If you’re serious about living an iconic life, you HAVE to start paying attention to your words!

What if I told you that you are solely responsible for what you’re experiencing in your life?

What if I told you that your words are magic and that every time you say them, whether to yourself or to someone else, they become truth?


Will you finally start paying attention?

I hope you do.

My experience has been that when people are dissatisfied in life they’re so fucking stuck in their misery that they don’t have a clue of what they’re saying.

They’re on automatic.

Stuck in the story.

And even though I can listen to them and see the web that they keep spinning, full of flies and knots and desperation, they simply don’t hear themselves.

They could.

But in general we have become quite the lazy species.

We’ve become so spoilt with technology that we seem to think as little as possible for ourselves.

I  could blame the schooling system in part – after all, the reigning system detests free thinking and insists on conformity and regurgitation of bullshit for a pass mark.

I could blame movies in part as it has robbed many people of the need to create pictures in their own minds from reading words off a page.

I’m not going to.

Because I believe that we’re way more powerful than any system or technology.

I believe that it’s the responsibility of each and every person to decide on their destiny and then to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.

That means waking the fuck up from the hypnotic trance of mediocrity.

That means thinking for yourself and questioning EVERYTHING, curious to find new ways and having the courage to explore, failing and succeeding on a continuous basis.

That means paying attention to your thoughts and your words and your actions and the impact it’s making on your life.

When you start finding the evidence for your words and thoughts, you will finally see the truth in what I’m saying.

And you will always find evidence for your beliefs Darling.

It’s the law.

Now, here’s the kicker,

YOU get to choose what evidence you want to find.

If you want to keep telling me you don’t have time to work on your desires, THAT is the evidence you will see everywhere in your life.  You will keep yourself so busy you don’t have time to go take a dump.

If you want to keep telling me you’re fat and exhausted and just don’t have what it takes to get your ass moving, THAT is the evidence you will see in the mirror.  An overweight, washed out person with a doughnut halfway to your mouth.

If you want to keep telling me that the economy is shit and you don’t have any money to invest in that which will transform your life, THAT is the evidence you will see in your bank account.  Broke with an insurmountable amount of debt from the third television, iPad and latest PS console in your living room.

If you want to keep telling me that your relationship is shit and you feel like a slave instead of a lover, THAT is the evidence you will see in the bedroom.  Not alone but completely lonely with your hands red from all the dishes you’ve washed during the day.

Every time you tell your story, you create MORE of your story.

You have a choice here.

You can keep telling me all the ‘truth and reality’ knowing from this point forward that you’re creating this shit


You can start telling me the new reality that you’re absolutely 100% determined to create.

No matter how long it will take – you need to slow down to speed up.

No matter how many times you might fail along the way – failure is information which gives you quantum leaps when you do it differently.

No matter of how tired you will feel at times – when you start living like an elite performer you learn how to plan using periodisation and recovery.

No matter how many naysayers you get along the way – I was told once you’re only successful once the haters come out of the woodwork.  I celebrate each of those little roaches!

No matter how many sacrifices you have to make – sacrifice backed by passion and love is a good thing when what you’re sacrificing has kept you from being your best version self.

Everything in life is a choice my friend.

And you can keep telling your same old drama of what a victim you are and how bad your life is and how you sacrifice everything for everyone but never feel appreciated.

But quite frankly it’s becoming fucking boring and I don’t want to hear it.

Misery loves company and there’s more than enough victims in the world who will enfold you and make you feel so sorry for yourself that you never get off the floor again.

It’s a choice.

If you’re still reading though, I’m willing to bet that even YOU are bored by your drama by now.


Then change your story.

Starting with the story you’re telling yourself in your head of what is and what is not possible – hint:  IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

Stop hanging out with the losers and start having stimulating conversations with those who are creating lives of thrive.

Speak that which you are determined to create and then actively seek evidence of your creation.


And your life will NEVER be the same again.

But it will take some balls my Darling.  Because you have to be willing to start at the bottom again, willing to feel uncomfortable.  Knowing that you have to retrain your mind and it’s going to hurt for a while because that muscle is probably so weak that at first you won’t even feel the contractions.  Then you will have DOMS set in.  Then you will learn to love the ache.  It will become your new addiction.

Are you ready?

Change your story today to change your results tomorrow.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,