Self-doubt: It’s real Baby. What are you going to do with it?

Nobody gets excluded from feeling doubt.

I don’t care how far you are on your journey.

I don’t give a damn how successful you are.

How serene you look on the outside, photoshopped by your publicity team so nobody can see the lines of stress.

Regardless of the amount of sexy blocks on your abs, or the dollars in your bank account

there comes a time, sometimes numerous times,

when something happens

which triggers the fuck out of you

and you stop dead in your tracks.

Doubting every decision that got you to this point.

Doubting the sanity of the vision you’ve created in your mind.

Doubting yourself.

You get called out on your bravado and the gods of mischief wait in anticipation to see your next move.

What will you do?

What will you doooooooo?

Will you go into a tailspin and take out your tarot cards, your pendulum, desperately looking for a sign!

Not understanding that you’re going to get the answers based on your frantic energy.

Will you throw a royal tantrum and tell every light-being that this is complete bullshit and you’ve just had enough.

Demanding a refund of your money because clearly they’re not sitting at the right table.

Will you run to your favourite Facebook group and spew out your confusion leaving it in the hands of mostly complete strangers to give you ‘the answer’ from which to take your next step.

Will you call your trusted friends and ask them what to do because you just don’t know anymore and expect them to give you the truth when it’s in their nature to save and protect you.

Will you message your coach with your conundrum and hope they give you some motivational line that will calm you down.


will you step away.

Will you give yourself some time for the dust of confusion to settle.

Giving yourself space to breathe.

Understanding that the world won’t fall off it’s axis just because, heaven forbid, you were unavailable for a day.

Will you allow yourself to go through whatever the hell you need to go through without making a firm decision?

Just letting the process flow through you.

And go to bed at night.

Sleeping like a baby.

Because all of the drama gets to be left behind if you choose it to stay in yesterday.

Reset Baby.

Every night.

Waking in the morning, laughing your ass off at your response to something so small yesterday.

Because look,

you’re still alive!

You’re still breathing.

You still have all the talents you had before the triggers.

You still have your dreams to achieve.

You still have your purpose to live.

You still have YOU!

Nothing else really matters.

So you sit with those gods of learning and you thank them for the opportunity to press pause.

The opportunity to take another look at your goals and decide whether they are still aligned for you.

The opportunity to take another look at your actions and decide whether they are still feeling exciting for you.

The opportunity to take another look in the mirror and place your bets on yourself.

Believing in yourself.

No matter what.

Or not.

You can also choose to see your goals in a new light and decide that they’re not that important after all.

You can decide that the sacrifice, the struggle, the pain is greater than your desire for success.

You can choose to review your actions and decide they’re just too much for you to cope with.

You can choose to look in the mirror and see a little whimp.

You can put on the spectacles of bullshit that everyone has handed you throughout the years.

Telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, pretty enough.

That’s your choice Darling.

I’m not judging.

And just so you know, I can make fun because I still do ALL OF THIS and then some.

You should have seen me yesterday.

I was a hot mess!

Thankfully I’m at a stage where I simply move through FASTER than years ago.

I don’t resist the process.

I don’t try and deny the existence of the emotions.

I know that the sky is not going to fall in.

I know that I simply have to choose:

little bitch


toughen the fuck up, grow up a little more, get a little stronger, and keep going.

Sound a bit insensitive to you?

Maybe it doesn’t even compute for you.

Maybe you still want others to tell you that it’s okay to give up.

That it’s okay for you to settle for less than excellence because you’re still better off than half the human population.

Maybe you still want to hear that you’re doing great even though you keep walking away from your purpose because you convince yourself that you’re not that important after all.

That humanity doesn’t even know about your existence so they don’t need you to step up to the plate and swing that motherfucking ball out of the park.

That there are more than enough other people who are coaching and healing and creating epicness in the world so you get a free pass.


Stop hiding behind your excuses.

Step out from behind the skirts of your fears.

Fucking Wo-Man up and start doing the work.

The real work.

The challenging work.

The work that has you doubt yourself every single day so that every single morning you can CHOOSE to believe in yourself.

Doubt is nothing more than opportunities of choice Darling.

Choice which involves ACTION.

There’s no decision without ACTION.

Stop telling the world how you choose to believe in yourself.


We’re ready for you.

I promise you we won’t run away from you in fear.

You won’t shine too bright for us.

Only those who choose to stay stuck will abandon your journey.

Let them go huddle in the corner with each other.

Waiting for death to come.

You’re not here to save them.

You’re here to thrive.

To walk your path and inspire others who choose to follow to do so on their own steam.

Because you believe in them as much as you believe in yourself.

The soul within honouring the souls around.

Your tribe is moving ahead.

They’re not waiting for you.

It’s up to you to catch up.

That’s how achievers roll.

Are you coming?

Or are you going to tell me tomorrow?

Letting doubt hold you back another day.

And another day.

And another day.

Make no mistake my friend,

Death is inevitable.

And she is closer than anyone ever thinks.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  Choice– Stay where you are.

Action – Nothing.

Choice – TTFU and go for gold.