5 Places Entrepreneurs Tap Into Success

Remember the days in corporate when you confidently strutted into the board room and felt comfortable in the midst of power?

But the call to the world of entrepreneurship was strong so you packed up your briefcase, packed away your stilettos and headed off to inspire and impact others to bring out their greatness.

Months later you find yourself sitting on-line for hours desperate for some stimulating conversation.  Your spouse, your family, your friends just don’t get the journey you’re on and you feel isolated.  Slowly sliding backwards into the false sense that sitting in your pj’s all day with your laptop on your lap is wonderful and highly productive.

Sorry to tell you this Love, but you’re fooling yourself.

That slow slide into comfort is you surrounding yourself with the wrong people.  It is you buying in to the social profiles which have been posed, lighted and photoshopped whilst the authors you are talking to is sitting in their pj’s with their laptops feeling lonely.

It is called emotional contagion.  The phenomenon whereby you start thinking, feeling and acting like those you surround yourself with.


You ready to stop that BS?  Then it’s time to get back in the game called real life!


Here are some super easy ways to get there fast:

  1. Choose your social media groups well, get in, get out. Participate in the ones that motivate you, that add value to your life.  The ones where there is no moaning and bitching and drama.  Leave the rest.  Put a timer on so that you never spend more than 30 minutes online then get back to real.
  2. Become part of a master mind group. There are two types:  paid mastermind groups which are facilitated by a mentor / coach, and unpaid mastermind groups which are formed by business people who are all more or less on the same level but with different strengths.  Both of these have a place and both can be very powerful if you choose the right one.
  3. Go to powerful seminars. Again, scope it out first.  Is it being held at a classy venue?  Is there a dress code.  When people arrive in slippers I tend to not even get out of my car.
  4. Start training with the 5 am club. Have you seen the difference between the people who are in the gym at 5 am and the people who are there at 9?  I have worked in the fitness industry for many years and let me tell you that the 5 am crowd don’t fuck around.  They are not there to be seen, they are there to get ahead in the game.  Those are the people you want to train with, talk with, and start your day with.
  5. And lastly ladies, work with a coach who increases your vibration. Your next level coach.  The one that you have to stretch to work with.  That is the coach that will see what is missing from another perspective than what you have at the moment.  That is the coach that will kick your ass back into the game.

And that’s it.  At the end of the day it boils down to one thing:

How much do you love yourself?  How badly do you truly want to be successful?

You didn’t leave corporate to open a soup kitchen so get out of your drags, stop hiding and get into your life.

Remember that death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.