Warrior Smack-Down

If you’re feeling a little tender and teary, close this right now and walk away from this piece.

If you enjoy wallowing in misery right now, go eat a tub of ice-cream and get fat so you have more reason to complain about how tough and unfair life is.

This piece is not for you.

Don’t you dare read it and then say what an insensitive bitch I am.

That you don’t want to be shouted at.

That I’m not playing nice.

Come back when you’re ready to get some dynamite shoved up your popsicle.

This piece is for my warriors.

The ones who are down on the dirt.

The ones who are exhausted because 2017 has been a challenging motherfucking year of epic proportion.

The ones who just need to remember who the fuck they are and what they’re doing here instead of drowning in the sympathy avalanche that’s come down on them in full force.

Are you ready Darling?

Are you ready to wake the fuck up, to wipe the spit off your chin and look me in the eyes?

Are you ready to stop your shit, stop your excuses, stop your whining and start rising?

For this is not who you are!

All these motherfucking labels you’re hanging around your neck like a prized piece of bling.






You say you have no time.

You say you have no direction.

That you’re not coachable because your set in your ways and you’re too old to change.



Take that bullshit off your chest.

Burn it in your fire of passion, of purpose.

Remember who you are!

You, my friend, are magnificence in human form.

You are one of the few who came to this lifetime, ready to face your demons, ready to challenge the status quo, the collective consciousness be damned.

You’re one of the few who came to this life to break the chain of oppression which has enslaved your family lineage for generations.

You’re the one who came here to face the enemy in the mirror, not only for yourself, but for seven generations before you and seven generations when your body is nothing but another speck of dust.

You came here because the pain caused by the prevalence of mediocrity has become unbearable to your soul.

You looked at the destruction caused to Gaia through the loss of values, the loss of honour, the loss of true service, and you fucking roared!

You heard the dying cries of Mother Earth and you ROSE IN RAGE!

You took that leap from your all-magnificent creative power and you embraced a puny little human body.

But you didn’t come here to be puny.

So you started training for the moment of your birth.

You invited in the most vicious of motherfucking bastards to give it their all to break you!

You trained through verbal abuse.

You trained through physical punishment.

You trained through assholes raping your body and mind.

You trained through abandonment.

You trained through lovers ripping out your heart watching your blood dripping off their fangs as they continued to feed on you until your light went out.

All the time they thought they were winning.

Stupid fucks.

They were simply playing their roles in your orchestration to become the indestructible warrior that you have the potential of owning today.

That’s right Darling – all the hard work has been done.

You have trained long enough.

You are ready.

All that’s left for you to do is to own it!

Is to make the choice to rise again.

It’s to look the bullies in the eye and whisper “Is that all you’ve got?”

We might have lost a few fights along the way, but we will win the war!

We will be victorious in our mastery of that which matters most to us.




Changing the status quo.

We will continuo to speak our truth with courage and conviction regardless of the naysayers and the haters.  For we understand that they are simply speaking from a space of fear.

They are terrified of change.

They are pissing in their pants when they see you and the way that you relentlessly stride forward.

How, no matter how many times they knock you down with their vicious lies of friendship when all they do is manipulate and strangle your creative forces, you keep on standing up again and again and again.

They don’t understand how they can witness you burn in the fire and yet you rise!




The war is not over.

How do we fight this war against the destruction of the human spirit?

By setting and achieving the goals that astound those around you.

By living a life of honour and self respect so that YOU never lower your eyes in shame.

By keeping the God-spark bright with daily spiritual prayers and meditation.

By falling in love with yourself and feeding your body and mind with the best quality nourishment.

By showing up as the goddess you are.

By howling your truth under the light of the moon so your pack can find you.

No more hiding.

No more playing small.

No more sitting down because the cowardly motherfuckers around you promise love and joy in the bottom of the bottle.

It’s time for you to sit down and have an honest conversation with your higher self.

To lovingly and compassionately look at your current life creation and ask yourself “Is this really the best I can do?”

Because if you’re saying yes, you’re lying!

To yourself.

And there’s nothing worse than a warrior lying to herself.


That is sacrilege.

What are you tolerating that is making you feel weak?  Disempowered?  Less than?

Is it a friendship?  A relationship?  A body out of shape, showing the desperate attempt of dousing loneliness with food?  Clothes that make you look like a pauper?

Whatever it is – STOP IT!

We get what we tolerate.

So stop tolerating mediocre anything!

Let it go!  Immediately.

The only reason you’re holding on to toxins is because you think there’s going to be this gaping nothingness.


Every time that you say no to toxic anything you are inherently saying yes to epic!

Trust this.

Trust that the Universe is on your side and that as a Soul Warrior of Creator you will never be left with gaping nothingness.

It’s just not possible.

But you have to show the fuck up Darling.

You have to get the fuck up.

You have to do the work.

You have to be relentless.

You have to be determined to succeed regardless of the sacrifices or how long it takes.

The war is not over.

Stop your shit


Death is inevitable.

How long before you realise that for your soul, existence is worse than death!

Why do you think so many are choosing to end life and embrace death?

No more spiritual suicide.

No more physical suicide.

No more creative suicide.

Your soul wants to thrive!

Choose thrive!

With love eternal,


PS:  Everything good gets created from love.

Yet how many people do you know who are completely and utterly in love with themselves?  Unconditionally? Deeply?  Passionately?

More importantly, are you?

It has taken me years of personal development and working with some of the best coaches in the industry to finally adore the woman in the mirror.  Even the delectable dimples on my derriere.

This is the gift I now share with you.

For the month of November I’m starting a Self-Love Revolution in Wild Woman Rebels.  Dedicating the month to the Goddess Guinevere we will be journaling, dancing, clearing out, and romancing you.

This is open to all women who are just sick and tired of feeling not enough.  The women who are done with seeking approval and love from others.  Those who are ready to stop filling the emptiness with food.

The only cost is your precious time and the bullshit you’ll be dumping in the bin like the rubbish it is.

We start Monday the 6th of November so come join the revolution Darling.

You’re so fucking worth it.