But what about the people??

I’m a little stumped.

I’m a little sad.

I’m really pissed!

Last night I was invited to a local event for entrepreneurs around business continuity after natural disasters.

Okay, in all honesty I was a tad hesitant as I’d had dealings with the hosting organisation before and let’s just say that a banana leaves me more satisfied than they had.

Yet natural disasters are very real when you live on a tiny island that shakes rattles and rolls harder than Elvis.  It’s impacting everyone – not just business owners.

I was optimistic to meet some real leaders (the born leaders with presence and passion not the titled suits) who are on a mission to bring change, to create, to collaborate, to have the powerful conversations so desperately needed at this time.


First off – don’t waste my fucking time.


I have zero tolerance for that.

And you shouldn’t either.

Here’s a room packed with business owners to the point that quite a few was left standing.  It’s the end of the day, everyone is tired.  Everyone sacrificed time with their loved ones.

The promise made was information to assist business owners to get through natural disasters.  NOT a row of sales reps selling their insurance packages and PR packages and back-up packages.


Secondly, and this is what really gets me raging, not a single speaker (there was 5 of them) addressed the human factor.  Not a single speaker addressed the fact that people are jumping off buildings as if it’s bungee jumping season because they’re not emotionally coping with the last earthquake, the drought, the floods.

Nobody addressed the fact that unless YOU, the owner of the business, have a resilient mind-set your business don’t have a hope in hell of thriving.

Nobody evoked a drop of emotion!

And let’s be honest, emotion is what it’s all about.

Because they’re too fucking scared to speak their truth and say “Guys, we need to start getting real because me standing here in my pretty suite with my pretty slide show is bullshit.  Let’s talk like real people.  Who here remembers how to have a powerful conversation?  Let’s have those!”

In fact, not a single speaker opened the floor for questions.

Not a single one!

Oh yes, you can have the insurance policy in case your rep gets shot and injured in Kenya (I’m not kidding you – this is the example used in the presentation for natural disasters in New Zealand!).  But if you crumble, if you sink into depression, if you think you can drink your way out of this shit, your ship will sink and everyone on board is going to fucking drown.

Including your kids.

Including your spouse.

Including your staff.

Including their family.

Including your customers.


Why are we hosting bullshit events which has people reaching for another glass of wine just to get through the 50 minutes of presentations when we’re starving for real conversations.

We need to have the conversations on how we as business owners, leaders in our businesses, our homes, our communities, are going to ensure that we have the emotional grit and support we need to get through the worst case scenarios!  And not wait until shit happens!  It’s way easier to work your resilience muscle with the little disasters instead of waiting for the shit storm of the century to happen.

We need to have the conversations on how we as business owners, leaders in our business, our home, our community, can empower our staff to become better, stronger, more resilient in themselves so that we don’t have to try and save them as well when the next quake happens.

We need to have the conversations on how we as business owners, leaders in our business, our home, our community, change catalysts, healers, creatives, can reach out and empower those around us who we can see are not coping.  Those who are still reeling from the previous tsunami.  Those who are breaking and beating the shit out of their kids because they feel stripped of their testicles and will do anything to feel a measure of power and control again.

These are the conversations that we need to be having as a business community around business continuity.  Because if our community crumbles, whether local or global, we don’t have a purpose to even do business.

Hey, don’t think just because you’re sitting in another country this doesn’t apply to you.  Every country has its challenges.

This is for everyone.

In case you haven’t noticed, Gaia is not happy with us, and right now she is taking out the insect repellent and wreaking havoc all over the planet.  Between natural disasters and people losing their shit and murdering as if life is worth fuck-all, we’re in crisis.  And with social media we get to experience the trauma even when watching from the safety of our homes on the other side of the world.

It’s having an impact on you whether you own it or not.

As a collective, we’re in deep doodoo.

As a collective, we need to stop sitting in rooms talking about back-up files and we need to be talking about getting back up!

We need YOU to start stepping up into the leadership role that you were born to be in.

Yes, YOU.

If you’re reading this, YOU my gorgeous friend, are a born leader!  I don’t care what your ‘official’ title is.  I don’t care if your business is in Information Technology or running a household and raising the next generation.

I agree, the practical systems are important, but I’ve been coaching business owners and CEO’s long enough to know that if you have a strong mind-set you can lose EVERYTHING and still be okay.  You will find a way.  You will become resourceful.  You will build it again from the ground up if you have to.  You will thrive.


If your mind is defeated you can have every insurance policy, you can sit with all your backed-upped files, you can have your Instagram posts continuing, you will fold.  Because you won’t be able to find the inner strength to get up and start again.  You will walk away.  Broken.

And here’s the other thing that I want to say you today – it’s not just about YOU!  

It’s about your company and all the people whose lives you touch.

It’s about your community – even the irritating fucking neighbour insisting on mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s about humanity and the fact that we’re heading through a tunnel and I’m not sure that light up front is going to be sunshine for everyone.

It’s time for the leaders to go back to sitting around the fires and having the powerful conversations.  Leave your fucking suit at home and be a human being.

It’s time for the entrepreneurs to have the collective conversations around creation and collaboration for the upliftment and expansion of all.

It’s time for the healers to gather under the full moon and do the rituals that bring healing to themselves, to Gaia, to all.

It’s time for us to stop hiding behind our laptops and to start connecting.

But not with assholes.

Please, I actually don’t have the patience for asses in suits anymore.

I want to connect with your passion!  I want to see it oozing out of your pores even when you just walk down the street.

I want to connect with your purpose!  I want you to inspire me with your words so that I will throw my all behind you because your success is my success.

I want to connect with your vulnerability!  I want to see your courage through the understanding that we are the ones willing to say Voldemort, even though others try and hush us with their raised eyebrows, because speaking about the monsters takes away their power.

I work with the born leaders, the change bringers, the healers, the creators, the artists, the achievers.  I work with those who are prepared to have the uncomfortable conversations because their passion is greater than their fear.  I work with those who are willing to have eyebrows raised with a curse word or two because they understand that we have to move past bullshit fucking inconsequential societal rules.  It’s time to get real.

Are you getting real?

Are you?

Death is already inevitable Darling.

Don’t bore yourself to death even faster.

Instead, thriving is always an option for you.

With love eternal,


PS:  Nope, there is no PS today.  Just fucking rise!