What’s the worst thing that could happen?

So often I look at people and wonder when the hell they stopped thinking for themselves?

When did humanity in general get so damned lazy to work their minds?

Oh not YOU of course!  You’re special.  After all you’re in my space and we both know that already makes you a born leader and creator.

One of the reasons I left corporate very early on was I would sit in meetings and listen to people wanting to be told exactly what to do.  Instead of looking at the vision and figuring out how they can add tremendous value they just wanted to be spoon fed and know the necessary steps to take to meet the minimum criteria.

What a waste of personal power, creativity, passion, pride, contribution.


Now I find myself observing the masses and thinking that some of these humanoids seriously need to have a boost of Vitamin C-For-Yourself just to function on a minimum level of potential within their DNA.  It would be bad enough if people were actually asking intelligent questions to people who knew what they were talking about.  Instead majority of society is driven by subconscious messaging done by clever advertisers.

They eat the ‘food’ because the skinny models look so happy when they lick the grease off their fingers and jump into the ocean from the million dollar yacht.

They say healthy food doesn’t taste good because their taste-buds have become addicted to the chemicals in the processed food because manufacturers WANT them to eat more – like cattle being force fed as they wait to be slaughtered.

They say they are too tired to cook and prepare decent meals which is why they have to rely on take-aways not getting the correlation – you’re fucking exhausted because your putting mud into your machine instead of fuel!

Grrrr I get so mad.

Then they drink the diet pills because the even skinnier models pop those babies like smarties and wash it down with a soda telling the hypnotized masses that this is the answer to their prayers.

To take it a step further, these ads are delivered to the sheeple who mindlessly sit and channel hop because they’re too tired to actually read a book.

And people believe this shit?

Oh I’m on a roll today.

Wait, let me just get out my higher soap box.

I’m sorry you have to sit through this but seriously people – what the fuck?

So we don’t train our minds to become strong and think for ourselves.  We poison our bodies, work like mindless minions (I’m sorry Minions I love you), drink and smoke excessively and then wake up in the mornings and state “Oh I don’t want to get up.  I’m still so tired.  I just want to sleep an hour longer”.

On the other side we overthink bullshit which stops us from taking action.

We say that we first have to figure out the block and then once we know what it is we’ll take action.  We first need to go journal on the origin of this fear and then once we’ve received the insight we’ll have the courage to move forward.

Oh for Pete’s sake.

Just take the fucking action!

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen?

You could take the action and fail.  Big hairy deal.  If the action leads to failure you know of at least one more way that it’s not going to succeed.

And of course you’re scared of taking the life-changing actions.  Because that’s where you will finally grow.  Who gives a shit where the fear comes from??  If it’s crucial for your soul purpose I promise you that the insight will come and you’ll be like “Oh wow I was only two at the time.  I’m not two anymore.  Duh.”

Know what I’ve learned on my bike?  When I see something scary coming up and I pull those brakes chances are 100% that I will either end up pushing my bike and feel like a complete whimp OR I will sit there for five minutes and give myself a stern talking to.  Then have to push my bike twenty meters back and just go for it.  And every time I get through the obstacle I think “Oh FFS what was the big deal Anel?”  Because it’s never as bad as I thought it would be.  But now I’ve lost time and valuable energy because I had to spend so much just thinking through the process.  Plus if it was a race I would have lost.

This is another reason why I adore racing.  You grow a seriously big pair of balls from all the adrenaline that’s pumping through your body.  There’s no time to think, you just have to be present, see the best route and commit!  You simply go for it and sometimes you see your ass and come down in a spectacular crash, but hardly ever.  And know what’s best of all?  Even if you come crashing down that same adrenaline gives you super human strength and you just keep going.  The only time I’ve ever not completed a race because of a crash I came off at 70 kilometers an hour and my bike was in pieces.  The ambulance delivered me to my husband and I sulked all the way home because they couldn’t put my bike back together for me to finish.  The fact that I had a haematoma the size of a football on my thigh was besides the point.

My belief is that when you’re so passionate about your goals, you take the action REGARDLESS of the fear.  And then even if it all goes for a ball of donkey pooh your adrenaline and momentum will simply keep you going.

But when you sit there and you keep telling yourself that you have to figure out what the block is, what are you focusing on?  The block!  And what we focus on grows.

Yes I love journaling.  I believe it’s a super duper powerful tool which I use daily.  But I take actions WHILST figuring out the stuff, if I really feel I have to.

Honestly, shit happened in everyone’s lives.

Nobody had a perfect childhood with no scars to show.

I feel that if this is where your constant focus is it’s because your goal isn’t juicy enough.  Because when it is, when it has you salivating just to think about it, you’re not going to take your eye off the ball.

My questions for you today is the following:

  1.  Where have you stopped thinking for yourself?  Where are you taking mindless action even when you know deep inside that it’s bad for you?  And what are you going to do about it?
  2. Where are you NOT taking action because of fear or ‘blocks’ or any stories that you’re telling yourself about what needs to happen before you will take the action?
  3. What is all this costing you?  Get real and nasty here.  Don’t hold the punches.  Because it’s only when we go full out, when we tear up, that we actually start making different choices.

And YOU’re worth smart choices Darling.  The choices that will honor the true warrior, rebel, world leader, creator of epic, that I know you to be.

Please please please don’t fall into the trap of playing it safe.

Ultimately you’re going to die.

Now you can choose to arrive at heaven’s door with a pretty white size 60 dress with your lilly white hands and pretty nails OR you can skid in sideways covered with mud, bruises, streaks of adventures all over your laughing face shouting “Fuck Yeah – let’s do it again!”

Only you can choose.

Because death IS inevitable.  But thriving is a choice which doesn’t happen without action.

With love,


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