There’s no reason for you to keep feeling so stuck in existence!

I’m feeling the bitch strongly this morning.

She’s tired of people being lied to all the time.

Tired of people lying there feeling helpless.

What really pisses the bitch off, is that most are so exhausted from a meaningless existence consisting of boxes and to-do lists, that they don’t have the mental capacity or strength to question the shit that’s trapping them, that’s killing them, slowly.

They get so wrapped up in that spiders web that they eventually stop struggling and just wait for someone, something, to come suck the life out of them.

Depleted, frustrated, crying alone in the dark when they don’t have to face the eyes in the mirror.

But still not breaking free from the insanity.

Because to break free takes an enormous effort, especially in the beginning.

Think of it as a rubber band holding you.

There’s this sense of restriction.

Maybe you get tired of it because your wings want to fly or just because you’re tired of not living your potential or you’re just done being bored.

Maybe you’re done waking up in the morning with no real passion or excitment or a sense of adventure.

So you start straining against it.

Until your arms are shaking.

It holds.

You cry and release the effort.

You stay inside the band, arms hanging limply by your side once more.

Until you lift your slumped head and decide to give it another go.

So you strain even harder.

“Come on!!”  You scream into the emptiness.

The fucking band holds.

You give up, give in, exhausted.

Now you have a choice to make.

You can decide that the band is stronger than you and just settle to living within the confinements of the rubber band for the rest of your life – no harm done, millions do this every single day so you’ll have plenty of zombies to keep you company;


You can get fucking mad.

And let me tell you my friend,

RAGE is a powerful energy when you channel it correctly.


You can dig deep,

deeper than you think is available to you,

and then,


You can RIP that shit apart.



Most people feel the strain and think that this is what it will be like all the time.

Forever and ever.

When you rage against the machine.

And they simply give up.

Feeling that it’s too much to ask of themselves, and for what?

Just more strain?

That doesn’t seem like much reward for all that effort.

In fact, most people can’t even comprehend what true freedom would feel like, would look like, in their lives.

Plus, what about all their loved ones who are banded around them?

Do they have to then break all of them free as well?

Which will probably take up the rest of your life and you’ll still have nothing much to show for the struggle.

Or do you have to leave them behind? Go it on your own? Who wants to be alone for the rest of their lives?

So let me highlight some options for you from my experience, understanding that yours will be different. This is simply to get your creative juices of possibility flowing.

It’s been my experience that the first effort, was the most challenging. Breaking that rubber band which held me terrified and miserable was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done – and I’ve done some tough shit.

But it was so worth it!

The moment I burst loose everything changed for me.

My entire perspective of life.

My beliefs of what is and what is not possible.

Breaking the rules of dead nameless people that never made sense to me in the first place and then writing my own that is in support to my thrive is pretty epic.

Living my life in a place I adore doing work that completely lights me up with people I respect and love is iconic.

I did find that once I was free from my own restriction, it wasn’t my responsibility to break others loose. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we require that struggle to build the strength which is needed to live a life of freedom. Especially mentally.

My sole responsibility was to break myself free and that resulted in some of my loved ones feeling truly inspired thereby finding their own inner strength to break the chains and walk forward, others looked at me with defeat in their eyes and told me to leave them behind not willing to put in the effort, others still spat in my face, called me colourful names and hurled insults after me.

It’s all good.

This, I believe, is the true beauty and power of the journey of life – FREE WILL.

I can also tell you that since making the decision to free myself, I keep meeting the most incredible fellow travellers who do the work, keep getting stronger, keep inspiring, keep thriving.

The journey gets easier simply because you get stronger.

And because you want to keep growing, of course you create wonderfully challenging events and relationships that places another rubber band around you. But this time you know where to go – inside – to find the strength and to break loose once more.

You have what it takes to break free!

I know you do.

Every single person alive today has what it takes.

There are no victims.

Only a victim mentality.

Yet me knowing you have what it takes doesn’t mean anything in your life.

YOU have to believe it.

YOU have to believe in yourself.

YOU have to find your reason to break free.

YOU have to go inside and find your strength.

YOU have to decide who you are willing to leave behind if they choose to stay.

YOU have to decide what you are willing to do in order for you to thrive.

YOU have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice – the poisonous food, booze, drugs, distractions – for you to succeed.

It’s all up to YOU.

It’s all YOUR choice.

I do hope that this has inspired you to do the introspection that will ultimately have you choose consciously.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice very few people are making.

Love you,

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