Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Hmmmm this is a challenging post for me to write as this is such an integral part of my personal learning journey.

In fact I feel the resistance within myself thinking ‘aah maybe I shouldn’t write this because it’s such a boring topic.  Simplicity’.

Which is how I know this is exactly what I need to write about today.

Probably more for myself than for you.

But maybe you need to hear this today as well.

Maybe like me you need to continuously remind yourself to slow the fuck down to speed up.

You see, like you, I’m an over- achiever.

I love doing the hard stuff.

The things that are seriously challenging – mentally, physically, emotionally.

It thrills me.

It excites me.

I.  Fucking.  Adore.  It.

Which could very well be why my Soul led me to a yoga mat.

Mother of chilli peanut butter it’s humbling!  Grrrrrr.

Yoga is reminding me that simple doesn’t mean easy.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Simple is about remembering.

How to breathe.

How to release.

How to expand.

How to hold.

How to be.

How to have a fully present conversation without the desire for controlling the outcome in your favour.

How to be in a relationship where you don’t demand the other person to conform to your non-conformity.

How to release all your thoughts and the judgement around your thoughts.

At which point we connect with our most powerful inner knowing and wisdom and are guided to the correct inspired action.

The HARD part of simplicity is the self-discipline.

The discipline to back off when your body will benefit more from recovery than pain.

The discipline to stick to the preparatory postures when everyone else is going pretzel around you.

The discipline to always return to loving yourself and finding therein that which you’re seeking from others.

The discipline to look within for the answers to your most frustrating situations rather than blaming everyone and everything around you.

Because until you achieve mastery over yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, you will NEVER achieve mastery in any area of your life.

Not in your profession.

Not in your relationships.

Not in your fitness.


And mastery over self is achieved through simplicity and continued practice even when you think it is ‘boring’.

I’m starting to suspect that complexity is just another cleverly crafted way of keeping people small.

I think it’s a play on the human ego that either has you doing stupid shit you’re not ready to do thereby getting injured or defeated in the process, or worse, getting you to the point of not even trying OR getting you doing the complex stuff and looking from the outside as if you’re taking all the right actions but internally you’re recruiting all the wrong muscle groups and so you miss out on the real healing, the real power, the real you in full bloom.

Either way, they win and you lose.

I’ve taken a look around at those who meet my personal definition for success i.e. not just wealth and sporty cars, but healthy relationships, epic physique and health, spiritually grounded.  You know – happy…

What I’ve observed is that they in fact keep everything as simple as possible.  From what they eat, to how they train, to how they conduct business, to how they speak.  Fuck all the jargon that has people more confused than before they asked for you to share your insights and knowledge.

Old school Darling.

They are in it for the long haul.

So they slow down to speed up.

They take their time and they learn the basics and practice it over and over again until it reaches the point of automatisation.  And then they layer another simple thing on top of that trusting that they have a rock solid foundation that’s not going to crumble.  They practice that over and over again and if something doesn’t work you know what they do?

They don’t go out and look for the next fad.

They go back to basics and reinforce the foundation.



But do you want to know why that’s such a big ask?

Because we’re competitive – oh please, stop denying it – and competition is an ego-driven activity.

So we cut the corners in order to save face.

I remember being out on a base ride with my coach.

The bastard took my Polar and monitored my heart rate.  Every time there was a slight little uphill my heart rate would increase and he would look at me and in his very demanding voice say “Sit up!”  Which meant I had to slow the fuck down until my heart rate was back to base pace.




It was excruciating!

It was humiliating.

A group of newbies came past, all out of shape and out of breath, swinging all over the show.  I was going so slow that in comparison they might have been going a 100 kilometres an hour.

And then to make it even worse – they all said hello!!!!


He knew that everything inside of me wanted to stand up on those peddles and put the hammer down to overtake them and get back to where I belong – the front.

But there was not a drop of mercy in his steely gaze.


For the next thirty minutes not only did I have to ‘sit up’ and keep my heart rate just above catatonic, but in addition I had to endure his lecture on how my lack of self-discipline will keep me average and that I had to start trusting the process or go find myself another coach.

My head hung low.

I sulked for a week.

In truth, the reason I sulked was not because he made me sit up, or because I got overtaken by beginners (okay that might have had a little something to do with it).  I sulked because I knew deep inside that I’ve let my ego overtake my wisdom and dictate my results.

I would love to say lesson learned, but we both know that would be a lie.

I’m still learning this lesson.

Because I’m a born achiever.

A competitor.

I want to win goddamit.

I want to do achieve the hard stuff.

I want to pretzel!!

And I will – eventually.

For now, I’m embracing the fact that I’m nowhere near done living and so for me to achieve my ultimate vision I’m taking my time to slow down and build a really solid foundation for myself.

In yoga.

In business.

In relationships.

So what if I end up to be the oldest woman to finally get her ass in the air for crow pose?

For now I’m making more conscious choices.  And sometimes that choice is to say ‘fuck it’ and do the complicated posture like a moron or chase the rabbit on a base ride – willing to pay the price in ultimate performance.

Let’s call it me being human.

I invite you to bring some awareness to your life right now and to maybe investigate where you’ve become impatient and started doing the advanced poses, the intricate strategies, the huge project plans before your foundation was unshakable?  Where are you dropping the basics and paying the ultimate price?  Where are you feeling you have to rush through to get to the next thing because then maybe you should stop wasting your time Darling and only do that which you’re in for for the long run.

Why the fuck not?

Why would you waste your time on shit to just tick the boxes?

That’s crazy!

You have this magnificent opportunity to LIVE!

Stop wasting it with shit that keeps you distracted, busy, exhausted.

Commit to the long run.

Commit to slowing down to speed up.

Simplify your life and feel the immediate expansion and creative energy rise from within.

That’s where flow can find you.

There’s no need to rush.

For death will find you anyway.  Why not choose to thrive until then?

With love always,


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