Can all the normal people please step aside for the unicorns???

Okay, enough already.

Enough of the bitching and moaning.

Enough of the fucking continuous sad-assed posts of how hard life is.


Life is challenging.


Life is filled with ups and downs.


True achievement is not sitting on your ass sucking chocolates.

So what?

Holy shit man, what kind of society are we creating filled with an obsession for numb mediocrity of mere existence?

People don’t want to feel anymore.

They don’t want to feel angry.

They don’t want to feel sad.

They don’t want to feel frustrated.

They don’t want to feel challenged.

They don’t want to feel depressed.

They don’t want to feel scared.

They don’t want to feel the sting of failure.

Now I’m told they don’t want to feel happy either.

You could have knocked me over with a feather last night when I was told that there’s an alarming increase in suicide because people can’t cope with feeling too happy.

Can someone please develop a WTF app for my phone???

Well okay, so freedom of choice.

It’s your choice to end your life.

I respect that.

And I’m really cool with being told last night that I’m abnormal because being obsessed with my goals are not normal, and being motivated by extreme pleasure and pain is not normal, and welcoming a bitch slap for deep introspection is not normal and having zero tolerance for complaining is not normal.

Thank the lords of peanut butter for not being normal.

But I do want to say is that if you want to be normal get the fuck out of my way.

My unicorn wants to run free!

And if you want to be normal, I’m happy for you, but stop being a hypocrite telling everyone you want to be phenomenal.

The truth is that most people simply don’t know how to handle being magnificent because they don’t have the balls to play game.

So they sit in the stands and they talk a big game.

They say they want to impact millions.

They say they want to upset the system and bring change.

They say they want to create epic levels of freedom for themselves, their loved ones, their soul clients.

And then they fill their days with bullshit activities of destraction.

They actually have their phones on so people can call them at all hours of the night and day.

They have notifications for notifications for every social media platform.

Okay, one woman even confessed to me today that she takes her phone to the crapper to stay connected.

Where’s my WTF app???????

Enough already.

I love normal people.  I love the contrast they provide for me.  I love the fact that without normal people we wouldn’t have extraordinary people.


I want you to start owning what you choose to be and then to state it publicly.

I want you to make damn sure that your choice is what your really want and then I want you to stop talking and start showing me your choice.

If you’re hungry, I want to see you hunt.

If you’re brave, I want to see you expose yourself.

If you’re here to bring change, I want to see you stand on your soap box and preach your message until you’re hoarse.

If you’re in the game, I want to see you sweat and bleed and fall to your knees and to get back up.

It’s time for you to lead from the front Darling.

No more bullshit.

It’s your time now.

Show me your choice.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving IS a choice and yes, it includes riding a unicorn.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to give yourself PERMISSION to be extraordinary?

To be in a world where goal obsession is the minimum standard?

To actually create results in your business, your fitness, your relationships?

Not just talking about it but making shit happen.

Getting out of your own way, your own fear, your own self-sabotage.

Being held accountable every step of the way so your BS don’t have time to stick.

Welcome to my world Darling.

In my world we don’t do ‘realistic’.

We understand that each and every one of us has a purpose and the moment we find the courage to say YES to that which we’re born to do the Universe meets us halfway and magic starts happening.

We understand that it takes whatever it takes to get to the finish line and that failure simply means we’re not done yet.

We choose to feel deeply and to use our feelings to fuel our passion.

If you’re ready to ride that unicorn bare-back, let’s connect today.