Are we really just spoilt for choice, or is there a serious lack of commitment?



When you sit in a room with the world’s number one wealth coach,

and you see less than 80 attendees,

you have to wonder…


Hearing that not even 10% of people registered chose to get into their cars,

drive to the venue,

and dedicate a day of their lives

to learn from a self-made multi-millionaire who brings together A-list celebrities,

I felt, what’s the word,


in the lack of commitment.


Now we can go through all the normal excuses of humanity:

oh it’s free so it won’t be valuable,

oh we all know they’re going to pitch a sale at the end,

oh my kids,

oh the weather,

oh the traffic,

oh I’ll go next time…


We could blame the thousands of coaches and speakers who are offering so much free content,

saying that they’re spoiling us for choice.

Knowing that something else will always come along when it’s more



I’m calling bullshit.

Success doesn’t happen when it’s convenient.

I’m going to pull back to take a much bigger view,

so instead of downplaying the symptoms,

we get to see the bigger problem.


It’s not a lack of commitment to the event,

it’s a lack of commitment to the self.


Majority of society lacks a clear vision of where they desire to be next, what they’re committed to achieving.

It’s the vision that provides you with the filter for distractions and

commands the reticular activating system pay attention,

easily distinguishing the opportunities which will get you closer to achieving your goals.



It’s a lack of commitment to success,

that has people come up with a million excuses why NOT to put themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Such as attending an event where you probably won’t know anyone,

and have conversations with those ahead in the game,

hoping to the lords of espresso beans

you don’t ask the question everyone laughs at.


I’ve spoken about this at length before.

Winners are comfortable being uncomfortable because this is simply the zone of growth.


It’s a lack of commitment to our best selves,

that has people put everyone else’s shit before their personal growth,

allowing the agendas of others to intrude on your potential greatness.

Of course, we can blame our social upbringing for this,

or we can simply decide to grow up and make our own decisions for ourselves.



It’s a lack of commitment to potential magnificence

that has so many sitting there without a very clear vision to start off with.

And honestly Darling,

at this stage of the fight

I just don’t get it.

Every single day is precious and gifted to you to get further ahead,

but without a direction for where you’re committed to go,

you’re simply floundering around

wondering why you’re so tired all the time

with so little results to show.


Here’s the thing:

You can choose to be part of the 90% in the 99% who don’t show the fuck up.

You can choose to be part of the 90% in the 99% who don’t have a clue what they even want.

You can choose to be part of the 90% in the 99% who say next time.

You can choose to be one of them.

No skin off my nose.


Or you can choose to be one of the very few people

who have a vision that’s so exciting to your SOUL, you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES,

who eliminates all distractions without thinking it’s weird to show this level of commitment,

who says YES to the RIGHT opportunities and then make it to the event,

who has very clear intentions for every event, every training, every conversation BEFORE it happens thereby creating a container with which to mine gold,

who trusts your gut,

who stays the hell away from the naysayers and complacent who have no desire to see you thrive,

who feeds your mind, your soul, your body with high vibrational nourishment,

who goes home and IMMEDIATELY takes action on the learning

thereby instantly shifting the trajectory of your life.


You can CHOOSE to be an Alpha.




I said it.


Being an ALPHA is a CHOICE you get to make.

You don’t get to play the DNA card with me.



Here’s the thing Darling:


Shame is such a pointless thing – seriously, I’m rolling my eyes.

This piece is about introspection,

getting real with yourself,

and choosing from where you’re at.

I don’t really care where you come from.

I don’t even care where you are right now.

I’m only interested in where you are COMMITTED to going next.


And then,

I’m interested in you SHOWING us what you’re made of.


Death IS inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those COMMITTED to thrive.


Live with honour,



PS:  Are you a purpose-driven man ready to take IT ALL next level?


Yesterday I was told I’m selfish for NOT working with more men.

Okay then gentlemen,

I’ve opened 3 spaces to work privately with me.

“Over the last number of years my Company has employed the services of Anel Bester to coach senior executives.  We have seen the achievement of incredible results as an outcome of the techniques employed by Anel.  her approach is no nonsense, goal orientated and task driven.  Anel demands high accountability.  I would high recommend her services fo both one on one, and group coaching sessions.” – Tom Creamer, MD Telesure Investment Holdings.

“In a space of 6 month I moved from having my dreams to living my dream.  Her style of coaching is result orientated and becomes a lifestyle rather than work. She has unique and unorthodox way of igniting the fire within and making sure one continues to keep it burning.” – Tshepo Nyatlo, Founder of Gorogang Consulting

This is for the man who

  • loves to be challenged to be more, do more, have more;
  • has a zero excuses policy – I don’t want to hear about time!;
  • is committed to his thrive and that includes your body – if you don’t want to train, I’m not the coach for you;
  • is coachable – I honestly don’t have time for ego Darling;
  • has drive, dedication, discipline and determination – or at least are committed to having these by the end of our three months together.


“I have for many years struggled with procrastinating everything I do. I don’t know if there is a cure or remedy for it beside having someone to help you understand a sense of urgency even when you don’t see it. Anel has been that person for me. She helped me see how my personal goals as an entrepreneur affected by business goals and vice versa. Anel made me see the impact my business has on people’s life that I may not even know; planning appropriately and sticking to the plan guarantees results which has an impact in our delivery, which impact our clients satisfactions. Today I plan everything and teach my employees to plan in details for every project so I can make their planning part of the bigger plan for a common goal; SUCCESS. Thanks Anel for your impact in Plurtione and Ruddy’s lives” – Ruddy Mukwena, Founder of Pluritone


“Anel’s coaching style is like an injection of vitality into your willingness to achieve your goals.  She was brilliant in confronting  me and my fears.  Being coached by her I learned the power of using my energy and moods towards the completion of my goals.   As a result of working with Anel I connected with my masculine power and male energy.  If you wonder why is it you don’t have enough passion to build the life you desire, Anel is the coach you need to energize and shake your believe system in order to create a the most authentic version you can be’ – Pierre Giannotti, Business Coach

If you’re ready to commit, send me a mail and let’s see if we’re a good partnership for your next goals.