Are we social deviants or Normal AF?

For my rebels, deviants, creatives, artists, those who have the courage to be judged and criticised for authentic expression of self.

Isn’t it crazy?

How we’ve been told all these years that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us?

That the way in which we express ourselves is simply not the way in which a well-educated, classy dame does it.

That the way in which we train is insane – beast mode on bitches!

That the way in which we think is unacceptable because questioning is disrespectful to our elders and we should blindly believe what we’re told.

That the way in which we choose to love is sinful because true love means that you are bound to one person for your entire life!  Whether that person chooses to grow with you or not is irrelevant.  Whether that person deals with their shit or not is not important.  Whether that person chooses to fulfil your sexual needs or not doesn’t matter.  And when people choose to honour their needs they are labelled as promiscuous and cast out as rotten.

Isn’t it insane how we have been branded the black sheep of the family.

Those of us who chose to stand up to our parents because their life choices were out of integrity with our mission.

How we’ve been ignorantly labeled as evil because we choose to decorate our bodies with tattoos rather than diamonds.

They call us insensitive because we speak our truth.

Never taking the time to truly listen to our message.

Our message that the system is fucked up.

That we look around and we see oppression of the individual spirit to serve the masses.

That we observe how people are miserable because they’ve abandoned themselves for the sake of keeping the peace of the bullies.

We see people not speaking their truth just in case someone blasts them in retaliation of getting triggered.

We cry for those who don’t stand up for their dreams and their desires because apparently somebody else is more worthy than them.

We live in a world where we’re told we have to sacrifice our dreams.

That we have to put our lives on hold.


Until we’re old and decrepit and exhausted?

When will the ‘good’ people of the world start understanding that life is as precious.

That my truth will not be kept silent because when I do hold it in, it rots away my insides.

That my desires are here in service to humanity because every time I allow myself to receive, I create more abundance for everyone.

That my body is my vehicle with which I do my soul purpose work so of course I’m going to keep her in warrior condition and that takes focus, discipline, dedication, sweat, pain, nourishment, flexibility, power.

What most don’t see is that my judgement is not of people but of the system.

My anger is FOR the people because it fucking rips me apart to see how people are CHOOSING to piss away their lives, their happiness, their potential, their thrive.

My rage is AGAINST the institution which robs our children of their creativity, their personal expression, their self-respect, self-love, self-worth.

When will they understand that my deviance is a moving away from the culture of self-abandonment and moving towards self-love, self-expression, free thinking.


Do they not see that I trigger them because deep down inside their souls are howling for release?

Release from the routine that sucks the life out of them.

Release from the responsibility of taking care of everyone else whilst they themselves are running on empty.

Release from codependency bred through a lack of self-love.

Release from the boxes they exist in whilst the artist inside is starving.


For those who have the courage to take a stand for themselves.

For those who refuse to exist and who would rather be a social outcast than a hollowed out shell of a person.

For those who are prepared to question the social norms and values handed down in childhood choosing instead integrity which is in alignment with their personal beliefs and values.

And before you tell me that deviance leads to murder, rape and social breakdown I want to say to you that soul-aligned deviance is pure love.

It’s when you connect with your soul and you send out a heart-link invitation to every other person because you know that every person has a heart.

That their story does not define them.

That their past does not dictate their future.

That we’re all just wondering around in the dark.

Working to find our way back home.

Home which is love.

But I guess it must be impossible to see if you’re so fucking terrified that you have to cling to the constructs given to you by men whose names you don’t even know.

Those who filled you with the fear of god by telling you that you’re doomed either way.

Your ass is going to burn in hell unless you do exactly as they tell you to do.

So you choose to create hell on earth for yourself.

Thinking your reward is going to be eternal bliss in the hereafter.


It’s your GIFT!

From Creator.

And you get to choose how you experience it.

You can choose to live in fear because you’re so desperate to be liked, to be approved of, to be seen as good.

Or you can choose to live a life of passion, expression, and self-love.

Belonging to the tribe of deviants and rebels.

Understanding that on this side we have no desire to huddle together.

We are empaths.


Lone wolfs.

We are committed to the art.

We are committed to thrive.

We are committed to liberation.

We are committed to love.

Are you ready for your own liberation?

To own your desires and your to find your voice?

To free yourself from the programming, the restrictions of a system that denies you thrive?

Then pay attention.

I only work with rebels, deviants, those who are ready to get turned on, tapped in to the magic that lies within.

If this is speaking to your heart, not your ego-fear-saturated mind, check out Liberation and let’s play.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving my Darling, is a rebellious choice.

With love,