You’re made from the stuff of miracles so stop pretending you’re ordinary!




Stop thinking life is hard and nothing’s working as it’s supposed to.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t know the answers and that you’re stuck.

It’s impossible to be stuck.

It’s impossible not to know YOUR answers.

Stop thinking that just because you’re not where you want to be that you’re a failure.

How about, instead you stop drugging yourself with chocolate and Netflix so you can have clarity of thought?

How about you stop numbing yourself with that glass of wine so you can connect to the power and the messages of your emotions?

Why don’t you stop pretending to be so ordinary when you and I both know that you’re made from the stuff of miracles.

Do you hear me?


In fact, your mere existence is a miracle.

I am so appreciative of you.

I am so in love with you.

Your essence.

Your power.

The fact that you chose to come and play on this time-space dimension.

But I’m really growing impatient with the way in which you’re not leaning into your greatness.

I’m growing tired of the bullshit excuses you’re continuously using as to why you can’t just drop every last mask and show your raw beauty to the world.

I’m so over your continuous retracing of your steps just because you feel uncomfortable and scared.

For fucks sakes woman – what the hell have you got to loose?


If people choose to leave your experience, AWESOME.  It simply means that you’re no longer in energetic alignment and there are others already on your new vibration.


Well you’ve lost it all before and guess what bitch, you keep making more.

Every day.

Your reputation?

Oh please, don’t make me laugh. What reputation?

They already think you’re looney AF and most of the time they greet you with their painted smiles and then walk away speaking in hushed tones about you.

What else have you got for me?

Your fragile ego?

Your ego is not going anywhere Sunshine.  She’s with you to the end.

Your life?


You call this life????

This half-paced shit?

This less than mind-blowing magnificence?

Let me tell you about your life.

Your ‘life’ aka this lifetime is a gift from Creator and she doesn’t do half-assed.

You sat in front of her and pleaded to come play.

You looked at the billions hypnotised by the machine and you salivated with desire to be a lighthouse.

You said that you wanted to bring a message of conscious choice.

She told you that the path you’re choosing is filled with painful lessons and YOU SAID you didn’t care.  You would grow a pair, you would train your body, you would train your mind.  You would carry your scars with pride.

She told you that you would have to forget who you truly are to level-out the playing field and YOU SAID bring it on!  You would do the work, the deep work, the scary work, to break the barriers to your wisdom.  No matter what it takes.

She told you that the opportunities for reconnection to self would be hidden and often times they would feel like such a stretch that you would be afraid of ripping apart and YOU SAID that you would practice downward facing dog until you could kiss your own ass.

So I honestly don’t want to hear how tired you are.

I don’t want to hear how weak you are.

I don’t want to hear that you’re lonely and scared.

You have everything inside of you to overcome, to rise, to create, to BE YOUR BEST NEXT VERSION SELF TODAY!

But you have to choose.

Nobody can do that for you.

Not even me.

This one is all on you.

What do you choose?

Do you risk choosing safe for one more day?

Do you dare choosing to tippy toe for one more week convincing yourself that’s all you need to find the courage to go all in?

Do you gamble choosing to say next month you will have the resources available so you will then do what you came here to do?

If you do, I respect that.

Free will.

But tell me Anel, what does those choices say to you?

Do they say to you that you truly believe in yourself and who you are and that yes, regardless of how much you have failed and how much you will continue to fail you, you know with certainty that you will always rise again?

Do they say to you that there’s no wrong decisions on your path because every decision keeps moving you and the more consciously you choose the more consciously you move into the direction you desire to go?

Or do they tell you that you’re full of shit?

That you’re playing small and quite frankly you’re boring.

The greatest pain is not failure.

The greatest pain is not being judged.

The greatest pain is not being abandoned by others.

The greatest pain is not even being bankrupt.

The greatest pain is YOU not giving yourself permission to bring your best version self for all to experience.

The greatest pain is me running out patience with you and pressing that reset button when you least expect it.

The greatest pain is you stepping out of your body and looking at me with those puppy eyes, tears dripping onto earth as raindrops because you thought you had more time.  You thought you could take a little longer, move a little slower.

The rain you’ve so enjoyed for the last three days – what if they’re not just water but tears of regret Angelface?

I’m telling you today that time is an illusion and all you have is RIGHT NOW – this moment.

If you’re serious about doing the work you agreed to do at this time, this is it!

What say you Anel?

Are you going to trust yourself and jump?

Or not?

You know I love you.


PS: Welcome to my world fellow traveller.

Yes, I understand that most of the time we sound crazy to others.  Hell my friend, we even sound crazy to ourselves.

So what?

What is crazy anyway?

Is crazy opening yourself up to a full experience of what this life can offer even when opening up entails questioning everything that you’ve been told to believe?

Is crazy sometimes posting the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE blog because that’s the message that wants to come through today and your life was never meant to be yours alone to experience but yours to share?

Is crazy giving yourself permission to step up and do what others say is impossible because quite frankly, their opinions stopped mattering?

Or is crazy existing from one day to the next with your socially approved masks firmly in place?

Is crazy us only sharing the thoughts and voices that we feel certain won’t be judged thereby not giving ourselves or others permission to bring back courage, honesty and honour?

When you look at it from this perspective, are we not all crazy?

Which means the only question is – which flavour of nuts do you choose?

I choose to work with those who dare to be ridiculously courageous.

Those who risk being ostracised because their passion, their purpose, is their obsession.

I choose to work with those who chance being mocked today so they can be remembered as legends of history.

If there’s a voice inside your head insisting that it’s your time now and that you ARE indeed ready for that next step now, let’s connect and discuss the possibility of me accompanying you on this part of your journey to thrive.