Is the suppression of our truth and our emotions killing us?

There comes a time when we have to question that which nobody appears to question.

We have to question why nobody is talking about it.

We have to question the impact that not questioning is having on us.

I don’t think we came to this life to be silent.

To be PC (Politically Correct for those of you who, like me, wonder what the fuck PC stands for).

To live in an energy of fear of the consequences of our beautifully inquisitive minds and speaking it out loud.

Last night as I was driving my son to soccer practice there was a clip on the radio about a boy who’d pointed out a mistake in some natural museum regarding dinosaurs.  At first the mother didn’t want to take it up with them because well, how can they possibly be wrong?  They’re a museum for heavens sake and he was just a snot-nosed youngster.

Turns out he was right.

They rectified the mistake.

But what really hit home for me were the comments made around children always speaking their truth and it’s okay every now and again but nobody wants their child to be a smart-ass.

Why the fuck not?

Why wouldn’t we encourage our kids to say whatever is on their minds.  Even if we don’t agree.  Even when it’s irritating on our already tired and frazzled nerves.

Because at some stage we are going to pay the price for silencing smart-asses!

And I believe that this is more apparent than ever before.

I believe that this is where a shit ton of our current epidemics are starting.

By us telling our kids to keep their opinions to themselves.

By us telling them not to say anything that could possibly embarrass us.

And then when they hang their heads we tell them not to sulk, to grow up.

To fucking die!

Because here’s what I’m seeing – I’m seeing people suppressing their opinions, their truths, their passion, their feelings, and people are dying.

When I studied Pranic Healing I was fascinated to discover the reason why energy healing is so effective is because every disease or injury in the physical body has an origin in the energy body.  And the energy body is impacted by emotions.

That means that all physical disease has an emotional origin.

Now before you go into this hugely scientific argument here, just pause and think.  Yes, we all have the cancer thingy in our genes, but what is the trigger?

Get out of your ego and feel into this.

Because if we’ve all had these ‘potential diseases’ floating around in our bodies for as long as time goes back, why is it that there is such an increase in illnesses such as cancer and diabetes all around us?

I can’t remember when last a month has gone by where I haven’t heard of another person diagnosed with cancer!

Young people.

I believe it’s due to an oppression of emotion.

I believe it’s because people are encouraged to stop speaking what’s on their mind and so they walk around in fear, insecurity, frustration, suppressed anger and resentment.

Dark shit Baby.

When we talk about those things we worry about, we start seeing it in a different light.

We figure out solutions to perceived problems.

We get input that clarifies or puts a different spin on that which is going around and around in our heads with no definitive direction.

Instead the uncertainty turns into fear which is made worse by the false bravado we put up as a protective front.  Because let’s face it, whenever you appear weak you become an easy target for the assholes.

So now you have this powerful individual who came here to question, to shine a light on darkness, to bring clarity through thinking and instead of being on a platform where they reach their soul tribe and collectively find a new way of living and being, they’re literally being suffocated by their silence.  Drowning in their fear.

Their bottled up emotions are pushed down into their base chakras and it spreads up like a volcano building up pressure.

What happens to a volcano?

Pretty much the same as what’s happening in people.

There’s an eruption that shakes the core and destroys all in its path.

Either the body erupts into disease to increase the suffering thereby highlighting the need for inquisition, for healing.

Or the person’s emotions erupt in a way that they find hard to control so they either switch off through further medication, or put a label on themselves and go to therapy because it’s easier to cope with the label than the emotions.

Or they kill themselves because they simply can’t bare the pain of silence any longer.

I’m not saying that we should close down all the pharmacies and burn the doctors and therapists!

What I am saying is that we can’t continue only treating symptoms.

We have to start treating the actual cause as well.

We have to go the root – the emotions!

We have to use the emotions as a path of inquiry to understand their message.

People say that we have to put our faith in ‘modern medicine’ but what about all the lost wisdom of ancient medicine?

What about looking at all the shit we are continuously putting into our vessels – the food, the gossip, the fear, the PC bullshit?

What about looking at how we’re telling our kids on public radio that nobody likes a smart-ass?

I fucking adore smart-asses!

They are ballsy.

They are brilliant.

The world needs more smart-asses!

We also seriously need to start having real conversations.

Fuck talking about what you read on Facebook today or what’s happening on the other side of the globe!

What about the shit that’s happening in your town, your neighbourhood, your home?

How about having those conversations?

But that would mean getting uncomfortable.

And let’s face it – people don’t like being uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable is too powerful an emotion for most to handle.

Let’s rather go to the pub and make fun of people being enslaved to make us cheap clothes because that we can handle.

Let’s rather have our kids watch YouTube videos of a kitten getting a fright and accidentally jumping out a window to it’s death.  Because that’s funny right?

Let’s rather have our young people play PS4 games of death and destruction because you know ‘it’s only fantasy’.  Never mind the fact that the graphics are so realistic that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between what’s drawn and what’s real.  Because of course we are not desensitising our next generation of leaders to murder.

It’s fucked up people!

And nobody is prepared to talk about it.

Keep quiet.

Be pleasant.

Make others feel okay.

Don’t feel too much.

Just exist.

Just fit in.

Just keep the status quo.




When are we going to say ‘Enough and no more?’

When are we going to say ‘Fuck-it’ and just speak our minds even if nobody around us agrees with us?

And let me just make it clear – this is NOT about me being right and you being wrong.  This is about opening up a discussion for thought.  Not thought in terms of what is written on the world wide web.  Thought by inquisition from a place of wisdom.  What your gut says.

Until we start having these conversations we’re never going to stimulate our minds to do what they do best – SEE POSSIBILITIES!

You don’t need a degree to know what’s good and bad for you.

You don’t need a degree to talk about your emotions.

You don’t need a degree to think out of the box.

You just need a little bit of courage.

Okay maybe you need a lot of courage.

But what’s the worst thing that could happen for speaking up?

People won’t like you?  Well there will always be people who won’t like you.

Someone else could have a stronger argument than you and actually convince you that they’re right?  Well isn’t that just grande???

Someone will kill you?  Darling – you’re going to die anyway!

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

A brave choice.

A choice that goes against the masses.

It’s all a choice.

It’s also a choice to stand in your power and start speaking your truth thereby healing your body.

Just saying.

With love always,


PS:  I’m calling in the spiritual rebels, the born leaders, the creatives, the change catalysts who are ready to start owning their truth, find their voice, heal themselves and spread that healing to the world.  I’m calling in my soul tribe for it’s time to rise.  You have hidden long enough in the throngs of average.  You’ve faded into the background long enough swallowing your power.  It’s your time now.  You are ready for the next step now.  Courage, Clarity and Confidence.  For nobody else is going to bring about the change that you’re here to start.  Deep breath.  Trust.  Believe.  And rise gorgeous warrior.  Rise.