It’s not about the results but what they represent.

Do you ever wonder why we get so emotional when we witness high levels of success?

Whether financial success, professional success or physical success.

We stand in awe of those who have achieved an exceptional level of achievement in their chosen field of focus.

Some feel jealousy.

Some feel anger and resentment.

Some feel the call, an insatiable hunger.

And all of this gives rise to some form of action.

I have witnessed people pulling back their lips in vicious snarls, spewing poison, attacking those who either have the acclaimed success or others who admire and cheer them on.

I’ve been accused of causing mental illness in others with my choice of inspirational images depicting those who have the discipline to bring out the potential power and beauty in their physical form.

I have witnessed people using the success of others as fuel to their egotistical bullshit, pulling their heads in like a tortoise thinking that they are safe within their shells.

I have also witnessed magnificent beasts who use the success of others to fuel their personal hunger.  To raise their standards for themselves.  To bust through their glass ceilings of fear.  

Who understand that any emotion that is triggered inside of us by the success of others is the potential within self to equal or better the result.

Those who understand that it’s not action that determines your level of success.

That it’s not environment that determines your level of success.

That it’s not talent that determines your level of success.

That it’s not genetics that determines your level of success.

It’s your mindset.

We stand in awe of those who rise to the top because we know inside our souls that those who achieve the enviable results are those who have the audacity to dedicate their lives to their passion regardless of the haters, the loving naysayers who tell them to stop the insanity and to conform.

We admire those who take the steps in the face of their fear.

Rising above their self-imposed limitations.

Determined to prove the voice of ego wrong.

To bleed for their art.

To sweat for their effort.

We see them and we know we are no different from them.

We have the same choices as them to make.

We have the same demons as them to slay.

We have the same resources available to us.

That’s simply how the universe works.


We are all equal.

Yet society has stacked the machine against us, cutting us down at the knees at every opportunity through a culture where your reproductive organs determine your role.  Where our greatest creative power, SEX, has been shamed and used to keep us in the shadows, disconnected, struggling.

Maybe you were blessed to be born into a more progressive country where true equality of the sexes were valued – true equality.  Not this equality of the sexes as long as you do your duty as a man, as a woman, first or have to endure the criticism of your friends and family.

Maybe you were blessed to be raised in a neighbourhood where it was always safe to authentically express yourself and where you were encouraged to think freely, encouraged to fail and explore and live outside of the box.


I doubt it.

You and I, we didn’t come here to have it easy Darling.

We came here to bring change through surviving the pain of being squeezed into a square box even though we are star-shaped. 

We came here to break the mould because the pain of mediocrity and suppression becomes intolerable and we eventually choose to thrive.

Cutting loose.

Breaking down the boundaries raised by others.

And nobody breaks down a wall without bleeding.

Without crying out in pain.

Nobody gets to build an empire on a wonky foundation.

So we go deep.

All the way down into the pits of our darkest selves that few have the courage to face.

This is the way of the true warrior.

And you know it when you see them.

When you see that six-pack, the private jet, the millions of raving fans, you realise on a deep level that it’s not the result that triggers a reaction, but what it says about the mental state of that person.

Then you get to choose.

You can choose to button that shirt all the way up to your stubborn chin, suffocating your soul, and you can spew your venomous hate because you refuse to look in the mirror and instead choose to blame.

You can choose to hunker down, rocking back and forth, chanting your weakness and shrinking ever smaller eagerly anticipating the after-life.


You can choose to walk to the mirror.

You can choose to look yourself in the eye and understand that you are magnificent with zero limitations.

You can choose to admit to yourself that any lack of success is not due to a lack of resources, not due to any blocks, but a lack of hunger for success.

What you lack is the discipline it takes to show the fuck up for yourself every goddamned day of your life regardless of what the calendar says.

You lack the courage to find your fears under the bed, to grab them by the ankles and pull their thrashing bodies out from under there so you can look them squarely in the face and name them.

For the moment you name your fears you make them your bitches.

And that my friend is when you stop fart-assing around.

You set the goals.

You take the action.

You smash the ceilings.

You fall.

You get back up.

You keep going understanding that the only failure is the moment you give up.

You become everyone you have ever admired and you walk proud in the face of all those who get triggered by your shine!

What will it take for you to get to this point?

What will it take for you to rise from the ashes and to become all that you were born to be?

What will it take for you to choose the truth – that you have no limitations?

I dare you to seek out those you admire from afar.  Those who trigger the fuck out of you.  Those who have the levels of success you have historically put out of arms reach.

Understand this:

You are only shown what is possible for you.

Right now!

Not in a decade from now.

If you weren’t ready for it, you would not have seen it.

Also know that all you desire – especially the stuff you don’t dare admit you desire – wants you too.

It’s the law of attraction.

Oh you can absolutely waste another year by stating that it’s not your time yet.

But we both know that’s chicken shit!

You can waste another year by doing it on your own.

But we both know that’s you sabotaging yourself.  It’s born from scarcity mindset.  Not believing that you’re worth the investment.

Except what if you don’t have another year to waste?

What if this is it?  Your last chance?

Are you seriously going to blow it?

Are you?

Death IS inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Ready?

Let’s play.