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Soul says it’s time to step the fuck up!


I was going to play it safe and write you a ‘nice’ piece today.

A piece that sings your praises and tells you that it’s all going to be okay.

That you’re going to be fine.

But Soul is not having any of this.

She keeps on going back and deleting my well thought out paragraphs.


You see Darling,

me writing ‘motivational’ pieces, or giving you another ‘three steps of how to’ do anything in life,

that’s ego.

That’s me wanting to cut you, and me, some slack,

believing the old story that you’ll like me more when I make you feel good like a big old bottle of tequila.

Buying into the theories of how I have to be more considerate of the complexities and fragility of the human psyche, and be gentle because right now you’re already feeling like you’ve had enough.

That you’re going to break.

That you just can’t handle any more.

And if you were NOT one of my soul-people,

if you were NOT one of the warriors,

we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

In fact,

if you just stumbled upon this, and you’re feeling a little tender and fragile today,

if you’re going to turn my words into hate,

then step the fuck away from this piece.


Go lick your wounds.

Go curl up in the arms of the sympathisers;

Those who will wrap you in cotton blankets of pity.

Letting you sink even lower into the darkness.

Hush now baby.

Go to sleep a little longer.

Go slumber another day, another week, another month, another year, another decade.

But if you’re still reading,

if you’re still with me,

I’m going to give it to you unfiltered:


That’s right.

I don’t care what’s going on in your physical reality right now.

YOU created that.

With your thoughts.

With your words.

With your stories.

With your beliefs.

If you’re looking around right now and it’s pretty good,


We both know that you’re nowhere NEAR where you’re meant to be playing.

How do I know that?

Because you’re still breathing.

You’re not dead yet.

No time to sit there and bask in the level of success when there’s BILLIONS of people fucking DYING today.

Right now.

Lost souls shuffling around in the throngs of mediocrity.

Some of those are YOUR soul-mate clients, and it’s time for you to shine your light brighter so they can look up and find you.

Regardless of whether or not you have an existing business , YOU have a gift that someone needs.

Regardless of what form your product or service takes, it is in service to the up-liftment of another’s life.

Acceptance of average is suffocating the artists, healers, creatives!

What’s called for now is leaders like YOU who are prepared to raise levels of what is acceptable to EXCELLENCE and then sharing THAT vibration with humanity.


You’re a born leader Baby.


And if you’re sitting in a pit of misery right now thinking it’s all gone to shit,


YOU can take that shit, shuffle it into the ground and use it to fertilise your land, start planting the seeds of your desires and grow the most lush garden of abundance.

That’s right Sunshine,

Turn your shit into compost and start thriving.

Some of us made the choice to come to this lifetime and experience the excruciating pain of a system that is eating up life-force.

We chose not to numb ourselves with their morphine drips but instead to FEEL!

We chose to temporarily buy into the social conditioning of what it takes for us to be considered as ‘responsible contributors’ to society.

In the process we have suppressed our truth, our passion, our artistic expressions of a soul song.

How do you know this is true for you?

You’ve hit rock bottom.

Probably more than once.


Desire to end your life.


Feeling like you’re losing your motherfucking mind!

All the time being told that you have to behave.

You have to be quieter.

You have to tread lightly.

You have to be considerate of everyone else.




Can you relate?

Then you will know,

in your soul,

in your heart,

that continuing on this path,

is no longer an option.

You didn’t come here to conform to the standards of mediocrity,

you didn’t come here to blend in,

you didn’t come here to exist,


So stop your sniffling,

stop listening to people who tell you to be gentle with yourself,


How will you EVER figure out just how powerful you are,

how badass,

how magnificent,

how creative,

how resourceful,

how resilient,

if you never dare to leap?

If you never take a chance on yourself and actually follow your heart?

If you never walk away from that which is draining your spark, leaving you feeling like an old dish-towel?

If you never cut the umbilical chord to your codependent relationships and actually stand on your own two feet?


It has been in my moments of greatest despair that I have found my greatest strength.

In the moments when I lay on that floor sobbing like there’s no tomorrow.

In the moments when I was so petrified that urine was running down my legs.

In the moments when I was so broken

so crippled

so desperate

that I didn’t think I could ever take another step,

that I have chosen to release my egotistical bullshit,

and go inward,

to my soul,

to my essence,

to my Creator,

and prayed for a miracle.

I didn’t pray for money.

I didn’t pray for a saviour.

I prayed for inner strength.

The untapped reservoir inside.

And there’s always more Darling.

You just have no idea how amazing you are until you’re willing to go there.

It was in my moments of darkness that I would ignite the light through whatever emotion was available to me at the time.

For me it was never pity,

it was never sympathy,

it never is for me,

for me it’s ANGER!


Without any shame.

I get raging mad,

at whatever I need to get mad at.

I seek out those who will kick me down and like a crazy bitch I will use that to fuel me,


Every time.

Whatever it takes my friend.

You do whatever it takes


You came here to lead,

you came here to heal,

you came here to create,

and it’s your time now.

You can keep hanging out in the pubs with those who will tell you how awesome you are,

stroking your ego,

you can keep doing that.

Or you can stop holding yourself back even if only for a millisecond,

you can raise your standards for yourself,

you can embrace discomfort,

and you can start doing Soul.

Only death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation of you,


PS:  When you’re done being held to standards of average,

when you’re done settling for good enough,

when you’re done letting yourself off the hook,

then, and only then, I invite you to connect with me.

I work with soul-aligned clients;

Entrepreneurs who build purpose-driven empires of impact and who are courageous enough to step up, do the work, and reap the rewards.

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