I was only going to warm up for 5 minutes but…

It’s going to be one of those days…

I feel it in my bones.

Which is why I really shouldn’t have been surprised when I got onto the stationery bike for a 5 minute warmup

only to find myself getting off more than an hour later

dripping sweat



I shouldn’t be surprised because this weekend I sat down and wrote down pages and pages of what is no longer acceptable to me.

Mediocrity in ANY form is no longer acceptable to me.

In ANY form.

Especially from myself.

I’m done settling for ‘trying my best’

I’m done settling for ‘next week’

I’m done settling.

Which means everything I choose to do, I will do to the point of thrive or not at all.

Black or white baby

Black or white.

Which makes it even more frustrating for me to see so many brilliant people still just playing at half mast.


What’s the purpose?

What’s the purpose of doing anything if you’re not going to give it your all?

And quite frankly I feel the reason why most people dabble is because they want EVERYTHING that everyone else seemingly has without eliminating the virus of average.

Long gone are the days where mastery was honoured.

Now everyone wants to be a Jack of All Trades.

They want to be successful within three months because heaven forbid they should dedicate ten years to their craft without becoming a millionaire.

At what cost?

I see people exhausted from piling way too much shit onto their plates which really is nothing more than distractions from what’s at their core.

Their purpose.

Their passion.

Their zone of excellence.

When did it become okay to settle?

When did we lose the plot?

When did we start wanting to be everything to everyone else and nothing to ourselves?

I see people shoving chemicals and fake food into their mouths because their bodies are starving for real nourishment.

New diseases are brought to light every single day.  New diseases that require new medication.

Am I seriously the only one wondering about this?

The fact that the medical industry is making a killing from people dying????


I see people give and give and give because they feel like they are not good enough.  That they are not loveable for just who they are.  That they have to lie to themselves and give up their dreams, their soul desires, in the hope that they will be liked.

Except it’s killing them to the point where they take an overdose of pills or jump off a building because mentally they can’t cope with the betrayal of themselves.

I see all of this and I get on that stationery bike and I start pumping my legs because my purpose, my passion, is a unstoppable source of energy that won’t let me stop.

I see all of this and I look at my life and I ask, where can I change, where can I step up, where can I do better?

Because I don’t expect anyone else to do it for me.

I don’t need anyone else to inspire me or keep me motivate.

It’s all on me.

For I have come to understand that in order for me to bring any healing to this world, it has to start with me.

If I desire to uplift standards of excellence, it has to start with mine.

I’m owning my shit.

How about you Sunshine?

Are you owning yours?

Are you taking the time to look at your life and decide what you will no longer tolerate?

What your new standards of excellence are?

I know in my heart that if you’re in my space, if you’re reading my work, you were born to be a leader.  You were born to bring change.  You were born to create.

Well it’s time to start leading, changing, creating, and it starts with you.

Are you prepared to leave behind mediocrity?

To clear your plate from all the bullshit cluttering and eating up your time so that you can dedicate your life to being the best version of yourself?

It’s not selfish!

It’s vital for your thrive.

And ultimately isn’t that what you crave more than anything else?

To stop waking up in the morning with a heavy weight pushing down on your chest because it’s going to be another average day responding to other people’s drama?

To wake up in the morning with a smile and a heart bursting with gratitude because every single activity on your calendar fills your cup?

That’s what a life of thrive feels like.

Are you ready to thrive?

For death is inevitable Darling.  Please stop killing yourself in the process.

Today you can choose to thrive.

Choose to thrive.

With love eternal,


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