is that you’re already dead.

And truth is, majority of people I observe ARE indeed dead already.  Their bodies are simply waiting to catch up with their souls.  Because they have stopped living.

Please choose life!

Please choose passion!

Please choose thrive!

The world needs you too.  The world needs leaders, rebels, creatives to break the cycle of mechanics and bring back passion!

And I know that you’re one of those leaders, rebels, creatives, achievers.

What will it take for you to stop going through the motions??

What will it take for you to stop existing?

Inflammation?  Obesity?  Addiction?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Cancer?


Let my inflamed knee inspire you to reconnect with your passion today Darling.

Because death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS;  I know it’s not easy to be born for magnificence.  People think it is but you and I both know that mediocrity is celebrated and supported way more than true success.  Which is why I’ve dedicated my life to support, challenge, unleash born leaders and changers such as you.  It’s why I insist on your best and why I give you my best.  For daily trainings and interaction come join me in my Facebook Page or Group and together we will sing with pure passion and abandon.

You have to be willing to see what you’re currently not seeing if you really desire change.


During our live Q&A call in Get Your Shiz Together the question was posed of how to adapt new values if you have a deep desire for a goal but you’re clearly self-sabotaging.

The answer was simple – you are the master of you life.  You simply get to choose which values you want to hold dear.

Which had me looking at my values and then looking at my results.

I have gone through massive amounts of growth this year alone.  So much has shifted and changed that some mornings I wake up and touch my skin just to make sure it’s still me.

Yet as much as I’ve grown and achieved, there are some areas in which I am still a little less than satisfied.

Oh I know it’s a work in progress.

I know that I’m going to achieve my goals.

Not fucking negotiable.

But I also know I can manifest shit really fucking fast and let’s just say that patience has never been a virtue of mine.

What the fuck was going on?

What was not in alignment?

I journaled for an hour, didn’t find any satisfactory answers.

So I simply wrote down “God help me to see that which I’m currently not seeing” and stepped away.

Saturday night:

I decided to indulge in an episode of City of Emeralds (I think, not sure what the name is, but it’s about Dorothy and the wizard of Oz).

There was a scene where the soldier with her (who we thought had amnesia but turns out his memories was blocked by a spell) exclaims “I was that man yesterday, but I choose to be the man I am today”.

Hmmmmm – something there.

I let it go.

The cogs were turning.

Sunday morning:

Upon waking I knew it was time to choose again.

It was time to choose my next level self.

It was time to choose all of her including her values.

I believe that before we can change anything we have to know what we are changing from and why.

I took out a values exercise and poured over it for two hours.

As my values poured out of me I consciously remained completely disconnected from the process.  I didn’t want my ego to interfere.  I was ready to see what was really going on.


I didn’t like what I saw on the pages in front of me.

I didn’t like it because it was all bullshit.

It was all stories handed to me by other people.

Unhealthy people.

People who were hurting in themselves and simply deflected all their shit on those younger, smaller, supposedly weaker than them.

I honestly thought I had dealt with all this shit.  Time and time again.

But what I’m learning is that programming, just like fear, is not something you can deal with once and then tick the box.

I suspect that’s where most people get the whole fear thing wrong.  They seem to think that we can face our greatest fears once and then conquer the beast.  Be victorious.  Never to be scared again.

Sorry to disappoint you but fear never goes away completely.

And that’s okay with me.

After three successful IronMan swims which is 3.8 kilometres each in the ocean I’m still petrified of water.  Even in a swimming pool.  I kid you not.

But I have identified my fear and I have courageously faced her repeatedly so I know I have the power to  face her down every time it serves me in achieving my goals and being the woman I choose to be.

Well it turns out that my childhood will continue to haunt me if I try and hide it under my bed like dirty clothes which I was too lazy to put in the laundry basket when I was young.

It turns out that no matter how often I have forgiven, how often I have taken the lessons, there is always more and deeper to see and consciously choose differently.  Moments of abandonment.  Moments of being beaten into submission and conformity.  Moments of pure hatred being spat into my face.

I would lie if I said it didn’t hurt and I would be lying if I said it doesn’t still sting.  Even though I get where it comes from and I’m grateful for all it has taught me.  I truly am.  But it still hurts like a MOFO.

And so the hurt has put together a little brotherhood of values.

It turns out that “Safety” and his little brother “Acceptance” has been running my show.

Now if you’re a follower, a consumer, an ordinary person that all okay.  If being liked is what gets you the joyous results you desire these are good values to have.

If however you’re a leader, a rebel, a non-conformist, a messenger of change on a mission to make an impact you have to be prepared to throw away the fucking bungee chord and jump baby!

You have to be prepared to die for the cause.

You have to believe that you were born for this shit and that you are protected by the Universe.

You have to take the risks that nobody else is prepared to take to highlight broken systems.

You have to embrace the haters and know that you’re here to make people think, make people uncomfortable, rub them up the wrong way at times.

And some of those bitches have teeth.

And you will get bitten.

And you will bleed.

And it will hurt like a motherfucker.

I have to be okay with that.

Because if I’m not, if I’m not prepared to fucking die for the message inside of me, I might as well die now.

I honestly believe that is my life purpose – and for me life purpose is not optional.

It’s why I breathe.

Yesterday 8:15 am, sitting on my bed with my journal, pen, coffee and faith, I was liberated from external safety and acceptance.

I got to see what I had not seen before.

I got to choose the woman I am today including my values.

I got to choose the values that will support me in living my life purpose, bring about change for my soul clients, and give them the courage to face their own demons.

Because, like me, my soul clients are born leaders, rebels, creatives and high achievers on a mission to live a purpose aligned life and create epic levels of success because they are prepared to do the fucking work.  The real work.  The hard work.  The work that nobody else gets to see because it happens on the inside.

Are you ready to do the work Darling?

Are you really?

Then I invite you today to take that journal and pen and coffee and maybe a shot of whiskey and ask God to show you all that you have not yet seen and which you are ready to see today because you’re so committed to going next level and living life at full throttle.

I invite you to stay out of your own way.

No sensoring yourself.

You will find tears dripping down your face and splash onto the pages.

You will find your words become illegible with the shaking of your hands and your arms as the pain is unleashed from it’s cave and rips through your body.

Trust that you are safe.

Trust that you will never get more than you can handle.

Let that shit out today!

Fucking let it rip out!

And then approach it with compassion, forgiveness, gratitude.

Everything happens for you Darling.  Everything.

The best part of all?

You now get to choose.

You get to choose the person you are today.

You get to choose the values that will support you.

You get to choose it all.

Because death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice which is not as easy as it seems.  If it was easy, everyone would be thriving.

With love always,


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You can’t make me retire – ever!

There are some topics that has me stopping in my tracks and do a double take to make sure I’m in the right house.

Topics that are just not even part of my thought process and so I never pay them any attention and sure don’t expect to hear them in my home!

Retirement is one of those topics.

Which is why I was really surprised when the boys started talking about it earlier this week.

Personally I’ve decided that retirement is a really shitty idea.

Why the fuck would I ever want to retire?

And do what exactly different from what I’m currently doing?

Because right now I’m doing exactly what I love to do every single day.

I get to live my life purpose every single day.

I get to thrive every single day.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, I like to thrive!

It all came about from a political discussion going on around changing the age of retirement in New Zealand.

My boys, for some reason which I simply can’t comprehend, believe that listening to the news is valuable which is why they sometimes talk about shit like retirement.

There was the whole ‘oh but that’s not fair’ and ‘how can they just decide to do that’? questions thrown around with a tinge of outrage.

But when you think about it, maybe the governmenti’s really doing the people a favour.

Maybe if the thought of doing your job for an extra two years seems incomprehensible you might change your job and actually start doing something that you love.

Maybe if the thought of getting out of bed in the morning to go to the same work is almost too much to bear, you will start thinking of how you can turn things around so you can jump out of bed now!

Maybe the pain of the thought will finally be enough to get people to choose to live every day instead of choosing to exchange their true joy and happiness for a pay-check.

I know how tempting those pay-checks can be by the way.

I remember how hard it was for me to leave behind the ‘security’ of a ‘guaranteed’ pay-check for the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur.

However, I came to a point where I decided that my happiness is worth more than any number of zeros on a salary slip.  I was simply not born to work for a boss.  I’m far too rebellious to fit into a system designed to create a singular measurement of what it looks like to be a good employee.

Not that I’m saying everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.  For some people that is the furthest thing from joy.

But you sure as hell can choose to exchange your life-breath doing something that absolutely lights you up in whatever form or shape.

Then we get to the other side of the coin where we so often hear of people dying unexpectedly shortly after going on retirement.  That will probably be me.  My work IS my life purpose.  My life IS my work.  It’s why I breathe.


I look at people who are counting down to their retirement and I wonder to myself what the fuck are they doing in jobs that they clearly only tolerate because they think it’s the only way they can pay the bills.  I see people being miserable doing what they’re doing and living for holidays and retirement thinking that life until then is guaranteed.

Then I hear that another one of my school friends have unexpectedly been diagnosed with a rare disease and given mere months.   I think back to how often she said that she would do it all ‘one day’.

Fuck one day.

Live THIS day.

And before you say it’s easy for me to say I’m just going to point out the fact that I didn’t exactly pop out of the womb knowing my life purpose and what ‘job’ would bring me joy.

In fact for eighteen years I was convinced that I was born to dance.

Forever and ever.

I simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

Then the knee injury.

I was a little stumped.

So I went to go work in a bank for two years.

I went to get study chartered accountancy.

Then I switched to studying psychology.

I managed restaurants.

I owned a restaurant.

I sold canopies and tow-bars.

I trained people in the cellular industry.

I recruited.

I owned a recruitment agency.

I had amazing depression.

I became a coach.

It’s all a journey.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It isn’t easy.

There were times that I shat myself.  Times when I lived in so much fear I had no idea where to find the brass ovaries to even take one more step.  Times when I thought I was loosing my mind.

I took jobs that turned out to be complete nightmares and I had to choose to stay for the pay-check or leave for my integrity and my happiness.

It took courage.  It took introspection and when I felt deeply unhappy with where I found myself, it took the balls to take a chance on myself and do something different.

Which is how I found my passion in coaching and am now writing my first book.

I don’t ever want to retire.

I have no need to retire.

Because I’m choosing live a life on purpose.

I’m choosing to choose how I do business.

I ‘m choosing to define success for myself and live my life accordingly.

I choose to work seven days a week because work brings me joy.

I choose to have it all because every day could be my last so why would I live my life in pain Monday to Friday hoping that Saturday and Sunday will make up for it?

Been there.  Done that.  Burned that fucking t-shirt.

My invitation to you today is to really look at your life-work and ask yourself the hard questions:

  • Does this really bring me joy?
  • Is this in alignment with my values?
  • Do I feel like what I’m doing matters?
  • Would I do this for the rest of my life even if I never got paid a cent for it?
  • Is my work a part of a fulfilling life?

And if the answers are yes then rock on Baby, and if the answers are no here are some further questions to ask:

  • What do I truly desire to do with my life?
  • What will bring me great joy?
  • What would make me feel like I’m making a valuable contribution to society?
  • How can I change my current circumstances and if I can’t how can I change my mindset so I can find more joy in my current circumstances?
  • If I had no limitations or fears what would I be doing with my life?  Then set a goal around that puppy and start taking action TODAY to make it happen.

Stop waiting for retirement to start living a joyful life.

You really don’t want to get to your death bed and look back with regret, with a feeling that you didn’t make a difference, that what you did didn’t matter, that you never impacted anyone’s life.

Ultimately death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice.


With love always,



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Ode to the Introverts

These days it’s rare for me to wake up out of sorts.

In fact I can’t remember when last I have.

Until this morning that is.

I woke up and something was out of alignment.

There was an unease like when you’re running on the trails and a grain of sand slips into your shoe.  It’s not causing pain (yet), but it diverts your focus.  Takes you off balance.  It just doesn’t feel right.

I took out my journal.

What to do?

Do I just say fuck it and go to yoga this morning and hope it goes away?

Or do I honour myself and take the extra time to figure this shit out?

Figure the shit out.

Thank chocolate mousse I did.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been delving deep into my yoga practice which meant constantly being surrounded by people.

Don’t get me wrong – I love people.

But there’s a reason why I’m a lone wolf.

Most just don’t get it.

They’re pack animals who love being in the vibrations of others all the time.

Different strokes for different folks.

Me, I’m an empath.  I energetically connect with people and FEEL them.  I feel their unspoken emotions.  All their joy, all their love, all their excitement, all their pain, all their anger, all their frustrations, all their resentment.

This is my gift.

This is my life purpose – to see the truth that others at times don’t want to see because it would mean they will have to own their choices and decisions and take full responsibility for their lives.

I’ve been gifted with experiences that provided the opportunities to learn compassion with these feelings without getting stuck in the drama of the feelings.  Because if I could survive the shit I have AND choose to thrive, anyone else can survive whatever they are going through.

The downside of this gift is that I have to unconsciously and consciously process this all the time when I’m around people.  I have to constantly distinguish between my feelings and their feelings to ensure I don’t get confused of what belongs to me.  I have to make sure I’m always cutting chords when I leave the room so that I don’t take their energy home with me.  I also have to cut chords as people often hook into me and literally suck my vibrations out of me.   Oh this is completely normal – we all do it.  Every time you interact with someone a chord is formed.

Out of respect for their personal journey I don’t share my insights unless given permission – this is normally done in the context of coaching.  I have learned that there’s a reason why people drug themselves with alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sex, entertainment. I’ve learned that unless they’re ready the truth will not set them free but instead make them retreat even further into their soul coffins.

This is probably one of the main reasons why I was born an introvert.

I’m starting to think that most introverts are in fact empaths.

I’ve always FELT people more than I SAW the public image people show.  This led to an exquisite childhood where I would constantly be punished for speaking my truth – being called a rebel, a bitch, disrespectful.

Actually it still happens and I completely get it.

People normally don’t like hearing what’s going on inside.

Shit there was a time when I fucking hated what was going on inside of myself.

But I learned to use my pain to turn it around.  I learned that my pain brings me messages and it doesn’t have to be excruciating pain!  It can just be a grain of sand.

Caught up in all the classes, the studying, the growth I have neglected to cut the chords.  I have been around people way too much and have absorbed their feelings as my own. I  have not taken care of myself and that’s simply not good enough for me and it’s not good enough for you.  You deserve better than my sloppy seconds – you deserve the best version of me.

This morning I took the time to cut the chords.  To centre.  To bring my focus back into myself.  To distinguish between what belongs to me and what to gift back to everyone else.

I love people way too much to carry their shit for them.

Apparently shit really needs to get bad these days for people to be inspired to change.

Crazy ass don’t you think?

I wonder if it’s just because people have forgotten how incredibly fucking good good really feels.

Because if they did surely they would take the time to figure it out.

The messages of pain.

The opportunities to sit down and go inside and ask the questions that really matter.

I want to share with you my top questions and maybe today is that day when you sit down, drop all the egotistical crap which prevents you from being raw, and find your truth.  A truth that, when you embrace it, will set you free!

  1. When I feel completely alive, completely on fire, completely in alignment with my soul, how do I feel?
  2. If I’m not feeling THAT right now then what is it that I’m truly feeling right now, in this moment?  What is the pain, the discomfort, the unease?
  3. What is this really about?  What is the message for me?  Where am I not showing up true to myself?  Where am I tolerating things that goes against my core beliefs and values?  Where am I not speaking my truth?  Where am I constantly putting myself in an environment where I have to wear a mask?
  4. What is the true price that I’m paying by tolerating this pain?  What is the long-term impact on my life, my happiness, my purpose?
  5. What am I prepared to do about it?  Now here’s the power of choice – you don’t have to do jack shit if you don’t want to.  You can go from being a pawn to the player who makes conscious choices!  So then you say out loud “I choose not to do anything about this right now.  I choose to live with the pain.”  Or maybe you choose to do something really small today which over the long term will change the outcome, such as getting on your bike and going for a very long solo ride or writing an extra hour in your journal or just listening to some soul stirring tunes that turns your vibes around or asking ArchAngel Michael to please cut all energetic chords that don’t belong.

Now I have to warn you, like most of my recommendations this exercise is not for sissies.  It takes no small amount of courage to do this and to do it with complete honesty.  And if you’re not prepared to be honest with yourself then what’s the point?  The only reason why people are not honest with themselves is because it’s easier in this world to be a victim – it’s become the accepted norm.

Here’s what I want to say to you today Darling – stop thinking that you can hide from the pain.  Instead I invite you to identify the pain and to move through it so that you can find the growth, the truth, the love, the joy which is waiting for you on the other side.  The pain is simply a smoke screen preventing you from looking further.

For if you did and you saw what I see within you, behind all the shit you’re trying to ignore, you would fucking run and crash through it head on!

Because you are phenomenal.





And you are so worth true joy.

Honour yourself.  Honour your needs.  If you’re an introvert, honour your need for social withdrawal so that you can create your art.

Because ultimately death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love always


PS:  I have reopened spaces for Kick-Start.  You and me, 30 days.  But only if you’re ready to (wo)man up and get real about your desires, your values, your passion, your power.  When you’re ready to bust through the veil and claim your joy, your badassery, your truth.  This is not for the faint of heart – but then again I know you’re anything but faint.  You are a true warrior.  You are here to make an impact.  You are here to thrive.


Dancing with Yoga

Oh how I adore my life.

I’m feeling so blessed right now.

I’ve completed my first yoga class of the day.

It started snowing as I ran over to the coffee shop.

The girls know me by now so I get to come inside even before they switch on the lights.

My Soy Flat White is always warm and delicious in my beautiful take-away cup.

As I’m sitting facing the door, each person who enters looks into my eyes and smiles.

God, life is magic.

I am so grateful for all of it and take nothing for granted.

I’m so grateful to you for reading my insane ramblings and pray that on the right day you will find inspiration in my energetic presence when you need it.

I’m so grateful for my beautiful new Apple Mac which I’m writing this blog on – a true gift from the Universe.

I’m so grateful for being in a position where I can order a large coffee and not think twice about the cost.

Coffee is so much more than coffee to me.  It’s a symbol of overcoming one of the most trying times in my life.

A time when coffee was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

Hell, we couldn’t even afford food every day.

If it wasn’t for my loving parents there would have been times when my kids would not have eaten.  But they did.

And through faith and the grace of God,  I now live a life where I get to wake up feeling abundant, supported, always receiving.

A blessing that I’m reminded of with every sip of coffee every day.

I am so grateful for this new life in New Zealand.

New Zealand has made me breathe deeper.

She’s embraced me in her loving arms and brought me closer to my soul.

Which is probably why my soul now brought me to my yoga mat.

Yoga and I’ve had an interesting relationship for years.

He’s always called to me yet his voice was way too gentle for my adrenaline pumping body.

So I would dance with him for one song and then walk off the dance floor with the old line “It’s not you, it’s me”.

Yet somehow I found myself signing up for yoga certification.  My Soul knew that I would trust the whisper she gave me.  I always do.  The whispers are what brings me the most joyous adventures.

In the beginning I was so resistant:

  • It’s so slow!
  • It’s so boring.
  • It’s so painful with all my injuries.
  • I don’t like the music – I want some Imagine Dragons.

There’s been so many times when I would have walked away was it not for the investment and commitment I’ve made in the certification process.

So I came back day after day.

And then I upped the ante and I started doing three classes a day.


Yoga took me into his warm loving arms, looked deep into my eyes, deep into my soul, and I fell in love.

It’s a hard thing to explain but once again my physical body is what has opened me up to learning my soul lessons.  The ones that is taking me to a higher level in business, in my relationships, in my life.

Yoga has taught me to follow the path of most resistance.  The path that so clearly will have me thriving but which is completely out of my comfort zone.  A path that is not very pretty to observe.  A path that so many start and then, because it feels awkward, stop.

Yoga has taught me that ultimately I can trust my body, trust myself.  Over the years I’ve sustained many injuries, both physical and emotional, and somewhere along the line I stopped feeling safe.  I stopped feeling like I could truly trust my body.  Instead I started using her to mask what was happening on the inside.  At one stage I even stopped liking my body, never mind loving her.

Looking back now I can see it clearly.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing!  I am filled with gratitude for every experience I’ve ever been through, both the good and the ugly.  Each one of those have brought me to this point in my life and made me the woman I am today.

But for the first time in decades I’m finding myself trusting my body again and feeling safe in her.  For the first time in decades I’m finding myself listening to my body and working with her instead of against her to settle slowly into the different asanas.

Yoga has taught me to breathe.  Not the shallow burning inhalations but a slow, steady breath of life.  He’s taught me how to use my inhalation to strengthen and exhalation to release.  A wonderful lesson in my business.  I inhale connecting with my message, my tribe, and I exhale and release the outcome knowing that it will all work out perfectly and that the more I breathe and trust the further I will reach.

Yoga has taught me that my entire Universe exists within the reach of my physical body.  That is the only space that I truly need to be aware of.  Everything that happens outside of this dimension does not have to impact me.  If the person on the mat next to me falls over, I can continue to stand tall.  If the person next to me goes deeper than I can today I can admire them and still celebrate whatever my body CAN do today.

In the same way Yoga has taught me to learn from the teacher but always go within as that is where my truth resides.  I can take the learning and choose the wisdom.

Yoga has taught me that life only happens in the now.  When I sit on my mat and bring my hands to prayer position, the rest of the world stops for me.  All that matters is now, this moment, me connecting with myself and my God and my body and my soul and my breath and my passion for moving my body.

It’s a beautiful thing Darling.

Next Friday I’ll be doing my final practical exam and even though most would think that I’ve achieved the goal that I set myself and ready to move on to the next thing, I know that it’s only the beginning of my true journey.

For my dance with Yoga is far from over.

My dance with Yoga will continue to evolve as we twirl around and gather more people to sway to the rhythm of breath.

Over to you now:

  • What are you working on right now that’s feeling really uncomfortable but which you know will take you next level?
  • What is your story of discomfort?  It’s only when we can own up to the BS we tell ourselves that we can change the story.
  • What can you put into place to ensure that you push through and come out a winner?  It could be blocking out time on your calendar. It could be finding an accountability buddy.  It could be working with a coach.  It could be cooking your meals in advance.  Anything you can think of, brainstorm that shit down and then take immediate action on at least one thing.

Because death will continue to inevitable.  Thriving will continue to be a choice.

And I thrive in the dance.

With love always,


PS:  If you’ve found some inspiration in this piece to continue through the discomfort of your current learnings so that you too can love the dance please share it with others who are ready to stop being a slave to the rhythm dictated by others.  It’s my belief that more and more people are ready to choose their own music, choreograph their own dance.  And if you would like more, come join me on Facebook where I do regular lives and posts and invite your mates.


The difference between mediocre and epic results

It always fascinates me to see people in the gym, sweating away yet never increasing muscle.

It astounds me that people would take the time and go through the effort of getting to the gym, get changed and not commit to results.

Oh I know you think you are.  I know you look at the pictures and the videos on how to do the moves and copy it yet there’s a missing piece.

I see the exact same thing in everything that people do.

Anything that requires action.

Anything that requires muscle whether bicep or mind.

The missing element, the thing that most people still don’t get, is that it’s not about WHAT you do, it’s about HOW you do it!

Think of it in terms of boxing.  You can hold your arms up in front of your face, but if you’re not HOLDING them with purpose, focus and strength, a fist is going to come crashing through and break your nose.

When I was first asked to train Aqua classes I rolled my eyes.  You have got to be kidding me!

I used to watch the classes with all the elderly ladies (and a sprinkle of gents) splashing around, chatting away like it’s a noon tea party rather than a training class.

Can you imaging me doing that??

Then again I never say never so I agreed.  I went through the training course and my interest was piques so I did additional research and then I did the work!

I did the work properly.

I would climb out of the pool after 30 minutes, breathless and sweating.  My muscles ached in places I didn’t even remembered existed.

It was fucking awesome!

So I watched to see what participants were doing that had them climbing out like glamour girls, curls still perfectly in place.

I identified their weaknesses.

I identified their trigger points.

And then I started teaching.

Those old ladies would climb out of the pool after a session, puffing and cursing me.  After my first class I saw them congregate at the manager’s office and thought for sure I would be called in for a complaint.

Instead I received a phone call – would I please consider doing more classes because the old duckies loved me!

That’s right Darling.

Want to know why?

Because when I first challenged them to stop fart-arsing around they told me to respect their age.  I looked them straight in the eye and replied that I would much rather respect the bad-ass warrior maidens they have been their entire lives.  I would much rather respect the fact that they have birthed children, raised families, stood by their spouses through tough times, lost loved ones to the after life, and yet where others have given up and are sitting watching soapies waiting for life to end, they chose to be here – in the pool looking after their health and their bodies.

No way in hell was I going to go easy on them.

I showed them the difference between moving their arms through the water and not even causing a ripple which is what they were doing up to this point. Then I showed them how to fucking MOVE their arms through the water creating waves.  Moving with focus, with effort, with intensity.  Contracting and releasing and contracting again.  I showed them that when they all started moving and creating waves there was a crashing of power all around them.  They climbed out drenched from all the splashing.

It’s exactly the same with every training move whether in or out of the water.  You can do a bicep curl just going through the motions with a weight and simply get no gains.  Or you can do a bicep curl focusing on the muscle contracting, pinching it at the top to the point where it burns and even without a weight you will start seeing the difference in a few weeks.

Setting goals – you can absolutely go through the motions of ‘setting goals’ wishy washy and ticking the box.  OR you can dig deep, really deep and find the goal that sets you on fire.  You can do the work and figure out which emotions are driving you in achieving this goal.  You can set that goal statement in such a way that it completely thrills you just to read it out loud and raise  your vibration.  Then you can take it next level and say that statement with so much passion and conviction that the air stops and the hairs on your arms stand up.  Then you take it next level and exclaim that statement with so much authority that people stop to stare because even though they might not know you, even though they have no idea what your current circumstances are, they fucking believe you!

You can take it a step further and dig on the big why for your goal.  You can identify the pleasures and you can magnify the pains of not achieving it so that giving up is never an option.  You can go next level and make sure that you have more then ten reasons why you’re committed to achieving this goal and if you can’t be bothered to find at least ten, you can respect yourself enough to stop wasting your own time and just walk away from the goal.

Because these are the differences between mediocrity and epic.

You can absolutely go through the motions Darling.  You can absolutely keep yourself busy.  You can absolutely feel sorry for yourself and say “But I’m TRYING”.

Fuck trying.

Do or don’t.

There’s a reason why those who operate at high levels of achievement work with coaches and trainers.  Because no matter how good you are, there comes a point when your ego steps in and makes you cheat, makes you do a fraction less.  But that fraction over time gives you a completely different outcome.

The video can’t put a hand on your bicep and bring a new level of awareness.

The video can’t feel the point of contraction and teach you what that really feels like in your body.

The video can’t look you in the eye, tell you to TTFU and push you to go next level.

It’s the same in every aspect of life.

This is exactly why I believe in coaching and why I continuously work with a coach every time that I’m ready to go next level.  Every time that I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone.  Every time that my goals are way too important for me to take any chances of getting off track.

My goals deserve the best of me.

And the best of me deserves support.

I don’t have time to just go through the motions.  I have to make everything count.  I demand results from my effort.

I demand the best from me.

So here’s your assignment today should you so choose:

  1.  Journal and ask yourself where in your life are you going through the motions and not seeing the results that you desire?  Is it in your training?  Is it even at the point of goal setting?  Are your goals so important to you that you physically write them out every day?  Because if you’re not, question that shit.
  2. Be honest with yourself and assess the effort that you’re putting into the actions.  I’m not talking about dragging your tired ass around and just trying to squeeze out the last drop.  Then you need to first go refuel Darling because to just keep going is a classic way of self-sabotage.  Get real about where you’re at.
  3. Do it differently.  Whether that means better time management so you can focus uninterrupted on your task at hand, or going to a coach or trainer to learn the correct technique before practicing on your own, or to start doing your actions with the pros so you can learn from them.  It’s really up to you.  But do it differently!

I’m seeing way too many exhausted busy people rushing around mindlessly going through the motions and then numbing the pain of not getting the desired results.

Wake the fuck up.

Pay attention to what you’re doing.

Be conscious of HOW you’re doing it.

And do it better.

Because at the end of the day death is probably less painful than existence.  But thriving is a choice you can make TODAY and have the life you’ve always dreamed of.


With love always,



PS:  Yesterday we officially kicked off Get Your Shiz Together.  The feedback at the end of the call was “Okay now we’re all a little scared, but it’s a good scared”.  That’s because the participants saw true passion in action.  They experienced what it feels like to have that passion behind them, pushing them to go next level, to leave behind the slow rhythm of existence and to embrace the excitement of their true desires.  And they are on FIRE!  I’m keeping the doors open for you until tonight and then they are closing.  This is your final opportunity to join us and to leave behind a life of ordinary because there’s no way in hell you can connect with your true magnificence and remain the same.  But only join if you’re serious about not just going through the motions, but actually getting results.  Get Your Shiz Together today.