Pity Parties Be-damned!

This blog is not for the faint of heart.

Not for the ones who enjoy feeling sorry for themselves.

Those who thrive in misery.

If that’s where you’re at today, stop reading.

Go scroll on Facebook for some ridiculous image of some sorry ass telling you it’s okay to stay in this space of darkness.

Stop reading right now!

I’m so over the prevalent pity party which seems to be absorbing society.





You said you wanted it.

You set the goal.

Nobody said it was going to be easy – if they did they were lying to you.

Yes, shit is getting tough for everyone.

that’s the times we chose to live in Sunshine.

Now what the fuck are you going to do about it?

Are you going to sit in that heap and lick your wounds?

Are you going to crawl back into the cupboard and hope that everyone forgets about the grand promises you made?

Of what you were going to achieve?

Why not, right?

How many people do you know who still keep their word?

Who follow through?

Who pushes through?

Who is prepared to die for their dreams?

We have lowered our standards of expectation and it’s bullshit!

You said you’re going to do it – fucking do it.

You get knocked down again and again?

Then rise again and again.

You encounter obstacles every day?

Get creative bitch and figure out a different way to get to the finish line.

You have some assholes in your life who’s weighing you down?

Well then either see it as resistance training and get stronger from it or cut the ties and walk away.

You’re not attached to anyone!

The umbilical cord was cut at birth.

It’s the last quarter of the year and I see people getting tired everywhere.  And with exhaustion setting in, they are sitting their asses down.  They are feeling sorry for themselves.  They are giving up and waiting for another new year to come along so they can set the new resolutions.

Oh please.

I’m so done with people and their empty promises to themselves.

Next year will be different.

Next year I will start facing my money situation and do the budget.

Next year I will start eating clean.

Next year I will start training insane.

Next year I will take care of my own needs.

Next year I will have kick-ass friends.

Next year I will….

Blah Blah Blah

Fuck next year.

You still have this year!

You still have today!

Let me tell you something Darling, if you’re not prepared to make the changes right here right now, if you’re not willing to energetically shift your expectations for yourself right here right now, if you’re not willing to stop tolerating bullshit right here right now, you won’t do it next year either.

That’s just you fooling yourself.

If you’re serious about change,

if you’re serious about success,

if you’re serious about living an iconic life,

sit your sexy ass down right now and COMMIT to it with your soul.

Write down what you are no longer willing to tolerate:

toxic relationships, toxic food, toxic social media, toxic work, flabby boundaries, flabby abs, flabby ass, flabby prayers.

Write down your new standards of excellence:

in your relationships, in your food, in your choice of mind-food and soul food, in your work, in your boundaries, in your body, in your prayers.


Now fucking live it.

Every single day.

Not all days will be equal.  Some will feel all so easy and natural.  Others you’ll find yourself sliding backwards to your old ways of thinking and doing, your old friendships, your old bullshit excuses.

Those are the days that you pull out your lists and you recommit.

You do whatever it takes.

You show the fuck up for yourself.

You show up for those you love.

You show up for those you are here to impact.

No more excuses.


Everyone gets tired.

Everyone hurts.

Everyone cries.

The only question you need to answer for yourself is if you desire to stand up and be the goddamned leader you came here to be or if you want to go and bleat with the other sheople.

What do you take a stand for?

What do you believe?

What did you come here to do?

It’s time Darling to raise your standards for yourself and everyone in your energetic space.  It’s time for you to stop fart-assing around and to start making an impact.  It’s time for you to THRIVE!

Yes, when you choose to finally step forward into the light as your true badass self, you thrive.

Because it’s what you were born to do.

Stop believing the lie of weakness.

YOU are an all-powerful soul.

YOU are co-creating EVERYTHING you see in your life.

You are THAT powerful.

Weakness is an illusion.

In yourself

and everyone else.

Stop treating people as if they are victims.

There are no victims.

But as long as we treat each other as if we have no power, as if we have to stay down, as if we are stuck, we are solidifying the bullshit.

I see you!

I see your power!

I see your magnificence!

That’s what fuels my passion.  Even when I get tired.  Even when I hurt.  Even when I rage against Creator because I’m sick and tired of climbing the never-ending mountain and I’m terrified of heights to boot.

And when my sobbing has died down and I wipe off the tears, I hear the voice saying “Your choice:  stay down or rise”

Always my choice.

Even from God.

So I choose to rise!

I choose to keep taking one more step higher up to the top.

I choose to face my demons and my fears and to believe in myself regardless of what everyone else might say.

They don’t know me.

They don’t know how strong my mind is.

Indestructible Baby!

They don’t know the sacrifices I am prepared to make.

They don’t know what I am prepared to die for.

My pain is my power.

My human emotions are my fuel.

My victory will be mine and mine alone.

I choose to thrive!

How about you Darling?

Only death is inevitable.  And quite frankly even that is an illusion.

With love eternal,


PS:  There’s always a time in our lives when we have to make choices.  Choices regarding what we’re prepared to tolerate.  Choices regarding our standards for ourselves and everyone else.  Choices regarding our aspirations.  Which can be challenging when you’re caught in the middle of your old stories, your old ways of thinking, your old habits.  This is why I believe in the power of coaching.  Why I’ve dedicated my life to study human psychology and behaviour – both academically and real life.  Why I continue to work with coaches to keep reaching higher myself, living outside of my comfort zone.  I have been privileged to coach some of the most unbelievable, relentless achievers from entrepreneurs to CEO’s to athletes.  Born leaders, change bringers, healers, artists and creatives in their own right.  Each and every one of them have impacted me deeply, have fuelled my passion, my belief in humanity and manifestation of potential.  Are you hungry for achievement?  I mean really hungry.  I’m talking salivating for that moment of personal breakthrough and elation.  I’m talking about “Death Before DNF” levels of passion.  Are you ready to be supported 100% of the way even when you just want me to go away and leave you alone to sulk?  Are you ready to face your inner demons of delusional weakness?  Are you?  Because if you’re wiping a trickle of spit off your chin right now it’s time for us to connect.  Book your consult here and get ready to go full throttle Sunshine.