Alpha Females – step back and observe the insanity

Breathe deeper
Breathe slower
Connect with the air as it’s coolness flows in through your nose
Clearing the restriction in your throat
Filling the space which houses your heart with new source energy.


From a space of calm.
A space of knowing.
That all is well.
There are no victims.
Everything is happening for us.

Do you see it?

Do you see how they are ruled by their fear?

The system which formed them
through indoctrination,
where children are required to sacrifice their curiosity
their natural tendency to experiment,
instead being punished and shamed if they dare say anything contradictory to the set curriculum,
in the process
releasing their capacity to think for themselves
so they will fall in line of obedience,
and now
the system is freaking the fuck out
as their creation
is out of control
the demons that have taken hold of the sheople stampeding like beserkers
and in the process
destruction will ensue.

What we are seeing at this time is NOT a virus,
who have experienced the suffering of mere existence,
suppression of thrive through drugs, mindfuckery and overindulgence,
the destruction of our planet through inconsiderate action,
long enough.

People have been saying there’s too many of us – so souls are departing, you got what you asked for. How many more need to commit suicide before taking responsibility?
People have been complaining they’re exhausted from working all the time – so now they’re sitting at home. How long do you want to struggle in the loss of identity before taking responsibility?
People have been bitching and moaning that they’ve lost connection with their families – now they’re literrally forced to be with each other in the prisons of their own making. How long are you going to ignore each other by sitting on your tech devices before taking responsibility?
People have been saying we must stop the polution – nowhere to go, no fuel to burn. How long do you want to sacrifice exploration and new adventures before taking responsibility?

Humans have lost conscious connection with life
and in the process
they have been unconsciously pleading for something better.
And we always get what we ask for.

The reason why everyone is now complaining
is because they are still not taking responsibility!
More importantly
they’re still focused on the motherfucking symptoms
instead of delving into the root cause.

They were too dumb-ass lazy to do the fucking work
the deep work
which has us switching from unconscious pleading
to conscious connection to specific desire.


it’s too hard Anel,
it’s too much effort Anel,
I don’t have time Anel,
I dont have the money Anel.
Well hunnybunch,
you’ve got more than enough time now,
you have more money now because you can’t spend it on fuel and take-aways,
what the hell are you doing with it???

Let me see:
same old shit
on steriods!

Except now the sheople have no reason to go out and put on their pretty social masks for everybody else
wallowing in their low vibrational energy
void of purpose
void of direction

going down

You think things are bad now?
Oh Love,
this is but the very first domino falling.

Do you want me to keep painting the picture?
Or can you see the underground webs forming?

More and more people will go insane during this time which they label as ‘uncertain’,
thanking the same system which just blew up in their faces,
for saving them,
as they’re given pittance to buy their continued support.

These are not uncertain times my friend.
These are the most profound time for change.
For an awakening on mass scale.
For our evolution.

And it starts with us,
the 1% in 1% of Alpha Females born to be herstorians,
being willing to have lived through the pain others used as a reason to become victims,
being willing to heal the pain that others used as a reason to give up the good fight,
being willing to step back
and observe with compassion
so that
we will extract the wisdom for generations to come
and courageously tell

If you feel the call,
let’s connect
and I will show you the journey required to become a herstorian of human evolution through rememberance of wisdom.

is your legacy.

For death might be inevitable,
thrive is a choice in life.

Live with honour,