The resistance that you feel is real and completely fake all at the same time.

It’s the scariest thing in the world – saying yes to your life purpose.

Yes to your freedom.

Yes to your liberation.

In an ironic twist of fate, stepping into your truth is always received with resistance.

Resistance from your loved ones, those who feel that your rise to potential power is a threat to the family unit, a threat to their happiness.  That your desire to fulfil your purpose and be truly joyful will somehow make their role in your life obsolete and they don’t even want to contemplate what life on their own would look like.  So they distract you with your obligations and expectations.  They burden you with guilt for wanting to put yourself before the family.  They pile those responsibilities on so high that you don’t know how the hell you will ever get out from under there.

Resistance from your friends who feel that your stepping into success is an insensitive reminder of the potential they are saying no to.  In truth, they feel shit about themselves and your dedication to breaking through the glass ceiling is a constant reminder of their choices to stay average.  They keep inviting you to distracting parties and harass you when you turn them down time and again.  They say you’re becoming boring.  That you’re no fun to be around anymore.  That you’re getting too big for your shoes.  That you’re turning into a real bitch and that maybe it’s time for you to leave the clan because really, they have nothing in common with you anymore.

Resistance from every lazy ass out there who simply refuse to do the work on themselves.  The deep work of introspection.  The hard work of training a resilient mind, focused even during the storm.  Instead they choose to stay distracted, browsing the internet hour after hour, scrolling for someone to hate on.  They spew their insults to everyone who triggers them, thinking that when they cut others down to their low level of existence, they will be safe.  That as long as everyone is down at the bottom, they will feel like they’re rising to the top.  Except they don’t.

But the most powerful resistance of all, is that from yourself.  

I get it.

Saying yes to your path is scary AF.

It’s a path designed to make you stronger.

For in a time when billions are choosing victimhood, incarceration and slavery, the leaders will be those who have the soul, the dedication, the determination, the grit of a warrior.

Therefor the training ground is rife with obstacles, monsters both real and imagined, mirrors highlighting that which you’ve not had the courage to see before, all in service to you becoming stronger.

It’s filled with all your programming which screams in horror every time you step up and dare to question.

Every time that you have the audacity to break away from the status quo and give yourself permission to explore, there’s no shortage of labels made to shame you and your true nature of freedom.

The fear inside of you is real my friend.

And also completely not real.

It’s all smoke and mirrors designed to enforce the culture of codependency, ownership of ‘property’ which includes your ass, and fear.

When you take a step back and study the landscape, you will find that we are living in a time when, thankfully, more and more people are waking up and breaking away from the crowd.

You will find that most of them are introverts at heart.

Empaths who feel the pain of others energetically and so they need times of isolation to recalibrate, reconnect, recharge.

Misunderstood misfits who are expelled from the village for finding the courage to speak their truth.

A truth that mere existence is completely insane.

It’s killing people.

And the safety of the masses is nothing more than a suffocation of creativity.

Which is why the outlook for many is so bleak that they have to spice it up with various addictions and unnatural stimulants in a desperate attempt to feel something other than vanilla.

When you’re squashed in from all sides by those energy vampires who lull you with their words of love so they may feed on your energy, it’s really hard to see anything other than their faces and the empty promises of happiness.

If you never take the time to break away, go inside, connect to your soul, and see the truth, you are likely to accept this as your only possible reality, your only possible outcome, and you will stay in those toxic often abusive relationships, never finding the strength to liberate yourself.

It is in the times of silence that you will finally hear the wisdom of the mage inside your heart.  It is when you find the strength to walk away from the crowd that you will find your soulmate people. It is when you finally believe in yourself that you will make the decisions that will change your destiny.

And it’s when you liberate yourself from your dependency on others that you will fill your cup and share your joy with more people than you ever thought possible.

I know that you hear the whisper every now and again.

I know that you feel the sadness in your heart of a life unloved.

And you call it depression.

Or overwhelm.

When your soul is at war with your ego the energy becomes violent and you call it anxiety.

It’s all of these and none of these.

Every emotion that you feel is nothing more than an indication of the story you’re telling yourself in that moment.

Stories coloured by your social norms and values.

Inside ‘their’ perfect little lines.

And your soul demands that you take that bucket of paint and just throw it at the wall, trusting that it will land in perfect imperfection.  Glorious in its chaos.

The ego can’t cope with the chaos.

Her response is to go off like a banshee in your mind.

It’s in these times that you have to choose Darling.

You have to choose whether you’re going to sit down again so the screaming can just stop!

Understandably this is what most people do again and again.

Which by the way is perfect as well.

Because each time you go there and sit down, you’re still building your willpower.  And slowly, over time, you will find that you can tolerate the screaming a little longer.

Until that day when you are strong enough to stay standing.

Even in the face of the screaming.

It’s on this day that you will finally have the courage to take a stance for yourself.

When you will know that your happiness is the most liberating energy for all of humanity.

Including those you love dearly.

That your liberation will empower them to make their own decisions.

And wouldn’t you rather have your lover by your side out of mutual choice, mutual enjoyment, rather than a sense of obligation or because there’s a piece of paper somewhere that says your legally bound to each other??

Wouldn’t you rather only work with soulmate clients who light you up and who does the work and who gets iconic results?

Wouldn’t you rather have stimulating conversations with your soulmate friends who get you, who enjoy your interactions regardless of how frequent or infrequent they might be?

Wouldn’t you rather live a life of thrive where all the different aspects flow and mingle in a beautiful mural which raises the energy of all who has the privilege of witnessing your journey?

What are you seeking freedom from?

Where are you craving liberation?

When do you find yourself swallowed up with sorrow because you simply don’t want to continue this oppression of your art?

You are not alone Gorgeous.

If you’re ready to stand in the rage of your ego going off like a fire alarm just long enough to take one courageous action today, I’m here to guide, support and hold you to your path of liberation.

This is my soul purpose work.

Liberating the born leaders, artists, creatives, healers, wise men and women, entrepreneurs who are here to question, to bring change and who choose to thrive, from the fear that holds them bound in average.

I work alongside those who are committed to breaking free from the programming handed down to them in ‘love’ which has clipped their wings.

I walk with those who draw the line and become unavailable for mediocrity.

If there is a whisper in your soul, apply today by messaging me

For only death is inevitable.

It requires no choice or action.

Thrive on the other hand my friend, is a courageous choice few will ever make.

With love always,