The immense power of attraction which comes from a woman’s desire

Darling woman,
tell me your deepest desires.
Whisper them softly
so that the wind will carry them to my ears.

Words filled with the softest of sighs
of complete
and utter

Such as that moment of sweet release
into the strong arms of your lover
as he tenderly holds you
whilst raptures of delight course through your body.

Completely one with the pleasure that has always been
your birthright.

Do you even know what you desire?
Do you proudly own your desires?

Or have they become a well-kept secret
even from yourself?
As you’ve continuously been scolded for wanting more than your share.
More than you deserve.
In the process
rejecting not only that what you really want
but also

For a woman’s creative force does not come from doing more shit.
It does not come from taking more action.
It does not come from chasing more goals and accolades and noddy-badges.

we are designed to RECEIVE from a space of absolute honesty as to what our heart’s desire in order for us to feel MORE.
More pleasure.
More delight.
More excitement.
More joy.
More satisfaction.
More beautiful.
More adventurous.

most women have forgotten who they are.
They have rejected themselves in a desperate attempt to feel as though they belong,
as though they have value,
as though they have worth.

So caught up in all the social lies telling them they are the inferior sex and I’m not blaming men for this particular flavour of bullshit.
You and I both know that there is no inferiority and NOBODY can take away your power.
You willingly GIVE IT AWAY through your thoughts.
At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make yourself feel inferior.

Caught up in all the jealousy of other women who quite frankly DON’T want more and in their discontent with their unconscious choices, they lash out at those who dare show up as a queen.
I’m not blaming the bottom feeders as quite honestly, it’s YOUR responsibility to proudly walk the fuck away from them and to find those who celebrate your success as they celebrate their own.
Nobody can cut you down except yourself through your thoughts of shame and then bowing down to the level of others.

But more than any of this, women have become caught up in the BUSY. Believing that if they just do more, they will have more, feel more, be more.
THIS is the greatest lie of all time.
For the more you DO, the less you allow yourself to RECEIVE.
Your thoughts foggy with exhaustion, draining away your creativity so that you become robotic. Doing and saying the same shit over and over again, wondering when your results will finally change!
Your actions sluggish with next to no energy behind them, rendering them pretty much ineffective. Yet you continue on automatic as you’re terrified that if you dare stop, you simply won’t find the strength inside of you to get started again.
Your looks haggard, losing your attractiveness, losing your magnetism, losing YOU.
I’m not blaming your parents, teachers or preachers for this belief of having to prove your worth through endless effort so that you will get a reward,
some day,
probably once you’re dead.
NOBODY can make you feel unworthy of EVERYTHING your heart desires,
just because what you want is DONE and is GOOD.

Only YOU can tell yourself some story that has you feeling unworthy.

It all starts with CLARITY of desires Sweetheart.
The truth is that majority of women,
and men,
don’t have a frogging clue what they truly desire.

They think they want to be happy,
when they have a deep craving for satisfaction!
They think they want a lover,
when they have a deep desire for excitement!
They think they want more money,
when they have a longing for freedom, safety and choice!

And until you actually connect to what you desire,
you’re simply walking around blind-folded
bumping into things,
some of them pleasant,
most of them stinking and hard and knocking you on your arse.

What do you truly desire Darling?
What have you denied yourself because it feels like too much to ask for?
Where have you settled for good enough instead of insisting on fucking fabulous?
What do you think is bigger than you?
What will make you feel like an absolute goddess when you allow yourself to rise to the energetic vibration of where it exists?
What do you TRULY desire???

For it’s all available to you.
It’s all possible for you.
If it wasn’t,
the desire would not be yours to have.
The Universe is kind that way.

It all starts with Clarity of your Desires.

Are you one of the very few Alpha Females who carves out the time required for clarity?
Are you one of the very few Alpha Females who trusts not only her intuition but her emotions to guide her towards her desires?
Are you one of the very few Alpha Females who understands that everything you desire will only be received in the energy of the desire?

Understand that our lives are not created through our actions,
but through our minds,
and the REAL WORK is to train our thoughts in the directions of our desires.

What do you truly desire Alpha?

For death is inevitable,
thriving is the choice of those clear on their next desires.

Live with honour and a sprinkle of badassery,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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