Without my vision, I too would crumble.

What will it take for you to believe?

In yourself.

In your worth.

In your beauty.

In your dreams.

What will it take for you to understand?

That time does not exists except for this moment.

That every desire you feel is gifted to you as a means to lead you on a path of beautiful unfolding.

That every time you find the courage to say yes to yourself, the entire universe says yes to you.

What will it take for you to shut them out?

The voices of billions who desire no progress.

The voices of those choosing suffering and then pinning it on you to save them from the consequences of their actions.

The lies stating you are responsible for the happiness of others and that love equals sacrifice.

What will it take Darling?

Want to know what it took for me?

It took me hitting rock bottom.

Oh not just once.


I’m a slow learner.

Plus I have an exceptionally high tolerance level for pain.

Even though this high pain threshold serves me in many areas, it has also led me down a very long path of suffering.

Except it was perfect of course.

It was a journey of deep learning that I’m thrilled to share with you so that you don’t have to go bump in the dark as long as I did.

I have come to realise the reason why I was repeating patterns of neglect, self-abandonment, abuse and humiliation, was simply because I didn’t have a vision of who I desire to be.

Note that I didn’t say what I desired to have.

All the trimmings is just that – trimmings.

My vision goes much deeper than that my Love,

My vision is of the woman I desire to be remembered as.

My values.

My purpose.

My mission.

My standards of excellence.

My presence.

My truth.

My legacy.

And yes, like any other human being, I get off track sometimes.

I get caught up in the events that tend to unfold when you’re in a continuous spiral of change.

At times I get distracted.

When I buy into the notion that I should stop being so selfish and be more available for others.

Funnily enough it’s never my mentors that make this complaint – it’s always those who choose not to do the inner work and therefor rely on others to be their source of inspiration and entertainment.

It’s always during these times that I notice my energy dropping.

I start feeling tired way faster than before.

My thoughts become muddled and blurry and that’s when it’s easy to say I just need to unwind with some Netflix for a while.

I just need to stop training so intensely for a while.

I just need to sleep a little more for a while.

I just need to get some more healing for a while.

This is after all what we’re told right?

Except all of these things take me further away from my vision.

My vision is holistic taking care of my best version health, wealth, connection, spiritual power, energy, relationships.

In none of those areas do I take it ‘slow’.

Because when you’re at your best, your energy levels are through the roof.

Your creativity stokes a fire in your belly and like the furnace on an old steam-engine, you don’t run out.

My vision has strong boundaries.

Protecting me from the drain of the energy vampires who tend to leach on whilst I’m distracted on social media.

My vision has honour.

Protecting me from shifting out of alignment with that which I treasure keeping my integrity strong.

My vision has health and vitality.

Health and vitality comes from movement and nourishment and hydration and quality rest.  I continue to implement the strategies of my competitive cycling days and it works just as well when building an empire.

My vision has purpose.

It’s my purpose that gives me the resilience to continue doing my soul work regardless of my failures or the words of my haters or the criticism I receive for my opinions or people choosing to move away from me.

My vision is my lighthouse.

If you’ve ever swam in the ocean you know that there’s not much swimming in a straight line.  The currents are continuously pulling you in different directions and the waves can make spotting tricky at times.

But as long as you have that target,

that lighthouse,

you can continuously course correct and you WILL reach your desired destination.

Well Hun,

Life is exactly the same.

So many people are just drifting aimlessly telling me that they are still moving.

And of course they are.

Nobody stands still.


But are they consistently moving in the direction of their true desires?

Because if not,

they are simply existing.

Just bobbing along.

Yes, some people only ever want to bob along.  They love aimlessly drifting and seeing where they end up.


If that is their conscious choice.

For me personally, that doesn’t work.

I choose to be the captain of my ship.

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to take a bet you prefer being in control too.

So if you’re currently finding yourself drifting from one day to the other, or worse yet, sitting as a helpless passenger in someone else’s boat, wake the fuck up!

Take back control.

This is after all YOUR life.

It all starts with your vision.

Once you have that down it’s easy to course correct when you find yourself becoming complacent.

Once you have the vision, it’s a simple case of identifying where you’re out of alignment, taking the corrective action, and presto! You’re back on track.

It’s weekend – there is no better time to set aside an hour or two and create your vision.

And don’t tell me that you desire success but you don’t have the time to do this.

Quite frankly our true values are revealed by the way we spend our time and our money.

Take off the blinders and truth up with yourself.

If you’re a lady in Canterbury even better – why not join us next Friday at a Vision Creation and Manifestation workshop and I will be your guide through this foundational piece which as far as I’m concerned is the cornerstone of a thriving life.

Afer all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you,