If you’re not in it for the long run, get out now!

I get smashed every time I say this, but entrepreneurship is not for sissies.

It’s not about making shit tons of money overnight.

It’s not about finally becoming popular and having adoring fans.

Entrepreneurship is about a soul calling.

It’s about creating your art – in whatever form it takes.

It’s about connecting with your very reason for existing and driven by relentless passion that simply does not allow you to sit on your lazy ass.

Not for one fucking moment.

Because the fire has you restless.

Burning up inside.

Always needing to be in greater service because your soul clients’ pain is tangible and you swallow it every day.

You swallow it and it intermingles with the pain that is deep down inside of you.

In your fibres.

It’s a connection that once made cannot be broken.

We chose to live in a time when passion is often born from personal pain.

We came here at a time when humanity is ready for change.

But change is scary and so few have the balls to lead the revolution.

Instead you see the masses going fucking nuts.

They drink themselves into a stupor.

Abusing their loved ones.

Wrecking cars and lives.

Yet alcohol is legal.


You see them clogging up their arteries with fats and chemicals, eating so much to fill the void inside that they have to turn sideways to get in the door.

Yet we’re told to love our fat.


You see them staring at a screen for mind-dead entertainment, desperately trying to escape the chaos they are creating in their physical lives to the point where they no longer discriminate between their bullshit lies with their bullshit friends in Lala-Land and their lies to their families, their bosses, themselves.

These are the days of our lives.

And we all go through this in some degree.

Whether we personally go nuts and drink too much (guilty), eat too much (guilty), take drugs (guilty) and trying to escape (guilty) – holy shit, I’m pretty fucked up.

Or whether we’re just witness to the tragedy.

Personally I wouldn’t trade my pain for a single moment of spectatorships, as each one of my ‘weaknesses’ brought me to a point where I had to make choices.

It all finally came to a head when I wanted to die.


Had the pills ready to swallow.

But my soul wasn’t quite done with me.

She raged through my veins with such ferocity that I had to pay attention.

And my choice to live, to thrive, was my commitment to my soul work FOR THE REST OF MY GODDAMNED LIFE!

Not for five years.

Not until I made shit tons of money.

Not when the economy was good.

Not when there was no ‘competition’.

Fuck that shit.

When I dedicated my life to being an entrepreneur I knew it was for the long run.

All the way to the casket Baby.

It is this same passion, this same dedication, this same resolution, that I see in every successful entrepreneur.

As for the wannabes, it’s about the easy life, it’s about the money.

You see them running from one thing to the next.

A few months here.

A few months there.

You ask them what their purpose is, and they don’t have a clue.

Maybe they have a lucky break and things go good for a while.

But then, when the shit hits the fan, which it inevitably does, they jump ship.

The really sad part is that I believe your soul knows your purpose and she guides you to do the work that has real meaning.

But it’s up to you to connect the dots.

To go deep.

To understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

And sometimes it seems completely insane!

I remember coaching a client who sold ice-cream.

When I first took her into purpose work, she thought I had lost the plot.  Yet when we dug deep into her childhood and what ice-cream truly meant to her emotionally, the joy it would bring her, the feeling of absolute abundance, something clicked inside and she understood as a kid from the slums, this was what saved her.

And how many millions of kids do you think is out there who can be lifted out of their everyday sadness by ice-cream?

She became unstoppable!

THIS is what I’m talking about my friend.

I’m not saying that you should jump ship just because you don’t know right now why you’re in business.

What I do absolutely insist on is that you consciously make the decision that if you’re going to be in business for yourself, you’re committed to do it for the long run.

That means that you take the time to connect to your true why.

That means that you leave your ego at the door and you do whatever the fuck it takes to succeed!  

Regardless of how long it takes to succeed.

Knowing that just as failure comes and goes, so does success.

That means that you set yourself up for success by valuing yourself, stop running a soup kitchen (unless of course you’re actually running a soup kitchen) and that you charge decently for your services.

This whole thing that you should be poor just because you’re spiritual is complete bullshit!

Spirituality is about abundance – for all.  Starting with you.

That means that you surround yourself with high vibrational people and stop staying behind for those who are not doing your level of work.

It means that you become a selfish, focussed, unsocial bitch who don’t buy into the culture of distraction.

And if you’re not in it for the long run, do us all favour and get out.

Before you go through years of anguish, losing money, screwing up your relationships, spewing your negativity into the entrepreneurial community.

Yes, you will always find sympathisers who Molly-coddle you but I want you to understand that you are being poison to them.  You are sucking their energy.  You are taking their focus away from their dreams because you have a boo-boo and want someone to kiss it better.

And if you’re one of the soul-driven, focussed badasses serious about building an empire, I want you to stop fart-assing around because we all need you to shine.

We need you to become super visible and share your journey, your gifts, your story.

This is your time now.

But you have to make that choice.

For real this time.

The world has had enough of women weaving their fairy tales.

This is the time for the Empress to rise.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving in business is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  February is the month of love and I want YOU to fall in love with your business again!

Because if you’re not madly in love with your business, neither one of you will ever thrive.

And that simply won’t do a moment longer.

Not on my shift.

Grab it.