Because an unbeatable mindset, the realization you’re co-creating every molecule of your life, and the audacity to let your soul resurface sets you free.

We’ve created a culture that slaps Band-Aids on ouchies without considering what’s festering underneath. We tell each other what we want to hear and encourage ourselves to heal surface wounds without investigating roots.

You see it in personal relationships with friends (honey, that last drink probably just took the edge off) in business friendships (Girl, you don’t need to listen to your coach. She must be having a bad day or something) and in romance (it’s just the way things are once the honeymoon is over!)

And in this entirely-fake and way-too-polite coma, you’re spoon fed reasons (excuses) why your life should be adding into the big ‘ol equation you created when you bought into the story of your expected roles and responsibilities forgetting who you are and what you really desire (you + your dream = a foolproof, winning pair, a dud).

Why does this suck?

What you think is aloe is actually napalm and we’re blowing shit up: confidence, clarity, and cash flow casualties of fake-ass conversations.

Would you rather be fed a steady stream of bullshit or the truth that leads to success? Is your ego more valuable than your happiness?

I believe in becoming a master in your craft: leaving behind averageness, living an inspiring (and sometimes terrifying) existence.

A life where body, mind and soul are connected and work together to build you into one of the elite.

What that requires:

  • Less hand-holding and more truth telling
  • Eradication of the mediocrity epidemic and victim mentality
  • Hard, purposeful and focused work

I’m Anel Bester, a life and mindset coach who believes you deserve far more than the bullshit handed to you on a daily basis. I want every person to aim higher, go further and be-phenomenally-happy.

You, my darling, were born for the magnificent purpose of enriching other lives and every day you choose to play into excuses, fears, or frustrations, someone else is hurting because you haven’t stepping into your power.

Here’s the good news:

At any moment, you can turn on your power and change, because that gorgeous brain of yours is ready – and strong enough – to live a real, raw, fulfilling life.

Every woman needs a point in the right direction and a whip cracker championing their work. Let me introduce you to Anel Bester my direction pointer, whip cracker and greatest cheer leader aka my success coach. She possesses the deft skill of being able to kick my butt when needed, yet somehow makes it feel like a pat on the back. Since working with Anel proof of gloriously BIG goals achieved pre-deadline dates are:

  • Contributing Author in International Publication
  • International Mandala Art Contributor
  • Auditioned as TV presenter
Mariet Hammann
Mariet HammannPersonal Guide / Life Coach

If you wonder why is it you don’t have enough passion to build the life you desire, Anel is the coach you need to energize and shake your believe system in order to create a the most authentic version you can be.

Her style of coaching is like an injection of vitality into your willingness to achieve your goals.

Pierre Giannotti
Pierre GiannottiHuman Resources Consultant

I have for many years struggled with procrastinating everything I do. I don’t know if there is a cure or remedy for it beside having someone to help you understand a sense of urgency even when you don’t see it. Anel has been that person for me. She made me see that everything was urgent when they were part of a bigger plan.

She helped me see how my personal goals as an entrepreneur affected by business goals and vice versa.

Anel made me see the impact my business has on people’s life that I may not even know; planning appropriately and sticking to the plan guarantees results which has an impact in our delivery, which impact our clients satisfactions. When they are happy about our work and delivery, so are their friends and family members.

Today I plan everything and teach my employees to plan in details for every project so I can make their planning part of the bigger plan for a common goal; SUCCESS.

Thanks Anel for your impact in Plurtione and Ruddy’s lives.”

Ruddy Mukwamu
Ruddy MukwamuPluritonePluritone Business Solutions