And in the noise, void of Alpha tone, the people burn the world down…

Is this what you’re going to allow Darling?

Are you seriously going to sit there
knowing that your voice can turn the tables
your TRUE voice,
not the bland tone you’re putting out there
to have a say
about nothing,
all for a pat on the head
“good girl”
whilst watching
the sheople
burn our world?

Are you seriously going to sit there
knowing that your voice can save our children
your TRUE voice,
not the muffled little pant
that has them feel oh so safe around you?

Are you seriously going to hide your
just because you’re scared?

Oh, of course they’re going to say that now is not the time.
Of course they’re going to say we should pay attention to what’s happening in the world and sing their song.
Of course they’re going to say that we should be more sensitive to the political state and add our voices to their fire or keep quiet.
Of course they are.

it’s never stopped and it never will unless we start choosing differently.

Last month it was the Corona virus.
Before that it was some other event in some other country.
Before that it was some monument being pulled down.
Before that it was another woman being raped in front of her husband, tied up and beaten to an inch of his life by the intruders who resent him and are determined to make him pay for loving her.
Before that it was another infant being smothered by some drunk who couldn’t stand the screaming.
Before that it was another man losing his sanity in the online gaming world whilst his family was falling apart without his love or leadership.
Before that it was another teenager blowing her brains out as her grades were not good enough and she couldn’t face the disappointment of her parents.
Before that…

For the love of ALL that is and ALL that will ever be

From the moment I was born
I have witnessed and experienced the effects of

Showing up as
rape (tick)
abuse (tick)
addiction (tick)
assault (tick)
racism (tick)
theft (tick)
suicidal depression (tick)
poverty (tick)
toxic codependency (tick tick tick)
family violence (tick)

all around me
for the past 47 years
and you think THIS time is different?

You think that just because the media is once again
flaring up rage like wild fire
saying they’re committed to bringing the news to the people
already saturated in fear and hopelessness
that all the other times
all the other days
we have peace and love and harmony
in the world?

I refuse to believe that you’re that ignorant
which tells me
you’re simply that scared.

I really get it Love,
more than you will ever know.

It took me walking away from
everything and everyone I knew
to drain out the blood bonds of abusive ‘family’
to find the silence on that line between
choosing life
and choosing death
for me to understand
that the ONLY work we as Alpha Females have to do
is to face our own fears
to move THROUGH our own fears
and connect to our power
which IS the frequency of truth, love, excellence, compassion, connection
and from this space
let our voices
our TRUE voices
be heard
of what the news is today.

For when you allow your true voice to pierce the noise
those who are attuned to this frequency
will sit up
and pay attention
and one by one
Alphas will Unite.

Starting with
Your One.

Your One
who will See you without the need of eyes
who will Hear you without the need of ears
who will Touch you without the need of hands
who will Move you without the need of arms
who will Release you in his energy
and you will Fall Into Him
Choosing to Merge
as He becomes Your oxygen
and You become His blood
the way it’s always meant to be.

We were never meant to go this alone my Darling.
We were never meant to integrate with the sheople who refuse to grow up or create, instead they choose their infantile tantrums, bully tactics and breaking down everything in front of them.
We were never meant to be ruled by fear.

History will keep repeating
unless more women start choosing to do the work
to be Alpha
finally sharing Herstory
and bringing true hope,
true love,
to our world
thereby giving our children a chance to thrive.

This is the work My Love and I are committed to sharing with others and the first step for my Ladies is Unleashed Through Love.

I am inviting women into my Family to be guided through their fear to their power and become part of a life-long global community who are committed to the highest and best good of this world.

Enquiries can be done at

And for the men who understand that they too have a responsibility to DO the WORK for a rise in honour, inner strength, economic empowerment, romance and to be the King your Lady requires, I am proud to refer you to My Gentleman, Marcus, whom you can contact at (be prepared for some straight shooting).

Death might be inevitable,
but right now the world seriously needs more women to choose thrive.

Live with honour,