What would life look like if you stopped dicking around?

This is the question I asked myself this morning.

It was inspired by the killer workout I had just completed.

Trembling, nauseous, dizzy.

And feeling on fire!

Because I know in my deepest truth, that this is who I am.

I AM the warrior who trains hard, works hard, kicks ass hard, and thrives.

Yet for most of my life I’ve been holding back.

Sabotaging myself in the sneakiest of ways.

Maybe eating a little too much here, training a little too easy there.

Only write when I was in the mood.

Worked at the pace of the slowest person in my life.

Holding back.

Always holding back.

Dicking around at 10% effort.

Oh I know others don’t think so.

Because my 10% is still a shit ton more than what they think is their 100%.

But it’s all bullshit my friend.

If you have to look at the most successful of the successful people in the world, THAT is 60% of your potential.

Because even THEY are not playing full out.

And let’s get honest here, every time I’ve stepped up and stepped out of my cramped style, I’ve been attacked.

I was told that I make others feel inferior.

I was told that I shame others.

I was told that I’m full of myself and it was time that I learned my place.

At the bottom of their boots.

I’m constantly accused of being insensitive, unfair and unrealistic.

And it hurts like a motherfucker.

Because I care!

I care about you and I care about your happiness.

For a long time I bought into the lie of what love should look like, which I have come to understand is pure codependency and I’m done with that shit!

I’m done playing small so others can feel big.

I’m done boring myself so others can sleep.

I’m done buying into their laziness and their excuses of why this is all they can ever be.

I’m done with having people pile their shit at my door because they don’t want to deal.

How about you Darling?

Are you done dicking around in your life?

More importantly, what would life look like if you played full out?

I mean leaving it all out there.

Exhausted at the end of every day because you didn’t hold back.

Instead you showed the fuck up.

For yourself.

For your purpose.

For your soul.

What would your physique look like if you trained like a marine every day?

If you stopped putting an ounce of poison into your machine and instead you fuelled her with high octane?

What would your relationship look like if you had deep, meaningful, honest conversations all the time.  Never holding back.  Never taking responsibility for their feelings.  If you absolutely unleashed your passion-ripped animal self in the bedroom and you allowed yourself to be taken to the point of climax with wild abandon again and again until you couldn’t crawl away?

What would your business look like if you held the vision, the ultimate vision, and you held your boundaries rock solid?  If you only aligned yourself with soulmate clients, with soulmate partners, with soulmate teams?

What would your lifestyle look like if you demanded levels of excellence in everything?  From your home, to your car, to your adventures?  If you let yourself play through life like a 5 year old – with no limitations and no fears and no desire to understand the fucking “how”.

What would your circle of genius look like if you no longer tolerated bullshit small-talk and instead you surrounded yourself with those who challenge your thinking and brings forth the creative muse that resides within each of us?

What would your life look like?

If you allowed yourself to show the fuck up?

I want you to write it all down, right now. 

Stop whatever else you’re doing.

What could possibly be more important than this????


No overthinking.

No sensoring.

Stretch yourself until you’re so lit up that a smile rips across your face and you feel tingles all over.

Don’t stop.

Every time you think this is it, write more.

What else?

What else?

What else?


I want you to own your motherfucking fears around everything that you’ve just written down.


Based on your fears.

And as long as you deny your fears, you’re energetically feeding them.

Which takes away your power to create.

I promise you that your fears are not going to kill you!

Name those bitches and claim them.

They are real!

So own it.



You get to choose to feel that fear and sit back down.

Again and again.

Because they’re real.


People are going to leave you


People are going to say shit to you that rips your fucking heart to pieces


There is a very good chance that you’re going to fail and feel like a complete ass


There is a very good chance that you’re going to have some serious growing pains along the way


Guaranteed the journey is going to be uncomfortable AF

So if your pain is greater than your desire






You can choose to feel the fear and show up anyway

You can choose to fail until you succeed.

You can choose to let the fuckers go who are holding you back because you’re not responsible for their journey or their choices.

You can choose to embrace the discomfort knowing that every time you come through it you’re stronger, wiser, larger.

You can choose to feel the pain of the growth and celebrate the victories of moving forward.

You can choose to look in the mirror and see the sweat, tears, blood and feel immensely proud of yourself.

You can choose to start keeping your word to yourself every single day and start trusting yourself again.

And when you start trusting yourself again you will start making the tough decisions believing that it will all work out.

Every time.

Regardless of the form of the result.

It’s all happening for you.

So you take a stance of gratitude and appreciation.

You always get the gifts of learning and growth.

You make the better choices.

Again and again.

And finally

one day

you wake up and you know

you just know

that you’ve honoured the code of the warrior

Of playing full out.

Every single day.

Because you honour life and you appreciate seconds.

Your love for humanity has you going into battle with faith and courage and conviction.

THIS my Darling is a life of thrive.

It’s making the choices that others don’t even want to consider because they’ve stopped believing themselves, stopped believing in themselves.

They live in perpetual fear and terror.

Demanding iron-clad contracts.

As if that will make them feel safe.

It only traps them.

Instead I invite you to imagine a life of true freedom.

A life where you choose to trust.

And that regardless of what happens around you, you are still in control of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.

True responsibility.

1000% accountability.

When you start thinking this way you have understanding why most people choose to live in slavery.

Slavery is easy.

You don’t have to think for yourself.

You always have all the excuses in the world as to why you don’t have to play a big game.

You always have someone else to blame for the shitty results in your life.

Don’t think you get to choose to be a warrior once and then have it easy.

Choosing the path of the warrior is challenging every single day.

It takes recommitment every single day.

It takes titanium tits Sunshine.

I know inside of you you have what it takes.

All you have to do is choose it.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a courageous choice.

With love always,


PS:  What is the path of the warrior?

It is a path of honour.

Of remembering.

Who you are.

What you are capable of.

A remembering that you are worthy.

Of everything you desire.

And this path starts with a decision.

A decision to be liberated from all the bullshit that has been holding you in a constant state of frustration and misery.

Liberation from old beliefs that you took on because you trusted those who told you this is absolute truth.

Liberation from strategies and steps that feel constrictive and uninspired and like a mind-less colour by numbers picture.

Liberation from your fears because you own them.

Liberation from the stories that has you screaming in the dark when nobody can hear you.

This is the path I offer my soulmate clients.

Those who are done with playing by the rules and instead embrace their personal code of honour.

Doing the work.

The real work.

And reaping the rewards of a life filled with freedom, joy and fulfilment.

If you’re ready to be liberated, apply today by sending your mail to anel@anelbester.com