Alpha – You ARE the Art

My Darling Restrained Alpha,

I invite you
to, for this moment,
remove your defences,
this is a safe space,
for you and I to connect
Alpha to Alpha
so that
you may RECEIVE the truth
which will feel like soothing balm
on the raw wounds inside your heart and mind.

I look at you
and I see the exhaustion etched on your face
as a result of the continuous struggle with yourself.

The struggle
of keeping that muzzle in place
as every time you’ve given yourself free reign
to speak your mind
there’s been repurcussions
people berating you
shaming you as insensitive
labelling you as callous
cold as ice
leaving you with disgust on their faces
and once again
you end up alone.

The struggle
of how much you can possibly show the world,
the insanity that rages within,
before they throw their insults
of promiscuity
inappropriate slut
turning their backs on you
in a show of absolute rejection of you
and once again
you end up alone.

The struggle
of how much you can possibly ask for that which is within your heart
before you are told that you are the reason so many others have to make do with nothing,
spoilt and unappreciative of what you already have,
that you have not done enough to deserve it,
time to grow up and stop dreaming of an Empire of Impact, your Big Romance, your Art,
taking away the little they have given
punishing you for not settling
and once again
you end up alone.

Have you not yet spotted the pattern Darling?

That every time you connect to
WHO YOU TRULY ARE – which is magnificence in human form;
WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE – which is an elevation in frequency for all through love;
the TRIBE / the CULT / the HERD
turns on you
turns away from you
and you end up alone.

This is the natural result
of them choosing to live in a state of
which does NOT resonate with the frequency which is

This dissonance is not a result of there being anything wrong with you!
There’s nothing that you have to fix!
There’s no parts of you that you have to kill!

It’s the complete opposite.

This vibrational clash and repulsion is a sign that it’s time for you to

and find YOUR PACK
with which you will feel
In this high vibrational TONE
you will finally
and BE
the priceless and precious work of art
you came here to be.


  • Fully valuing yourself, your desires, and your unique form of expression.


  • Engaging the Powers granted to you by the Universe to take full responsibility for the physical manifestion of all of YOU understanding that your desires are simply energetic extensions of your thrive.


  • Practicing your art every single day with discipline and dedication, within the boundaries that you are willing to uphold no matter what, allowing yourself to be fully supported as you understand how important YOU are and that NOT receiving support is simply a matter of low-vibrational self-sabotage.


  • Dancing WITH the Universe, the Supreme Masculine leading the Supreme Feminine as She allows herself to be Shown to the world in all her glory, having fun, trusting, flirtatious, sensuous, feminine, breath-taking.

I understand that none of this has been shared with you before
and I acknowledge and respect you for how far you’ve come on your own,
but my Love,
it’s time for you to release the struggle and the bullshit that you have to achieve results to have any worth,
that you have to conform in order for you to belong,
that you have to leave behind a legacy other than your energetic signature,
that you are not enough,
that you are not deserving,
that you are not precious.

Humanity is on a highway to complete self-destruction,
and they are using the natural passion, drive and energy of Alpha Females against themselves to accelerate the pace,

I’m asking you to stop and
the truth

that’s within you
within your heart
to release their hold on you
and to
Rise Alpha Females.

Death is inevitable
but unless YOU choose to thrive,
our children don’t stand a chance
to experience the beauty of life
and themselves as art.

Live with honour,