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How ALIVE are you feeling right now, in this moment! Dammit, it’s all you’ve got.


Oh Lordy lord lord

life is simply


Okay maybe not by your definition.

If you think that life has to fit in a little socially approved box of success for it to be awesome, chances are you’re shaking your head.

Suspecting I’m full of hot air.

Let me ask you this:

is that photoshopped box of success bringing you joy?

Are you lit up?

On fire?




Because if you’re not

I’m going to lovingly invite you to burn the box!

For the longest time I had it all screwed up.

I thought that if I had

the honours degrees

the top management jobs

the red sporty car

the handsome husband

the two kids

the right amount of pets

the right clothes

the six figure bank account

that I would have made it and I would thrive!

I was so wrong!

In fact

DEAD wrong.

To the point where I felt like this washed out, worn out, wretched old hag.

Yes, I fooled them all.

Let me tell you Darling, there’s not much that well-applied make-up can’t hide.


well into my forties,

I have nothing to hide

nothing to prove.

I finally reached a point where quite frankly I’ve stopped giving a rat’s ass

of approval

of praise

of belonging to groups that fill me with so much boredom I can hardly keep my eyes open past lunch-time.

I made a decision that if this is MY life

and I get to choose how I live it

I’m going to live it feeling fully ALIVE!

There’s more than enough time for my body to feel dead when I’m



Knowing that yes, my soul continuous,

but I’m not just a soul at this time.

I am a body too!

And this baby is built to have some adventures noteworthy of celebration!

Best of all,

now that I’ve stopped caring what others think

I get to try new things without the dreaded shame of

“What will they think?”

“What if I look like a fool?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

That’s right,

I’ve grown way down!

Look at a little kid – well, I’m not so sure anymore as most of the poor things are stuck in front of televisions when they start crawling – when they are left to their own devices they’re willing to try ANYTHING!

In fact, put them on a playground and moms are all like

“Tommy get off from there!!!”

“Jane, you can’t do that!”

“Sarah stop that!”

Yet Tommy, Jane and even little Sarah are willing to go for it!

They’re willing to taste something (even dog shit) and then either swallow if they like it or immediately pull that little face of disgust and spit it out if it offends!

Then they grow up and they lose their sense of adventure because they’re told they can’t spit out the shit!

All of a sudden a plate is viewed with suspicion and often pushed away with no willingness to smell or even taste.

And if they do put it in their mouths and it’s vile, they will swallow it so others won’t disapprove.

No wonder we stop being open to new.

These days, if I don’t like the taste,

I spit it out.

Yes I get some gasps and raised eyebrows

so what?

And we both know I’m not just talking about food here.

I’m talking about everything in life.

Maybe if we stop putting ourselves through painful experiences for the approval of others, we would be more willing to experience new again.

If we stop pushing on, keep going like little troopers, regardless of how much current circumstances are destroying us, because ‘what will the neighbours say’, we would be more open to receive the good stuff.

Is the mundane job sucking the life out of you?

Change it!

You’re a smart cookie.

Go learn something new and bring that into your life experience and build the next level with it.

Is that codependent relationship feeling like a prison sentence?


I promise you that if you’re unhappy, so is the other person!

The two of you continuously trying to ‘save’ each other and ‘be there’ for each other and try to ‘make each other happy’, is causing both of you to be joyless.

Are you generally bored and listless and feeling like there’s nothing more for you?

Change you circle of friends!

Chances are that they are dull.

That they have fallen into a monotonous routine of same old same old, and they’re stirring you with the same spoon as the rest of their pot of life.

There are some seriously fabulous people out there.

And don’t tell me you can’t find them!

They are everywhere.

You simply have to put yourself in the game.

Oh, and just a little heads up, if you want to hang with interesting people, best you start doing some interesting things Darling.

I know what you’re saying “It’s not that easy, Anel.  My circumstances are different.  It’s more challenging for me.”

I hear you

and I know that your story is feeling like absolute truth to you.

I told myself the same stories for decades and at the time I refused to change my point of view.

We’re really stubborn in holding on to our prisons.

But let me ask you my friend,

is that story making you feel fully ALIVE?

Do you feel like a powerful creator?

Like a magician?

Like an adventurer?

Like an innovator of spectacular solutions?

I know you’re scared and it feels impossible,

but you’ve seen it before,

the word impossible spells

I’m Possible!

Yes you are.

You simply have to believe it.

Look, you’re going to die anyway.

Question is,

will you choose to thrive until then?

I love you,


PS:  I’ve come to the insight that the reason most people are so unhappy and stuck, is because they have no idea where to even start.

Everyone’s heard of setting goals.

They’ve heard of creating a vision.

But these skills are not taught at school and trying to create your vision from a YouTube video only has you creating on the same vibration as you’ve been for eons.

I’m hosting two special Vision Creation Workshops in the next week – one local in Canterbury, one online.

During our four hours together I’m not only going to take you THROUGH the process, I’m going to blow up your perceived limitations and personally coach you past your fear so you can finally reconnect with your true authentic desires.

Small intimate groups ensure you get my full attention, feel safe, AND you’re surrounded by ambitious, audacious souls who like you are ready to up level AF.

From your vision you will set your top three goals for 2018 and identify your immediate actions.

Ladies have launched websites, had break-throughs in their relationships and more within 24 hours of doing this work.

Spaces are filling and yes, you can say you’ll get to it tomorrow.

You can keep procrastinating.

Or you can choose to grow down and just act right now.

Canterbury Workshop – Monday 25 June 10 am – 2 pm (NZT).

Online Workshop – Sunday 24 June 7 am – 11 am (NZT).





choice, success, goals, empowerment

Only YOU get to decide – EVERYTHING!

Resistance is real.

It’s a constant in the lives of the driven,

the creatives,

the artists,

those who desire to leave behind a legacy.

Nobody is immune to waking up some mornings, thinking they just couldn’t be fucked.

To get up at 4 am

To go out to ride when it’s cold and wet and dark

To sit down in front of their laptops and create their art

To put themselves out in the world for all to see and judge and criticise.

Nobody is immune Darling.

This is the wonder of a life filled with contradictions and opportunities of choice.

Everybody gets to decide.

Which they give in to today –

the fear


the drive.

The one that wins today, is simply the one you feed.

You’re either feeding your negativity with your thoughts, your stories, your beliefs,

understanding that by feeding your bullshit

you’re starving your vision.

Or visa versa.

The one that wins tomorrow, is the one you feed consistently.

And stop thinking that you’re alone in the fight against resistance.

Stop thinking that those who are ahead of you in the journey has it easier.

Stop saying to yourself that you simply don’t have what it takes.

What it takes is training.

Do you remember what training looks like?

It is showing up every single day.

It’s about repetition.

Again and again until you achieve a certain level of mastery and then keeping it up.

Knowing that when you stop training, muscle atrophy sets in again.

Everybody is born with the same spark of magnificence.

Some simply choose to develop and grow the spark.

Millions don’t.

Millions are lazy little fuckers.

They keep themselves exhausted with their endless to-do lists.

They keep themselves drained with their ‘responsibilities’ and codependent relationships.

They keep themselves disconnected from their desires, their passion, instead choosing to be martyrs.

They’re bored.

They want instant gratification.

The next high.


Because most people couldn’t be bothered to develop their minds.

From the moment we open our eyes we are conditioned to conform.

To take the words of others as truth.

We are rewarded for parrot work.

Praised for kissing ass and fitting in and being obedient little boys and girls.

Yes, you can use the system as your excuse for not showing up for yourself.

But we both know that no system can ever be more powerful than YOU.

Question is –

do YOU believe that you are more powerful than a system?

Because if you don’t

you will always be a slave

to the system

to existence

to the addiction of failure.

I respect your choice Darling.

I simply want you to start making it consciously.

I want you to stop thinking you’re a motherloving victim of circumstances.


Which means that you have within you the power, the resourcefulness, the magic, to create the opposite.

I want you to stop thinking that doing everything for everyone else is praiseworthy.

It’s fucking ridiculous and selfish!

You walking around like a clown-painted zombie is not honourable.

It’s not admirable.

It’s a waste of who YOU came here to be.

I want you to stop thinking that success has to be easy and doesn’t require any work.

When those further ahead tells you it’s easy it’s because they have forgotten the work they’ve put in.

It’s like me getting on my bike going out for a hundred kilometre ride when I’ve been training seven days a week.

Do you think I even feel the first two kilometres?

The first ten?

The first twenty?



the first time I went out on my bike I did an entire 2.3 kilometres and I was SMASHED!!!

It took months and months of dedicated training working with a professional coach to reach a level of racing 100 plus kilometres.

I want you to stop thinking you don’t have a choice.

Everything in life is a choice.

You get to choose if you’re going to make your life a warning or an encouragement.

You get to choose if you’re going to use your kids as your excuse or your inspiration.

You get to choose if you feed your fear of your dream.

You get to choose if you hang out with assholes or empowering, solution-focused, badass rebels.

You get to choose if you treat your body with respect or as a garbage disposal unit.

You get to choose if you stay on the hamster wheel or if you jump off, risking it all for your happiness.

You get to choose how you feel – every single moment of the day.

The only time you think you don’t have a choice is when you’re making them unconsciously.

Deciding you don’t have a choice is in and of itself a choice Sweetheart.

Time to make smarter choices.

Conscious choices.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  You can continue at the same speed you’ve been going for the past 6 months,

or you can choose to Recalibrate and Accelerate the results you deserve to have in 2018!



You deserve to have exceptional levels of energy and vitality.

You deserve to have ecstatic relationships.

You deserve to have copious amounts of money.

You deserve to rock your life.

All of this is your birthright.

BUT none of this happens unless you DECIDE to claim it for yourself.

In 90 minutes we will take your top 3 goals for 2018 and infuse them with so much passion that your ass will be on FIRE to take action.

We will align your goals with your values so you will stop sabotaging yourself due to the internal conflict.

We will create the avatar of your successful self and align you with her energy.

What this means to you is a life where everything flows.

A life where your energy is fed and spiralling up each day.

A life where you release the distractions and toxins that’s made daily existence feel like you’re paddling through molasses.

A life of clarity and focus and conscious creation.

A life where you actually wake up feeling happy, inspired, rested and energised.

Or you can choose to keep struggling.

You can choose to keep feeling stuck and frustrated and lonely.

I’m here.

I’ve made the offer.

It’s up to you whether or not you choose to rise to the occasion and accept.

Recalibrate and Accelerate – limited spaces left.



Who would you be without the fear?

‘Who would you be without the fear?’

Such a popular question often asked in coaching.

In fact, I’m sure I would have asked this very same question hundreds of times.

The idea behind the question is to open you up to new possibilities.

To show you what else is available to you if you weren’t feeling so scared every time something spectacular came your way.

But quite frankly Darling,

these days when I hear this question

I can’t help but think to myself

who gives a shit?

Fact of the matter is that fear is a part of the spectrum of human emotions

and no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re fearless

we both know that’s bullshit.

Plus in my humble opinion. if you’re at the point where you’ve eradicated one of the core emotions, you’re pretty screwed.

You’re either high as a kite on drugs

or worse

you’ve dehumanised yourself.

So you get asked the question ‘Who would you be without the fear?  What would you be doing?’

and for a moment you go and play in that sphere of imagination.

It feels amazing!

You’re riding a stallion bare-back,

you’re building that multi-gazillion dollar empire

you’re standing on that stage in front of millions of cheering fans.

Endorphines and adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Yeah baby – invincible.

And then,

you open your eyes and you now have to take action.


Fear comes flooding back,  amplified by this humongous vision

and you freeze.


Your mind goes into overdrive.

The voice

that terrible voice

of shame.

“What the hell is wrong with me?

Why am I such a little bitch?

Where did I go wrong?

What blocks do I have?

Why can’t I do this?

Why can’t I be fearless like the successful people?



You throw your arms up in defeat and leave the room feeling worse than ever before.

Been there.

Done that.

Ripped that motherloving t-shirt to pieces.

Here’s what I found to be more useful:

Remember my core belief that everything happens for me?

That the Universe is on my side?


So that means that everything that I’ve been gifted with in this realm is here FOR my highest and best good.

That means that fear can’t possibly be my enemy.

She’s my ally.

Yes, she’s a bit of a bitch at times.

I don’t always enjoy her company and I definitely tend to cuddle more with happiness.

She taunts me with her darkness.

Then again I do have a weird thing for the dark.

Yet I know for a fact that just behind that red cape she’s swinging in front of me is my next step to fucking awesome!

I’m not talking about the life-threatening type of fear so please take responsibility for your intelligence here.

I’m talking about all those fears that stand between me and the adventures I desire.

I’ve found a more helpful question to ask myself is

‘Who is the best version of me in the presence of fear?’

Just feel how THAT opens you up!

THIS is when I get to choose!

I get to choose which actions I take to cement the identity I CLAIM for myself.









I set myself up for success as I’m not expecting to take these actions without fear.

Instead I get to feel into my fear, I get to swallow her and use her presence in my belly to ignite my passion

Furnace burning

Fire creates energy

Energy gets transformed into action.

Action gets results.


And which do you think feels better for those of us who choose to rise?

  • Easy results that keeps you the same as you were before taking the action?
  • Or the results that had you step up into your best next level through the shear courage it took?

Look, I love unicorns as much as the next person.

But let’s ride those babies in the other dimension shall we?

Time to get real.

Time to HTFU.

Time to be the magnificence in human form you came here to be.

Time to feel the fear and then decide what you want.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  You have six months left of 2018.

Does that excite you?

Or terrify you?

Does the thought of all you can still accomplish light you up, feeling the exhilaration of all the discomfort lying ahead of you as you continue to grow?

Or do you wish for the end to come just so you can break the insanity of your dull and listless routine?

If you’re done living in an illusion (delusion?) where you think you’re escaping the unpleasant circumstances of your current situation, and you’re ready to be courageous and face reality so that you can consciously create your future,

I’ve created Recalibrate and Accelerate just for you.

90 minus of crystal clarity.

Anchoring down your goals with a massive purpose.

Aligning your values to support your success.

Shifting your energy into the vibration of your best next self.

And then

accelerating your results.

You have two weeks left to claim this session and then it’s off the table.

Booking times available into July so feel the fear and then decide what action you will take in the presence thereof.





You are in fact never alone.

I had the privilege of attending an inaugural event last night – a coming together of some dynamic ladies in the area.

In the spirit of learning and connecting.

The first thing that really caught my eye was how each and every woman took care in her appearance.

It was amazing to see!

Yes, dressing up is back in fashion ladies and it’s about bloody time.

Out with ‘comfort’ and in with ‘style’.

Even though the weather had turned frosty, dresses and heels were complimented with divine coats and a particular fire-engine red jacket kept drawing my eye.

Just divine!

There was an air of excitement right from the start,

and also,


As I started chatting to more and more women, the same theme came out –

OMG I was so nervous to come here tonight.

I haven’t been out much lately.

I’ve really lost my confidence.’

These were echos of my exact same sentiments.

I too had become a hermit.

Confession – this ballsy, take no prisoners old gal has lost some of her ‘in-the-flesh’ confidence!

It’s really easy when you live in a teeny tiny gorgeous little town that smacks of space for activities in isolation.

Okay, so the ‘Park Run’ has grown tremendously over the past year.

But I still prefer to train solo.

Here I can ride my bikes, run, paddle, swim, you name it, I can do it safely on my own.

Then there’s the fact that 99% of my business is done online.

Let’s face it, without modern technology the two of us probably wouldn’t have this connection right now.

I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of the fact that I can now reach thousands more and hopefully make a small difference in the way you think and live.

But it also made me lazy to meet people in person – using travelling time as my go-to excuse.

As if…

Lastly, I REALLY don’t like the cold.

Which means during the winter months (which feels like 10 out of the 12 here) I stay huddled up in my home.

Did I just give you a whole bunch of excuses?


Fact of the matter is, the more time we spend online, the less time we are physically engaged with other people.

And socialising is a muscle like everything else.

You don’t use it, and atrophy starts setting in.

Without connection to other live (and lively) human beings, we become bored and lonely.

A complaint I often hear from people online.

Except, are we not the creators of our isolation and is it not just another illusion?

Think about it.

The more lonely you feel, the more groups you join online in a desperate search of your ‘tribe’, the more you cut yourself off from the human beings around you, the more you feel lonely.

Online connections, although absolutely amazing and I have made some life-long friends whom I treasure, simply doesn’t have the same depth as meeting for coffee, embracing the other person with a warm hug, and looking into their eyes with every word.

In true transparency, I don’t often get lonely.

I love my own company.

I have so many passions with which to fill my days.

But there are times when I think to myself “There must be some really interesting people I’m missing out on”.

Well, I know there is.

So why am I not getting my sexy ass out there more?

Without all my bullshit excuses?

Fear of being seen.

I’m an introvert to start with so being seen, really seen, is scary AF.

Regardless of how many layers I have on, I feel raw and naked out in public.

It could have something to do with the fact that as an empath, I feel behind other peoples walls and always think they can do exactly the same.

Fear of being judged.

It took me 45 years to love myself, how can they possibly like me in 45 minutes??

Pile onto this some delicious tangy experiences where I’ve been publicly put on trial and found to be ‘bad’ and you can possibly understand my hesitation.

Fear of being rejected.

Yip, I get rejected A LOT.

I’m not exactly everyones’ shot of espresso.

In Joburg it took me years but I had finally found the places where I belonged.

Places which drew like-minded people with the same drive, the same ambitions as I have.

People who loved to challenge and be challenged.

When you move to a new country, it takes time to find your places and spaces.

I’m still experimenting to find mine in Canterbury.

However, hiding at home is not going to make that happen any faster now is it?

Why am I writing this today?

I’m not sure.

I think because I’ve come to the realisation that society is a little bit in crises at the moment.

Technology with all it’s amazing benefits and blessings, can also become our greatest enemy if we don’t start paying attention.

I think it’s very easy for us to become slaves to tech – always hooked in, plugged in, available to ‘others’ 24/7.

It’s time that we remember that technology is here to serve us.

To make our lives easier, not more distracted, not more busy.

In order for us to stay human, we have to be human and that includes human in-the-flesh (OMG) connection.

Accountability rocks, so here goes…

I’m making myself accountable to you.

I commit to getting my sweet ass out to a function at least once a month (Hey, don’t push it!  One is a step in the right direction!) and I will report back to you.

I am also hosting my first in-person Vision Creation workshop this morning and commit to hosting more live events (sweat pouring now).

What about you Sunshine?

What are you committing to do to practice your socialisation muscle?

If you’re already out and about for business all the time, I dare you to do more personal connections with people you don’t discuss business with.

Or maybe it’s about connecting more with the people in your very home.

Whatever it is, connection is crucial for your experience of life.

So let’s make it a good one.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  My coaching style is outcome focused.

It’s a journey whereby you get to set the goals that’s truly important to you.

It’s a process whereby you get to eliminate distraction, question your beliefs and values, take massive aligned action that feels uncomfortable until it doesn’t.

I work with those who believe in the possibility within impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for themselves and their results.

I work with those who choose to thrive.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if this would be a fun partnership.





Does it even matter where it comes from?

Why do you think we, the brilliantly intelligent species, have this need to understand?

Where all our hangups come from?

Why we are afraid?

Why we procrastinate?

Why we do the stupid shit we tend to do at times?

Why we feel unhappy?

Is it really necessary to understand?

I mean, think about it,

dogs don’t sit in therapy,

cats don’t walk around on drugs,

and if you truly believe that you are powerful and fucking fabulous – as I know you to be –

who gives a shit?

Personally I find it a waste of precious time.

I spent months in therapy rehashing the past to find the origins of my depression.

But do you really think that reliving three decades of  crap made me happy?

Or, is it possible that by going into all the details I simply brought it into my current experience, thereby making it an issue again?

I still haven’t figured out why people did the things they did to me.

I still don’t know their issues that had them lashing out.

What I do know is that between the hours with the shrink and the packets of ‘happy pills’ I was more miserable than ever before!

I had a choice to make:

keep living in the past,


stop my shit, focus on where I want to go, and take fucking action!

Here’s what I discovered when I stopped taking the pills, left the chair and got real with myself:

  1. I was out of shape.  I was fat.  I was weak.  I looked like shit.  My energy was low.  My mind foggy.  I had the confidence of a shrimp.
  2. I didn’t have any dreams, desires, goals.  I was on that insane hamster wheel running my short legs into oblivion whilst going nowhere because I didn’t have anywhere exciting to go.  Life seemed dull and hopeless and boring.  MY GOD no wonder I felt depressed.
  3. By focusing on trying to figure out the toxic relationships of the past, I was creating toxic relationships in my present day.  I unknowingly trained people to treat me like the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoes trying to figure out why people were treating me like the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.  Insanity!
  4. I was playing average.  I mean seriously Darling, have you seen me???  Do I look average???  Yet I found myself constantly stopping and waiting for others to catch up to me.  Sometimes I would even walk back to pick them up and carry their asses so I wouldn’t have to leave them behind!  Can you relate?

I came to the realisation that trying to figure out WHY was wasting my precious energy and time when I could be focusing on:

  1. Getting my body into shit hot shape, increasing my stamina, my strength, my flexibility and feel sexy AF thereby increasing my confidence and my presence.
  2. Setting the goals that has my ASS ON FIRE!  I mean it, my goals are HOT HOT HOT.  They turn me on.  They get me up before the rest of the neighbourhood has thought of farting.  They keep me going like a steam engine throughout the day.  Passion burns resistance and I don’t have time to stop and figure out why I’m afraid.  Yes, I’m scared.  I acknowledge it.  I choose what I do in the presence of fear.  I do it.
  3. Surround myself with high vibrational badasses who are solution focussed, wealth conscious, spiritual and who, through their very presence, inspires me to up my game.  Yes, it is uncomfortable at times to be around the A-players – but they are just like you and me!  They’ve simply put in the work to strengthen their minds so they can live a life of conscious creation.
  4. I owned the fact that I’m a high achiever.  It was never up to me to wait for others.  Instead, my sole responsibility is to ensure that I’m showing up as my best version self.  Working with the coaches and mentors who insist on my best.  Feeding the machine with stimulating books and nourishing habits.  And then I get to play with those who, like me, are prepared to do the work and choose to be happy.

Now before I have the board of mental health come down on my ass, I’m not saying that there’s no place for therapy.

We are all different.

It works for some folks.

It simply didn’t work for me.

I’m an achiever.

I don’t really give a rats ass of what others think is possible or realistic or responsible.

I don’t really care why I feel resistance or fear.

I don’t want to spend my time dissecting my past, never-mind the previous lifetimes.

I only care about where I am, where I want to be, and bridging the gap.

Again and again.

Always appreciative of what is

whilst hungering for more.

In fact, coaching is NOT for everyone.

Not everyone wants to move at this speed.

Not everyone wants an indestructible mindset.

Shit, not everyone truly wants to be happy.

Because happy is such a foreign concept for them, so unfamiliar, that it feels normal to be miserable.

Plus their current environment is one of struggle and strive and it takes titanium balls to leave all of that behind.

Different strokes for different folks.

What I can share with you today is that I’ve been miserable,

I’ve been depressed,

I’ve been suicidal,

and I personally thought it felt horrible.

So now I choose joy,

I choose hope,

I choose excitement,

I choose thrive.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice.

With my love,


PS:  Coaching is powerful and impactful. It’s about making the smallest changes in trajectory that leads to an entirely different outcome.

A high-performer myself, I know there’s always a way.  I’ve invested and continue to invest in myself through study, implementation, working with exceptional coaches and mentors, physically challenging events and above all dedication to my craft, to have the resilience, strategies and innovation to find the puzzle pieces that has me create the outcomes I truly desire.

But the deepest truth is that I lived most of my life feeling like an imposter. I could appear confident on the outside whilst dying on the inside.  Regardless of how much I achieved in life, I envied those around me who always seemed to create more or bigger or better than I ever could.

Turns out that this feeling of inadequacy and relentless drive for more eventually became my gift in working with high performing men and women. You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing the true power in people—even when they can’t see it for themselves.

My clients do things that few ever dream of. They are dynamic, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap of faith.

I help courageous people who already achieve ‘impossible’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good partnership.






Do you know how you’re wired?

I believe we’re all wired differently.

I don’t believe there’s a better or worse way to be.

It’s simply different.

Its our uniqueness that makes us so incredible.

And yes, there are some with whom we resonate more than with others, and there’s some people who just completely repel us!

Yet it doesn’t make them wrong.

It simply means they are so different from you that there’s friction.

I’ve been repelling quite a few folks lately as I stop hiding all of me.

And all of me is not always pretty.

Sometimes it’s outright confronting!

Sometimes it’s insensitive.

Sometimes it’s raw.

I personally use the opportunities of discomfort, of being triggered, to go even deeper into understanding myself.

Others don’t.

I remain perplexed by how people don’t take the time to figure out how they are wired.

To do the deep introspection and connect with what is truly important to them, what fuels them, what pulls them.

Instead spending hours looking outside of themselves.

For motivation.

For inspiration.

For strategies.

For someone to tell them what the fuck to do.

In the process living in continuous pain.

They are ping-ponging from one painful experience to the next without much direction.

They tend to go towards those who they think will make them feel better,

but Sunshine,

with all my love,

nobody will make you feel better!

As long as you give the power of your emotions to others, you’re screwed.

It’s not my place to understand them, instead I want to invite you to press pause on the world and do some introspection today if it feels aligned.

I will share with you some of my crazy, and you can use it to FEEL into how true this feels for you.

But then I want you to take it further,

I want you to look for evidence in your past behaviour that SHOWS your truth.

Look at how you invest your time, your money, your energy when you’re not thinking about it.

Often people want to play with me.

They say they’re as hungry as I am.

They’re as determined as I am.

They will do whatever it takes.


just as shit starts getting real,

they throw in the towel.

They say it’s not working,

they say they’re too tired to keep going,

they say it’s not worth it after all.

They don’t want to do the same actions over and over again until mastery sets in.

They are not the same as me.

Hey, that’s fantastic!

Contrast gives us the opportunity to get more real with ourselves and our true desires.

Ready to dive with me and see where we’re similar and where we’re different?

No judgement, no right or wrong, just honesty and curiosity.

Okay, let’s go.

What drives you?

It’s said that there’s two main drivers:

People either want to avoid pain or receive pleasure.

We all have both of these but one is dominant.

For most it appears to be avoiding pain.

But here’s the thing for me –

I’m not afraid of pain.

Shit, most of the times I go into pain.

I am the crazy-ass bitch who trains to the point of tears and vomit.

I’m the slightly scary woman who will take herself into the darkest recesses of her soul to discover what lies there.

I have triumphed abuse, bankruptcy, rape, physical beatings, public humiliation, obscene haters, rejection, abandonment.

You can’t motivate me with pain.

I am driven by expectation of pleasure.

That moment of achievement.

That second of break-through accomplishment.

Feeling like a badass knowing I did it myself turns me ON!

When marketers tell me that if I don’t buy I’m going to be doomed to failure, I tell them to fuck off.

Again, there’s no one better than the other.

Just be honest with yourself here.

When you know what drives you, you set your goals around that.

What’s your anchor?

I believe we all need anchors.

That thing that keeps you steady even in the worst storm.

That makes you keep getting up.

Regardless of how often you fall flat on your face.

One of my anchors is my past.

I hold on to the darkness.

The pain I’ve experienced.

My rock bottoms.

It’s what keeps me real with myself.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will NEVER go back there, and I am a woman of my word.

Another anchor is my faith.

I believe that I live in a loving Universe wherein everything happens FOR me.

I believe that every single person alive has a heart.

I believe that everything will always work out perfectly in divine timing.

What are your defining moments?

We are all presented with choices.

All the time.

Whether you realise it or not your day is filled with the little choices that takes your life path into a certain direction.

Some of us, choose to purposefully put ourselves in situations where those decisions define our very identity.

Situations where everything is on the line.

Where we are so exhausted we have no idea how the fuck we’re going to take one more step.

Times when we are in so much pain that the tears will not be held back.

Instances when we are so afraid that urine runs freely down our legs.

And it’s in these moments that we get to choose

who we will be forever after.

I am blessed with many defining moments.

The moment I stood there with my head being slammed into the wall, and I chose to keep my chin up.

The moment when I was terrified of drowning and I chose NOT to get out of the water.

The moment when I was told it was game over and I chose to prove them wrong.

The moment when I had no money and I chose to keep doing my purpose work.

Powerful moments that I get to call on when things get tough.

And here’s the thing – I went looking for some, so I could make empowered choices in the unexpected moments.

Are you willing to go out and create challenges for you to grow stronger?

For you to walk the wire knowing that if you tip the wrong way it’s crash and burn?

Are you?

If not, that’s okay too.  But then don’t go play with those who are continuously scratching in the space of pain because you will end up feeling miserable and it’s not worth it.

What’s your work ethic?

Honestly I look at most people and think them lazy motherlovers and that’s great – I don’t have to hang with them.

I LOVE the grind.

I LOVE the hustle.

I LOVE doing the training sessions and pushing hard.

When you tell me that you’ve got the secret to working four hours a week and make shit tons of money, I yawn.

For me it’s not about doing as little as possible, it’s about my LIFE and how I choose to experience it.

I started dancing at the age of 5.

I am wired for discipline, repetition, sacrificing distraction.

I’m not afraid of putting in the hours, the sweat, the effort.

I THRIVE on it.

Then again, I don’t live a life of existence where I exchange my soul for a pay cheque.

I did at one stage.

Then I decided my happiness wasn’t worth the six digits paid into my bank account.

Not to say that you have to be an entrepreneur but you can choose to do work aligned with what you desire and get paid feeling fucking FABULOUS of the exchange.

At this time I’m thrilled to say that my life is completely aligned.

Completely in flow.

Everything in my life is an expression of my purpose, my mission, my happy.

And yes, you look at me and say I never stop working.

I look at me and say I never stop doing the stuff that lights me on fire.

Again, just differences!

Okay that’s enough for now.

Today is a brilliant opportunity for you to get to know yourself a little better if you so choose.

An opportunity to make some more conscious, aligned choices of who to surround yourself with.

So that you can have more fun!

Life is a game after all.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With my love,



I work with those who have DECIDED to succeed.

I work with those who are COMMITTED to succeed.

I work with those who have achieved the impossible before and are ready to achieve their next impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for their results and who are prepared to fail on their way to success.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.



Have you ever considered the tone of your questions?

One of the learnings that really changed my life, was around questions.

I do believe that it was Tony Robbins who first brought this to my attention when he stated that if you desire better results, ask better questions.

I started realising that those voices in my head, you know, the ones I’m always telling you about, not only love playing the same old stories like an old broken record,

they also tend to be very uncreative when it comes to asking questions.

I would listen to myself asking the same old boring questions day in and day out:

  • What am I not seeing?
  • What am I not doing?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What is wrong with me?

Now I don’t know about you, but when I look at those they make me feeling pretty anxious.

As though there’s a fault in my genetic make-up.

Like everyone else is getting it right which means if I’m not seeing the results, it’s not WHAT I’m doing that’s wrong, it’s ME!

Which, in all honesty, feels like shit.

There’s an accusatory tone to them.  I can’t help but receive the image of an angry teacher waving her finger at me, ready with the “DUNCE” cone behind her back.

PLUS, the answers normally ended up being some version of “I don’t know!

Stated with a whimper and a desperation that smacked of being powerless.

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to turn this around for myself and my clients.

Ultimately I believe that we can approach this thing called life as a death sentence


we can approach it as a game.

Either way I know we’re going to end up six feet under, however we get to choose the experience of the journey to the end.

If we take the ‘game’ perspective, would we want to make the game hard and frustrating, bashing our heads into the wall?

I know you’re saying “Of course not!” yet for the longest time this is exactly what I did!

And I bet that if you’re honest there was a time that you did too.

Maybe you still are.

That’s okay.

It’s all about awareness.

But the alternative would be to make the game fun, interesting, adventurous!

Understand as well that we all have a different take on fun, interesting and adventurous.

For me it includes things like moving to paradise, living by the ocean with kilometres of single tracks and building a business doing the work that lights me up every day and having coffee with my boys in the local cafe and running over a mountain, losing my toe-nails and probably a little bit of my mind in the process.

Not exactly everyone’s cup of hot chocolate.

This is what makes us so spectacular – our unique take on things.

So if we go back to our original questions and we change the tone of them to reflect the outcome that we desire in a way that feels fun, interesting and adventurous we end up with something like:

  • If I took a bird’s eye view of my life, what new possibilities could I see that I’ve not spotted before?
  • What actions could I be taking today that feels empowering and how can I do them in a way that feels really fun, spontaneous and a little out there?
  • Which actions am I currently taking that are leaving me feeling unsatisfied and what can I replace them with that has potential delight lurking behind them?
  • What are my super powers and how can I use them even better to get to my desired outcome?

These questions in their very nature feel more uplifting, fun and creative!

Which, I’m delighted to say, always yields results that are way more enjoyable.

Even if I don’t get to the exact outcome I’m working towards, I’m still loving the process because the actions I take in and of themselves are fun, interesting and adventurous!

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret Darling,

lean in,

a little closer…

All those goals you’re setting,

that vision you’re working so hard to have,

is all in the name of feeling better!

Regardless of how good or how bad you’re feeling, you want BETTER.

Except most people put the cart in front of the horse.

They say ‘I first have to achieve X, then I will feel Y.

And then they wonder why they feel stuck and frustrated and bitter.

I’ve NEVER seen a cart pull a horse – have you?

The emotion has to come FIRST and THEN you will achieve the result.

How do you get the emotion first?

By taking the actions in the spirit of the emotions you desire to have coursing through your veins!

Don’t disregard this just because it sounds too simple or because it goes against what you’ve been clinging to all these years.

I’m not here to prove you wrong and make you feel bad about yourself.

I’m simply sharing what I’ve found to be useful in my life thereby creating the opportunity for you to be a little ‘adventurous’, trying it a new way and then comparing the results for yourself.

Over to you –

  • Take out that committed goal sheet you’ve been working on all year;
  • Have a look at the emotions you believe your goals will give you;
  • Then ask some action-creating questions reflecting the desired emotions;

and viola!

Let me know what you find and more importantly, how you FEEL!

You know I love you,


PS:  Feeling a little flat?

Like you’ve run out of juice and you’re not yet halfway to the finish line?

Yet DETERMINED NOT TO LET GO of your goals?

Then it’s time for a jump-start Darling.

I’ve created Recalibrate and Accelerate for the month of June to ensure that regardless of how impossible it feels, you still end 2018 on a high.


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Stop thinking it’s your job to help others and focus on yourself.

You’re not going to like what I have to say today.

It’s going to trigger you regardless of your current state, it’s sure triggering me.

It’s burning me up inside and even though I’m not responsible for the choices of others I did agree to be a messenger, to speak my truth regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

I’m sick and fucking tired witnessing the destruction of life!

Destruction brought on by a culture of non-responsibility for self.

Each and every day I see the suicide of ‘successful’ role models, the suicide of nameless thousands, the suicide of kids.


And this INFURIATES me.

Do you even realise that those souls are sacrificing themselves for the rest of us to start paying attention??

Or is your head too far up your ‘Destiny Two’?

Don’t you dare look at those kids and say we have to fix them.

Don’t you dare look at those kids and say we have to equip them with the tools to survive.

Don’t you dare tell me you’re worried about your kids and the bad choices they’re making with their lives.

Don’t you fucking dare.

It’s not the kids.

It’s US.

You and me.

It’s time for us to stop thinking we can help and fix anyone else.

Plus I believe it’s this whole ideology of ‘fixing’ others that got us in this pickle jar in the first place.

Real talk –

Kids are not born unhappy.

In fact, according to the ancient practice of yoga the aim is to go back to living in a state of the babe.

Fully present.

Fully joyous.

Kids don’t give a shit about the car and the house and the fashion.

We condition them to focus on that.

Kids don’t starve themselves.

We condition them to do that.

Kids don’t drink and do drugs.

We teach them that it takes some form of narcotics to be ‘happy’ because we as adults are too cowardly to do the work!  And just because you don’t have your own biological offspring doesn’t mean you get a ‘get of jail free’ card.

Kids are the most resilient determined little motherlovers on the face of the earth.

We make them weak with our codependency.

We teach them that they shouldn’t be so selfish and instead take responsibility for the brat trying to take their toy – the kid who throws the biggest tantrum and has the fastest helicopter parent, wins.

We teach them that they should make others happy.

We teach them that for them to be loved they have to behave just so.

We teach them that they’re filled with sin and should spend the rest of their lives feeling bad about their thoughts and desires and unique personalities.

We teach them that they shouldn’t disappoint us or embarrass us by speaking their truth.

And why do we teach them all this bullshit?

Because that’s how WE were brought up and like mindless minions most of us never question.

Shit according to the all-powerful ‘book of truth’ we have to obey our fathers and mothers regardless of how fucked up they are.

Well Hunny-bunch, it’s time that we wake up and realise that our kids are ‘depressed’ because most adults are miserable fuckers.

They complain day in and day out of how bored they are, how unhappy, how they feel trapped by all their bills which they don’t know how they’re going to pay, how much they have to sacrifice, how hard they have to work in their relationships.

They sit on their cellphones having their little hissy-fits with their friends completely ignoring the fact that their kids are sitting quietly in the corner hearing every venomous word.

They think it’s okay for them to get rat-faced drunk only remembering how funny they were and how much fun they had.

Alcohol is a depressant Darling.

What you don’t remember is that point when you went from tears of laughter to tears of gloom.

What you don’t see is your child walking into the room smelling the acrid stench of old booze pulsating out of your pores.

You don’t see is the hurt and concern in your child’s eyes as they think they are the cause of your hung-over ass.

Adults sitting in front of their screens day in and day out, thinking it’s okay to speak to their children and each other whilst browsing Facebook.

One of the greatest pains we can experience is being ignored yet that’s exactly what you see everywhere!

Why don’t you think about that the next time you tell your kid to wait so you can finish the YouTube clip.

For me the cherry on the cake is how we use our children as shields for the fact that most of the time we’re just scared little bitches who don’t have the balls to make the decisions that would really make us happy.

Oh yes, I’m going there.

I used my boys for years!

Saying that I couldn’t possibly go for my dreams because I had babies.

I had to put them first.

I could be happy once they’re grown up.

Fuck that shit!

I was a HORRIBLE fucking mother.

I would walk around all day crying, washing off the tears and hiding the stains with foundation before leaving the house so the neighbours would think I’m such a lucky bitch.


That is what I have.

And I refuse to let go of it.

I refuse to whitewash it with the passing of time.

This memory keeps me real.


Just because you don’t see this from your kids doesn’t mean it’s not happening my friend.

Unless YOU ARE HAPPY your kids don’t stand a chance in hell.

They don’t yet have the steel-enforced concrete wall of shame, blame and victimhood in place to hide behind.

They are completely open and vulnerable to your energy which infiltrates the very fibre of their beings which means YOUR joylessness is what gets passed on to them.

So before you talk about your kids again ask yourself what are your kids mirroring to you?

You complain about their behaviour?

That they are out of control?

That you don’t know what to do anymore?

I invite you to stop looking for ways in which to fix your child and instead start looking at yourself.

Just how happy are you?

Just how happy is your partner if you’re sharing a space?

THAT’s what is going on with your child.

And then,

like the ‘responsible’ adult you say you are,

why don’t you start taking responsibility for YOURSELF?

Why not choose to remember who the fuck you really are?

Why not choose to remember what makes you happy and then actually doing more of THAT?

Why not choose to walk away from the people and things that is draining your life force?

Why not choose to have boundaries that provide safety for those dealing with you as they know what to expect?

Why not start being selfish enough to release your codependency and be the BEST version of yourself?

It’s so easy to take the focus off ourselves by pointing finger.

It’s so easy to say it’s not us because we’re just like everyone else, so that must mean we’re okay.

Hey, I’m not judging.

There’s not much you can be doing now that I have not done before.

And it still remains YOUR choice.

I’m not making it for you.

I’m simply sharing my truth to create a pocket of contemplation for you.

From which to make a conscious choice.

It’s about conscious living.

Only death is inevitable.

How many more has to die at this time for us to understand that thriving is a choice too?

With deep love, compassion and appreciation for you,


PS: I think it’s imperative for us to be clear that coaching is not a pill.

Coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is not going to magically transform your life.

I mean it is,

but only if YOU do the work.

Only if YOU play full out.

Only if YOU choose to let go of your old programming and start creating consciously.

My coaching style is outcome focused.

It’s a journey whereby you get to set the goals that’s truly important to you.

It’s a process whereby you get to eliminate distraction, question your beliefs and values, take massive aligned action that feels uncomfortable until it doesn’t.

I work with those who believe in the possibility within impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for themselves and their results.

I work with those who choose to thrive.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if this would be a fun partnership.



Without my vision, I too would crumble.

What will it take for you to believe?

In yourself.

In your worth.

In your beauty.

In your dreams.

What will it take for you to understand?

That time does not exists except for this moment.

That every desire you feel is gifted to you as a means to lead you on a path of beautiful unfolding.

That every time you find the courage to say yes to yourself, the entire universe says yes to you.

What will it take for you to shut them out?

The voices of billions who desire no progress.

The voices of those choosing suffering and then pinning it on you to save them from the consequences of their actions.

The lies stating you are responsible for the happiness of others and that love equals sacrifice.

What will it take Darling?

Want to know what it took for me?

It took me hitting rock bottom.

Oh not just once.


I’m a slow learner.

Plus I have an exceptionally high tolerance level for pain.

Even though this high pain threshold serves me in many areas, it has also led me down a very long path of suffering.

Except it was perfect of course.

It was a journey of deep learning that I’m thrilled to share with you so that you don’t have to go bump in the dark as long as I did.

I have come to realise the reason why I was repeating patterns of neglect, self-abandonment, abuse and humiliation, was simply because I didn’t have a vision of who I desire to be.

Note that I didn’t say what I desired to have.

All the trimmings is just that – trimmings.

My vision goes much deeper than that my Love,

My vision is of the woman I desire to be remembered as.

My values.

My purpose.

My mission.

My standards of excellence.

My presence.

My truth.

My legacy.

And yes, like any other human being, I get off track sometimes.

I get caught up in the events that tend to unfold when you’re in a continuous spiral of change.

At times I get distracted.

When I buy into the notion that I should stop being so selfish and be more available for others.

Funnily enough it’s never my mentors that make this complaint – it’s always those who choose not to do the inner work and therefor rely on others to be their source of inspiration and entertainment.

It’s always during these times that I notice my energy dropping.

I start feeling tired way faster than before.

My thoughts become muddled and blurry and that’s when it’s easy to say I just need to unwind with some Netflix for a while.

I just need to stop training so intensely for a while.

I just need to sleep a little more for a while.

I just need to get some more healing for a while.

This is after all what we’re told right?

Except all of these things take me further away from my vision.

My vision is holistic taking care of my best version health, wealth, connection, spiritual power, energy, relationships.

In none of those areas do I take it ‘slow’.

Because when you’re at your best, your energy levels are through the roof.

Your creativity stokes a fire in your belly and like the furnace on an old steam-engine, you don’t run out.

My vision has strong boundaries.

Protecting me from the drain of the energy vampires who tend to leach on whilst I’m distracted on social media.

My vision has honour.

Protecting me from shifting out of alignment with that which I treasure keeping my integrity strong.

My vision has health and vitality.

Health and vitality comes from movement and nourishment and hydration and quality rest.  I continue to implement the strategies of my competitive cycling days and it works just as well when building an empire.

My vision has purpose.

It’s my purpose that gives me the resilience to continue doing my soul work regardless of my failures or the words of my haters or the criticism I receive for my opinions or people choosing to move away from me.

My vision is my lighthouse.

If you’ve ever swam in the ocean you know that there’s not much swimming in a straight line.  The currents are continuously pulling you in different directions and the waves can make spotting tricky at times.

But as long as you have that target,

that lighthouse,

you can continuously course correct and you WILL reach your desired destination.

Well Hun,

Life is exactly the same.

So many people are just drifting aimlessly telling me that they are still moving.

And of course they are.

Nobody stands still.


But are they consistently moving in the direction of their true desires?

Because if not,

they are simply existing.

Just bobbing along.

Yes, some people only ever want to bob along.  They love aimlessly drifting and seeing where they end up.


If that is their conscious choice.

For me personally, that doesn’t work.

I choose to be the captain of my ship.

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to take a bet you prefer being in control too.

So if you’re currently finding yourself drifting from one day to the other, or worse yet, sitting as a helpless passenger in someone else’s boat, wake the fuck up!

Take back control.

This is after all YOUR life.

It all starts with your vision.

Once you have that down it’s easy to course correct when you find yourself becoming complacent.

Once you have the vision, it’s a simple case of identifying where you’re out of alignment, taking the corrective action, and presto! You’re back on track.

It’s weekend – there is no better time to set aside an hour or two and create your vision.

And don’t tell me that you desire success but you don’t have the time to do this.

Quite frankly our true values are revealed by the way we spend our time and our money.

Take off the blinders and truth up with yourself.

If you’re a lady in Canterbury even better – why not join us next Friday at a Vision Creation and Manifestation workshop and I will be your guide through this foundational piece which as far as I’m concerned is the cornerstone of a thriving life.

Afer all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you,


Find the courage to see how YOU are stopping yourself!

You hear it all the time –

You can be, do and have everything you desire.

To be completely honest, there was a time I was so SICK of hearing this because NOTHING was working in my life.

I felt frustrated,


ready to punch the next bitch who told me this.

Thankfully, I’m one of the lucky ones,

I don’t get mad, plummet to sad and then go into a state of defeat.

Instead, I get mad 

I use that energy to fuel my passion

I strengthen my resolve

And then I go where I’ve not been willing to go before.

This pattern of behaviour has led me to call myself determined.

Others call me stubborn and stupid.

Whether that’s going for a run in complete darkness to amplify the fear

Or sitting my ass down with my journal and challenging myself to delve into my subconscious

I do whatever it takes Baby.

Personally, I love proving people wrong (I know I know, I shouldn’t be saying that out loud)

On the flip side, I‘m tickled pink when I prove them right!

So it was with the fact that we TRULY can have EVERYTHING we want to be, do or have.

Except there’s some work to do Butterfly.

You have to be PREPARED to receive.

Think of yourself as a container.

Now most of us have been living in denial and self-deprevation for so long that our container has the depth of a saucer.

Yet we’re asking for a flood.

I remember the first time I recognised this in myself.

I was asking for the bucket load when emotionally I simply did not have the capacity to receive and appreciate and ENJOY that which I thought I wanted.

Instead every time I received a glimmer, I would feel uncomfortable, I would squirm, I would run away as far as my short legs could carry me.

Ultimately what we desire is to FEEL BETTER.

When what you’re asking for makes you feel worse, you’re gonna throw that shit away like a hot potato.

Even when you see others enjoying it all over the world and wonder what the hell is wrong with you???

How can you not thrive in the same environment as others?

I had to learn that as the dehydrated traveller, I had to take little sips at a time until I finally had the capacity to drink the glass without throwing it all up again.

Can you relate?

Once I had increased my little saucer to a soup bowl I could go deeper into the process of receiving.


If you’re NOT receiving the results it could be because you’re self-sabotaging.

They say you’re blocked – I say you’re constipated.

Who the hell wants to admit that they’re self-sabotaging??

Do you want me to put it more gently for you Love?

How about you’re simply not playing full out?

You’re not taking ALL the actions you could be taking.

You’re not seeing ALL the resources already available to you.

You’re not asking ALL you could be asking for help.

You’re not showing up ALL the way, keeping one foot in the door just in case you need to bolt.

It’s been my experience that until I name and claim that which is making me tippy-toe in uncertainty, I hold back.

Yes, my holding back looks like playing all out to many others so I can get away with a lot when I compare myself to the average person on the street.



And because we’re having a HUMAN experience, and the fastest way for our soul to experience is through other humans, it normally involves relationships in some shape or form.

There’s an incident of hurt or disappointment or embarrassment that I hadn’t dealt with that is lurking in the corner, teasing me with their giggles and whispers until I shine the light directly onto them.

As long as I carry this baggage with me, my progress is slowed.

It creates open loops through which we continuously recreate the past by bringing it into the present.

You’re welcome to continue doing this of course – most people do.

They cling to that shit as if their lives depend on it.

As if they would be lost without all their drama and their pain and their resentment.

They dread the moment when they don’t have anything to complain about thinking they won’t have anything to say.

That they won’t be interesting without the drama.

That if they have nobody left to blame for their actions today they would actually have to take responsibility for themselves.


Damn, my sarcasm is thick today – sorry.  Not sorry.

So what are some questions you want to ask yourself?

How can I possibly stop myself from receiving this?

Why would I stop myself from receiving this?

If I’m not receiving this, why not?  What’s missing?  What’s not been dealt with?

Fair warning – if you’re a high achiever that voice in your head will go off like a siren!

This level of vulnerability is not pleasant.

Then again, what the fuck have you got to lose?

Nobody is going to see this except you.

Yes you can go into the whole shame cycle – yawn!

You can delve up relationships and events you thought you had dealt with and the pure fact that your pen reveals them onto the paper means there’s more work to do around it.


Deal with that shit and burn that piece of paper and LET GO!

Once you’ve decided you’re finally DONE, you’re done.



Ready to shake yourself like a water-logged shaggy dog and then run like a motherloving rock star!

This is what I love about goals.

Not only do I grow into the best next version of myself who achieves said goal;

Not only do I get to bask in the satisfaction of achieving my goals;

I am also creating opportunities to finally deal with all the junk in my trunk and move forward lighter, wiser, strutting my stuff!

You convinced yet?

Let’s create a new culture.

One where we stop blaming others or shaming ourselves.

Let’s create a culture of true curiosity.

Let’s create a culture of brave.

Let’s create a culture of conscious creation.

I’m taking responsibility to create this culture within myself.

I can only invite you to do the same.

It’s a choice – no judgement.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you,


PS:  I’m just going to be straight-up with you today.

One of the ways I see most people stopping themselves from achieving their goals is with the story that they can do it on their own.

That they’ll simply read more books on the subject.

That they’ll buy the DVD or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

You’re welcome to keep telling yourself that.

It’s been my experience that this is not true.

There’s a reason why professionals work with coaches – whether that’s professional athletes working with sports coaches, professional business moguls working with coaches and mentors, professional coaches working with their mentors.

Coaching holds up an untainted mirror.

It gives you a level of accountability that nobody else provides.

It’s a sharing of tried and tested tools which you can integrate or reject, creating an opportunity for invention.

It’s a space of trust, honesty and unbiased feedback from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.  They respect YOUR journey and see failure as learning and progress.

I don’t work with individuals seeking excuses to fail.

I don’t work with individuals seeking problems to solutions.

I work with those who have DECIDED to succeed.

I work with those who are COMMITTED to succeed.

I work with those who have achieved the impossible before and are ready to achieve their next impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for their results and who are prepared to fail on their way to success.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.