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Sometimes you simply have to take a stand and DARE to believe in yourself.

The world is a space filled with fear.

Fear of change.

Of uncertainty.

It’s a time of endings, and everyone is running on some form of adrenaline.

Some feeling overwhelmed,

pulling into the illusion of safety through escapism.

Thinking that as long as they don’t get involved in the fight

for love

for honour

for humanity

they will be left alone.

Others charging forward in rage,

convinced that as long as they have momentum and false bravado on their side,

they can overthrow anything in their path.

Some of us,

those who have simply reached a stage of enough and no more,

are returning to self.

We are planting our feet deep into the heart of Mother Earth,

and we are daring to question, believe in ourselves, and live a life of conscious choice.

For this is our time

to take a stand

for what we believe in.

I believe in love,

I believe in purpose,

I believe in joy,

I believe in the magnificence of every person alive,

I believe in a Universe filled with magic and potential and beauty.

And I am choosing to speak my truth

regardless of who is listening.

Yes, there are those who listen purely for ammunition

to use against me

to trip me up

to prove me wrong.

Pile up Darlings, for I have a shit ton to say.

Constantly contradicting myself

as I continue to explore

and travel

and learn

on this adventure

sharing my journey along the way.

Twists and turns, ups and downs, no filters.

For there are also those sitting,

with abated breath,


for more,

quietly observing to see what I will do next,

so one day they will find the courage to choose to believe in themselves.

Still unsure that their legs will hold them up

when the world shakes in a display of her glorious power.

I share my journey for them.

I share my journey for you, my Love.

I stand tall and yes

at times I get thrown to the ground

I get beaten

I get defeated

But I know

in my soul that

defeat is temporary

and I will always find within myself

the strength to rise again.

This is the life I had requested before the dawn of mankind.

This is what I train for.

Every day.

In multiple ways.





I continuously put myself in situations where my strength is tested.

So that I can determine my level of progress.

So that I can spot my weaknesses and decide the best route of action to take.

At times it’s simply practicing more with intention so that I can become stronger.

At other times I call in the talents of others to support me in that area, so that I may continue to focus on my zone of genius.

After all,

what is this life if not a journey of self-discovery?

For way too long I lived a life in the shadows,

filled with shame because I bought into the lies told to me by unquestioning generations before.

Lies about the meaning of my sex.

Lies about the meaning of my value.

Lies about the meaning of my culture.

Lies about the meaning of my family.

Lies about the meaning of my God.

Programmed with insecurity, unquestioned obedience and conformity.

Except, now,

in this magnificent time of humanity,

there is a rise of a new rebellion.

Spiritual badasses who are brining back ancient wisdom and magic.

You can choose to deny this.

You can choose to keep branding us as deviants.

As evil.

Going straight to hell.

Well Darling

who is living in hell right now?

Those who believe this is it – make or break?

Those who believe that every time they step out of line there is a higher power sitting as judge and jury?

Waiting for them to fail so they may burn in the fires for all eternity?

Or those who believe in love above all?

Those who believe in a Creator who always has their back?

Those who choose to live this life in flow?

I used to wake up in the dark,

terrified to move.

Not daring to breathe too deeply,

in case I woke the monster under the bed.

The one lying in wake, waiting for me to leave the safety of my duvet.

To pounce on me with feelings of hopelessness, sadness, disappointment.

It was a shit time.

Yet, one I now treasure.

I look back in gratitude understanding that if it weren’t for all those mornings,

I would never have reached a stage of choice.

A time when I finally chose to be brave.

To jump out of bed and grab that fucker by his tail.

Pulling him out,






I was cut to the bone,

I cried in pain

I watched my blood drip onto the floor.

I  did not die.

A lesson I take with me into every single day.

I continue to jump out of bed,

I take a leap of faith,

I dare to do that which I have not done before,

knowing that there will be times of failure,

projects that blow,

still I will not die.

Until I do.

We have moved into the second half of 2018 Darling.

Another month to rip off the wall calendar.

Empty with potential.

What are you going to do with it?

Are you going to keep waking up in defeat?

Saddened by your limited choices?

Thinking that it’s okay to take it slow – because there will come a time in the distant future when everything will work out perfectly?

It’s been my experience that this level of belief changes jack shit in your life.

It is simply resignation of your current circumstances.

Pure fantasy.

It’s been my experience that for things to change,

you have to make a decision.

Right now.

Right here.

That you will no longer tolerate mediocrity.

That you will no longer tolerate all your bullshit excuses as to why this is not your time.

That you will no longer tolerate hiding behind your loved ones.

That you will no longer tolerate backing down from your fear.

That you will no longer tolerate the naysayers and energetic vampires who have leeched on to you.

It’s been my experience that for things to change,

you have to make a decision.

Right now.

Right here.

That you will say YES to all of your desires.

That you will say YES to your purpose.

That you will say YES to your courage.

That you will say YES –

this IS your time now.

And that you are ready for the next step NOW.

And then take that step.

Whatever it is.

Regardless of how scary.

Regardless of the doubt.


For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love,


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