Alpha Female – You can keep hiding, or you can start running FREE!

Ready for some serious bullshit-eradication?

It’s not going to be pretty.

It might sting like a bee.

You might not like what I have to say.

So if you’re going to be shitty about it,

just leave now.






when are you going to rise?


When are you going to stop hiding who you truly are?

When will you have enough of the pretence of being interested

in the distractions of the mundane?

When will you finally put down the mask,

take off the wool coat that has you ‘fit in’

with the sheople?


When will you stop hiding your power?


I know,

I know.

It’s scary!


I was told the same stories

as a little girl

of how the Alphas are not to be trusted.

How they are ruthless and cruel and evil.

I was told that I needed to be protected from myself.

That I was going to burn out.

That I was going to be ostracised if I didn’t stop questioning everything.

That I needed to be punished for breaking their stupid fucking rules that make no sense.

That I was hurting those around me by making their efforts appear puny compared to my unstoppable passion.

That I was responsible for the break-down and shame and guilt and sorrow of others because I always want MORE.


To BE more of ME.

To CREATE more for ALL.

To DO more because I CAN.

And like you,

I coward in shame and fear for a very



long time.


Make no mistake – I still showed up.

I still took action.

I still did the work.

Except, I did it at 1% capacity JUST SO I didn’t make anyone else feel bad.

Just so they could keep up with me.

Just so I could receive a pat on the head from my business mentor for ticking her boring little boxes.


Dragging my feet through the day,

busy AF with keeping busy,

saying the right things so that others would like me,

pretending that shit matter to me that really don’t,

regurgitating the same self-limiting drama as those around me just so they would talk to me,

terrified of being lonely,

collapsing by 5 pm from pure exhaustion

of the effort it took

to hold myself down!


Asking an Alpha to live at the pace of others

is like expecting a hurricane to stay within the refines of a teacup.




Here’s what I had to learn before I finally slayed my own bullshit,

took off the collar of domesticated imprisonment,

owned who I truly am

without any further shame or need to explain or apologise,

and run free into the dark on my own to discover that THIS is my NATURAL STATE OF BLISS:


  •  It’s not that they’re lying, it’s just not true for us!

Yes, I know that we’re brought up with a LOT of stories and beliefs and values and cultural norms and systems designed by the sheople for the sheople.

You’re not a sheople!  What’s true for them is NOT true for you.

You don’t see sheep and wolves playing by the same rules in nature do you?

You don’t see them eating the same food, or choosing the same lifestyle or even the same terrain.

So stop blaming the sheople for disempowering you when in fact it’s just YOU holding yourself back by refusing to be different.


  • It’s not your parents fault so stop blaming them for your shit.

Fact is, majority of modern day alphas were raised in fear-based homes.  Our parents were taught by their parents that there’s not enough to go around and everyone had to get a sliver of one pie.  They were taught that in order for you to be a valuable member of society you had to go to school, get a job, marry, breed, and die before you took too much out of the pension fund.  They were taught that they had to suffer in life to get rewarded in heaven.

You know what Darling, it fucking is what it was.

You can keep playing the blame-game or you can drop into appreciation that your folks did the best they could from where they were and with what they had, creating sharp contrast for you so that you can DECIDE to be different and do it differently and you can thank your lucky stars that you’re living in a time of LIBERATION.


  • Until you stop caring what everyone else thinks of you, you’re fucked.

Why are more people not playing full out?  Because they don’t want to feel like an idiot if they fail in front of others.

Why are more people not leaving toxic relationships?  Because they feel responsible for how the other person will take it and they don’t want to hurt anyone else so they live in a constant state of suffering.

Why are more alphas not rising?  Because they still give a damn about what the haters and trolls say online every time they dare speak their truth.

Here’s my truth:


I lived in shame way too long not because of what I did, but because of what I didn’t do.

Not because of what I said, but because of what I didn’t say.

I lived in shame of MYSELF because I WAS NOT TRUE TO ME,

which means Hun,

I was making ME wrong.

It’s like looking at your leg and thinking because it doesn’t look the same as a Barbie doll’s you have to saw it off!



  • It’s NOT your job to save others from themselves.

Yes I know, I know.

They tell you just because you have ovaries you’re here to nurture and save EVERYONE but yourself.  I choose to take a different stance.

I choose to ONLY see the absolute MAGNIFICENCE in others, regardless of the circumstances they have created for themselves, because of the circumstances they create for themselves.

I don’t dare think myself better or stronger than others because that’s simply leading to rescuing behaviour weakening humanity more and more each day.

Whatever situation someone finds themselves in, THEY are creating it because there’s something they want to get out of it.  Whether it’s a specific lesson they want to learn, a specific truth they want to remember for themselves, a certain contrast for clarity, and when we keep interfering in their process, they can’t GET IT.  Which means, they’ll KEEP RECREATING DRAMA so that they can receive the gift.


Instead, it’s your job to focus on YOUR stuff that YOU’VE created,

yes even that relationship that feels like a ball and chain,

yes even that bank account that’s running in the wrong direction,

yes even those glutes heading south,

get the learning,

take the action,

and RISE.


Which of these lessons do you need to receive today?

Which of these lessons do you need to own for yourself today?

Which of these lessons will give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to run free?


Only death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the alpha willing to learn.


Live with honour,

or exist,



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