What would you do if you had a reset button?

My husband woke up this morning, all crumply from his sleep he turned to me:

“I had the most bizarre dream.  I dreamt we had a reset button.”

Interesting.  So I asked him what the reset button was for.

“Anything we wanted to do over.”

Hmmmmmm, my first thought was that in all honesty, I wouldn’t want a reset button.

Yes there’s a lot of things in my life which didn’t exactly have thrilling outcomes.

Things that caused me pain.

Things that left me less than satisfied.

But would I do it differently?


Every choice I made, every decision, every outcome, led me to this exact moment in time.

Any one different action would not have me sitting here in my gorgeous office, looking at my rose bush as the first bud opens her brilliance.

I wouldn’t be reflecting and sharing this blog with you.

My boys wouldn’t be eating breakfast in the kitchen.

I wouldn’t be working with my current clients – and I do have so much fun working with them!

I wouldn’t be doing yoga in the mornings and riding my bike through the forest behind my home.

My life is pretty fucking spectacular.

And above all, I love the journey that has led me to this moment.

I love learning.

I love fucking up so that I can pause and question.

Question my values.

Question my actions.

Question my patterns of behaviour.

Question my thoughts.

Take the time to reconnect with my emotions.

It’s all there.

For me that’s what life is ultimately about.

Yet I guess for people who don’t take the time to do the deep introspection and receive the golden nuggets of remembered wisdom, it would seem that life is a snow-ball running down a mountain of manure.

That can’t be too pleasant.

And the stench filling your nostrils is nothing more than guilt and regret my friend.

Two emotions which quite frankly is a waste of your precious journey.

Guilt and regret puts you in a state of victimhood.

It makes you feel like an epic failure, swiftly cutting off your scrotum and handing it to you on a plate with a sprinkle of nuts and honey.

Why the fuck would you choose to live like this??

It simply blows my mind.

What if instead you chose today to sit your sexy ass down and journal the fuck out of your life?


The relationships you’ve had.  How they made you feel.  The beauty they brought to your life.  The pain.  The mirrors.

The financial decisions you’ve made.  How they impacted your current situation.  How they’ve shown you opportunities to educate yourself on wealth consciousness.  How every cent you’ve made and lost was nothing more than an awakening to the fact that abundance is an emotion!  Inside of you. It has nothing to do with your bank balance.

The career paths you’ve chosen.  The jobs that had you thriving and those that left you drained in the morning.  Gorgeous hints of your soul purpose, your soul work.  As your aligned path always has you lit up like a Christmas tree!

What if you questioned everything that they taught you in school, in church.  And instead of just taking everything at face value, you go inside and ask yourself “Does this feel true for me?” and then base your future actions on that?

Regardless of the frowns.  Regardless of the haters who bash down your door, telling you that you’re drenched in sin.  Who’s fucking sin anyway?

What if you chose today, right now, in this moment, to make peace with your human form?  

YES you fucked up.

Darling, seriously, get over yourself.

The whole ‘victim’ look really doesn’t do anything for your complexion.

Quite frankly I simply don’t get the point of living a life of regret.

And if you’re sitting there shaking your head thinking that it’s easy for me to say, let me tell you that me sharing my truth is the result of decades of personal development work.

And it continues.


Well, until I croak anyway.

Then I’ll look at my lifetime and say “Wow, that took me long enough.  I want to go back and do it again, this time I want a new PB time of remembering”

Yeah, always the competitor.

Furthermore my Darling, you DO have a reset button.

It’s called sunrise.

Every single day you get a clean slate – you just have to choose to take it.

So here’s my two favourite tools to live a life of zero regrets that I want to share with you today.

First of all – fucking forgive!

Say this Prayer of Forgiveness written by Lisa Barnett for the next forty days consecutively and feel the release!

Divine, Spirit, Source, please move me into a state of forgiveness towards anyone or anything that has hurt me, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to the present moment.  I now forgive them and I release the energy of the past.

Divine, Spirit, Source, please move me into a state of forgiveness towards myself for any hurt I have caused others, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to the present moment.  I now forgive myself and I release the energy of the past.

Divine, Spirit, Source, please move me into a state of forgiveness towards myself for any hurt that I have caused myself, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to the present moment.  I now forgive myself and I release the energy of the past.

I invoke the Grace and power of Forgiveness to transform my body, mind and heart as I return to a state of Divine Innocence.

And so it is.

Blessed Be.


My second tool is evening reflections!

Here’s the thing – if you don’t take the time to receive the beautiful learnings of today you feel reluctant to let go and start over tomorrow.  This is why you keeping lugging that shit around with you like a trophy, except it’s absolutely exhausting you.

Time to do things differently.

My personal questions which I journal on each night is a reflection of my values so feel free to use them or to adapt them to reflect your own:

What was great about today? What did I love?

How have I added value to someone’s life today?

What did I learn today that I didn’t know yesterday?

What did I do really well today?

What can I do even better tomorrow?

So roughly fifteen minutes a day can completely transform your life.

And yes, it’s really that fucking easy!

Stop sabotaging your joy by complicating everything.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice starting with forgiveness.

With love always,


PS:  As we move into the last phase of the year it’s time to release that which no longer serves you.  To find the deep learning that will make you thrill in the obstacles you’ve encountered in 2017.  It’s the time to take stock of where you’re at, reconnect with your true desires, and create your next level thrive.

Working with a life coach is about taking a holistic view of your life, of your patterns of behaviour, of your belief systems, eliminating those that are tripping you up and embracing new ones that empower and elevate you.

It’s a journey of achievement.

It’s a journey of discovery and learning.

It’s about a safe space where you find the courage to speak your shadow truth thereby illuminating your subconscious drivers.

If you’re ready to receive a new level of truth delivered with shit tons of love and none of the social nuances thereby busting through your glass ceilings, let’s connect.  Book your consult and let’s identify how I can best serve you on your journey to thrive Darling.