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you are enough

Who you are, at your core, is magnificence in human form.  I believe this with every fibre of my being and it is my mission to hold up the mirror so you can see past your bullshit programming, reconnecting to your heart and start showing up unapologetically YOU.

I've cracked the code in unlocking a spiral up by creating an intricate dance between body, mind and soul that challenges and empowers my clients to new levels of real life results, creating lasting transformation thereby having them show up in the world with purpose, conviction and THRIVE.

I work with those who are committed to their next level thrive.

If that's you, let's schedule a call to assess our potential partnership.


I came out of this with a new found self esteem and self worth. Anel brought out my purpose in Life, my willpower to survive and win in the big world. She gave me the tools to de-clutter my life, sort it, set goals and reset goals and stick to them.




Every woman needs a point in the right direction and a whip cracker championing their work.  Anel possesses the deft skill of being able to kick my butt when needed, yet somehow makes it feel like a pat on the back. Since working with Anel proof of gloriously BIG goals achieved pre-deadline dates are:

  • Contributing Author in International Publication
  • International Mandala Art Contributor
  • Auditioned as TV presenter




Anel is truly inspirational and fun!

Her energy is addictive and helped me understand that I need to smash my limiting beliefs. I am really myself without apology or guilt and I don’t need to be punished for anything.

I will be breathing in my QUEEN daily! Thank you !

Business Owner

how i work

private 1:1 coaching

My CAA methodology empowers you to have total clarity on where you desire to be next, what's holding you back, and how to identify the effective action to smash your goals.

You can expect 90 days of deep and lasting transformation as we shift the way you see and show up in the world.

My clients receive increased confidence, conviction, energy levels, improved relationships and business results.

alpha females

The Thrive Freedom Program is designed for Alpha Females to Reset their Minds, Reclaim their Voices, and Reignite their Inner Fires.

The Thrive Freedom Program is a journey into your raw alpha female power… discovering how to use that power to create the abundant, fulfilling life, career, and relationships that have been waiting for YOU!

why anel


CAUTION!!! Your life WILL not be the same after working with Anel.  She will make you dig deeper than you have ever dug before – guaranteed!

She will help you set goals in such a deep and profound way, that you will have no option but to achieve them!

I can not explain all the incredible things I have learnt from Anel, and learnt about myself. The evolvement of me has been astounding and I can never thank Anel enough for her part in this.

Seriously do yourself a favour, do your soul a favour and get in touch with Anel. Your soul, your life purpose, you and the world will thank you for it.

      Julia van der Sluys


Wendy timmons

coach / super ever after

Anel is FUCKING unbelievable at what she does. Heart of gold + no bullshit, tough love balls of steels. I play a VERY BIG game in life, but Anel pushed me to a level I had not yet discovered in this way before. I found tremendous value in diamonds like being asked to write my affirmations in my voice (with means the use of passion bombs and explicatives). Highly highly highly recommend this woman’s work. Hire her TODAY.

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