Are you actually ready for a fuck yes life?

I can’t stop smiling.

It’s ridiculous.

The energy coursing through my body feels like Christmas lights in full glory.


Can you believe that a mere nine months ago I was at rock bottom of my thrive?


When you’re lying on wet grass in an isolated park, sobbing your heart out,

because you’re so unhappy you don’t know if you’ll ever smile again,

it’s ugly…


My business was rocking it out.

I had more friends than ever before.

My body healthy and fit.


two kids,

two dogs,

the suburban dream…


Or in my case,

fucking nightmare!


Filled with shame for my permanent state of ungratefulness and resentment.

To most, I had it all.

My then husband, a successful professional,



My boys,


let’s just say they are the pride of my being.

Living in an idyllic part of one of the most beautiful countries,

everything that I had asked for.



for me,

living a life of captivity,

playing by the social rules of what a good woman looks like,

sounds like,

walks like,

beds like,

was absolute torture.


It took me 19 years to finally admit to myself,

never mind anyone else,

that I HATE being married.

I detest playing by any rules.

Shit, I don’t even understand the requirement for rules.

If people just stopped being assholes we wouldn’t need rules and a button to block on social media.


OMG – did I just write that out loud?

Yes I did Darling.

Because, I understand that for most those wedding bells is the sweetest sound on the face of the earth.

That nothing fills them with more delight than coming home to their partner each day.

That they feel complete with their picture-perfect family.

I understand that the masses believe that we are born fucked-up, broken and evil,

and that it’s up to the responsible Big Brothers to keep us in line.




I, on the other hand,

and maybe you can secretly relate,

want my bed for myself.

I don’t want to stand in a line,

I want to shamelessly dance wherever I find myself at the moment.

I don’t want to smile sweetly,

I want to howl loud and proud whenever joy overflows.

I don’t want to walk,

I want to confidently STRUT because taking up space is my birthright.

I desire to have my castle

my rules

my time

my creative space.




Selfish Alpha Bitch Supreme.


And it’s not about making my desires right and anyone else’s wrong!

It’s about making our desires right for US and not having to be ashamed of it, because it’s different.


I am OBSESSED with my purpose work,

always have been.


as long as I was hiding behind the tailcoats of my fear,

terrified of being abandoned,

horrified at the prospect of being cast out,

I was toeing the line of the change I desire to be.



On my own terms.


Oh make no mistake,

I adore men.

I’m just not particularly fond of all the bottle-feeding 40 year olds, who seem to have forgotten to grow up.

Peter Pans’ flying around in playstation land, bore me to tears.

Falling apart under the stress of daily life because they’re soft AF.

Poking you on Facebook. Ugh.

Saying “hi” because they’ve not learned how to have an intelligent conversation with a woman.  Yawn.

Boys can go play with their little tantrum-throwing princesses, who will wash their clothes and make their meals, and then bitch to the sisterhood of how unhappy they are, taken for granted, yet saturated in codependency, god forbid they should actually take a stand for their thrive.


I adore the men with self-respect.

Men with self-worth.

Men with honour.

Those with purpose who don’t waste the time of a woman on a mission.

Those who understand that to be in the life of a woman of worth is NEVER to be taken for granted.

That they will continuously be required to step the fuck up,

as Alpha women, NEVER stay the same.


We continuously evolve.

We continuously grow.

We continuously break down the barriers within our own minds of what is and is not possible for us.

We continuously get ostracised by the sisterhood.

Lone wolf, Baby.

And happily so.


So how do you go from lying on the grass bawling your eyes out,

to skipping under the stars,

radiating smile giving the light of the full moon a run for her money?


You fucking DECIDE to make it your most important MISSION in life to fall in love with YOURSELF.


You give yourself permission to walk away from EVERYTHING that feels like a carrot up your arse.

You give yourself permission to rid your space of all that feels low vibrational.

You give yourself permission to break down.

You give yourself permission to be abandoned by everyone.

You give yourself permission to fuck-up a lot

You give yourself permission to take up all the space and time you need.

You give yourself permission to heal.

You give yourself permission to remember.

You give yourself permission to wake up to a FUCK YES life.


What’s really incredible to me,

is that it only took nine months for me to be reborn!


Phoenix rising out of the ashes Darling,

And honestly,

it’s possible for ANYONE!

I don’t care how far down the rabbit hole you feel today.

I don’t care how much shit is hitting the fan right now.

I don’t care when last you’ve had cause to smile.



and when you JUST LET GO of all the BULLSHIT in your mind that has you struggling,

you SLIDE into it.


But you have to first DECIDE to fall in love with your true self!!!

You have to Darling.


I have soooooo much exciting new work coming through,

I can’t WAIT to share it with you.

It’s going to be a FUCK YES to your soul,

if you’re an Alpha Female.

If you’re done being imprisoned by rules of long-dead men.

If you’re done lying to yourself and everyone else about what makes you happy.

If you’re ready to be free.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those ready to say FUCK YES to life.


Live with honour,



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