It’s time for a new conversation Darling

When last have you had a mental enema?

Or am I the only person on the face of the planet who sits up every once in a while and realise that I’m once again full of shit?

Oh, it’s just me.
Of course…

Okay well since you already think I’ve completely lost the plot to share this with you, let’s go further down the rabbit’s hole and I’ll tell you what this is all about.

On Monday I recorded a 6 part video series on the mindset behind High Performance and what it all came down to for me was DISCIPLINE.

You know,
having the discipline to stay focused,
the discipline to fuel your body and mind properly,
the discipline to rest and recover for sustainability,
yet something stopped me from hitting the publish button.

It just didn’t feel as exciting as it used to.

Because in all transparency,
I’ve been feeling like a lazy fucker of late.

I’m still up at 5 am but instead of getting down to ‘business’,
I’m luxuriating in jazz and journaling, meditation and just loving the life experience I’m choosing at the moment.

I’m still training 7 days a week but instead of killing myself because that makes me a badass,
I’m fully present, feeling into the deep stretch of my muscles, the burn in my lungs as I bring more life-force into the cells of my body.

I’m still creating content 7 days a week but instead of hustling I’m allowing the muse to do whatever the fuck she wants to do whenever the fuck she wants to do it and I step out of the way and say “okay, so what if another thousand people think I belong in the looney bin?”

In other words my schnoekums,
from the outside it appears the same,
but my internal world has shifted, transformed, allowing for more flow, more pleasure, more presence, more thrive!

Which has me get to where we are having this crazy conversation today.
Because I want to invite you to say
“Smooch High Performance and the pedestal we’ve put struggle and strive on”
and instead
let’s choose THRIVE!!!

Oh, and yes, I’m #sorrynotsorry but your popularity is going to drop like a bomb because waltzing around like tralalalala is not as newsworthy or hypnotic as drama and struggle and hardcore ‘move your scrawny arse!’

C’est la vie.

To the outside world it will pretty much look the same

  • you’ll be crushing it in life,
  • you’ll produce more in an hour than most produce in a month,
  • you’ll be that woman with the energy of an energiser bunny


and this is a big BUT

on the inside it will feel calm, expansive, delicious, hmmmmmm melting caramel yummy.

You’ll find yourself smiling way more for no apparent reason and, like the Mona Lisa, only you will know the secret of your mysterious joy.
You will feel as though the Universe is playing your game by your rules and she simply has no end of creative ways in which to surprise and delight you all day every day.
You will spot new opportunities which brings a twinkle to your eye and you’ll feel like “OMG YES! THAT’S what I’ve been looking for”.
You will love your skin and your body as though your most adored lover.
You will relish your own company where silence is the new music to your ears and the comfort you feel in the presence of self is like a sacred massage to your soul.

Thrive does not come from ‘discipline’
even though from the outside this is what others will think.
Thrive comes from a deep and unshakeable love and appreciation of and for yourself.
Where you do that which takes exquisite care of your life-force, your energy levels, your emotional well-being.
Where you fuel your body with food and drinks which feels deeply nourishing and energising and you ensure you’re hydrated all the time.
Where you sleep when tired and work when your energy is naturally high thereby having you take way less ‘action’ for way more results.
Where you move your body as an expression of joy and celebration of this extraordinary vessel you have chosen for this life experience.

It’s quite frankly,
FUN to be alive once more.

Thrive definitely is a decision,
and since we’ve not been socialised to thrive,
a daily awareness and choice.

Yes, you will slide back and take a whole day recording a video series on discipline – LOL, fuck – and not push the publish button.
You will update your website with a socially approved title so that people will know what you do (OMG I don’t DO jack shit, I AM the motherfucking experience) before your best friend leaves you a friendly voicenote basically saying “Oh, I see you’re playing by their rules again you boring old fart.”

The good news is that you’ll do the old things less and less and catch yourself faster and faster until one day you realise that instead of weekly mental enemas, they’re only required once a month, once every few months, once in a while.

Where are YOU caught up in the old grooves to the point that you’ve stopped questioning, stopped evolving, stopped finding that which feels even better?
What is the impact this is having on your potential thrive?

Because we all get to the point where we have to decide what is more important:
how we THINK others see us, feel about us, label us
being happy.

For if you’re choosing to live your life for ‘appearances’ you’re in big doo-doo Darling.

Death might be inevitable,
thrive is the choice of the alphas.

Live with honour and whatever the fuck you want to live with,

PS: Are you joining the Thrive Evolution?


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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