Empowering Alphas Since 2007 To Create an energy of thrive by Reclaiming Personal Power.

instigator of a thrive evolution for alpha females

you are enough

Who you are, at your core, is magnificence in human form.  I believe this with every fibre of my being and it is my mission to hold up the mirror so you can see past your bullshit programming, reconnecting to your heart and start showing up unapologetically YOU.

I've cracked the code in unlocking a spiral up by creating an intricate dance between body, mind and soul that challenges and empowers my clients to new levels of real life results, creating lasting transformation thereby having them show up in the world with purpose, conviction and THRIVE.

I work with those who are committed to their next level thrive.

If that's you, let's schedule a call to assess our potential partnership.

how i work

1:1 Private Coaching

My CAA methodology empowers you to have total clarity on where you desire to be next, what's holding you back, and how to identify the effective action to smash your goals.

You can expect deep and lasting transformation as we shift the way you see and show up in the world.

My clients receive increased confidence, conviction, energy levels, improved relationships and business results.

Private coaching investment ranges from

US$ 5 555 to US$ 38 000

depending on your required container.

Unleashed through Love

Unburdened Mind

Unbridled Voice 

Uninhibited Thrive

Deal with the fear of imposter syndrome, dissatisfaction and self-sabotage once and for all.  

Learn how to love yourself by seeing things differently, allowing your Inner Alpha to guide you courageously, and finally embracing the THING you were born to create with ease, joy and fun.


She helped me see my potential – all the dreams I had put on a shelf. Not only did she help me identify the conscious and subconscious ways I was holding myself back, she helped me come up with a plan.

I’ve worked with Anel one-on-one, completed a few of her challenges and worked with her as part of a mastermind – each experience was full of revelations, tears, and a whole lot of laughter.

Anel will push you, and you’ll come out the other side a better version of yourself – one full of hope, determination and passion.




Anel is truly inspirational and fun!

Her energy is addictive and helped me understand that I need to smash my limiting beliefs. I am really myself without apology or guilt and I don’t need to be punished for anything.

I will be breathing in my QUEEN daily! Thank you !

Business Owner

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