A nice girl doesn’t make people uncomfortable…

I kicked off The Thrive Freedom Program last night,
and as I looked at all the faces NOT present I realised
I’m fucking failing you!

I’m so sorry
and I stopped saying sorry a long time ago!
Yet I have dedicated my life to the empowering of Alpha Females to RISE and if you’re not showing up,
I’m failing.

I’m so sorry that I made you think that the words I write is meant to inspire you just enough to say YEAH and then keep on doing it the same way you have before, the spark of inspiration fading overnight.
I’m so sorry that I made you think that as long as you’re a happy chappy you’re thriving when you’re NOT living your purpose on a MASSIVE motherfucking scale showing up for people who are checking out left right and centre every day because you’re choosing to have a comfortably small life whilst the system is killing our people.
I’m so fucking sorry that I wasn’t clear as to why I’m instigating a thrive evolution.

But it hit me as I watched the new Taylor Swift movie whilst winding down and her words “A nice girl doesn’t make people uncomfortable…” echoed through my mind.

So let me be very clear:
The Thrive Evolution is about the eradication of the Nice Girl virus infesting the race of the Alpha Female.
It makes me sick to my stomach to read the air-head regurgitated bullshit posts from women whom I know has a purpose to bring change, but instead they want to inrease their numbers so they take the easy way out and write the stuff to make people feel better about their victim-inducing choices in life.
The reason you’re posting the same old same old which everyone is loving and clapping for is because you’ve not taken the time to connect to YOUR truth and until you find YOUR message you’re contributing to the sea of vanilla!
People LOVE vanilla because it doesn’t do jack shit to their energy, simply affirming the same message momma gave them when they were 2 years old.

Want to find the ALPHA posts?

Look at the ones with hardly any engagement and you’ll know these are the ones that rips off your fanny hairs like hot wax and has you thinking!

It’s about a rise of alpha females who have done the motherfucking work,
the deep work,
having the courage to question EVERYTHING they’ve ever been told to believe and then taking the time to reprogram their minds with the truth of who they truly are at their essence of love with complete worth as a magnificent being.
These are the women who are showing up with words that grates nipples because it comes from a space of complete responsibility of self and there is no censoring of it.
The message is allowed to come through unfiltered with no concern for the interpretation thereof because those who judge the delivery will never receive the message.
As long as you take the feelings of strangers into consideration before delivering your message, thinking “Oh gosh, I hope nobody gets upset by this because I don’t know if I can cope with any haters”, you haven’t done the work.
As long as you’re taking the easy way out by learning another 7 steps to teach the same boring 7 steps, you haven’t done the work.
As long as you’re hiding behind your kids, hiding behind your ring, hiding behind the boring story of inequality, hiding behind your bank account, you haven’t done the work.
As long as you’re making your decisions dependent on conditions – you know, “I will …. once …” you haven’t done the work.

Alpha Females make shit happen.
Alpha Females take full responsibility for their lives.
Alpha Females DECIDE and THEN allow the right circumstances to show up.
Alpha Females say the words that people NEED to hear at this time not what people WANT to hear.
Alpha Females do the work to find THEIR unique message to deliver in THEIR unique voice.
Alpha Females show up unapologetically and if you don’t like me you can bite me because this is a huge world and there’s space for all of us.

Aaaah, you not like me me no more, perfect, unfollow me.
If you want me to be nice, unfollow me.
If you want to put me on a pedestal, saying you wish you could be like me so that you can excuse yourself from being a leader, unfollow me.
If you want me to do the work for you so that you can keep scrolling away your time, unfollow me.
If you want me to ‘help’ you instead of stepping up to work with me, unfollow me.

Do you smell that?
That’s my nice girl panties going up in flames and my Alpha BITCH howling in victorious delight because we simply don’t have time to play nice anymore Darling.

For now IS the time of the Alpha Female,
you have to choose,
for Alphas don’t talk,
Alphas DO the work required to BE Alpha.

And it is time!

It’s time for women to reclaim themselves and to walk proudly beside our men instead of relying on women like Oprah to make us not feel too bad about the feeble lives of the masses.
It’s time for women to stop playing the victim card, to not even bother with big girl panties, and bring their full pussy power.
It’s time for women to stop saying they have to sacrifice their voices, their dreams, their purpose for the sake of their children thereby dooming the next generation to the same fate.

The women who are going to BE this change,
is Alpha Females.

Death is inevitable,
but thrive is a choice very few will make in this lifetime.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

Those ready to step up and receive support on their journey are invited to connect through a potential partnership consultation.

Enrolment for The Thrive Freedom Program is open for one more week.

It’s for the woman who is actually DONE playing small because they understand that they have a responsibility to humanity and until the work is done, you’re NOT showing up.

If you’re that woman read the details here and jump straight in as the first module has dropped.
If you’re married to that woman and you’re ready for her to be phenomenally thriving, read the details here and you can gift her this journey. For Alpha Queens need the support of their Alpha Kings.