What if you actually believed in yourself?

OMG if only I could be fearless.

If only I could wake up in the morning and not worry about my relationship, my money, my bills, my business, my kids, my health, what everyone is saying about me.

Never be afraid of anything or anyone and living at full throttle.

Oh how different my life would be!

I would be so successful.

I would be so happy.

If only…

This is the type of BULLSHIT I hear all the time.

People whining that they are living shadows of their possibilities and blaming it all on fear.

Not taking action because they’re shitting themselves all the time.

Fearful of success.

Fearful of failure.

Fearful of rejection.

Fearful of criticism.

Fearful of ageing.

Fearful of death.

Hun, seriously, you’re going to fucking die anyway!

Do you really want to know what your life would be like if you had no fear?

Boring AF!

There would be no challenge.

There would be no motivation to push harder.

Break the glass ceiling.

Prove the naysayers wrong.

There would be no fight in you.

No reason to show up for yourself, for your tribe, for your purpose.

Without your fighter, your warrior, you would be just another average Juliette living in the throes of mediocrity.

Is that really what you want?


If so, please exit left this very instance.

Because I’m not talking to those who desire to exist without the pump of adrenaline coursing through their veins.

I’m talking to you if you are ready to drop the bullshit and to start living courageously.

I’m talking to you if you know that you’re here to lead, here to bring change, here to create.

A motherfucking artist who refuses to colour inside the lines!

I’m talking to you if you’re ready to stop the poppet facade and ready to show us who you really are.

I want to challenge you to stop wishing for a fearless life.

I want to challenge you to take action regardless of how terrified you feel.

I want to challenge you to actually start believing in yourself.

That you CAN do whatever the fuck you desire to do.

That you CAN have whatever you really want.

That you CAN be THAT phenomenal.

How different would your life be if you accepted fear as normal and you hunted that bitch down every single day knowing that beyond your fear lies immense personal growth.

Knowing that your fear is the seductress leading heroes to the sweet taste of victory?

How different would your days be if instead of running with your tail between your legs you choose to believe that you are capable of facing whatever life throws at you?

If you decided that you don’t have to know the how because as long as you stay grounded with an indestructible mindset you will unleash from within your subconscious mind creative solutions.

If you decided that you will be victorious regardless of how many times you  loose on the way to the ultimate finish line.

If you decided to be stronger than the bullies, the ego-driven assholes who don’t deal with their own fears and so they spray it around on those around them without ever considering how weak this keeps them.

Today I challenge you to write down “I CAN” on twenty sticky-notes and to put those babies up EVERYWHERE!

In your house.

In your car.

In your office.

And to claim that truth for yourself with passion every minute of every day.

I dare you to open yourself to the possibility of being the woman who truly believes that she has within her the capability to learn anything needed on her path to success.

Knowing that when you believe in yourself you find the ways instead of the excuses.

Knowing that all your actions will ultimately deliver the results of the beliefs and emotions at their base.

That means if you take the action and you don’t actually BELIEVE it will be successful, it won’t.

Take the same action with the BELIEF that it will be successful, and it will.

It’s your choice Darling.

You can read this and continue to believe you can’t, understanding that you will create the evidence for that shit.

You can read this today and feel triggered AF by this old cow.  You can decide to sit down and figure out WHY I’m upsetting you.  You can take out your journal and you can list every single failure in your life and dig for the learning.

The lessons that will lead to your success.

You can decide that YOU created that shit so that you could find the gold and believe that if you can create so much chaos, you can create mind-blowing magic.


And from this place you can take your life to levels that you never even imagined was possible for you.

I want you to know that whatever level of success someone else has created in any area of life is possible for you too.

It will take discipline.

It will take drive.

It will take dedication.

It will take determination.

And when you combine these four elements you will become indestructible.


Death is a breath away.

Thriving is as far away as you choose it to be.

With love eternal,


PS:  Want a taste of what it feels like to have someone believe in you?

Really believe in you?

Not settling for your excuses the way everyone else does.

Someone who sees your greatness and who cuts through the illusions of fear to find your truth.

Your true desire.

Your true passion.

Your true potential.

Let’s play.