5 Powerful Habits that Breeds Success

Success is a mind-set.

It is about thinking the way successful people think.  Which translates into showing up in the way that successful people do, acting in the way that breeds more success, and most importantly feeling successful.

Yet I have found that it is way easier to train the body than to train the mind.  When we start training the mind we first have to go deep and identify all the bullshit that colors our way of seeing the world, which in turn affects the way we feel about the world and inherently this impacts the way we act in the world.

It is way easier to train the body to the point of automaticity which bypasses the bullshit and gets the results.

How do you do this?

Easy – you start doing some of the things that successful people do on a daily basis until it becomes your new norm.  Once this is in place the mind simply has to follow suite because a new reality is created.


No.  But still pretty awesome.

There are tons of really fantastic habits that successful people do on a continuous basis.  I am only focusing on 5 for you to get started.

Think of it as going to the gym – if you use every machine on the very first day, you would probably be too sore to sneeze without crying for the remainder of the week which will prevent you from continuing.  Result – a whole lot of pain with zero progress.

Let’s dive in and get you started!

Habit One: Successful people are part of the 5 am club.  Studies have shown that people who get up at 5 and devote the first hour of their day to mind-set and self care are ahead in the game.  It is a mental win knowing that whilst the rest of the world is sleeping, you are hustling.  And not just any hustle – you are journaling, learning from your yesterday, setting your intention for the day thereby taking control, and setting the tone for the next 24 hours.

Habit Two:  Successful people have clearly defined goals.  That’s right!  A goal without a deadline is just another dream.  A goal without clarity and precision is a fairy-tale.  Your goal should be specific, it should be measurable, actionable, realistic and have a definite time by which to achieve it (SMART).

Habit Three: Successful people track their goals.  They understand that goal attainment is had by seeing the gap between your desired outcome and current position.  It is only by continuously understanding what is still missing that you can take the necessary action to move you forward.

Habit Four:  Successful people take consistent action.  Yes darling, every single day – not just on the days that you feel like it.  Why?  Because successful people understand that a life dictated by emotion is a rollercoaster ride going nowhere fast!  Then again I have found that successful people understand the purpose of their goals which has them on fire.  If you are driven to succeed, you are driven to act.  There is no place for sitting around waiting for the next minute to tick past.

Habit Five:  Successful people invest in themselves.  Robin Sharma states that in order for you to double your income, you have to triple your investment in self development.  I find that there is still a huge misunderstanding around what coaching is in many parts of the world.  Coaching, the way I was trained and how I work with my clients, is not therapy.  It is definitely not for people who need help.  Coaching is for the elite performers who desire to be at the top of their game.  It is about playing bigger than ever before.  It is about being held accountable and achieving the results you set out to achieve.  Successful people know this.  They work with high level coaches.  They have libraries instead of Netflix.  They are investing in the right programs with the right mentors at the right time.


It is so easy to say that you want to be successful.  Honestly I’ve never heard anyone say they want to be a loser.

However, talk is cheap.  It is your actions that count.  It is your actions, not your words, that will dictate your level of success in your life.

Looking at your life right now and the habits that drive your day-to-day activities, how successful will you be in 90 days from now?