What would you be doing today with powerful stories?

I remember the day when I heard that our stories dictate our results.

At first I thought “yeah, okay I can maybe buy into this”.

But then I heard it again.

This time I took a moment to press pause and really immerse myself into this concept.

Our stories dictate our results.

What did that really mean?

For me?

On a day to day basis?

So the first thing I did was to become aware of the stories in my head.

I’ve always acknowledged that I hear voices.

But before that day I wasn’t truly paying attention to what they were saying.

In fact,

I simply took everything at face value and OF COURSE it was true.

After all,

it was my life,

my experience,

my truth.

Except the stories were really shit.

They were filled with anger, resentment, bitterness.



There was so much pain on replay.

I was such a fucking victim I was horrified at myself!

I started tracing my actions which derived from said stories and what I found was astounding!

In some areas of my life I was being a constant bitch – always expecting attack and ready to spit hellfire!

In some areas I was the overprotective lioness – keeping her cubs super close to her in case a predator would snatch them away.

In some areas I was showing up as a glimmer of my glorious self – giving the world a part of me, just enough to be seen by a handful but not enough for people to really pay attention.

Understand that I found plenty of evidence for all of these as we ALWAYS find evidence for our beliefs.

My life was a mirror reflection of my stories.

Strained, toxic, draining relationships.

Frustrated kids who has their moms’ warrior spirit yet held in cotton wool – sorry boys!

A business that was ticking over and making massive change for a few lives but not the scale of impact I agreed to make during this lifetime.

Plus I was feeling miserable most days.

After a few days of consciously listening to this ‘tragedy’, I decided to start talking back.

I would have full-on out loud debates with the voices.

Driving in my car.

Riding my bike.

Walking on the beach.

Washing the dishes.

I found that it’s these pockets of time when I’m not immersed in my soul work that the voices are most talkative.

I started actively looking for evidence of the good things in my life – and there was sooooo much.

Way more good than challenges.

Each time the voice would say “OMG did you see that negative comment on Facebook?  They think you’re an asshole.  Damn it hurt like a motherlicken.  You should really stop talking so much Anel.  People aren’t ready for your crazy thoughts.  Stop putting yourself in harms way and just shut up!”

I would come back with “Yes but did you read that email from Sarah that thanked me for speaking out that which her soul is silently crying?  Did you see that I brought light, if only for a moment, to one person’s life?  That, for me, is worth a hundred haters.”

On and on.

One topic, one life area, after another.

Slowly but surely the voices in my head quietened down.

It was as if they were growing tired of this stubborn determined old bat always having a comeback.

And then, the voices started changing their story.

I didn’t have to debate with them anymore.

I started consciously choosing positive stories in my head.

I set the stage in the morning through journaling.  Writing into physical reality that which I truly desire.  Going deep into the person who has already received said desires and then asking myself “What would that version of me be thinking about?  What is her stories?”

Once I’ve written them down I draw on them as a blueprint all day long.

And here’s the kicker –

Once I’d delved into her feelings and thoughts and beliefs, I ask myself “What is the aligned action she would take today?

I commit to taking the actions.

My results stem from these actions.

For me the true miracle, the one for which I am most grateful, is waking up feeling truly happy.

My happiness has my face continuously smiling.

Which seems to be changing the contours and lines of my face.

And I like it!

I continue this practice understanding that mind-set work is ongoing.

I check in with myself during the day and if I feel a sense of sadness, anger, fear, whatever the case might be, I ask myself what is the story behind the feeling?

I strip the story back and I find the nuggets that always await inside.

Whether that nugget is a lesson I require to live my life purpose, or a lack of information which leads to a fear reaction, or an indication that I’ve made a decision which is out of integrity.

There’s always a nugget.

From here I get to choose once more.

Do I change my story?

Do I change my action?

Do I get more information to consciously choose?

So many options my friend.

My invitation to you today is to start becoming aware of the stories in your head.

Not to judge them or blame them or shame them.

That would just be based on another story.

Instead, just remain curious.

Think of it as a research project.

And once you are aware of your stories, I want you to observe how they impact your actions.

Knowing that your actions ultimately dictate your results.

I also want you to be aware that you will ALWAYS find evidence for your stories, which is why if you approach this from a space of shame, you will become angry and defensive which really nullifies the power of this exercise.

That’s all for today.

Let me know.

Drop me a mail or hit me in the comments – what new awareness have you gained from this exercise?

Are you happy with the stories in your head?

Are they empowering and liberating and high vibrational and joyful?

Or not?

No judgement.

I’m not saying you must change them.

I simply want to create some conscious awareness for you today Darling.

The more consciously we live, the more consciously we choose.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a conscious choice.

Love ya,



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