You can have results or excuses. Not both.


If you’ve landed on this page that means you’ve probably come across my work either online or in-person or maybe you’re just surfing the net looking for some inspiration.  No matter how you’ve come to cross my path, I’m stoked!

I believe in serendipity.  I believe that when we get to a stage in life where we say ‘enough and no more I’m ready for more’, the big U starts turning the wheel and send us everything we require to succeed, including people.

Since 2006 I’ve dedicated my life to empower others to break the chains of self-limiting beliefs that create frustration and often devastation in their lives by having powerful conversations.

Often these beliefs show up in my clients lives as:

  • lack of motivation (I don’t have the skills, money, time, resources, so why even bother trying )
  • procrastination (I know what I’m supposed to do, so why am I not doing it?)
  • the hamster-wheel existence (I feel like my life has no direction, I’m just spinning my wheels on a road to nowhere)
  • exhaustion and overwhelm (I hardly sleep, I work my ass off from dust to dawn, yet I never get through my to-do list!)
  • frustrating relationships (if only xxx would change, my life would be so much better)
  • or my favorite – lack of time (I simply don’t have the time to look after myself dammit)

If any of these patterns are showing up in your life, coaching could be the catalyst for change that your soul is craving.

By creating awareness of sabotaging beliefs and patterns you can unleash your creative genius that holds the answers uniquely yours.

If you’re ready to have:

  • A purpose-driven, fulfilling life that has you smiling for miles
  • An indestructible mindset and believe in yourself (with the confidence to crush it)
  • Improved physical health and wealth consciousness
  • A routine that works for your unique schedule
  • Non-negotiable, effective goals

I’m that totally-loving and completely well-meaning coach who gets past your fears.

Truthfully, it’s programming that’s keeping you playing small. Some you’ve unconsciously downloaded while other bits you’ve concocted on your own (hello, excuses). Together we obliterate the belief systems holding you prisoner and we cultivate an indestructible mindset based on 4ds.

Desire, dedication, discipline and determination.

Sally Chalmers

Anèl was able to help me on two levels – personal and business. My life was stagnant, my job boring. I had lost myself, my identity, I used to paint and draw, creatively I was dead. I had an idea for a new business venture which encompassed my passion for crafty, art activities and Gardening with kids. She guided me through the steps necessary for me to achieve this. The end result is a more confident, assertive person running my own business that is growing daily.

All of which happened in 3 months!

Sally ChalmersEntrepreneur
Paddy Janneman

Right from the start of our journey, Anel began challenging me at every turn to re-shape my thinking, re-frame my beliefs and face my fears head-on.  She did this in a manner which was at all times affirming, inclusive and uplifting.  Her ability to hone in quickly and accurately on areas that bring about positive results is testimony to her innate understanding of human nature.  Coupled with a unique balance of attitude which is at once uncompromising yet empathetic, Anel is a natural life-coach who will bring out the best of most people who will have the privilege of falling under her influence.

My time with her was the most satisfying and stimulating period any entrepreneur could have.  I would therefore unreservedly recommend Anel.

Paddy JannemanCardzGroupCardzgroup
Christiane Ebert

I came out of this with a new found self esteem and self worth. Anel brought out my purpose in Life, my willpower to survive and win in the big world. She gave me the tools to de-clutter my life, sort it, set goals and reset goals and stick to them.

She taught me the necessity of actions plans with a purpose and a goal and she taught me the ‘WHY’?

She taught me to dream and believe again and have a positive vision…my ‘Why”.

She taught me about perception, loving myself and having respect for myself. Anel taught me that negativity was not an option, nor was giving up.

If you need a new lease on life, are stuck and can’t find your way forward, if your business is not working for you or you feel you need a way to make your dreams come true, you can’t do without Anel.

Christiane EbertPilates Instructor
Moira McDougall

While I worked with Anèl, she helped me to envision a clear path to formulate my ideal business. We explored how my current business can evolve by following the steps she outlined during my Full Day Business Session.

I recommend working with Anèl because she meets you exactly where you are in your stage of business development, and skilfully guides you to see far beyond the confines of restricted mindset and Belief Systems holding you back from reaching your innate full potential. She walks her talk, and expects nothing less of her clients!

Moira McDougallPhysiotherapist

Our relationship won’t be boring. I promise to hold a safe space for you to curse, rant, and do whatever-the-hell necessary to pull you out of the funk you’ve found yourself in.

I will not lie to you to make you feel okay.

And I will not coddle you along, ultimately slowing down your progress.

Instead, I will show you how your choices can be changed, crises averted and how to create miracles out of what you’re calling disasters.

My coaching is different for every client.

If you’re ready to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary then it’s time you learn more about coaching by connecting with me.


Get clear on your desires and set the goal to bust you out of your current level of frustration.

This package includes:

  • 90 minute intake session to get clear on the underlying programming, set the goal and get a strategy
  • 2 x 60 minute follow-up sessions to keep you on track to success.

Your investment:



You are ready to execute on your biggest endeavors and desires.

This package includes:

  • Enneagram personality typology
  • Half-day Private Intensive to create the vision that you truly desire
  • 12 x 60 minute private coaching sessions over a 6 month period
  • Unlimited email support
  • Self-coaching assessments to make sure our time together is laser-focused
  • Unique to you strategy and techniques that’ll have you thrive

Your investment:

US$5 000


6 monthly payments of US$900.00 each