ONLY one thing brings your Dreams into physical reality –

Vision Aligned Action.

I know that you have within you a burning desire – we all do.

To LIVE the dreams in your heart and head.

It’s been my experience that the right one will get you up early and keep you charged you up throughout your day without the dreaded burnout!

That’s called “Vision Aligned Action”.

See, if you have the right Vision, it will actually GIVE you unbelievable amounts of energy to DO things the right way and every day.

A Vision is your gift from something bigger than you. And it starts with your desires!

Yet most of us have stopped connecting to our true desires because life happened and we’ve been criticised for them so many times that we made them bad, untrustworthy, unnecessary.
We stopped creating the time and space to truly connect to our desires instead choosing to run around in circles like a headless chicken.


Let me tell you Darling that desires are not only necessary,
they are CRUCIAL for your thrive!

When you’re plugged into your Personal Vision you have access to next level creativity, confidence and clarity.

Without your own Personal Vision…

well, you already know the answer to that one:

• Stressed out (you keep blaming the coffee for those shaky hands)

• Trying unsuccessfully to control people and things around you (erm yes, having much success with this?!)

• Spending hours on social media looking for some outside motivation to keep you going.

• Continually feeling like you’re disappointing those close to you as they start out enthusiastically and then… that knowing smile and sad eyes when you say (again) “maybe next time…”

I’ve been there so many times I can write a book, so I’m not pointing fingers.

And, if you want to do what you’ve done before around this time of year, well that’s your choice. I don’t judge. I simply provide pockets of time to introspect leading to conscious decision.

But honestly, how much has changed in your life over the past year?

How’s your heart? Your soul?

Are you taking care of yourself the way you promised around this time last year?

Or are you looking at the mirror asking yourself “What on earth happened?”

Personal Vision, Darling.

You have to be the centre piece of your target.

That’s why I’m offering this special workshop.

I know for a fact that as a woman you CAN have your cake AND eat it and yes, you can always bake another one. AND you can look and feel like a rockstar at the same time.

Think that happens by accident??


You need to DECIDE exactly what you really want
COMMIT to receiving that no matter what
Have proven STRATEGIES
Make a PLAN by BEING the woman who has it and
Take aligned ACTION

All backed up by a CLEAR VISION, so compelling that just thinking about it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy… that flame of inspiration that signifies the presence of something bigger than you.

Here’s what I’m offering.

I’m hosting an intimate workshop.

During our time together we will go deep into creating YOUR personal vision based on YOUR true desires, not the crap everyone else tells you you should want, and we create your avatar.

Why an avatar?

Well Gorgeous, the FASTEST way to manifest your desires is to become the person who has already normalised your dreams!

Bring your favourite pen as we create the Year of Your Dreams… instead of another Year of the Hamster Wheel.

Heaven or Hell happens right now – not after death.

You get to live wherever you like.

This is the Vision that guides and POWERS your actions

Previous participants have experienced transformation within 24 hours of gaining clarity, raising their standards of expectation, and taking aligned action.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Next Workshop Dates:


Monday August 20th, 10h00 (NZT)