Sticking your head in the sand will never bring you success.

Change is inevitable.

Regardless of how much you resist it.


It is either growing, or it’s dying.

And it’s scary Darling.

OMG it’s so scary.

To continuously lose people

To lose stability

To wander into new territory not knowing what lies ahead.

It takes so much courage to keep going when you have already fallen so many times before.

When your knees are permanently scraped and bruised and you’re just so tired of all the fucking pain.

It takes so much resilience to keep putting one foot in front of the other when tears are streaking down your face because even though you know that you’re doing that which you came here to do, so much has to be left behind.

And you feel like your knapsack is already empty.

You look around you and there’s nobody to hold your hand.

No arms to cradle you at night.

Because the arms that used to hold you was in fact strangling you to death and you finally opened your eyes and saw that it was not love but possession, fear and codependency that locked you down.

You feel that you’ve hit the floor so many times before that you simply don’t understand the purpose of getting up this time.

What’s the use.

When you know someone, something, is going to knock you down again.

The blood congealed on your face will flow once more.

It is in this realisation that we can finally start having compassion for others, compassion for ourselves.

Compassion realising that change is happening for everyone.

All the time.

And it’s tough.

But you know what Sunshine, you’re fucking tougher!

You’re indestructible.

If you choose to be.

I have come to realise that we always have a choice to make.

We can choose to live in denial and victimhood.

We can choose not to face the true state of affairs because doing so can make us feel like shit.

It brings up all kinds of questions in us:

When did I become such a pussy?

How could I have been so stupid?

Why did I tolerate this for so long?

What does this say about me?

What will others think and say?

Who else will judge me, hate me, berate me?

We can choose to let the questions fill us with shame, pull out a bottle of whiskey and drown our sorrows waiting for our pickled bodies to be engulfed in flames to bring an end to this torture.

Or we can choose to have love and compassion for ourselves, to get the learning so we can live more consciously moving forward.

We can choose to take full responsibility for our creations.

For the debt.

For the failure.

For the toxic relationships.

For the painful mirrors.

For the fat dragging our asses down to our knees.

For it is in the moment that we take responsibility,  we finally take back our power.

We own our shit.

We understand that every thing we’ve created in our lives, we have the ability to create the opposite.

But for this to start happening you have to pull your head out of the sand Darling, and you have to get very fucking real with yourself.

I want you to know that the truth will NOT kill you.

It will liberate you.

It will empower you.

Yes it will sting at first.

Nobody loves owning the fact that they’ve fallen into the trap of existence.

That they’ve been criticising everyone else whilst running on a hamster wheel.

Nobody loves owning the fact that they’ve been settling for average or disastrous in their lives.

Nobody loves admitting that they didn’t really do their best.  That they’ve used others as an excuse not to step into their true potential.

Oh it’s easy to talk a big game.

I hear people all the time telling the world how successful they’re going to be one day.

How they’re going to drop all their bullshit next year and everything is going to be different then.

How they’re going to stop self-sabotaging and have a rocking body by next month.

But honestly I have stopped taking grandiose words as truth.

Instead, I listen to what you say when you’re NOT talking about what you’re going to do.

I look at your actions.

I look at what you’re doing in your free time.  Behind closed doors.  When you think it doesn’t matter.

I look at who you’re hanging out with.

Are you surrounding yourself with those already next level, or do you prefer being the most successful, smartest person in the room?

I look at how you’re training or not training when it’s dark, cold, raining.

I look at the discrepancies between your words and your actions.

No results are achieved through talking a big game.



End of story.

And you don’t know the right action to take unless you know exactly where you’re 100% committed to get to and where the hell you are today.

Raw and real Baby.

Raw and real.

The reason why so few people actually achieve the results they say they desire is because they’re not being honest with where they’re at!  They feel they have to put on a show for the world to say they’re tougher and further ahead than they truly are.  But the fact is that the world really doesn’t give a damn.  The world is filled with billions of people caught up in their own lives.

So stop looking at everyone else.

Stop faking it for everyone else.

Get your head into your own game and do what you came here to do!

Be the leader.

Be the artist.

Be the creative.

Be the healer.

Be the motherfucking achiever.

Understand that change IS happening.  Right now.  And you have the power to dictate if that change is going to be positive or negative.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a conscious choice which has to be made every day.

With love always,


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