mindset, empowered masculine, warrior, discipline

Suffocated by the bullshit of an outdated system which is crumbling around your ass.

Today I’m speaking to the hearts of the men of our time.

The winds of change has finally arrived.

A time when gentle breezes are bowing down to hurricanes.


Causing destruction.

Ripping up the old.

Showing you the underbelly of the beast.

That which has come before you.

Which you so unquestioningly accepted as truth.

Because your daddy told you that it’s the way it is.

That you had to respect your elders even when your elders were being bailed out of jail for drunken driving.

Do as you’re told even when it was killing your soul.

Your mom rocking you gently to her bosom, “Hush now child.  It’s because he loves you that he beats you.”

And I know that you did your best.

But your previous best is no longer good enough.

Not anymore.

Humanity is going through one of the most explosive times of change, and what is called for now, is a return of the warriors.

That’s right Darling,

I’m calling in the empowered masculine.

It’s time to pick your balls up from the floor and be the proud protectors of the empowered feminine.

Right now, what I’m witnessing for the greater part, is a huge fucking imbalance.

Women have had ENOUGH.

Enough of being oppressed.

Enough of being silenced.

Enough of not protecting their children from the drunk, inconsiderate, weak-minded assholes who have taken power through money.

Women have had ENOUGH.

Enough of fearing the system.

Enough of feeling stupid.

Enough of being talked down to.

So they are doing the work – in secret.

I’m truly saddened at the fact that 90% of the women who come to work with me never tell their partners they are being coached.


Because ‘their men won’t understand’.

Because ‘their men don’t believe in personal development’.

Women are gathering in sacred circles.

Dancing under the light of the moon.

Praying to the ancient goddesses.

Remembering the power of their bodies.

Honouring their cycles.

Bringing back the old ways.

Yes, there are some men who are doing the same and I am deeply grateful and appreciative of being in the space of some of these incredible humans – thank you!

But nowhere near enough.

The neanderthal still ruling the roost of the masses.

In these circles it’s still considered ‘manly’ to insult women.

To rape women.

To humiliate women in front of your mates.

To shut their kids up with whatever means you deem fair.

Tick-tock bitches.

Your time is running out.

Whilst you’re sitting in the pubs drinking away your stress, your women are preparing for war.

Whilst you’re escaping reality with your online games, thinking you’re such a badass for shooting those monsters in Lala Land, your children are watching you,

they see your weakness,

making their decisions,

to NEVER be like you.

And all the time,

you don’t have a fucking clue.

Of what’s going on around you.

Time to wake up Sunshine.

Time to choose.

You can choose to keep on this path of being a victim, a martyr, to hold on to the old ways out of some false sense of obligation and guilt,

you can choose to stay faithful to the teachings of your father,

you can choose to uphold his ways of drinking, bullying, threatening your wife and children with physical and verbal abuse,

I respect your choice,

it’s yours to make,

and know this,

nobody is ever going to make the choice for you,

nobody is going to rescue you,

you’re going to be left all alone,

wondering what you ever did wrong when you did everything right according to what you were taught.

You have another choice available to you at this time:

you can choose to wake the fuck up and realise that EVERYTHING is changing.

You can start realising that the empowered feminine has returned and she DEMANDS by her side the empowered masculine.

She will not plead with you.

She will not stand by your side if that means standing still.

She will not tolerate being silenced by your threats any longer.

She has zero fucking allegiance to patriarchy.

And she is strong my friend.

She is raising an army in the next generation.

She walks with warriors.

Men and women who are purpose-driven.

Men and women who are soul-driven.

Men and women who uphold the code of heart-set, mind-set and body-set.

Men and women who understand that the only person they can take full responsibility for is themselves.

And we do so unapologetically.

We have moved beyond shame.

We never blame.

We sort out our own shit, and we bring to others our best versions selves for where we’re at with what we have.

Knowing that this is a continuous journey of self-improvement.

Understanding that we all keep falling.

We all fuck up.

We all learn.

We choose to get back up.

And we choose to keep moving forward.

I understand that most are simply unaware of what’s happening, but if you’re reading this you’re not one of those who can plead ignorance.

You KNOW in your heart that radical change is happening.

And we need YOU to step up!

We need YOU to stop backing down because you feel bad disagreeing with your dad.

We need YOU to stop hiding away from reality and to start CONSCIOUSLY creating a new life.

We need YOU to stop being ‘one of the boys’ and to start being a MAN.

We need YOU to stop fucking around with average anything and to start being an EXQUISITE  specimen.

You have within you EVERYTHING you need to be a king of a man.

It happens through training.

Training of your mind to go from weak and exhausted to indestructible.

Training your body to go from jello to ripped.

Training your soul to go from victim to magician.

It won’t be easy.

There will be sacrifices to make.

People to leave behind.

Old habits to destroy.

You will have to question everything you’ve believed up to this point.

You will have to find the courage to seek out the mentors and coaches that make you uncomfortable AF, demanding MORE than anyone has ever demanded of you before.

But I know you can do this.

When you DECIDE that you will succeed,

you will become unstoppable.


gloriously empowered,

gloriously masculine,

that way you were born to be.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving remains the choice of the brave.

With deep love, respect and appreciation of who you are at your core,