Beware the sheep in wolves clothing!

The message woke me just after 3 this morning.

Replaying events from the previous 24 hours.

Asking to be shown what I was missing.

Which is when it hit me:

There’s a shit-ton of sheep walking around in wolves clothing.

Now before you get all uppity with me,

I have no problem with sheep.

I think they’re really cute and fluffy and they don’t bother me.

I pay them no attention.

What I do have an issue with is when these sheep put on wolves clothing,

prancing around,

saying they take a stand for success,

for the greatness in others,

for levels of excellence,


they don’t.

When you listen to their words it’s laced with labels and excuses.

Of why others should be wrapped in cotton wool,

play within the confines of their fears,

be inspired by those who drive themselves hard,

and that I should be more understanding and sympathetic of the fact that when they see the big picture people get overwhelmed and stuck.

Okay Darling,

here’s my thing:

I could choose to buy into that bullshit,

god knows I did for ages,

and I could let you off the hook.

I could take your hand, cajoling you with tender words,

taking a decade to get you to move an inch.

Bless those who were born with the patience to do this.

I am not one of them.

And I refuse to make myself wrong just because I’m different.

I didn’t come here to work with those who allow their fears and their excuses to get bigger than their desires.

You want it,

You fucking go for it as if your arse is on FIRE!

Stop being such a wimp and start remembering who the fuck you are!

That you have greatness inside of you.

That when you put your mind to it,

when you fucking decide,

you WILL make it happen.

In my opinion majority of society has become soft.

Soft bodies,

soft minds,

soft spirits.

Why don’t you get off the couch and go climb the mountain that you fly over in your online games,

in the dark,

on your own,

facing your demons,

having to make the true choice of life or death,

and then maybe you will start appreciating just how resilient you can be when the cards are on the table?

I did – it changed me at my very core.

If I, a middle aged crocked up old bat, can do it, so can you!


Thinking that playing your games makes you a badass warrior is nothing more than the machine keeping you distracted from your actual life.

Wake the fuck up!

Your constant desire for instant gratification makes you impatient for greatness.

Wake the fuck up!

Your buying in to the fact that you have to help everyone around you is nothing more than a get out of jail for free card for those who refuse to do the work.

Wake the fuck up!

I am no stronger than those around me.

I simply choose to do the work whilst they are walking around calling themselves lazy or uninspired or undisciplined or tired, as if it’s a disease that they are not responsible for!

All the time,

mediocrity is suffocating the true artists and creatives of our time.

Now if you really want to get me on my soap box,

let’s start talking about how dedication, discipline, obsession with excellence is being criticised.

How those of us committed to our art is constantly told that we need to get more balance in our lives,

that we need to slow down,

that we’re going to burn out,

that we’re just too much,

too full on,

that we shouldn’t expect others to have the same standards as us.

Fuck off!

Have you forgotten the obsession of the true masters of past?

Or do you not value mastery?

Do you just want to be bloated with average?

Do you just want to settle for barely enough?

I doubt it – not if you’re in my space.

Stop allowing others to put their average Poppycock on you!

Humanity needs every single high achiever to stop tolerating ‘good enough’.

Stop allowing the sheep to creep in under your skin, making you feel guilty for your passion, your fire, your focus, your ambition.

Stop allowing the sheep to climb onto your back expecting you to carry them to the finish line because ‘they don’t have what it takes’.

That’s complete and utter hogwash!

Everyone has what it takes.

We are all created equal.

I refuse to see the victim in others.

I will not speak to the weakness in them.

I have too much respect for you.

I see your soul.

I see your magnificence.

If that makes you uncomfortable,

that’s your story and I will not allow it to become mine.

We also have free will.

Don’t allow others choice of ordinary hold you back.

You are NOT responsible for them.

The only person you are responsible for is YOURSELF.

And here’s another thing:

If you truly desire FREEDOM,

you have to take full RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE!

THAT my friend is where freedom resides.

Freedom from victimhood.

Freedom from your own excuses.

And No, I don’t think you need to be protected from your fear.

I believe that

if you have the capacity to visualise the vision,

you have the capacity to create the vision.

In the presence of fear.

In the presence of doubt.

In the presence of having no fucking clue of the how.

But where you won’t create it is in the presence of sheep!

So my invitation to you today is to decide,

without shame or judgement,

that shit will keep you stuck and hurting like a mofo:

Are you a sheep,

or are you a wolf?

If you’re a sheep please unsubscribe from me.

Honestly, nothing I say will ever make sense to you.

It will make you feel bad and you will simply walk around sulking every day instead of living the life of a sheep – blissfully slow and happy grazing in the meadow surrounded by sheep, feeling safe.

And if you’re a wolf,

for the love of popsicles,

stop surrounding yourself with sheep!

Stop slowing down waiting for the gravy train.

Speed up!


And those who are truly part of your pack will not only match your speed,

they will accelerate and challenge you to keep up.

In these moments you will feel more alive than you ever thought humanly possible.

THIS my friend,

is thrive.

I have space for a new client.

This client is someone who is powerful, confident, and successful.

He or she is someone who despite having achieved some remarkable feats in the past, is ready and hungry for more.

He or she is ready to receive support to achieve the goal that feels ‘impossible’ right now.

If that’s you, apply today.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With true love and appreciation for you,





The fear beneath the perceived fear.

Had you seen me yesterday, you would have stood in bewilderment.

Shaking your head in sympathy.

Convinced that I’d finally lost my shit.



But you didn’t,

nobody did,

because they were all still sleeping.

Whilst I was out,

fighting my demons;

my fears,

dripping thickly in my throat.



calling me weak,

daring me to stand up to the monsters inside of my head.

The ones that have kept me taking two steps forward, three steps back.

The ones that have given me tantalising glimpses of their eyes without ever fully revealing their faces.

Until yesterday that is.

Because I’d fucking had enough of not serving you fully.

I’ve been at this point countless times before.

But something my coach said really hit a chord,

the fact that my resistance is witnessed through my short punches.

It was time for me to punch FURTHER than I thought needed so that I could get to where I truly desire to serve.

So I set out to the forest under a cloak of darkness.

If I was going to face my fears,

I had to turn up the dial.

As I neared the entrance I was tempted to walk around.

To stick to the tarred road.

Nobody would have seen.

Nobody would ever know.

Yet I believe it’s what we do when there are no witnesses that ultimately define our results.

So I toughened up a little more and kept going straight.

I started tapping on the karate chop point.

Sweat forming in my armpits.

The words thickening my throat, making it hard to give voice to my fears.

My true fears.


“Make your decision bitch.

Are you seriously going to do this again?

Starting the process and then stopping before leaping over the edge?”


Not this time.

There’s no going back.

I’ve burned the boats.

Even the oars.

Because, this is it my friend.

My soul’s telling me that the time for screwing around is over and done with.

That there’s nobody who is going to take a stand for my vision,

it’s up to me.

When people tell me that nobody ever gets to their deathbed wishing they had worked harder. I shrug my shoulders.

My work is my life.

My work is my purpose.

Why the hell wouldn’t I want to work harder?

Why wouldn’t I want to reach more people?

Every single soul I get to inspire into conscious action is important to me.

So yes,

I will probably get to my deathbed wishing I had worked harder.

Bite me.

I started talking about my fear.

Talking to my fear.

I fleshed him out.

Giving him form.

All the incidences from my past that made him real.

Willing to remember.

The disappointment.

The pain.

The humiliation.

The learning.

And then asking myself,

why the hell can’t I get myself to move past this fear?

What is the REAL fear, the one behind the mask, the story, that keeps me from breaking through?

Which is when it hit me –

The FEAR I’ve lived with has been wearing a mask of what I was told is love.

And if love hurt this much,

imagine what it will feel like when the love is removed???

This fear has worn many faces from many humans in the past.

Those who claimed that love hurts.

And hurt they did.

Today I’m filled with so much appreciation for every single one of them,

because if it wasn’t for them,

I wouldn’t have walked through the forest yesterday.

I wouldn’t have finally found the courage to keep asking myself,

what’s the real fear.

Until I knew.

I’ve kept myself standing slightly behind the fear.

Hurting all the time,

yet in some bizarre and insane way feeling protected.

I’m not sure if this makes any sense to you today,

but we become so used to our pain,

our everyday fears,

our status quo,

that we stay two feet behind it so that it will shield us from the unknown.

Always imagining that the teeth that is in front of the beast,

will somehow be sharper.

More violent.

Ripping us to pieces.

Until we find a vision that is so magnetic,

so powerful,

so irresistible,

that we are prepared to bleed for it.

This is where I’m at in my life.

I’ve connected to the vision for which I’m prepared to sacrifice it all.

The vision for which I’m prepared to go into battle.

To bleed.

To cry more.

To look like a mad-hatter tapping on my body, talking out loud to the voices in my head,

for the breakdown that precedes the breakthrough.

Getting to a point of ultimate decision.

I’ve turned the monster around,

looking him in the eye,

and taking another step forward.

Does this mean I’ve become fearless?


I’ve never been more scared in my life!

Which is EXACTLY how I know that this is the most transformational course for my life.

Fear highlights the path to growth and freedom.

I don’t believe this is a time in humanity that calls for fearlessness.

I honestly believe in my heart that this is the time that will go down in the great book of history as one of great courage.

Stop thinking that your life, your choices, doesn’t matter.

Stop thinking that it’s not your responsibility to bring order to the chaos so prevalent in our society.

YOU matter.

YOUR choices matter.

YOUR story matters.


For that to happen you have to start going deeper into the fear beneath the fear.

You have to go walk through your dark forest.

You have to connect to your obsessive vision.

You have to go face your demons.

You have to find the courage that I see inside of you.

I believe in you.

Right now.

From where you’re at and with what you have.

You can make up stories to say this isn’t valid – that I don’t know you.

That I don’t see you.

That I haven’t heard the details of your story.

Except I do.

I trust my soul.

I trust the Universe to only show this piece to those who need to read it today.

The ones who are ready to rise.

The slumbering warriors awakening to a new dawn.

If you’re a purpose driven entrepreneur with a vision and you’ve reached a point of no return, let’s connect to see if I’m the right coach to guide you on this part of your journey.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,







The only person you’re truly lying to, is yourself.

Stop it.

Stop telling me that you want to be successful when you’re not prepared to be uncomfortable.

Stop telling me that you value health when you’re stuffing your face with obscene amounts of food.

Stop telling me that you desire deep love and connection when you’re not prepared to leave behind toxic relationships.

Stop telling me that you have set the goals and there is no related actions scheduled in your calendar.

It’s exhausting listening to you lying to yourself day in and day out,

because you would rather be right,

rather save face,

than be happy.

So just stop it!

Today I want you to step out of the shadows of shame,

the space where you’ve been tripping along most of your life,

because others have put their issues onto you,

too cowardly to sort out their own shit,

and because of your love for them,

your loyalty to them,

you’ve taken it on.

Thinking that for you to honour them you have to live a shadow of your potential,

because when you stepped into the light before,

when you shone so bright,

when you dared to be different,




they punished you with their hands and their words,

their system where failure is unacceptable,

to the point where our youth are ending their lives,

unable to cope with the pressure of ticking the boxes.

I dare you to leave that behind.

To release all shame and blame and connect with your truth –

which is always love.

And from this space I ask you to get really honest with yourself.

Nobody will ever know.

I invite you to first of all take a real look at your life.

Not the story you’re telling me about your life,

but the real physical manifestation of what is.

Your spiritual state,

your emotional state,

your physical state,

your relationships,

your professional state,

your lifestyle,

and ask yourself,

is this the BEST you want for yourself?

The absolute BEST?

And if it is,

I invite you to just admit that this is all that you want in life.

Nothing more.

Knowing that if this is all you want, you simply need to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

You simply need to eat the same food,

move your body to the same degree,

hang out with the same crowd,

have the same conversations.

Same old same old.


if you’re in my space,

chances are that you can be really proud of your life,

there can be some incredible things going on in there,

you can truly deeply appreciate everything you have,

and be RAVENOUS for more!

That’s because if you’re in my space Darling,

you’re a born achiever.

Here to create something awe-inspiring,

overthrow an oppressive system,

heal the collective consciousness.

In a time of so much depression and misery,

you’re here to




And in order for you to continue feeding your insatiable hunger for more,

that means that you continuously have to evaluate what got you to this point,

and what you need to upgrade to go next level.

It means that you have to embrace the feelings of fear, discomfort, uncertainty, risk,

in the name of growth.

There’s a reason they call it growing pains after all.

You have to embrace the muscle soreness that’s inevitable when you start adding the resistance to increase your strength.

Whether that muscle is your physical body or your spiritual muscle or your mindset muscle or your relationship muscle or your money muscle.

It’s all the same.

You have to embrace the periods of exhaustion and moments of defeat that always pop up on a journey of building fitness and endurance.

You have to be willing to upgrade your self-care if you’re serious about upgrading your performance.

You have to be willing to release the nay-sayers, the small players, those who have no desire to continue going up.

Without resentment.

Without the hatred.

Without the bitterness.


understanding that releasing those who do not desire to keep going is the most loving thing you can do for them and for you.

I invite you to ask yourself today,

are you willing to pay the Pied Piper?

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to hurt?

And if your answer is NO –

then I want you to admit that to yourself without any judgement.

Just get real with yourself and finally own the fact that you don’t really want more as badly as you need to breathe.




If on the other hand you say HELL YES

then I demand that you show the fuck up for your dreams!

That you figure out the actions to take AND TAKE THEM.

That you figure out what needs to go AND YOU RELEASE!

That you figure out who you need to support you on this journey AND YOU SIGN THEM UP TO YOUR DREAM TEAM!

No more bullshitting.

Commit or sit down.

It’s time.

I’m still seeing way too many people toeing the line,

talking a big game,

and then,


I can almost guarantee that the only reason you’re lying to yourself is shame.

And shame my friend,

almost cost me my life!

It’s not fucking worth it.

Take the shame and flush it down the toilet.

I can openly share with you that when I released my shame and started reaching out to people,

asking for help,

not a single person told me that I’m a weak little bitch for asking and that I can go jump.

Not a single one!

Every single person I reached out to,

understanding that I didn’t reach out to those playing a losing game,

gave me a hand up.



But you have to show them that you’re serious,

you have to bring yourself onto the field,

and you have to be willing to play the game.

Are you ready and willing to have an honest conversation with yourself today?

Are you ready and willing to have an honest conversation with me?

After all Darling,

Only death is inevitable,

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love and appreciate you,






You know what Love, we all feel fear!

Come with me

down into the dark

the place where they live:

the voices

so soothing


They weren’t always there.

At first,

when you came to this plane of existence,

you were





You believed in yourself.

You understood there’s no limitations to what you can achieve.

When you put your mind to it.

When you don’t give a fuck who laughs,

who screams,

when you fall over.

You didn’t care that your bottom hurt every time you stumbled.

You cried.

You let them tears roll freely

hollering your frustration,

and then,

once the hiccups died down,

you tried again.

Until you could stand.

Until you could walk.

Until you ran.

That’s when the voices turned up the volume.

At first external.

The voices of your loving care-givers telling you what you could and could not do.

What you should or should not do.

Telling you to stop being so weird,

to stop being so rebellious.

That nobody likes a smart-ass or a girl who thinks she rocks the house.

When you didn’t listen they would take out that god-awful wooden spoon,

or bring out the belt,

beating the shit out of you,

beating the spirit out of you,

telling you you’re bad,

telling you you’re flawed,

telling you that you will never be good enough,

into obedience.

Because they love you and it’s their duty to ensure that you conform to the expectations of the social dictators.

Shoulder slumped, chin down so you’re not seen as defiant.

The once solo voice became a choir of teachers, preachers, family and friends.

Slowly but surely the internal voice of invincibility started singing a different tune.

Until one day,

you completely forgot

your courage

your determination

and all you could hear

was the voices of doubt and restraint and fear.

I get it.

They still sing in my head.

Their words so convincing,

ringing true,

dripping honey.

Telling me I’m bat-shit crazy,

that I’m just too full-on,

too much.

That I need to tone it down,

stop being such a ruthless bitch,

stop sharing with you what I truly see in you,

and instead feed you the lies.

Excusing you from showing up for yourself, for you dreams, for your purpose.

Because if I tell you that you can sleep a little longer, that you can play a little smaller, that you have more than enough time to lie on that motherfucking couch stuffing yourself with poison, escaping your life, your responsibility,

you will like me.

And who doesn’t want to be liked?

Nobody ever escapes the fear.

Fear of success,

fear of failure,

fear of judgement,

fear of rejection,

fear of loneliness,

fear of abandonment.

It’s thick in your throat,

constricting your chest,

until you want to scream!


What are you going to do?

What are you going to choose?

Will you cower down to the voices of ‘sanity’,

slinking back into your corner

like a little bitch,

moaning your terror to all the sympathisers

who will pull you to their bosom,

suffocating your creativity

killing your dreams

smothering your ambition

drowning your brilliance.

You never have far to look,

they are everywhere

and this course of action is completely acceptable to the masses.

It is celebrated.

Fear is normal

Courage is a choice.

Courage has you standing in the face of your fear,

those voices SCREAMING for you to stop this insanity!

To sit down

that you’re going to screw it all up

and they will hate you

Their rage will burn you up and you will be left on the floor

unacceptable to be loved,


selfish bastard,

who the fuck do you think you are?

Making them feel bad?

And you have to let it flow over you my friend,

you have to stand there and take the beating of the words,

you have to FEEL THE FEAR and then


You have to acknowledge the voices, thank the voices,

and then

tell them that you are no longer available to accept any energy that is contrary to your greatness.

You have to dig deep,

find the strength

that lies within your heart,

and take a step,

any step

regardless of how small,

to move your arse.

For it is in our actions that we find our confidence.

It’s in our movement that we get to connect to our powers of manifestation.

I’m telling you Darling

nothing ever happened without action.


everything in your life right now,

the good,

the shit,

and the ugly,

is because of ACTIONS you took.

If you say but you’re not doing anything,

you’re just sitting still,

I invite you to understand that SITTING STILL is the action that’s giving you your current results.

Personally I’m done with people being excused from taking full responsibility for themselves,

excused from showing up,

excused from cleaning up,

because they are afraid.

We all feel fear,

some of us simply choose to feel the fear and find the courage.

That choice is available to everyone.

And as long as we excuse people,

we’re keeping them down on the floor.

I respect you way too much to do that to you.




My question to you today is, who are you excusing based on fear?

Your partner?

Your kids?

Your employees?

Your clients?


And whose fear is it anyway?

I bet if you look deep enough you will find it’s always YOUR fear.

If you’re still reading,

you and I both know that your soul’s had enough of the bullshit.

Within you there’s a warrior ready to wake,

ready to rise,

ready to thrive.

Your life will transform one choice at at time.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  What does it feel like to have someone hold you accountable to your dreams,

to your potential,

to your word,

to your best?

What does it feel like to have someone believe in you even when you don’t?

What does it feel like to have someone challenge your beliefs and blow up your BS?

What does it feel like to have someone burn your ‘get out of jail free’ card?

Why don’t you book a consult and find out?






Free your MIND and the rest will follow.























What do these mean to you?

How do they make you feel?

What’s the pictures that pop to mind?

The stories you have attached to each word?

Words have power.


Because we gave it to them.

As we go through life, we’re taught letter-combinations, then going out and finding experiences with which to anchor an emotion to the word.

Some people, for instance, go find a ‘challenge’,

they bite off a lot,

and then,

they choke,

it feels horrible,

so they spit out the offending piece

and make the decision that ‘challenge’ doesn’t feel good and is to be avoided at all cost.

They make it ‘bad’.

Others bite off that piece of ‘challenge’,

they choke,

and their mind goes into overdrive.

‘What do I really want?

A belly full of experiences.

How can I get there without dying, or die trying?

I can spit out a little and keep chewing.

I can swallow some and keep chewing.

I can keep choking and hope to god someone will eventually see the blue tint on my face,

giving me the Heimlich from behind.’

They push through the discomfort for that moment of triumph.

And then,

they go bite off some more.

They make it ‘good’.

The same goes for every single word in the dictionary.

We attach emotions to them, fleshing them out with stories,

and this impacts our behaviour,

which then gives our results.

Sometimes we don’t have the time, patience or desire to go create our own stories, so instead we take the stories of others and make them real for ourselves.

A risky move my friend:

Playing YOUR game of life by the rules of others.

Because the truly brave are few and far between.

So scarce that they become legends.

The rest of humanity,


they’re quite fearful.

Terrified that they will take one wrong step and it will all come crumbling down.

Falling into the pits of hell.

Burning for all eternity.

I believed this for most of my life.

My christian upbringing had me living in a state of shame – you know, the whole you’re born flawed AF, a sinner, thing –

a state of fear – because you’re basically bad and judgement day is coming and if you don’t have enough saintly stacked on your side your arse is going to fry –

having to beg for mercy,

having to beg for anything,

respect my elders even when my elders abused me,

thinking that I didn’t stand a chance of ever getting into heaven.

After all,

the things I secretly desired,

the ones that lit me up like a lighthouse,

the thoughts I was having,

the questions milling around in my head,

was generally classified in the ‘sin bin‘.

I lived my life in a state of misery,

so out of alignment with my truth that I stopped believing myself.

A hollowed out piece of flesh and bones with no substance.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

I started hurting so much,

hitting rock bottom,

ready to end it all,

that I got to make a powerful choice –

continue existing in mindless fear


lift my middle finger to the rules and the laws,

daring to risk it all,

by creating heaven on earth,

and then,

if I’m wrong and they’re right and I go to hell,

at least I had fun whilst still alive!

I began changing my mind-set, starting with my definition and classification of words.

What I found, in general, was the words I believed to be ‘bad’, to be avoided at all cost,

were the ones that, when embraced, gave me the greatest levels of joy and liberation and makes me feel like a motherfucking rock star!









are not the villains.

They are my most trusted allies.

They are the stepping stones to my thrive.

Once I’ve set my sights on what I truly desire, I bring it all out on the table,

everything that can possibly bring me pleasure,

and everything that can possibly bring me pain,

and I embrace both as part of the journey.

I’ve made the decision that I will dedicate my life to mastering my mind-set, soul-set, and body-set,

and to share this exploration of possibility with you,

even though it’s terrifying some days,

because I’m not exactly waiting a decade to find the evidence to prove myself right,

in fact,

a lot of the time as I move forward,

I change my mind again,

having uncovered something new.

My intention is that you will become open to new possibilities without waiting for proof from someone else.

That you will start to understand that nobody is more special than you,

nobody is more clever than you,

nobody is more talented than you,

nobody is more blessed than you.

It’s an equal playing field of powerful souls.

And instead of always comparing yourself to everyone else out there and then thinking you’re not ready to go full-out for your dreams,

you start going inwards and

Dare to be wrong,

Dare to be right,

Dare to be you.

If that means that I get to look like a fumbling buffoon along the way, that’s cool with me too.

After a decade of cycling, I still fall off my bike.

After decades of walking I still trip clumsily at times for heaven’s sakes. You  would think by now I would have mastered graceful walking LOL.

But so fucking what???

Honestly Darling, how would you live your life if you stopped worrying about what everyone else is thinking all the time?

It’s been my experience that those who watch to criticise me,

is only focused on me because they don’t want to look at their own shit.

Those who are ahead in the game of me,

they sometimes glance back when I fall and give a startled scream,

they might laugh humorously with me,

and then they keep walking,

knowing that I will get up and keep going, if I so choose.

And they are the ones I now choose to keep company with.

All of this, starts with you freeing your mind from the old beliefs.

It starts with you choosing to believe whatever the hell feels good to believe.

It starts with your mind-set, and the rest will follow.

If you’re in a space where you’re ready to liberate yourself and give yourself permission to live a life of thrive, let’s connect and see if I’m the coach that will be fun to partner with on this part of your journey.

You have nothing to lose,

and EVERYTHING to gain.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,









Are you done hitting the snooze button Darlin?

Okay Sweetheart,

let’s have some real talk here.

You and me.

Because I look at you and do you know what I see?

I see this incredibly powerful, beautiful person of infinite potential,

waiting around,

for something to happen,

something to change,

to give themselves permission to finally stop holding the reigns in.

I see this restless stallion,

shaking with adrenaline,

sweat sheathing your body,

frustrated with the feeling of helplessness,

being trapped,

broken in,

by an outdated system that told you that you’re a work-horse,

pulling a load of stinking shit on the wagon behind you.

What you don’t seem to remember is that you were never bred in captivity.

Not you.

That’s the pain you feel,

every single day,

that niggle inside your slumbering mind,

a memory of another time,

when you ran free.




When you close your eyes you go there,

in your heart,

and it feels




that you don’t want to open your eyes.

So you press the snooze button,

again and again,

in a desperate attempt to escape the suffocating mediocrity of your daily existence.


your back killing you from pulling around that which doesn’t even belong to you,

hardly able to get your feet on the ground.

And you tell yourself it’s because you’re working so hard,

doing the responsible thing.

Getting confirmation from all those around you,

sympathy and appreciation of your dedication and your sacrifice.

But it’s all a lie!

Nothing but brainwashing of an outdated school of thinking where codependency is mistaken for love.

A way of living where average masses keep each other feeling okay by agreeing to be average.

Killing you softly,

every day,

just a little.

All the time,

you press snooze,

not because you’re tired from doing too much,

but exhausted from living too little.

Do you have any idea just how much energy it takes to restrain yourself?

Think about holding the power of an entire universe within the confines of a business suite!

It’s ridiculous!

Suffering is optional in this life.

So today I offer you a little of what I witness through my work with people who are just like you.

Maybe it will resonate with a part inside of you, and you will choose to go a little deeper, uncovering more and more of an ancient wisdom waiting for you to remember.

Maybe it will trigger the fuck out of you, and you will choose to get really pissed at me, rejecting it because the pain feels unbearable and instead you will go and find more evidence contradicting my words.  Numbing yourself with whatever your drug of choice.

Either way is fine with me.

Your journey is perfect regardless of what you choose.

It’s true that I don’t work with just anyone.

My clients are ‘ordinary’ people who have a deep-seated desire to do extraordinary things.

They are the courageous ones who reached a point where they’ve just had enough of settling for anything less than their best version self, for where they’re at and with what they have available to them.

So they come play in my pen of limitless possibilities,

setting the goals that has them laughing at me,


saying I’m fucking looney to think they can possibly achieve all of THAT in so little time,

yet they know,

in their soul,

that it will be.

Because for the first time in decades they feel fully ALIVE.

You might identify this feeling as fear,

and because they told you that fear is bad,

you walk away from it.

But my clients don’t have the luxury of being a little bitch.

That’s part of our agreement – they have to be willing to feel the fear and take a step forward anyway.

So they do.

Not believing in the beginning,

but it’s okay,

because my belief in them is enough to keep toeing over the line.

Slowly but surely those hesitant baby steps become leaps of faith.

And you know what happens?

There arrives a tipping point where their belief in self matches my belief in them.

They become unstoppable.

They become victorious.

They remember who they are and what they’re here to do.

They stop trying to save everyone else.

They stop waiting for every Tom, Dick and Sally to catch up,

and they start running.

With the wolves.

Knowing that as they leave behind the lightbulbs of the masses,

the darkness brings clarity and silence and power.

That’s right Darling,

we are not afraid of the dark.

For it’s in the shroud of black that we learn to trust ourselves.

Taking the steps believing the ground will be waiting for us even when we can’t see.

And it always does.


Because YOU are the creator of your entire world!

And if there’s no ground underfoot, you simply manifest it.

Pretty fucking cool don’t you think?

This is why my clients and I don’t hit the snooze button.

Shit, we don’t even set the alarm because Soul wakes us up whilst others still desperately escape their lives through slumber.

We’re THAT excited about each day.

Taking full responsibility for every single event and turning it into a creative celebration of brilliance.

You see Hun, when you embrace your true power,

you understand how everything is connected and you unleash the energy from within the trilogy of your essence:




The three combined is what charges your vibration.

Not sleep.

Not pressing snooze.

So what are you going to do right now?

Are you going to press snooze again?

Filing this piece under the ‘oh that was pretty cool’ or ‘pretty shit’ categories and carrying on with your day as per normal,


are you going to take immediate action?

Maybe that action is walking away from your desk, taking your journal and committing to a goal that you will achieve by the end of this year and immediately take the first step.

Maybe that action is having an uncomfortable conversation that you’ve been resisting for years so you can clear the air.

Maybe that action is finally registering that website of the business you’ve been talking about for a really long time.

Maybe that action is writing the introduction of the book you’ve been feeling inside you forever.

Maybe that action is booking a consultation with me to see if I’m the coach to hold you accountable to your dreams.

Whatever it is,

today is the day.

Throw out your alarm.

No more snooze.

Commit to whatever the outcome before reading my name.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,




Your dreams – your responsibility

Good morning Sunshine.

What you up to this week?

Are you going to astound us with your brilliance?

Are you going to create something so incredible that those around you will sit, mouths wide open,

wondering who this delightful being of magnificence is?

Are you going to go full out for everything that you’ve ever said you wanted?

That rocking body that weakens knees with the pulsating energy that burns like a fire in your very core.

That company that is going to impact millions in a way that nobody ever thought possible.

That relationship that leaves you breathless with the deep connection that you feel every time you look into your partners eyes.

That amazing adventure that has you laughing your ass off, screaming in exhilaration.


are you just going to have another average, boring, depressing week?

Are you going to bitch and moan of how hard it is?

Are you going to say that it’s just not possible for you right now?

Because you have responsibilities.

Are you going to say it’s all just a dream anyway?

It’s time we stop putting dreams in the category of ‘oh, that would be nice.’

Time to stop putting dreams on the shelve.

Time to stop thinking that we’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough to have it all.

Time to stop thinking in terms of scarcity, competition, settling for crumbs.

I believe that every single dream that’s in your heart, your mind, is given to you for a reason.

No matter how insignificant they may appear on the surface

I believe that every single dream forms part of a bigger picture,

a piece of the puzzle of your best version self.

And I honestly believe that your best version self is in service to the whole of humanity.

That every person who decides to become massively successful in all aspects of the word is creating a new vibration for the collective.

So why then does it feel so incredibly challenging to go for it?

Full out?

To train like a professional athlete.

Eat like a nutritionist.

Make love like a tantric master.

Spend money like a Kardashian.

Build an empire like Richard Branson.

I suspect it’s because things are changing rapidly on an energetic, magical level and it feels kinda weird most of the time.

I suspect that majority of dreams gifted to us at this time goes against the grain.

It challenges old thoughts, values and socialised norms.

It feels uncomfortable and we don’t really like feeling uncomfortable.

And because the masses are still buying into the archaic patriarchal bullshit,

the idea that there’s only so much to go around,

that if you take the entire cake someone else is starving to death,

that your desire for beauty is pretentious and makes you a little bitch,

that the sexual energy that is demanding to be fed makes you a whore,

that thinking you’re fucking fabulous makes you full of yourself,

and they have no problem shaming you in public,

giving yourself permission to show up fully is challenging even for the veterans.

I love how nobody ever criticises the pity-pieces.

That nobody ever says you’re a nasty piece of work when you tell people how weak they are and how they should take it slow,

that it’s not their fault that they eat too much, drink too much, binge too much,

just doing their best, even when their best sucks nickerballs, nobody can expect more of them,

that nobody ever threatens you when you give people more excuses to sit on their arses,

but oh golly,

when you write from the heart,

your soul to theirs,

speaking to the immense power that resides within each of us,



that it’s your responsibility to push the limits,

that it’s your responsibility to be massively fucking successful,

that it’s your responsibility to go for your dreams like your hair is on fire,

that it’s your responsibility to train insane and live like an empress,

everybody gets on the bandwagon of defending the average.

Saying you’re not being fair and should just calm the **** down (who the fuck speaks in stars???)


go on defending your excuses to stay average,

keep hiding behind your children, your relationship status, your bank balance,

keep showing up with 10% of your potential every day because it feels safe,

and comfortable,

and it makes you feel like ‘the man’ when you talk a big game,

knowing full well that when the cards are laid on the table,

you have a myriad of ‘reasons’ lined up as to why you can’t take the leap.

You keep on existing, day in and day out,

certain that they will defend your choices,

after all,

the sheople have teeth and they will protect those who huddle together.

You keep doing that Darling.

But, we both know that you’re not sleeping at night.

We both know you’re waking up exhausted in the morning,

because your soul is growing impatient with your choice to continue merely existing.

Your higher self is screaming in that coffin you’ve stuffed her in, demanding to be heard in the still of the night.

Your dreams are howling to the bright light of the moon,




because your average behaviour,

is fucking suffocating your brilliance.

Go on,

have that next drink,

thinking it will make you feel better.

Play another raid,

thinking it will make life a little more exciting.

You keep doing that.

Your life, and nobody is going to live it for you.

I simply want you to know that you have an alternative choice available to you right now.

Right now,

you can choose to stop pussy-footing around.

Right now,

you can choose to draw a line in the sand.

Right now,

you can commit to giving your life an over-haul.

Your body, your relationships, your business, your friendships, your adventures, your lifestyle.

All of it.

It’s available to you right now.

You simply have to decide that you will no longer tolerate average anything in any aspect of your life.

You simply have to take responsibility for yourself, your happiness, your dreams.

You simply have to show the fuck up every single day, not negotiable.

Pushing through the discomfort.

Giving fear the playful finger.

No longer giving a damn of the acid words spewed by the faceless haters.

Because at the end of the day,

they are not looking in your mirror.

And quite frankly Darling,

your opinion of self should be the only one that matters to you.

I’m currently interviewing those who are ready to partner in a coaching relationship to ensure that 2018 will go down in their history as the year of total transformation.

Men and women with a no-excuses policy.

Spiritual gangsters on a mission.

Those who demand high accountability and a coach who will not tolerate the bullshit excuses others eat up like honey.

If you’re done settling, let’s connect and see if I’m that coach for you.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love and deep appreciation of your badass self,






self belief, mindset, action, goals, achievement

Is thinking killing your badassery?

I can spot them a mile away- –

the ‘thinkers’.

They normally have a frown deeply creased into their foreheads.

There’s a dark cloud hanging around them.

Their energy is low.

They talk in problems.

Always trying to puzzle out whatever is eating them.

They will start thinking of a goal they really want to achieve,

and instead of just saying ‘HELL YES’ to the excitement flowing inside of them,

instead of committing to do WHATEVER it takes,

instead of immediately taking action,

they first want to figure out the plan and steps and strategies.

Except if they knew the how they would have already achieved the goal,

so now they start worrying,

because if they can’t figure out the how they’ll never achieve said goal,

so maybe they should scale it down,

make it more realistic,

set something they DO know the answers to.

Which is not only BORING AF but completely defeats the object of setting goals in the first place which is


It’s about becoming your BEST NEXT LEVEL SELF.

You know,

the badass in you.

The one with the big balls of courage.

The adventurous one.

The one that inspires others to raise their game for themselves.

In my humble opinion,

thinking is highly overrated.

It gets people on this crazy-ass hamster wheel going around in manic circles in their heads.

Not understanding their minds are playing tricks on them.

Distorting everything.

Their stories,

their beliefs,

their realities.

And normally, people tend to ‘think’ when they’re unhappy about something or afraid of something.

The obstacle, the problem, becomes all-consuming and what you focus on, you create more of.

The biggest issue I have with people ‘thinking’ is,

they’re normally not moving.

The only elixir to fear is ACTION!

The only way to achieve any goal is ACTION!

The only way to improve a situation is through,

you’ve got it,


Not thinking it to death.

What really saddens me is that ‘thinkers’,

who historically don’t have a good track record of figuring it out,

convince themselves that if they think about it long enough,

they will find the answer.

Their ego tells them not to take action because heaven forbid they fuck up and then,

they’ll look like an ass,

they’ll fail,

they’ll be a failure.

Their ego, which is their think-tank, only draws on what it already knows,

it doesn’t connect to a higher realm of thinking where the soul plays.

It doesn’t connect to a deeper realm of courage and adventure where the soul plays.

It doesn’t connect to others who have already figured this shit out or who will provide a sounding board to hear the absurdity of the voices in the dark realms of your subconscious.

The ego, with all her good intentions, is the greatest enemy of your DREAMS.

Now I’m not saying you must start living stupid either,

you still have to use that beautiful grey muscle in your head.

What I am saying Darling,

is fucking believe in yourself a little.

Believe that whatever you truly desire is within your capability to achieve.


you have to start thinking differently about this thing called life.

You need to start understanding that YOU are the creator of your life.

And if right now, you’re looking around and it’s pretty derelict,


You created that, which means within you lies the ability to create the opposite and then some.

So how do you turn it around?

First step – DECIDE that you’re going to turn it around.

Everything starts with a decision.

BECOME UNAVAILABLE for everything that you’re not liking right now.

WRITE DOWN what you truly desire,

what you are COMMITTED to achieving.

Really committed.

Not this flakey bullshit we see everywhere of committed until things get a little tough and then giving up.

Why write?

A -writing slows down your thoughts which means your ego doesn’t have time to play her insatiable games with you;

B – research shows that the pressure of the pen on your fingers activates a deeper creative thought process; plus

C – seeing what you write makes it REAL for you.

Next, write down all your BULLSHIT EXCUSES as to why you won’t possibly achieve this.

Yip, I’m being mean right now.

Because I want you to start understanding that all your ‘reasons’ and ‘realities’ are choices you’re making.

And you can continue to hold on to them for dear life,

in which case you might not even get started with this process,

or you can start kicking your own ass.

You can come from an energy of ‘I’ve got this shit’ and confront yourself.

Once you’ve got those down on paper, COMMAND your higher self, Creator, the Universe, whatever resonates with you, to obliterate all of these interferences thereby creating space for new beliefs.

Then you get to consciously CHOOSE YOUR BELIEFS so make damn sure that they support your desires.

Write them down.

All the time you’re writing, you’re moving.

All the time you’re moving,

even if that moving is your hand,

you’re making progress.

Believe in this.

Then, from this space, simply commit to THREE ACTIONS that you will take TODAY to move you 1% closer to your goal.


I can almost guarantee that they will be uncomfortable.

Simply because you haven’t taken them before.


Just take the action.

And then, you get to EVALUATE the outcome of the actions.

Now, if the results are not exactly what you thought you wanted,

what you would have termed ‘failure’ before,

that’s GREAT!

It’s simply feedback to do something else.

Take the energy of the disappointment, use it to strengthen your resolve, and take another action.

And if you took the action and you’re blown away by the result,

fucking celebrate!

Use the increase in energy to take another action.

Nothing changes from thinking about it.

Nothing happens from thinking about it.

Everything that you desire is on the other side of your massive actions.

What do you think about THAT?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave,

and yes,

the brave take action.

With deep love and appreciation of you,


PS:  I work with those committed to thrive.

Those who understand that they have a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, humanity, to stretch their limits, live outside of their comfort zone, and achieve the ‘impossible’.

If you’re ready to set the goals that has you burning with an inner fire of excitement,

to be held accountable to a new level of excellence,

to be supported in confronting your inner demons of BS and consciously choose your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions and your results,

then let’s connect and see if I’m the right coach to guide you on this part of your journey.


mindset, empowered masculine, warrior, discipline

Suffocated by the bullshit of an outdated system which is crumbling around your ass.

Today I’m speaking to the hearts of the men of our time.

The winds of change has finally arrived.

A time when gentle breezes are bowing down to hurricanes.


Causing destruction.

Ripping up the old.

Showing you the underbelly of the beast.

That which has come before you.

Which you so unquestioningly accepted as truth.

Because your daddy told you that it’s the way it is.

That you had to respect your elders even when your elders were being bailed out of jail for drunken driving.

Do as you’re told even when it was killing your soul.

Your mom rocking you gently to her bosom, “Hush now child.  It’s because he loves you that he beats you.”

And I know that you did your best.

But your previous best is no longer good enough.

Not anymore.

Humanity is going through one of the most explosive times of change, and what is called for now, is a return of the warriors.

That’s right Darling,

I’m calling in the empowered masculine.

It’s time to pick your balls up from the floor and be the proud protectors of the empowered feminine.

Right now, what I’m witnessing for the greater part, is a huge fucking imbalance.

Women have had ENOUGH.

Enough of being oppressed.

Enough of being silenced.

Enough of not protecting their children from the drunk, inconsiderate, weak-minded assholes who have taken power through money.

Women have had ENOUGH.

Enough of fearing the system.

Enough of feeling stupid.

Enough of being talked down to.

So they are doing the work – in secret.

I’m truly saddened at the fact that 90% of the women who come to work with me never tell their partners they are being coached.


Because ‘their men won’t understand’.

Because ‘their men don’t believe in personal development’.

Women are gathering in sacred circles.

Dancing under the light of the moon.

Praying to the ancient goddesses.

Remembering the power of their bodies.

Honouring their cycles.

Bringing back the old ways.

Yes, there are some men who are doing the same and I am deeply grateful and appreciative of being in the space of some of these incredible humans – thank you!

But nowhere near enough.

The neanderthal still ruling the roost of the masses.

In these circles it’s still considered ‘manly’ to insult women.

To rape women.

To humiliate women in front of your mates.

To shut their kids up with whatever means you deem fair.

Tick-tock bitches.

Your time is running out.

Whilst you’re sitting in the pubs drinking away your stress, your women are preparing for war.

Whilst you’re escaping reality with your online games, thinking you’re such a badass for shooting those monsters in Lala Land, your children are watching you,

they see your weakness,

making their decisions,

to NEVER be like you.

And all the time,

you don’t have a fucking clue.

Of what’s going on around you.

Time to wake up Sunshine.

Time to choose.

You can choose to keep on this path of being a victim, a martyr, to hold on to the old ways out of some false sense of obligation and guilt,

you can choose to stay faithful to the teachings of your father,

you can choose to uphold his ways of drinking, bullying, threatening your wife and children with physical and verbal abuse,

I respect your choice,

it’s yours to make,

and know this,

nobody is ever going to make the choice for you,

nobody is going to rescue you,

you’re going to be left all alone,

wondering what you ever did wrong when you did everything right according to what you were taught.

You have another choice available to you at this time:

you can choose to wake the fuck up and realise that EVERYTHING is changing.

You can start realising that the empowered feminine has returned and she DEMANDS by her side the empowered masculine.

She will not plead with you.

She will not stand by your side if that means standing still.

She will not tolerate being silenced by your threats any longer.

She has zero fucking allegiance to patriarchy.

And she is strong my friend.

She is raising an army in the next generation.

She walks with warriors.

Men and women who are purpose-driven.

Men and women who are soul-driven.

Men and women who uphold the code of heart-set, mind-set and body-set.

Men and women who understand that the only person they can take full responsibility for is themselves.

And we do so unapologetically.

We have moved beyond shame.

We never blame.

We sort out our own shit, and we bring to others our best versions selves for where we’re at with what we have.

Knowing that this is a continuous journey of self-improvement.

Understanding that we all keep falling.

We all fuck up.

We all learn.

We choose to get back up.

And we choose to keep moving forward.

I understand that most are simply unaware of what’s happening, but if you’re reading this you’re not one of those who can plead ignorance.

You KNOW in your heart that radical change is happening.

And we need YOU to step up!

We need YOU to stop backing down because you feel bad disagreeing with your dad.

We need YOU to stop hiding away from reality and to start CONSCIOUSLY creating a new life.

We need YOU to stop being ‘one of the boys’ and to start being a MAN.

We need YOU to stop fucking around with average anything and to start being an EXQUISITE  specimen.

You have within you EVERYTHING you need to be a king of a man.

It happens through training.

Training of your mind to go from weak and exhausted to indestructible.

Training your body to go from jello to ripped.

Training your soul to go from victim to magician.

It won’t be easy.

There will be sacrifices to make.

People to leave behind.

Old habits to destroy.

You will have to question everything you’ve believed up to this point.

You will have to find the courage to seek out the mentors and coaches that make you uncomfortable AF, demanding MORE than anyone has ever demanded of you before.

But I know you can do this.

When you DECIDE that you will succeed,

you will become unstoppable.


gloriously empowered,

gloriously masculine,

that way you were born to be.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving remains the choice of the brave.

With deep love, respect and appreciation of who you are at your core,







emotions, well-being, mindset

How would you live your life if you didn’t have your precious labels?

When did life become so serious?

To the point that it appears most have left their sense of humour behind in the previous century.

I suspect it came along the same time as the rise of the fathers of psychology.

Oh Yes, I’m going there today.

I’m stirring the pot with my shit-spoon 😉

Simply because I’m tired of people feeling helpless, feeling that they need saving, that they need a pill, that they need a glass of whiskey to get through the day.

Here’s what I want you to know today:

Your Emotions Are All Natural and Perfect!

Humans have always had emotions since Adams’ first breath.

They’ve felt happy.

They’ve felt sad.

They’ve felt terrified.

They’ve felt worried.

They’ve felt fury.

It was considered natural.

When they were happy, they used the vibrant energy and danced to feel even happier.

When they felt sad, they withdrew, they mourned.  They understood that there was a lower level of energy available to them in their bodies, and like nature in winter, they would allow the stillness required for death to be honoured and released so the new can blossom.

When they felt scared, they used the adrenaline pumping through their veins, stoking a fire which had them break out in a cold sweat, and either fought or ran like a motherfucking rabbit.

No shame for any feelings.

No blame for any feelings.

Life flowed on.

In beautiful harmony of what is gifted to us.


Oh My Thor,

some well-meaning ass decided that he needed to UNDERSTAND.

He had to figure out what it all meant, what it resulted in, what has to happen for people to return to homeostasis,

and we were given


Now, I’m sure that he meant it out of the goodness of his heart.

I’m sure he had a true desire to be in service to others.

To make them feel better.

Because god forbid anyone should not be operating in a ‘pleasing’ manner,

upsetting the apple cart,

making it uncomfortable for others to be around.

There’s no way in hell that he could have predicted the insatiable desire of the sheople to keep the status quo at flatline.

For the longest time I bought into all of this myself.

I even dedicated years of my life to the study of psychology to get the degrees that would say “I now understand what the fuck is wrong with you and I have the solution”.

Once you know the label, you can prescribe the treatment.

And that’s when the Universe blessed me with the experience of one of our most popular labels, depression, only to find that the ‘cure’ prescribed by the profession, was killing me even faster.

My feeling of deep depression had a serious message for me.

One which I couldn’t hear when I was drugged.

One that had nothing to do with my childhood.

It had EVERYTHING to do with my current choices.

It never intended to define me, only to get my attention.

What I’ve come to realise is that people take these labels on as their identity and it becomes their self-fulfulling prophecy.

Crafting their lives around them.

Thinking there’s something seriously wrong with them.

Drinking some form of ‘medication’ to numb out.

And because this behaviour is underwritten by the official powers, others treat them differently.

Makes them feel special.

Let’s get some perspective here:

Do you honestly think that the cave man didn’t feel anxious as he hauled ass out into the big scary world to hunt a dinosaur??

Do you not think that he stood there shitting himself as T-Rex appeared unexpectedly and he knew that unless his mate Tom was slower than him, his goose was cooked?

Do you think our brave warrior went and sat on a couch telling Fred that he doesn’t understand why he gets so freaked out that he can hardly breathe?

Do you think Fred told him he has what’s known as anxiety which is a debilitating condition that can be treated?  Just take a day leave, drink three chill pills and meditate every day to calm the fuck down.

I think not.

I think our boy, being the clever caveman he was, felt anxious, and thought to himself:

‘OMG there’s danger!

I have two choices:

Charge that motherfucking beast and fight, maybe getting a kill in the process and feeding the clan for a week,

or not,

could lose the battle and feed T for the day,


Run my ass off and maybe live to tell the tale,

or not,

T could be faster and I’ll end up being breakfast.’

Our boy paid attention to this feeling clogging up his throat,

he would connect into the energy created by said emotion,

to make fast choices,

to take immediate action.

And either he woke up on the other side laughing his ass off for getting eaten by T, or he got back home with more evidence in his arsenal to build confidence, more learning had, and a badass tale to share.

Now if you think that I’m being disrespectful and inconsiderate because I’m bringing some humour into the field of emotions,

I’m not.

I simply want you to consider how you would live your life if you stopped thinking that anything you’re feeling is WRONG.

If instead of thinking there’s something out of place for feeling the FULL SPECTRUM of human emotions,

understanding that some of those emotions have a powerful fucking reaction in your body,

and that when you lean into the emotion,

when you release into the emotion,

when you move through the emotion,

you will get to the other side with a deeper knowing of self than ever before.

It’s been my experience that the real pain is caused by our resistance of our emotions as a natural part of us.

By making our emotions wrong or bad.

If you think about it, it’s like cutting off a piece of your arm because you think it should look like your leg.

That’s gonna hurt!

And honestly, if others stopped telling you to cheer up because THEY are feeling discomfort in your presence when you’re genuinely grieving, genuinely angry, genuinely scared,

if they weren’t so codependent and allow you to work it out for yourself,

you would not hold on to that emotion

because ultimately that emotion will NOT dissipate until acknowledged and heard and acted upon.

I deeply respect our desire to make sense out of everything,

our desire for certainty,

and I’m not here to take that away from you.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to start thinking any differently as to what you have up to this point,

if it serves you,

as it always does,

then hold on to that.

But if you’re sitting there thinking it would be really empowering to simply acknowledge what you feel, to take the time for some introspection as to the meaning of the emotion, to take a real look at what’s going on around you that’s causing this feeling, and then thanking that emotion for honouring your well-being, choosing action consciously from this space,

then I invite you to approach your emotions in a new way.

What have you got to loose?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  The only thing standing between you and all you desire,

is your stories.

Most of which I’ve found to be fear-based.

And the reason why people never get to the other end,

is because they live in denial.

They think that admitting their fears will make them appear weak.

Not in my space Darling.

If you’re SERIOUS about achieving success,

if you’re ready to name and claim your fears and then releasing them,

replacing them with a new perspective,

a new set of beliefs,

and then taking the aligned action regardless of how uncomfortable you feel at the time,

because you CHOOSE to be successful,

and you’re ready to be held accountable to that,

then I invite you to connect with me to see if I’m the right coach to guide you on this part of your journey.

Only those serious about results need apply.