It’s actual-fact possible to speed-date (read: get them quickly) for solutions and lock down the exquisite lover – the key – to this business (and life) thing.

But you have to find the right partner, someone honest and heart-centered, to help you butter your bread. (That’s money, sugar.)

Why hasn’t everything you’ve tried in business resulted in a full-blown frenzy of goodness?

Why haven’t you seen success after choosing your field and fighting fear?

You want what they’ve got but you don’t know how to get it. You’ve considered or compensated a long-term business coach and still don’t feel ready or get results, doubt following alongside your entire entrepreneurial journey.

That’s when you resist even more, shouting profanities behind the safety of your keyboard. Screw it, maybe this shit isn’t for me.

*Deep breath

If you’re not clear about who you are, what brand of magic you carry, or simply can’t articulate the type of dissatisfaction you’re feeling, it’s likely you’ve never been told something…

The Truth

Darling, you’ve probably dressed yourself and your business in sweatpants and tried passing it off as haute couture.

Up to this point, you’ve moved forward comfortably without being challenged. Although you’ve done *some* of the work, the pieces you’re unaware of leave you looking – and feeling – sloppy, average, and undesirable.

I feel your pain. Not only because I have been there myself, but because my mission is to make entrepreneurs like you feel like uber bosses in business.

And I’ll do it in less time than it takes to get your hair done.


WendyWhy oh why Universe are there only 5 stars available when I desire to give Anel a 10?

Anel is FUCKING unbelievable at what she does. Heart of gold + no bullshit, tough love balls of steels. I play a VERY BIG game in life, but Anel pushed me to a level I had not yet discovered in this way before. I found tremendous value in diamonds like being asked to write my affirmations in my voice (with means the use of passion bombs and explicatives). Highly highly highly recommend this woman’s work. Hire her TODAY.

Wendy Timmons , Super Ever After

In 3 sessions, I’ll get you from being a pallbearer at your business’s funeral to slapping its ass and making it cry (new baby style). Fine lines and wrinkles? This quick call is like Botox for your blemished soul.

All jokes aside, the beauty and brevity of our call means I don’t have time to buy into bullshit or coddle you back into your comfort zone.

BS blasting happens via:

  • An intake questionnaire to get clear on what outcome you’d like from our time together
  • (1) 90 minute 1:1 session with me
  • (2) 60 minute follow up sessions

And you’ll strut away with tools to:

  • Get very clear what you truly desire to achieve and why
  • Perspective shifts and solutions to problems like:
  • Taking control of your emotions, fears and frustrations
  • Improving self-care without guilt
  • Refocusing energy on what truly matters
  • Being the empowered, important and incredible lifepreneur you’ve always wanted to be

Jill porter

Fantastic! Anel moved me forward past something I have been struggling with foreverrrrrrrrrrr! I feel happier, more certain than I have for months! Anel is the real deal and funny as hell!

Jill Porter

When you’re 100% done with feeling inadequate or unsuccessful, it’s time to work with someone who will give you the real-deal truth you’ve needed from day one. We’ll laugh, we’ll work, and we’ll get you ready to commit to your business the way you would a good partner.

Let’s take the complication and frustration out of empire building.

Truth and transformation are yours for $998.