Perfection – the assassin of your dreams and gifts

As I reach my right leg back, feeling the cramp curling into life in my hamstring, I can’t help but think what an ass I look like compared to the gorgeous creature at the front of the class.

She makes it look so easy.

So effortless.

So perfect.


The emotions that rise inside of me used to keep me stuck in shame.

Yes, there’s no small amount of jealousy.  After all, I’m an achiever, a competitor, OF COURSE I want to be better than her.

There’s frustration with the slowness of my progress.  Patience is apparently my greatest learning in this lifetime.  Clearly I’m still scoring an F.

There’s also desire to improve.  To become one of the best.  One of the most inspirational.  One of the greatest healers through movement of my time.

It’s this desire that has me sharing my very humbling, and at times embarrassing, journey of yoga publicly for anyone to see.

Making the most amateur of videos and posting them every week on YouTube is taking way more courage than you will ever know my friend.

See, I used to be a perfectionist.

I used to only share that which I had already mastered.

That which I had already practiced to the point of exquisite execution.

Which quite frankly, made me part of the problem.

Part of the epidemic of perfection which is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

An illusion of bullshit that not only keeps most people from ever giving it their all, but it’s creating a civilisation of so much shame and judgement that it’s a wonder that we get anything done.

Thank goodness the next generation don’t appear to have the same chip on their shoulders as we do.

There’s twelve year olds killing it on the internet because they don’t give a shit.

They stand in a public bathroom for acoustics and record their wonky songs and publish it without messing with logos and intros.

Because their dreams, their hunger to create, is unquenchable.

They are not yet bloated with consumption.

Yet we have the audacity to continuously criticise Generation Y.

Are we, the fabulous Gen X, not the ones who preached perfection?

That we had no choice but to be responsible grown-ups and go to jobs which suffocates the soul, just so we could pay the bills?

Are we not the ones who started competing with the Jones’, who started living in debt, thereby ensuring that we shackle ourselves to the ground, excusing ourselves from showing the fuck up for ourselves, our people, our purpose?

I put it to you my friend that it’s time we stop criticising, judging, finding fault with the younger generation when quite frankly we’ve really fucked up the planet for them.

Us and our insatiable hunger to consume more shit.  More commodities.  More toys.  More technology.

Instead of creating.

Let’s take ownership!

Let’s take responsibility!

We’ve stopped taking risks, stopped inventing, stopped creating because heaven forbid we should create what is inside of us and get slammed on Facebook by some faceless dick who don’t think what we’ve done is good enough.

That it’s not perfect.

The dick who quite frankly is doing nothing with his life but surf the internet looking to find fault in the efforts of others.

The bitch who calls you dark because you curse when in fact her venomous energy seeps over the globe suffocating artists, those who dare give expression to their true depth of emotion.






If you are an artist, a creative, an achiever, YOU HAVE TO FUCKING CREATE!

You don’t have a choice.

Not creating means death.

And creations means experimentations.

It means adjusting, evolving, growing, changing as you go along so that there is constant and never-ending improvement.

But there’s never perfection!

If you’re an entrepreneur, or if there is a spark inside of you, an idea which is dying to come out, then you have to grow the brass ovaries to start where you’re at!

You have to simply trust and believe that there are people out there who needs what only YOU can provide, in a way that only YOU can do it.

With where you’re at and with what you have available.

And Yes, that means that as you grow and evolve and improve, your clients will change.

Your old level clients will move on to the next brave person who is just starting out, and you will attract the new level that you will now serve powerfully.

It is called evolution!

It is called living a life of thrive!

I meet way too many people who tried something once and then gave up because they didn’t get it right immediately.

People with some epic gifts to share with the world, holding back, because they don’t have the glamour shots yet, the million dollar website, the business cards, the massive mailing list.

Stop fucking yourself over!

Nobody really gives a shit.

They want YOU.

They want your story.  Your voice.  Your passion.  Your learning.

They don’t really care if your YouTube channel is not perfect.

They don’t really care if you accidentally fart in your headstand.

In fact I can bet you anything that they will connect with you BECAUSE OF YOUR IMPERFECTION.

OMT I am so tired of the photoshopped barbie dolls.

I am so tired of those who choose to spend their precious time on bullshit, on keeping the culture of mediocrity through the illusion of perfection.

Do you want to know what I crave?

I crave people who are real.

People who strive for excellence in everything that they do and that means from wherever they are in their journey.

I know a year from now I will look back at my videos and laugh my ass off.  Hardly believing how uncomfortable, stiff and ridiculous I looked.

Yet I will leave those up for all to see.

I believe my journey is here to be shared.

I teach through my life.

My story.

My struggles.

My victories.

That means that only showing you the polished parts is selfish and inconsiderate and I won’t stand for it.

I will show you that with determination and dedication, daily practice, consistency, passion YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.

But you have to start.

Right now.

With where you’re at.

With what you have.

You are ready to serve.

You have everything you need inside of you.

Drop the bullshit.

Own the fact that if you’re not actively working on your dreams you’re just afraid.

Own the fear.

Name the fear.

Face the fear.

Then do it!

You know you want to.

You know you want to look your fear in the eye and oh so slowly, oh so lady like, oh so delectably, curl those luscious lips into a smile and salute her with your middle finger.


For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a powerful choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you ready to drop the bullshit Darling?  Are you ready to step up, show up and create the art that is bursting to come to life.  Whether your art is photography, painting, writing, speaking, fighting for a cause, bringing change to the world, leading others to step up, baking, shampoo, running a marathon, it doesn’t matter what form it takes.  Your purpose is your art.

There’s various ways in which I can support you at this time to face your fears and rise to thrive.  From my epic group program FLOW which is in full swing and offers you not only the birth of your next level in business and life, but additional input from fellow entrepreneurs in a powerful mastermind, to Private Coaching with me kicking your luscious ass to achieving your biggest, juiciest, inspirational goals, to online programs to challenge body and mind.

Get on a call with me and let’s see what is the best for you at this time from where you’re at and with what you have.