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Kick-start your journey to achieving your most remarkable goal ever!

Work with me for 30 days and go from feeling defeated and uninspired to finally nailing the mind-set, the strategy and taking the right action without the hours spent staring at the table praying for the answers thereby shifting from where you are to where you desire to be FAST

You’re an ambitious, brilliant high achiever, the crème brulee of the menu: strong, intoxicating and worth every calorie.

But something has you feeling as plain and unoriginal as boxed white cake.

It could be how much you’ve sacrificed yourself to make money, make your career work, keep your life going.

Or maybe as your business up-leveled, you disconnected from everyone around you (who like keepings things lukewarm).

Whatever the issue, you know you’ve lost yourself and your perseverance. The day-to-day suffocating the live-a-little in you, and suddenly you’re a cardboard packaged, soon to be cupcake anyone can buy at the grocery store.

Soooo not worth the calories.

You’re left with three options:

  • Sit on the shelf,
  • Expire (read: give up on your dreams), or
  • Recreate a to-die-for recipe.

Here’s what I know:

Daily existence can suck the personality out of the boldest of us. Once this happens it’s incredibly easy to surrender and feel like a victim who quietly exists in the corner with questions they’re afraid to ask.

But that’s a recipe for disaster (see what I did there?)

This is my plea to my kickassers, a shout out to the bravest among us, and a last –call to those who are ready to wave stupid white flags (that go along nicely with your white cake):

Put down the boring and bring back the bling, you’re 30 days away from re-purposed passion and drive.

Ready for a fling?

Ready for a fling?

What you do matters. It matters when you work with your clients, when you interact with family and friends, and when you look in the mirror at the end of the day and question whether or not you can really do this.

And you are tired. All. The. Time.

When I was a vanilla wafer, I gave everything to everyone except myself. Between helping the few clients I had and taking care of loved ones, I ended up broke and broken (because I didn’t know how to heal myself). Nothing I tried seemed to work, and I became utterly hopeless until – after a lot of work and suffering – someone finally called me on my bs.

And now I’ll do the same for you:

You have the balls to be a high flying achiever, to make a difference in the lives of your people, and that means you’re already extraordinary.

You can’t blindly follow the masses after you’ve already differentiated yourself via bravery.

If you’re ready to have:

  • A purpose-driven, fulfilling business that earns the money you’re worth
  • An indestructible mindset and believe in yourself (with the confidence to crush it)
  • Improved physical health and wealth consciousness
  • A routine that works for your unique schedule
  • Non-negotiable, effective goals

I’m that totally-loving and completely well-meaning bitch who gets past your fears.

Truthfully, it’s programming that’s keeping you playing small. Some you’ve unconsciously downloaded while other bits you’ve concocted on your own (hello, excuses). Together we obliterate the belief systems holding you prisoner and we cultivate an indestructible mindset based on 4ds.

Sally Chalmers

Anèl was able to help me on two levels – personal and business. My life was stagnant, my job boring. I had lost myself, my identity, I used to paint and draw, creatively I was dead. I had an idea for a new business venture which encompassed my passion for crafty, art activities and Gardening with kids. She guided me through the steps necessary for me to achieve this. The end result is a more confident, assertive person running my own business that is growing daily.

All of which happened in 3 months!

Sally ChalmersEntrepreneur
Paddy Janneman

Right from the start of our journey, Anel began challenging me at every turn to re-shape my thinking, re-frame my beliefs and face my fears head-on.  She did this in a manner which was at all times affirming, inclusive and uplifting.  Her ability to hone in quickly and accurately on areas that bring about positive results is testimony to her innate understanding of human nature.  Coupled with a unique balance of attitude which is at once uncompromising yet empathetic, Anel is a natural life-coach who will bring out the best of most people who will have the privilege of falling under her influence.

My time with her was the most satisfying and stimulating period any entrepreneur could have.  I would therefore unreservedly recommend Anel.

Paddy JannemanCardzGroupCardzgroup
Christiane Ebert

I came out of this with a new found self esteem and self worth. Anel brought out my purpose in Life, my willpower to survive and win in the big world. She gave me the tools to de-clutter my life, sort it, set goals and reset goals and stick to them.

She taught me the necessity of actions plans with a purpose and a goal and she taught me the ‘WHY’?

She taught me to dream and believe again and have a positive vision…my ‘Why”.

She taught me about perception, loving myself and having respect for myself. Anel taught me that negativity was not an option, nor was giving up.

If you need a new lease on life, are stuck and can’t find your way forward, if your business is not working for you or you feel you need a way to make your dreams come true, you can’t do without Anel.

Christiane EbertPilates Instructor

Desire, Dedication, Discipline and Determination.

Our relationship won’t be boring. I promise to hold a safe space for you to curse, rant, and do whatever-the-hell necessary to pull you out of the funk you’ve found yourself in, including me asking you to toughen up.

I will not lie to you to make you feel okay.

And I will not coddle you along, ultimately slowing down your progress.

Instead, I will show you how your choices can be changed, crises averted and how to create miracles out of what you’re calling disasters. Plus, I’ll hold you to a standard terrifying to ordinary people (which, as we’ve discussed, you are anything but).

Here’s how we play:

  • In-take questionnaire to ensure your passion is pumping and we know exactly where you are today
  • 90 minute coaching intensive where we set your ‘unrealistic’ goals (business, fitness, personal whatever you need right now) for the remainder of the year PLUS we do your project plan on how you’re going to get your ass moving in the right direction
  • Daily check-in for super accountability leaving absolutely zero chance of excuses, procrastination or bullshit
  • 2 weeks later we do an hour coaching session diving deep into patterns that have emerged, putting more support structures in place and refining your strategy
  • 2 weeks later we do your final hour coaching session consolidating your growth and learning, again refining your strategy for the rest of the journey and setting you soaring like the mofo eagle you know you are!

My coaching is different for every client. I won’t hand you a spatula and recipe for that same, boring loaf. You want dessert? Bake it yourself (but for the love of all-things-sweet I’ll go nutso on you if you choose vanilla again). Because you are anything but boring, and you deserve your own unique flavor.

30 days is all it takes to finally get it right in life.

Wanna try a bite?

Let’s eat.